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  1. Fox in the North

    Harvey Barnes

    A true dream that we could loan players to derby and Notts forest and make them our ‘B’ team. Oh what a time to be alive
  2. Fox in the North

    Domagoj Vida

  3. Fox in the North

    Riyad finally gone

    Zaha would be quite tidy to be honest. Let’s go for it. Time to rustle other clubs this season.
  4. Fox in the North

    Riyad finally gone

    Fake news?....dammit. Thank you for everything Riyad Mahrez. Never did I ever think we’d win the league or compete at the top tier of European football, thank you for your part in making it a reality.
  5. Fox in the North

    New training ground announced

    Now that’s just teasing!
  6. Fox in the North

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Compared to last season’s kits, not bad at all. I quite like the goalie kit.
  7. Fox in the North

    Colombia v England - last 16 round - 03/07 at 19:00ko

    It was brilliant, I’ve completely lost my voice
  8. Fox in the North

    Belgium v Japan round of 16 match thread

    Gutting for Japan, they left everything on the pitch. Apart from being taller and defending a little smarter, I don’t know what more they could have done.
  9. Fox in the North

    Football Kits: 2018-19

    Erm, I know. The new Bournemouth Home kit is this but my point was you could basically swap the terriers badge with the Bournemouth one and you wouldn’t be far off.
  10. Fox in the North

    Football Kits: 2018-19

    New Bournemouth home kit released. Wait a second...
  11. Fox in the North

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Are we really getting this wound up over 1 article from the Sun? If there is any element of truth, I’d imagine it’s his agent trying to squeeze us for all we’re worth.