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  1. Watch the stream, you'll see what I mean.
  2. Pros have there own group chat and they were watching his(RTFM) stream, one pro matched him paused the game and it made him get a loss so he was 29-1. Rftm has traded himself to glory these pros spend silly money for **** all back at tournaments and the pros hate that hes become this good. No loss glitch it looks like..
  3. Anyone seen it kicking off on Twitter between all the pros and RunTheFUTMarket? Pretty shitty what they've done to him.
  4. Scream actually looks good. Two part promotion too.
  5. Only thing I've heard up until today was Southampton away on 60th minute. White scarves for Vichai. This was mention on the coaches last week on the way back from Liverpool.
  6. I'm sure they're opening the side up to us not both of the behind the goals? Will be like a Rangers or Celtic game if they do have us behind both ends of the goal
  7. Maybe. Zanetti is tempting me. Wanted him last year but it got too close to toty so didnt bother. They better bring League SBC out.
  8. If you're even thinking about doing that Aubameyang POTM you need to give your head a wobble. Avoid.
  9. Because we dont get that funding anymore from the PL. Arsenal just do it... we get free beers, hats, scarves etc though.
  10. Why haven't the water cannons been used on these smelly twats yet? They've shut down the biggest meat market in the UK over night. Why shut down independent retailers? If you're going to do something like that at least target the big companies ffs. So much hypocrisy going on with these people its unbelievable.
  11. I've got around 17 to do. Is it 91 now Bury have dropped out or we still classing them too? By the end of this Season I will have seen two teams play at three different grounds. Tottenham and Rotherham.
  12. Exactly this. Not worth it. Potm Lucas last year was around 30k for a better card. Theres a few formations what do this. Mainly players starting in the left back/corner position though.
  13. Who knows. Like I said the latter is a rumour but it comes from someone who I trust. The first league SBC of FIFA 19 was released a year ago tomorrow they normally follow trend so let's see what happens.
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