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  1. Thanks Billy Sorry, what do the tender stages mean? Also, are the other add ons (such as the hotel, arena etc) are on the cards still?
  2. Should have had another, but appeared to have been incorrectly called offside
  3. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/36610-top-5-teams-you-hate-most/#comments Finally a bit of hatred, all the usual about sending businesses under when we built the stadium, because in the long run that definitely worked out right? I mean it was the plan all along to be sold to Milan Mandaric, slide gradually down the table, get relegated hideously, finally get a decent manager (our lord and saviour Nigel) miss agonisingly out of the play offs, get taken over by that exact (and wonderful) Thai family, spend loads of money, nearly cock it up completely, bring back our lord and saviour
  4. That knee didn’t twist nicely, here’s hoping it isn’t too serious (but still gets him subbed )!
  5. Agreed, at least Ricardo is available too!
  6. A French Ligue 1 Club RC Strasbourg are looking expanding a side of their ground along with adding a host of retail/hospitality opportunities. They are looking at increasing their capacity by 6,000 odd. They have a very similar stadium layout to us (smaller though) and have similar expansion requirements. KSS also happen to be one of the architects tendering for the work which Populous won. Just thought it was a good example of what our club is/could be looking for. Especially as the last video has a stadium expansion slightly similar to the leaked plans.
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