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  1. With all due respect, so it should be. Surely we are your closest game? For me I'm very good mates with some Yarmouth Blues, so I've grew up and had to take the abuse from Norwich fans when you were half decent and we were shit. Not to mention they thought John ****ing Ruddy was better than Schmeichel... even then It's like a rivalry game for me this. Suppose I've got a bit of a soft spot for Norwich because it's a good city and our games between each other are always good!
  2. Looking into it all pitches have to be the same size as Wembley unless the ground as a whole doesnt support it. I.e. because of how close the stands are to the pitch... So yeah myth.
  3. Wembley is small. Our pitch is bigger
  4. He started off good though against BMG in the friendly then broke his toe. Got back to half decent fitness when the Season was ending. Kels always been good but his confidence was at rock bottom. It didnt help with the idiots we have in our fanbase booing him either....
  5. I think the week after is League Cup semi final should we get through...
  6. Exactly what I said. Dont be a silly sausage
  7. LCC arent a happy bunch about this. Tigers are refusing to move their game. Apprently Leicester have been told it could be played behind closed doors I honestly doubt it will be. More than likely moved to the Friday or Sunday.
  8. Does this mean were aiming to stand for 90 minutes? P.s. We need to get the tifo idea I passed onto a CB 👀
  9. Well its penciled in should they want it 😉😯
  10. Yep. Another footballing myth; Wembley has a big pitch. Well no it doesnt but the media like you said always persist with it. Snooze.
  11. Wrong. If you've been Anfield or even watch them on TV then you'll now their atmosphere is a myth even for Champions Leagues game. Ynwa can be half decent other than that it's like having a mute button.
  12. Respectable bunch especially after the flag they had made via fan donations to pay their respects to Vichai. They have a few decent posters on here too.
  13. I'd say probably late Thursday/Friday when people are assembling WL teams. Bang 99 contracts on him and his best Chem style - tech avion plus first owner you'll probably get more coins that just 7 contracts... believe me it works. Especially with some of the Timmy's who buy off the market
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