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  1. Maddison probably would have been alright if he wore a Bet365 cap, at least the he would have been sponsored by a FA approved betting company.
  2. The intensity of that press was just obscene.
  3. Considering the Sun’s level of decency I think we’ll sleep easy on this one. It’s not advisable and a bit naive (like others have said), but equally if it’s just what he does to unwind then it’s entirely up to him. I think it’s a different issue if he’s out partying, drunk and disorderly ala George Best. If he’s just playing cards and not really drinking, I don’t see a problem.
  4. I wouldn’t be overly keen on it either, but I think the association of gambling and football has gotten too strong recently.
  5. Definitely, though I would be disappointed if we got sucked into the Betting Company roundabout; it's not a good moral sponsor and a number of them have horrendous logos.
  6. Finally an official update on the club website. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1426146/steel-frameworks-begin-to-take-shape-at-new-training-facility/press-release
  7. Football Filbert Street King Power Stadium Stamford Bridge Old Trafford Hillsborough Etihad Stadium Goodison Old Wembley New Wembley KC Stadium Elland Road John Smiths Stadium Valley Parade Stade de Costiere Stade de la Mosson Mestalla Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes Estadio do Dragao Other Sports Welford Road Grace Road
  8. No, in the plans it states there’s a 4 court sports hall going up as a separate building. It should in theory be next to the main training centre as I’ve put up, but in the video nothing is there; not even a steel frame. So I didn’t know if any one who’s done some in-depth reading or is ITK, could shed some light if this building is no longer in the plans?
  9. One thing I have noticed is that the Sports Hall doesn't seem to be there.. Does any one know if this has been taken away from the plans or is this going to be done after the other parts? I would assume yes as all of the other buildings are up in one way or another.
  10. All the more apparent since our title win. For the time being I’m very happy with us on our own. It lets us consolidate ourselves as the top East Midlands side. Once the training ground is built and the King Power expanded, I’d bloody love it if we could loan some of our players to them. Then in the eventuality either got promoted, it’d be because of our youth/reserves
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