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  1. I’d start him against Fulham, go back to our 433 and go for it.
  2. My understanding was you can, you just have to notify your employer, they were actively encouraging it at one point for supermarket warehouse jobs etc
  3. I’ve been wfh since the 17th March, have to say i much prefer it. No commuting, saving money and i find i get much more work done in a shorter period. I think that if the social aspect of life was ‘normal’ i could quite happily work from home permanently, perhaps with one day a week in the office. Company have been great to be fair, ensured all vulnerable workers and those with vulnerable families were working from home ahead of the government announcement. Since then they’ve kept ahead of the game, ensured we can operate as normal from home etc.
  4. Sky have us down as - £150k
  5. Think the biggest question is Pickford, he looks a good few levels below the rest. Liverpool will be back to near full strength and will be looking for a reaction, Everton gives them the perfect chance to put things right. Be an interesting weekend with us playing villa in terms of things at the top.
  6. Get a grip, 3 blatant penalties.
  7. Pretty much anything good going forward has gone through him.
  8. I'm hoping they relocate the family stand when the stadium is expanded, that would leave the north stand free for rail seating.
  9. He means it feels wrong to watch football without fans, not that the decision to play behind closed doors was wrong.
  10. Definitely the worst home atmosphere I've experienced as an away fan. Another i find strange is Newcastle, usually class away but are very average noise wise at home.
  11. Brummies took that defeat well, all kettled in on brauny gate.
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