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  1. Ashley

    Your kid being bullied

    Sorry this is happening to you right now in real life or you just using this as an example? Can't ****ing stand bullies and help is out there.
  2. Ashley

    Your kid being bullied

    Stand up for yourself and others who you care about and the World would be a better place. It isn't being a bully but it's saying no to them in a way they might only understand.
  3. Ashley

    Your kid being bullied

    Love this.
  4. Ashley

    Your kid being bullied

    Seriously, say to the kids parents who's bullying your friends kids. Tell them to stop or I bully you. Simple solution.
  5. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    Balotelli has better stats than Klose who's a WC ICON(87 rated)
  6. Ashley

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    No demand hasn't sloped off because of the membership ruling. People are happy to pay the fee to TRY to buy a ticket. The demand has sloped off because people can't get tickets in pairs, or threes or fours, when we expand we will fill that ground believe me.
  7. Ashley

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    £50m and Roberts
  8. Ashley

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Man City don't want RM to buy their record signing... do they really need him?
  9. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    CBA to buy packs... games about gone considering the new WC Mode so hopefully he does some more! Just want to see how good Kane and Vardy are together in game.
  10. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    Bronze bench.
  11. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    Anyone on Xbox want to sell me 150k so I can get Vardy TOTS? Lol
  12. Ashley

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Sane, sterling, Silva?
  13. Ashley

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Man City also want Hazard? I doubt they'll get both Riyad and Hazard.
  14. Ashley

    Pyro or no Pyro

    If done properly it's brilliant. Otherwise no.
  15. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    Majority if mine are untradeable now or I would have fancied doing a bundisliga side. Werner seems like a very good card.