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  1. Luke Shaw

    I think he has a year or 2 left on his current contract, why not just try and get him on loan? If it doesn’t work, we’ve not paid over the odds then.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Oh I know they’ve treated the Champions League with a great deal more respect and intensity than La Liga, but I’d still say in comparison to other seasons, there certainly seems to be a more quantifiable weakness about Madrid this year. I am not saying Man City will win, but I think that if they did play Madrid, this season will be as good as any to potentially beat Madrid. Yes, Bayern under Heynckes look quite formidable yet again. I think Man City would have their hands full. Hopefully we’ll get to find out!
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    I agree with your sentiment, unfortunately the manner and style in which he has achieved that is worlds apart from how fergie set out his United. I’d love to see the effect a more attack minded manager would have on that team considering the talent that’s available.
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I agree they have the pedigree. However this season there have beeen points where teams such as Real Betis and Levante have taken points from the Bernabeu, to such an extent that’s practically been unheard for a while. One of the problems has been is that the central midfield (Kroos and Modric) has been getting stretched, which I definitely think Man City can do to Madrid. I’d be very interested to see how this Man City team would fair against Madrid, though I do think they would struggle against Barcelona with Barca playing more direct this season.
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    You see that’s what I find more impressive; the talent. The attacking riches they have is mind boggling, especially when you consider the majority of the players are two footed, have pace and an eye for goal. Their interchangeability reminds me when United had Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney and rotated their positions constantly. On the basis of the current season, even though Real Madrid have treated the Champions League with more intensity, I’d say this Madrid side is the weakest it’s been in a while. I reckon Guardiola will have s reasonable plan to deal with Real Madrid considering the team has barely changed since Guardiola has left La Liga. Man City have more than a fair chance to beat Madrid this season.
  6. Adidas

    Again following on from last night, I've just been messing around with ideas. I wish I could be neater but this is as good as I can do. 1) A home kit based on the Mexico Home Template. 2) The previous away without the sash. I think it would make a tidy training top. 3) Another version of the turquoise sash with more of an Adidas theme. 4) A retro version of number 3 5) A white away kit with blue sash 6) A rehash of an old JJB away kit 7) A blue version of the old Liverpool home mixed with the Mexico template subtle striping 8) A fox version of Chelsea's 2016 home kit
  7. Adidas

    Now then, I've given a couple of ideas a go on the computer. I am no good at things like photoshop so I'm pretty limited with the designs I can come up with. This is my idea for different Adidas style home shirt and an away kit that's based on River Plate's old home kit.
  8. Snow

    Leeds has near enough shut down
  9. Adidas

    Ohhh so you mean it’s Under Armour!....
  10. Adidas

    These are the new Flamengo tops ahead of the new Brazilian season. Will be interesting to see them and other Adidas teams close up for any new styles and templates Adidas will be bringing in.
  11. Atmosphere....

    I think you can be both. Our precise counter attacking came along with aggressive but coordinated pressing. Even though the other team had the ball for the majority of the game, I felt they never had much control of the game as we never gave them a chance to play their style.
  12. Snow

    At work near Leeds Bradford Airport. The buses were cancelled so had to walk through 3 miles of the stuff, but not bothered in the slightest. The boss even got us a bacon sarnie as a bonus!
  13. Football Kits 2017-18

    Leaks of the new Liverpool home away and third kits. Shock horror...the Home one is all red!
  14. Don’t play him in this game for the obvious reasons; It would continue the Man City saga, plans will already be made and we’d do well if we got a point with or without him. I’d make sure he’s match fit and then get him back in the squad/team the moment he’s ready. He’s far too important to be left out in the long term.
  15. Football Kits 2017-18

    The training kit is filth