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  1. Ashley

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Tifo was decent but why so early?
  2. Ashley

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    I don't see where the logic comes from with those formations. The way i put it would be the best option. Never in a million years would we line up that way
  3. Ashley

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Iborra Silva Ndidi Maddison Vardy Kelechi Would be the answer to your formation suggested. It could work but i wouldn't like to play it against Wolves.
  4. Every Saturday we follow We cheer our boys in blue Pride of east Midlands Leicesters royal blue They said we couldnt do it Ranieri dared to dream Were Leicester City and we won the premier league..allez allez allez
  5. Hes not had the acadmey training like others. He WILL keep his pace. Gives us 4 years to get another decent striker in.
  6. Ashley

    FIFA 18

    To be honest i did laugh. Never had a legend bar drafts. So the aim.. the dream.. is to have a legend in FIFA 19. Claude Makelele would suit me with Kante beside him.
  7. Ashley

    FIFA 18

  8. Ashley

    FIFA 18

  9. Ashley

    first away game -- any advice?

    Dont buy a half and half scarf or take a selfie stick.
  10. Ashley


    OR. They/the media report they're interest in big H when United want other players. Forces clubs hands...
  11. Ashley


    They dont own the majority but they still have a big chunk of profits.
  12. Ashley

    Missing Plane

    No plane remains being left Wasnt there something on here about the mh370 flight flying underneath another flight so it doesnt show on radar :dunno:
  13. Ashley

    Filip Benkovic

    Fuchs, iborra and this haven't been picked up. They do happen
  14. Ashley


    Cheers mate. Its all i ever wanted. Im glad you could share it with me
  15. Anyone still out there? Just heard one Leicester lad been stabbed and another has a broken leg?