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  1. I was having this conversation with someone the other week. Our station is shit too. We have what 4 platforms? Leicester is smack bang in the middle of the country and we should have a station like Nuneaton or Nottingham. Links to other cities are poor too like others have mentioned.
  2. Yep. I'd be happy with 8 from 4.
  3. Defending will take some getting used to on here. Everyone has end game teams on the beta now. I've just dominated someone from start to finish and lost 3-2 with the final kick. I like how you can have you CDM sit and come between your CB. Theres a new attribute which is defensive awareness. Player prices will be silly this year me thinks...
  4. I'll be happy with a draw. They should be knackered after Extra Time and Penalties in Turkey though. Potential win... maybe
  5. Whilst I agree with the majority said in here. If you learn how to trade on Fifa or understanding of a market then you dont need to be buying FP. I learnt how to trade on the back end of 18 and continued into 19. These past two years I can guarantee they've been my best teams ever and 19 was better than 18. 20 will be better than both. Sadly it's an easy way out to buy FP for people because it's less time consuming. More games should run like Epic do with Fornite. That is skill based. Yeah if you want buy the battle pass/buy skins or even save the world however the latter pays itself back if you do challenges and missions...
  6. Cheers mate. P.s. charge your phone.
  7. Anyone got his game by numbers please?
  8. Why did it take our one but last/potentially last corner for Youri to be Chilwells ear telling him to get around at the back post because that's where our corners were going?
  9. Sums up our fan base singing **** V A R and it works out in our favour 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. True that mate! Its alot slower
  11. This Fifa actually has a good feel to it. Itll reward players who actually want to play Football rather than sweat it out.
  12. Why? Seriously why? Sort the staff out who work behind the counters and service might be better.
  13. Like the old fifa street I think
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