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  1. Me. England potentially play holland on the tuesday night too
  2. Can see the ground potentially looking like St James Park. Ill try and find out some info from the lad i got my original info on about expansion and our new training ground.
  3. How much you spent on fifa? You need tots walker or valencia at RB
  4. Me too i assume 52k would be second phase though
  5. 5-2-1-2 is the formation on Fifa. Callum Wilson scores for fun too
  6. Elliot and Spencer Prior
  7. They did. First instance im aware of regarding something like that mate
  8. Monchi who is Roma DoF is pretty special in terms of transfers. Well worth a read
  9. Happens all the time in Football, its ignored by authorities.
  10. Only 7-0. Disapointed in myself.
  11. Just seen someone say on one of the fan pages East Stand expansion is happening within the next Season then plans ARE THERE to extend the kop taking over all capacity to 52k
  12. Tickets surely should be on sale this week? Like tomorrow?
  13. Dont be a bad kid
  14. Its a 4-3-3 but its a fifa formation which the ultimate bad kids use to sweat through a game
  15. He was on the verge of an England call up the day he got his injury v Southampton.