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  1. Its not that hard. Barnes Vardy Coutinho front three. The rest of the team picks itself and Perez moves to the bench.
  2. Maguire sale isn't factored. Mahrez money is in the Training Ground with PL tv monies.
  3. Apprently so. All of that led to her getting the job at Birmingham so it didn't come out
  4. Rumours that I heard... and only rumours weren't one of these "having a go" on Karen when she was younger...?
  5. He's rattled our fanbase so badly with that. Someone's tweeting him etc will be pissed off if and when he moves. Get a ****ing grip.
  6. Looks like its staying though. Gold looks awful on white. Blue i can just about cope with
  7. Something like this, maybe? @FoxinNotts I cant see anything happening like you've said.
  8. I can do some yeah. Go back to my original post and one of the templates will be those as aways. 100% sure of it.
  9. They play football in Scotland. Besides Septic and Rangers the Leagues are generally poor. If we were in the Scottish leagues we would have the same success. There was talk about Celtic and Rangers coming to the English leagues, would they do well? They'd be on par with the bottom bottom end of the Premier League and top end Championship. Would they have done well if they had an investment like Chelsea, Man City did years ago, probably. Who wouldn't have though?
  10. Septic have dominated Scotland for years though. Rangers getting relegated helped massively also. They were always winning the treble. It'll be the same next Season and possibly the Season after. Rangers are finally starting to get themselves together again. I could go up there and win the League with them.
  11. Nba game £2.95 currently
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