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  1. I'm hoping they relocate the family stand when the stadium is expanded, that would leave the north stand free for rail seating.
  2. He means it feels wrong to watch football without fans, not that the decision to play behind closed doors was wrong.
  3. Definitely the worst home atmosphere I've experienced as an away fan. Another i find strange is Newcastle, usually class away but are very average noise wise at home.
  4. Brummies took that defeat well, all kettled in on brauny gate.
  5. I'd like to see something similar to the old England cap system. 1 point for every home game attended and 2 for every away game. Have this on a 4 year rolling basis so it is possible for new members/season ticket holders to build up points. This would also generate more interest in home cup fixtures as it's a chance to pick up points.
  6. I can't see the liverpool fans being subject to the enforced seating area
  7. "You laughed at us when we went down, now who the fcuk is laughing now"
  8. That was also after there was trouble in the first leg so I'd be surprised if it was reduced.
  9. Will this be repeated given either Cov or Brum are likely to get L1 and K1?
  10. I'd swap us and Southampton and I'd say that's a fair position for us.
  11. Atmosphere would probably improve
  12. Tbf in the away game in the league they were absolutely silent at home, even before we ran away with it. Problem with our ground is you can't hear sk1 from L1 and you can't hear L1 from sk1. Was probably one of the better atmospheres this season which doesn't say much, should of been better given the occasion but there's plenty worse home support about.
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