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  1. 1 Was sized Levi Porter please, 10 Porter sized Wasilewskis would be bloody terrifying.
  2. That’s it for 3 weeks then
  3. No need for an apology at all mate, these are very scary times! After a weekend long discussion, we’ve managed to figure it it (pending agreement from our bosses!!) a way that means we can both work from home as normal and ensure our child doesn’t need nursery. It’s still a logistical nightmare but we think we’ve sussed it
  4. In a major dilemma now, I foster a child who qualifies to go to nursery as a “vulnerable child”. Initially I was quite relieved as it would have been extremely difficult for me and my partner to work from home with him (a very very needy 2 year old ). Also we don’t have much money so having him in nursery would be ideal from the perspective too. However now I’m worried that I’ll be putting him (and everyone in the family) at risk by letting him go to nursery. In theory at the rate the virus is spreading it is feasible he could contract it somehow at nursery. I’m struggling to weigh it up, is anyone else in the same boat?
  5. I found this link to be an interesting if not quite terrifying read. Makes me feel like more urgent action is required.
  6. It’s about time we scored first against these feckers, now they have to come out of their defensive formation.
  7. Still think the best thing to do with these lot is give them the ball so they come out of the defensive shell and we can counter at pace
  8. Is it just me that gets really peeved that our team gets leaked in advance?
  9. I’d be pretty bloody horrified if we got relegated from the Premier league with 50+ points. It was bad enough to go down from the Championship with 52!
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