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  1. Glad someone else saw the similarities
  2. I worry about the mental scarring from this for the final run in and especially the cup final.
  3. Embarrassing posts. We’re all fuming with tonight but seriously get a grip. We’re third with 3 games to go and in the first fa cup final for over half a century.
  4. Leicester city centre was absolutely crazy, didn’t even get in a pub just walked round the packed streets with a crate of cans. Great memories.
  5. Small piece on the BBC news app that all under 40s will supposedly receive an alternative jab to the Oxford one. Not based on any new information/ medical fears, so suggests we’ve maybe received higher quantities of Pfizer and Moderna than expected?
  6. Think the central blocks behind the goal will be, with the spacing it might work out regardless.
  7. Do the club coaches have toilets on or do i need to bring an empty bottle?
  8. Have to admit I’ve missed the stress of rushing to buy tickets on our crappy website.
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