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  1. I tried Moneyheist but part 1 is dubbed for me. When they talk their mouths move so many milli seconds behind. Cant watch it like that
  2. Me. I'll give anything ago to be honest. Seen about this tiger king will.have a butchers cheers mate
  3. Watched Safe and The Stranger. Any recommendations for me for today/tomorrow onwards people of Foxestslk.
  4. Unless they have goal line technology or var facilities I doubt they would happen.
  5. If you have the budget wait for the new XBOX or PS5. The new XBOX will be the worlds most powerful console to date. But if any of your mates game and you want it now? That particular console they play on
  6. Ashley

    Corona Virus

    Whilst were in a shit situation currently. Theres positives to take from this. How many are currently Working From Home who would normally be going to meetings across the country or Europe/The World. I'd like to see the figures on pollution etc over the past few weeks, I bet its dropped. Is it necessary that people are in work every day when they could WFH(those that can anyway) we would only have to travel for leisure then.
  7. Jaspa you any good with this stuff if so I could potentially give them you? Or if you tell me how etc
  8. Ashley

    Corona Virus

    What do we think then Lockdown?
  9. Honestly thought about this. Wouldnt surprise me to see the club do a NHS tifo. When we do stuff like that we do it the best. Just look at the memorial ones.
  10. I'm sure in the T&C we still pay even though there is no games. Someone asked on Twitter(lcfchelp).
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