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  1. Just to add to this, this is the proposed timeline for Everton’s new stadium. Granted it’s a far bigger project than ours with complicated work involved with the dock, but it still gives a decent insight into construction time table. On another note, for a more relevant project, the Anfield main stand extension started in December 2014 and was operational for September 2016.
  2. It’s not a bad signing, but doesn’t fit our mould. If he was fit he’d be a useful addition, however I’d be worried if we could keep him at that level before another injury. Having looked at the Liverpool forums they seem to think it’s a good move for him and most are complimentary about him. Maybe he is like Vardy for us in the sense that everyone bar his own team despises him.
  3. Considering the rumoured amount of work involved, this will take longer than a summer. Just look at how long it’s taken for the latest stand expansions. There’ll probably be a smaller capacity but I imagine, like with Liverpool, a lot of the work will happen behind the stand and then, to minimise disruption, the stands will be connected at the end along will all of the final bits and bobs.
  4. So many good games in this round, Atalanta are the highest scorers in Serie A which just happens to have a higher goal per game rating than most of the big leagues! Personally think Getafe Ajax will be a good watch in the Europa League too.
  5. Don’t like players getting injured but can’t lie, that’s great news for us and for the other teams in the mix.
  6. Surely that means he’s more than likely not to be Man Utd fan...
  7. Worried as they completely had our number last time. However they will be playing West Ham a few days before and will be away Real Madrid a few days after. Our game, if any, will be the best time for us to play them. I just hope we treat it with the intensity the game deserves. Hopefully Wilf will be back too!
  8. What a bastion of virtue Man Utd and Liverpool must be against the nasty cheating Man City
  9. If the next champions league spot goes to fifth, it would be hilarious if Sheffield United and Wolves pinched the remaining spots!
  10. I’d imagine we need to wait for a statement from the FA and wait for what happens when Man City inevitably appeal to CAS
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