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  1. Derby or Northampton, Birmingham or Coventry AWAY please
  2. Ricardo has. I'll look at the others
  3. POTM 88 maybe an 89. Headliner I dont know. Headliner might be a 88 that's if the upgrades count which I assume they do based on IF cards. Should we go on that 4 game winning streak and Vardy get an inform he will practically be a TOTY already. He deserves a 4 star weak foot. Skill moves needs to be 1 star if not 2.
  4. Vardy 85 rated now. Big upgrades coming still has a 3 star weak foot though. 🤔
  5. If you feel that strongly about the scarves... do something about it. Get a message on here and the multiple fan groups on Facebook. Also theres Twitter. Were turning the place Blue and White with balloons and other bits. Get the blue and white scarves out and swing the ****ers around.
  6. Its clever. Especially when we a triggers for our press and can win the ball back. Passing it around like you say could cause unnecessary pressure...
  7. Were just as guilty of it. Just remember we were the club that pit the final nail in the coffin for multi ball system because we were ****ers for it. Kasper, when were winning kicks long to our full backs/wingers. Generally a 'shit' ball what's going out of play but it time wastes. Very very clever.
  8. I sat in Corperate last night. I actually couldn't believe how quiet SK1 and the UFS were/seemed. Noise doesnt transfer well at all. You could tell they were singing pretty much all game. L block were awful. However the ground did pick up after the third and fourth went in.
  9. They had the full allocation, intact the biggest weve given this season however over Christmas from 26th (I think) onwards they had a week of no sales. I go England games with a few WHU lads and it was only in the pub at West Ham away had re realised they sent 700 or so back. They'd have probably filled that away end too if they didnt.
  10. If you want to see why VAR works, then watch the video from this mans games. Excellent.
  11. Yep. Adding to this like I've said last week or whenever it was. He recently but @England back into his bio on Twitter and Instagram. I'm sure they'll be conversations had between the two parties.
  12. Yes mate. Lad in the white Leicester track top was covered in claret. Not sure what started it but it isnt great our fans fighting between themselves. Stewards and coppers were shit throughout it.
  13. Some twats were fighting infront of us today. Deary me.
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