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  1. Kane card doesn't make sense. Well it does for one reason. He probably gets POTM next for this month. That'll be what 91/92 rated? Makes sense why he didn't get an IF this week too.
  2. Timmy Chestnuts apparently a rulebreaker...
  3. Do we think it's Kane or Dele? Those who know my posts on here know I like Kane on fifa lol. After my investments im 5k down but 65 mls cards left to sell but I believe their league sbc is close so technically I'm in profit.... Marque match ups has made me about 35k on top of that also. Do the above every week without fail^
  4. Ouch. Good job I got Turkish players... mls will have to wait for their league sbc
  5. You'll need them... eventually. Gone unasigned on MLS silvers at the moment... Please be a MLS marque match ups
  6. This is me currently. Got about 40 cards selling on the market.
  7. What Stu said. I've been a whore doing SBCs soon as they come out but I'll wait for these. Market will be flooded come Thursday rewards, Squad battle rewards Monday and pre order packs.
  8. We have our own plane ready to go from Birmingham at any given time.
  9. So the article albeit from that shit rag is now doing the rounds that he wants to move to Marseille... his home town club. Looks a very good prospect for us and he might have some interest in him sooner rather than later. Just remember some of you on here were creaming yourselves at the fact he handed a transfer request in and publicly made it clear he wanted to come here. Should he do that to us... don't cry.
  10. Do the finesse 100. Go to beginner.. should take around 3 games lol.
  11. Basically a RTG then? Good luck mate. Keep updating us
  12. Do or don't I buy Harry Kane IF now. Potential for one on Wednesday. Also high potential for POTM. 2 games, 4 goals, 2 assists. I have his normal card and previously he's always needed an IF to complete him.
  13. Hamza at fault for the goal. Didn't test their keeper really other than that a 'boring 0-0'.
  14. It'll be interesting for sure. I remember growing up and being st school and we used to call each other flids and that was used as a drug what 50 plus years before? I respect science has moved on but could it have a similar effect for future generations 🤷‍♂️
  15. Invested in Belgian players and 84s. Profit made. Still find it funny that people use futbin for solutions 😂 Get an sbc on futbin and the sheep follow. 📈 📈 📈 📈 📈 Can anyone remember the national pride requirements from last year? I'm not saying its coming out but it might.. be worth a look at investments.
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