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  1. VAR isn’t a waste of time... on the other hand the people operating it...
  2. Here are the respective templates for the away kits.
  3. Speaking of match day income, I assume no questions came up about any stadium expansion?
  4. Far too easy for Norwich. Good football mind you.
  5. You know the Scousers play wolves on the last day of the season? Considering how wolves are, I totally expect wolves to turn up for that. Man city will be playing Brighton on the last day so even if we did beat them before, I reckon it’ll be mighty close.
  6. Funnily enough Bournemouth have just announced revised plans for their new complex at an old Golf Course. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/17550265.afc-bournemouths-new-training-ground-will-begin-imminently-once-revised-plans-are-approved/
  7. For me in size Brighton and Man City are the only ones that match and as they are modern facilities, we will hopefully match if not better them (aside from Man City's second stadium of course!). Exciting times!
  8. Other teams that have decent facilities Everton and their future extension Brighton and future extension layout Southampton with the wooden style centre
  9. Just because.. Man City Liverpool - current and future Tottenham Hotsput Arsenal Chelsea - is bigger with overhead view, but this is the best view of the centre itself Manchester United
  10. Yes, Cardiff! Would be glad if they can tighten the gap up with the other teams.
  11. Keep scoring lads, would be excellent if we could get to double figure goal difference already!
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