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  1. Does anywhere in Leicester sell replacement Xbox controller parts?
  2. Free or do you have to buy them?
  3. I doubt many will have it the card will cost well over 1 million coins
  4. Kante new SBC card is filth.
  5. That's the alternative... but places seemed to have stopped doing the old head set connection and now reverted to the 3.5mm Jack port instead so would mean a new headset too
  6. They easy to fix Stix?
  7. Any idea what they're called bud? It works if I press it stupidly hard but I can hear something rattling around in there, will I need new parts??
  8. My left button seems to have stuck, anyway of getting it out?
  9. Finnegan summed my original post very well as for the journalist, yes he did know Ross Barkley was part Nigerian as it was in the article. Also highlited the other day on Twitter.
  10. Does anybody use futbin, futhead, futwiz etc to compare players? I know the ultimate aim is to have a team full of informs/legends or what ever but there are so many other players with more or less the same stats as the legends etc. Renato Sanches is the cheap Gullit however you'll have to have a Portuguese or German league side to make his chem etc work to full potential.
  11. See I don't think he will lose his pace. Generally you're right in terms of players losing pace as they get older however Vardy didn't have the academy training did he like others have had
  12. Will he? Hopefully he will but still we need to start looking to the future.
  13. Fuchs will be going MLS or NFL soon won't he? We need a back up
  14. Jordan Pickford Luke Shaw OR Ryan Sessegon Michael Keane Ben Gibson Nathan Ake Mathius Jorgensen Kieran Trippier Glyfi Siggurdson
  15. Good ****ing lord, sweeper keeper.