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  1. Ashley

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Tell me rail seating wont work. ****ing brilliant night in Seville. Up the England. Eric Diers hard brexit tackle on Ramos needs some sort of award lovely stuff.
  2. Ashley

    New training ground approved

    Seagrave Campus
  3. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    We get content and people moan already. EA will never win.
  4. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    That side is ridiculous again Murf. How do you do it?!
  5. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Just bought 5 T.Hazard at 1,100 he could go north of 2k when E.Hazard no doubtly wins POTM. Carrasco could be a very good option at LM too but his price is high, would there be a return? Who knows. Dendocker ive got 2 of, managed to 'snipe' both at 700 BN instead of some prices going around on the market currently.
  6. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    No point now, it was the MM for this week. I got wind pretty early invested and sold. I hope those who i told made profit bar that one person which im sorry you didn't. If i get any more info ill post on here its obviously peoples own risks but it's a good thought to try and help the FT community out.
  7. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Dm. Dm.
  8. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Who wants some investment tips. Obviously your risk in doing so 🤑
  9. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    I got wind of the Belgian Pro League yesterday was buying players for 350 coins buy now. All sold between 2-2.5k brilliant work.
  10. There is no point then. Why Dunk over Smalling?
  11. No shit Sherlock. Why Mount ahead of Barnes? Barnes has the better goals/assists to game ratio.
  12. Really? Why Mount ahead of Barnes then? Only other change would be Wilson ahead of Welbeck everything else is spot on. Oh ans 4 keepers why..
  13. How dare he get called up again he only got called up last time to sell the empty seats. Lol
  14. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    You'll do.
  15. Ashley


    Have a day off lad. One has been sent out on loan and the other isn't ready. Obviously Evans isnt impressing in training to get in the side.