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  1. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Squad battles are real persons team names then built via concept squads.
  2. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    David Luiz is worldie. Done him for around 200k after rewards from packs. 190k mark now, do I get Pogba back or save for someone like TAA 89 Card? Switched to 4-4-2 for the time being with Aubameyang and 86 Vardy upfront.
  3. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Imagine selling Pogba because I need around 80k to do the last SBC. Oh well fresh one in a weeks or so time... that's if I dont get something nice from Packs.
  4. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    I've gone for this for the Brazil Squad, yes I'm aware you only need two players. Anyone have it cheaper?
  5. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    275 I have it as but I'm waiting till early hours of the morning to snipe players. I have a few untradebales which help my cause too.
  6. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Baby Icon SBC - FIFA 18 Requirements. 85 Rated Squad, 60 Chem 84 Rated Squad, 1 TOTW & 40 Chem 83 Rated Sauad, 1 TOTW & 40 Chem
  7. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Majority of the time EA are lazy so they go on previous years requirements. If memory serves me correctly it was 84, 85 & 86 rated Squads. 3 or 4 informs needed not sure or how many for each rated squad though. Just looked at the 81+ Premier League player stats. There are 106 players(outfield and keepers) that are rated 81 and higher.
  8. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Baby Icon SBC. Wow.
  9. Ashley

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    That interview says to me, like anyone you want to try yourself at a bigger or more elite level however hes happy here. He/and or Kasper doesn't have any faith in Puel and we are destined for big things which we are if we keep our current squad together. Personally I'm Puel in, I can see the bigger picture of how its unfolding at our club. Will Puel be the man to take us to those places? Probably not.
  10. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    You'll get Sterling and Dante.
  11. Ashley

    If only...

    On a serious note, they do need to swap the Kop and family stand. I've heard rumours were planning on having a netting/screen between P block and L block to stop the throwing of coins etc.. that would improve the atmosphere but itll never happen.
  12. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Saying that... I sold my Aurier because I hated him playing as a right winger his price now... wow.
  13. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    Very. End game card
  14. Ashley

    FIFA 19

    My inform VVD could be a 90 come Friday. Jesus christ
  15. Ashley

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    Rehashed article from an interview a few weeks ago non story. You may laugh but when I was away with England in Spain last year. The newspapers over there had Maguire to Madrid all over them. The Spanish bloke in the pub seen my Leicester flag hung up and bought the paper over to us sitting down, tapped the paper and said "who Real Madrid want they will get, I cant see it happening but if they want him he is gone"