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  1. Yeah I plan too. Probably Squad battles because thats the hidden fut swap card again. Achieve silver 3 or higher 😉😉
  2. 3/4 done now but should be 4/4 for Italian goals. One game my opponent discounted and it hasnt count. Need like 1 more game for online games this week and that challenge is done too. 5/8 for games won with 2 or more goals scored. Sweat fest isnt nice at all.
  3. The chequered pattern is there though...
  4. Looks fake to me. Leicester badge doesn't look real, also we never have the outline on the crown
  5. Just realised this. Hopefully someone is willing to score goals with forwards cant be arsed with the grind. I'll happily let people have the win if I can score then I can start playing properly again
  6. Just bought immobile to do the score with Italian players challenge. 4 goals in 4 separate wins takes the piss. 3 was hard enough with the Columbian players because everyone goes into dickhead mode when they see you bring those said players on.
  7. Drop me a message mate. They had 17 over today for the game at West Ham. Lovely bunch. People can say about KPFC and all that bollocks but in reality? They're taking an interest in our club they've been over 4 times now off their own back. Few of us going over later in the year.
  8. Just because it's not changed yet it doesn't mean that's happening. 8pm Monday night, cancel your hotels if you've got them booked for another day.
  9. People said the same last year about the kits. Whilst these are only done on photoshop it gives a better representation than the poor quality photos. I think our kits this year will be similar and they will grow on people. Funnily enough I was creating concept kits and our home kit is one I made about 3 weeks ago by pure fluke
  10. Leicester City 2019 - 2020 H l A l T
  11. Dont do drugs kids. You might post like this if so
  12. Doesn't look like theres any pattern on the shirt but then again these photos weve had have been poor quality.
  13. Made this the other day, similar?
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