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  1. Would something like this home kit come along with something like white shorts?
  2. If we could get him firing again, £30m would be a drop in the ocean especially if we’re in the champions league.
  3. I just keep telling the office I can’t wait for them to get promoted so we can have “meaningful” and “serious” football discussion and not them just blathering on about their promotion woes. Also so we can hopefully batter them twice on the way to relegating them In all fairness they are a great set of fans and it would genuinely mix up the premier league a bit to have a team like Leeds and a manger like Bielsa rocking about again.
  4. Reckon if that had been a Villa player who won a penalty like it last night, VAR would have checked it for at least 3 times as long, eventually ruled out and the player would have been labelled as disgraceful, not clever.
  5. It’s not that it’s all against Leicester, just a lot of small implausible decisions that build up to changing the picture completely. When bigger teams win these decisions get pushed under rug and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. I’m not denying we’ve fallen apart this second half but certain decisions leave a lot to be desired when it should be, with the technology we now use, just basic competence.
  6. I’m not sure there is corruption going on at the level people are saying, but as the Italian match fixing scandal a while ago proved, no team big or small are above it. It’s entirely plausible that something of that nature could be happening in any league, just not at the level that was proven in Italy. It’s such a shame that we didn’t win enough games to be thinking about it in this way though.
  7. Exactly, destiny is still in our hands. Admittedly we aren’t playing our best and have injuries, but we have to take it or Bournemouth. If we get the early goal their heads will drop.
  8. Feck it we’re still a point ahead, on to Bournemouth, batter them, have CAS still van Man City and then we can all chill.
  9. That can only be good for Leicester when we play them this weekend.
  10. Come on dutty Leeds, the office will be unbearable if you feck it up again!
  11. Think a delay must be a reason, there have been plenty amendments to all the buildings in the plans but the sports hall has not been mentioned. I bet it’ll be done as and when things settle down.
  12. For reference this is how the rest of it will look once everything has fallen into place.
  13. This and the champions league qualification will really push us on to another level. The short term excitement is great, but the potential we have to grow as a club now is massive. If we can take advantage of the current top 6 slump, this could be a real chance to establish ourselves. Really bloody hope they unveil the stadium expansion soon!
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