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  1. Because everything has to be controversial, just to be edgy.
  2. Just seen the starting line up...Hide!
  3. Why bother when you could just get a drone? Can watch the training from the comfort of your own home
  4. Yep, respect them for their incredible consistency, but ultimately can’t stand them winning any more super bowls!
  5. Apart from 1) “you know when you’ve been tango’d” 2) Reebok - Belly’s gonna get ya
  6. Is it any wonder why we regard the quality of the bottom of the Premier League so poorly when a manager isn’t allowed multiple seasons to establish their long term plan? Half of those teams have a mixture of players from various previous managers...it’s no wonder the overall quality of the teams are inconsistent and under-whelming.
  7. Nice of the Rams to finally realise they’re in a conference championship game!
  8. Also if it means we can get a leonardo chant back in, absolutely
  9. If available and he wants the job, would be more than happy with that appointment, but if results are still inconsistent this time next year, could we actually just keep a manager for more than one season so they can develop their long term project?
  10. O’Neill to forest... had to happen eventually I suppose!
  11. Think aside from Evans being injured and Barnes currently being an unknown commodity in the first team (for us in the prem) it seems to be Puel’s first choice starting eleven. Fingers crossed Barnes gets on and kicks on from West Brom!
  12. Cheers Ash, Merry Christmas to you and every one else too!
  13. Would still like to give Puel another year to see what Benkovic and Barnes can bring to the fold. If we are still middling then, yeah why not, we could do a lot worse than Rodgers (and the lack of a good manager in the market is also why I would not want to lose Puel just yet).
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