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  1. New formation

    I take it you don't know how formations work?
  2. FIFA 18

    Just got Hamsik
  3. FIFA 18

    Back out and go in again
  4. FIFA 18

    Finished Gold 1. Decent packs just done 3 SCB pulled Cech, G.Jesus & IF Mustafi. Yesterday SBC Sanchez(Tottenham) & Ruddiger.
  5. Xbox one S fan noise

    Anything blocking it?
  6. FIFA 18

    Its going to be a coin farm either way... player prices will be silly or you're coming up against ridiculous sides constently.
  7. FIFA 18

    Ive played every game so far and won all of them, more games come out later then tomorrow i presume? Will be around Elite 3 maybe 2.
  8. FIFA 18

    I know that. I just dont get the previous comment i replied to?
  9. FIFA 18

  10. Away End Atmospheres

    Im a fan of what you're doing but there are some things us as a fan base and you as UFS could work on or potentially post it to your social media accounts or on here if you're going to try something new?
  11. Away End Atmospheres

    Great argument at the end. Funny you missed out Manchester United yet they let flags in. Drums, maybe. Especially with European teams coming over.
  12. Away End Atmospheres

    But the first game they appear at is Huddersfield.. considering theyve got Ultras is a funny one. Its like Kobenhavn again. Seen them bouncing about our place and we think we could do the same at theres with so many at the front.. Im all for what you're doing but theres ways of doing things..
  13. Away End Atmospheres

    Cant help but think the drum and flags(on sticks) were because Huddersfield have a Ultra section too. They haven't been at any other games this Season?
  14. Away End Atmospheres

    Please don't use the drum though. I support what you're doing but a drum at an away game is a big no no.