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  1. Indian bloodline..makes us look younger for longer!!!!
  2. Starting with Marcello...bloodlands next....all gearing up for the new series of line of duty!!!
  3. Week in South Devon first week of Summer holidays! Decided against a holiday abroad until thi gs settle down
  4. Really wanna watch this but ain't got sky!! 2 massive characters unfortunately both suffering with mental health issues. Think even in their prime they liked each other.
  5. Will give it a go then see how things transpire. Ta
  6. Cheers Rico. Mrs didnt fancy it cos she was slagging Anna Friel off. I thought she was just jealous of her but she said shes crap. Dont wanna wind her up by watching this if it's only okay at best!!!
  7. Anyone watch Marcella??? Contemplating this next
  8. Cant imagine how stressful this must be as parents to watch your own go through stuff like this. My kids are still young but dread the day we,as parents have to deal with such circumstances and how we'd cope. Keep your pecker up pal
  9. Might go for a boring IAG for the Divisend and hopi g things pick up with travel.
  10. Hf way through News of the World with Tom Hanks. Set in 1800 Aneeica, about his trek to reunite a lost girl
  11. Might be sensible and dull but it might give some of the newer younger posters a solid foundation to build on? Leave you all to playing Wolf of Wall Street though!!!
  12. Loads of ice on that then tonight!!! Just done a 15 minute run with a weighted backpack! Normally do 2 circuits of this course, I was dead after one!!! Bored of long(ish) runs so doing a few stupid things like this and 15-20 minutes of skipping to break it up.
  13. No one buy shares in any well established ftse companies anymore or is dealing in the obscure bitcoin/penny shares with immense volatility the in thing?
  14. Wonder on netflix is a heart warming PG family film..
  15. This has got the .com crash written all over it....
  16. I think soon people are going to get their fingers well and truely burnt. Be careful
  17. White tiger on netflix is ace. It's based on a novel and bits are in hindi but well subtitled and it have priyanka Chopra in (Google her) so us extra worth it!!!
  18. Yep seen that mate, it was a good one. It's tough finding decent family films on Netflix which dobt have Adam Sandler in!!! I made the kids watch "Falling down"!!! Nit ideal for an 8 year old BUT it had to happen!!! LOL
  19. Any decent family films on Netflix please.
  20. Just started Lupin on Netflix. It's in French with subtitles and seems abit like the Oceans 11 type ...decent so far after 1 episode though
  21. Its probably years old but Safehouse is an intriguing crime thriller with Chris Eccleston (No relation to Bernie!!!)
  22. I had a Talbot samba as my first car back in 1988!!! It was truly the biggest pile of sh1t yiu could have ever had. I spent many a time parked up cleaning out my carburetor with a wire or driving with the choke fully on else it would stall!!@ I have nightmares about it 30 years on!!!
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