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  1. It’s the most mobile I’ve seen him play for quite a while, was making a lot of runs and putting himself about. Great finish as well.
  2. I think it is built to be easily extended up to 62,000, subject to further planning permission.
  3. I’ve always found the atmosphere at Goodison quite disappointing considering it’s such a great traditional old ground. Really hope we get to see official plans on our expansion soon. Will be nice to have something more unique.
  4. I think she meant that we’re both teams still fighting for points rather than being at a similar level?
  5. Leicester City the fullback factory.
  6. It’s games like this where our weakness on attacking set pieces limits us. Frustrating result but by no means a disaster, if you can’t win just make sure you don’t lose.
  7. Deserving of a lifetime foxestalk ban....
  8. Would like to see him play the central CAM role behind Vardy with two wingers either side.
  9. He is miles behind Barnes and doesn’t play in the same position as Iheanacho....
  10. I’d start him against Fulham, go back to our 433 and go for it.
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