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  1. Not got a clue, think it's random as anything. In the end though you do get a skill rating
  2. See. For me, I've come up against his informs and struggled massively, same for Alexander Esswein(stupidly overpowered) however use them yourself and you struggle. I recently upgraded to Lukaku from Callum Wilson and Vardy partnership and I would say Wilson was better..
  3. Better than the home one
  4. Derby extended their ground as well with one corner not being built when they originally built the ground - why? ours has had a capacity decrease of about 250 in the past 3 seasons. Derby is what 1,100 bigger than ours?
  5. Has he gone anything really though this season?
  6. Quite a good record for us though considering the amount of time he's been out injured and AFCON duties..
  7. This. I've said it before on here. But if people honestly want to us move forward as a club we need to expand we could easily fill the ground plus you've got a catchment area of what MK to Stoke, the other side of bormignham to the other side of Petberborough that's a massive area for a potential future fan base if we do well in the League, cups and Europe(potentially) again...
  8. Just had a few games on Seasons, I play with either Leicester or Tottenham. Decided with Tottenham today and well I keep coming up against, Bayern, Real or PSG. Considering I've got custom settings on to match mine I've done very well. Two of the goals I scored with Eriksen in one game 😍😍😍😍
  9. Might give it a try then, but with the 5 it's more of a 3 with Bellerin and rose effectively wingers. That or a 3-1-4-2 could possibly work.
  10. Same team I played you with, and you know how I play Finners..
  11. So, ideas on improvements. Current side. Lloris Bellerin(79) Bailly Koscenily Smalling Rose Dembele Kante(81) Mane Lukaku Sterling OR Lloris Bellerin Bailly Koscenily Smalling Rose Dembele Kante Eriksen/Sigurdsson Lukaku/Wilson Vardy
  12. Wasn't really linked, Simone said he admires Vards.. plus as others have mentioned they're signing Lacazette.
  13. What separator just said? Also is there an option of format of time and date? Mine comes up as 24th May 17?
  14. Any evidence of it being tweeted from the U.S.?
  15. Same incident. Cosmopolitan. Read it again.