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  1. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Mata and Bruno might be worth investing in before they go out of packs. They're used for a lot of SBC... if that's the real version.
  2. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    IF the TOTW I've just been sent is correct then there is no SON.
  3. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    There's a theory going around on Twitter that based on the SBC weve had that, there will be a Kane SBC(English brick slot), Kroos(German brick slot) and Kepa(Spanish brickslot).
  4. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    What did you get in your packs?
  5. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Kroos SBC is probably worth doing if he fits into your team. Same card more or less to his usual CL Card however the packs you get for completing it make it worth while. Cost roughly 96k Kroos on the market 80k(both consoles).
  6. Ashley

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    Spurs operate on a bonus/clauses basis. It's a good business model too. Majority of their squad are on relatively low wages for the Premier League but if they score/assist/clean sheet those wages soon rocket up. Makes them hungry and want to win. More teams should operate in a similar fashion.
  7. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    See what I mean about those picks for TOTGS. Some questionable selections then again its EA🤑
  8. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Just seen something suggesting Mahrez isn't in TOTGS. Interesting selections in there to say the least.
  9. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Good question why did the totw the other week show in one country and not others
  10. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Already leaked on Polish Fifa. Something along the lines of Zlatan Imbrahimavica/Imbrahimavicoa
  11. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    People's vote is a small minority of the overall total.
  12. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    FB Zlatan
  13. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Andrew Robertson has won the fan vote for POTM. Will be interesting to see if he's won the whole thing now.
  14. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Clever marketing. Thousands will be buying FP now.
  15. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Must be getting a totgs card then. Saying that do they count towards OTWs? Futhead and Castro have posted a totgs Neymar at CAM. Can't see anything from EA though..