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  1. Considering we’ve only had 1 kit with a double colour sash you’re really taking this to heart
  2. Also on the Maddison in the casino note, it’s hardly like he got battered, flipped out and called someone a “jap”. From my memory he just on his own in the casino which he is perfectly entitled to do so.
  3. Wouldn’t necessarily be messing as it’s still paying homage to the idea. It’s just a mock up so I wouldn’t worry about your OCD yet
  4. Well the sash doesn’t have to be the same way does it?
  5. I actually think a black/ blue sash on a white kit with Adidas branding would look bloody sensational. When Adidas were announced I did a (terrible) mock up of kits I’d like to see and designed this. Would love if it someone with better photo shop skills than me could flesh the it out! @Ashley
  6. When you consider the other shenanigans the Israelis get up to, it’s really not surprising that it’s possible. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.trtworld.com/magazine/here-s-how-israel-hacked-iran-s-nuclear-facility-45838/amp
  7. Not sure if this is more inspiring for playing the Saints in the cup or more worrying for playing the Baggies in the league
  8. Genuinely, what’s his previous misdemeanours? I can only recall the casino, but didn’t think that was problem at all.
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