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  1. I had one guy on the work WhatsApp group all day long, hook line and sinker. He was messaging me page loads I keep joking that they need to get promoted so we can have “meaningful football banter”
  2. All for this, especially as it will wind up the entire Leeds loving office
  3. Apparently this is going to be the New England home shirt. I don’t think it’s bad at all. Got a 90s/00s feel to it.
  4. Who’s contracts are we going to renew?
  5. I can’t let myself get hyped up on an 8 point gap when we’ve laughed at Spurs fans over 5 point gaps. If we can comfortably get Champions League football along with a couple of good cup runs, that would be a ridiculously good season. If the gap changes or if Liverpool slip, then maybe, but we also have to be perfect which I can’t see happening.
  6. Come on Leicester! Let’s make it 8 on the bounce. Make those early chances count this time!
  7. Would be great if any progress could be announced. Aside from the memorial garden, on the council website there is just planning documents for a temporary car park on the Leicester City owned part.
  8. I can, the Jets beat them. As a Jets fan, it’s laughable that when team can’t beat us at the moment.
  9. Great stuff. Fingers crossed you find someone! I always keep hoping that County get promoted and play Forest/Derby in the same division; you’ve come close a few times early on in the decade. Hope you can recover from non-league
  10. How are things going with the ownership issues? Has it all been resolved?
  11. Chelsea have had their transfer ban halved and are free to sign players in January. Hopefully we hold out for filthy filthy money if they try anything or tell them to get tae ****
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