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  1. Yes. 86 rated. Ea actually hate us.
  2. Its not a Congerton signing its okay.
  3. Love how Leicester are pushing the Europa League badges when you purchase the shirt. Not to mention those asking for printing on the backs without the correct font pack available yet. You just know they won't do refunds when people realise they've got Premier League lettering and numbering on their back and a Europa League arm patch
  4. Well, I went on the first trip over all paid for by the club. We drank in Leuven then walked to the Ground. Whilst in the Ground drinking a few of their fans approached us and invited our group to their pub which we happily went. Long story short we've been friends with them ever since and they've came over to Leicester now four times. Once paid for by Leuven/Leicester the other three off their own back. They're showing an interest in Leicester City and if you don't get that then give your head a wobble. It's great to be getting interest from Europe. Majority of them even have Leicester shirts now too... putting money into the club. I'm sorry if its too KPFC and not a 'natural' bond between two clubs like some would suggest.
  5. Are Russian and Ukraine teams allowed to play each other now? Sure there was something against it recently?
  6. Ashley

    Tapping up

    We do it too, whats the point here... If you don't think it happens in football then you need to wake up.
  7. Not a chance. If it did happen I'd want Hendo as a swap
  8. Best we can hope for I think is getting to the round of 32 and hope its back to 'normal' in February. Whilst certain countries are allowing fans Uefa/Fifa are taking a different approach.
  9. Quality this.. cant wait to go over when it's all back to 'normal again. Up the OHL.
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/england-wales-fans-wembley-friendly-22440105?fbclid=IwAR1kPPaQp03VHm43O6-bgb5ZFmUtC65Qrm3fQTLWIsBjxeuDZF4cf0JL7LI
  11. But but but but but but but theyre not Premier League established 👀, come on Ric
  12. Yep you're probably correct.
  13. Itll be pro rata surely. Like i said in another thread believe it, dont believe it. The FA are hoping for a 22k crowd at Wembley for one of England Internationals in October. However thats 22k split over 4 stands over 3 tiers. A lot easier than majority of Premier League clubs can do. Also Dubios versus Joyce in October at the 02 is expected to sell out 18k tickets and theyre on sale now. - What's the difference from this and a game of Football especially with the under card not that many watch undercard fights.
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