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  1. Real Mallorca up for the first time since 2013 with back to back promotions from the Segunda B. They were 2-0 down from the first leg against Depor and won 3-2...absolute scenes.
  2. Just imagine the meltdown on Celtic Chat...and by Chris Sutton it’ll never happen, but I can dream can’t I? Well we could always set up a 3rd team?
  3. Cant King Power buy Celtic and just make them our reserves?
  4. Got to think that some of our u21s have played full premier league seasons whereas Pascanu hasn’t (even though he has played a fair of u23 footy). They won’t be as fresh as a lot of those u21s. Not saying it excuses it but it won’t help some of the players.
  5. Is the fit similar to last season’s top?
  6. It’s not VAR that’s the problem though is it? As a system it works perfectly fine, but needs fine tuning. The reason this has been so poor is because of the people operating VAR. The ref operating var gave the dodgy retake call (anything in slow motion will always look worse) and the ref on the field chose not to add the right amount of time on. Var is meant to give people the tools to make the right decision. As what we’ve all seen, it’s still down to human interpretation and judgement.
  7. I would be miserable if I had that squad to play around and have to carry. He’s one of the best players ever seen, but if the other 10 on the field can’t even support him, then this will keep happening. Argentina don’t have a good starting 11 let alone a good squad. No wonder he retired from international football. Argentina just expect him to work miracles and make money from glorified friendlies.
  8. I’d just buy him anyway to really wind the Celtic fans up. The squad still needs extra depth too.
  9. Well the kit was more or less released a month ago and since it’s release I’m fairly confident that it’s never left the first page of discussion on the forum
  10. Durant’s injury looked nasty.
  11. Did you even try to find the thread?
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