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  1. Get the guy from Getafe. He has a guaranteed buy out clause which, by all account, could even be negotiated lower with add ons. We get a reasonably good defender without having to pay top dollar for Tarkowski or Ake.
  2. Some marginally better photos have appeared on Twitter.
  3. Just been speaking to Getafe fans on Twitter, the general consensus that he’s a rock for them and they’d sorely miss him. If we could get him in for around £20m I don’t think it would harm at all!
  4. Guiseley won 3-0! Eieieio up the non-league football we go!
  5. FYI in a couple of days time (if stuff is going accordingly to plan), things should be moving into a new phase.
  6. I understand the points about him moving in, but I genuinely thought he had progressed a bit before his injury. I’d be willing to give him 1 more year, and then move him in if he is still around the same level.
  7. I’ve sussed it.... Harry Maguire is Sean from Enderby!
  8. Footy Headlines have remade all Premier League kits without their main sponsor. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/07/how-all-20-premier-league-home-kits-without-sponsor.html?m=1 Think the Newcastle and West Ham kits look much better for it.
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