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  1. I had a Talbot samba as my first car back in 1988!!! It was truly the biggest pile of sh1t yiu could have ever had. I spent many a time parked up cleaning out my carburetor with a wire or driving with the choke fully on else it would stall!!@ I have nightmares about it 30 years on!!!
  2. Its brilliant. Watch it and remember it's based on a true story..
  3. The Serpeant on bbc iplayer is awesome
  4. Dint worry about it mate, these Gordon Gekos only tell us about the profits they've made.....Ask them about the losses they are sitting on and it will soon go quiet!!! If not, then it's just me!!!
  5. Anyone seen The Serpant yet on bbc?? Views
  6. Nice to have someone like @tom27111 On the forum who knows his stuff about things people are interested in. Good stuff Tom
  7. How the feck does fatty Corden get these parts? His agent must be insanely good!!!
  8. Cheers bud Whens it start do you know?
  9. Heard about a new series on bbc with Stephen Graham and Sean Bean..think it's called Life?? That's bound to be a good view
  10. Raj


    Yep I do think your right. I love my hybrid. I just look at the lovely Scott and Boardman bikes in the bike shed and feel like I want one too. I'm going to stick to my Trek hybrid...cheers bud x
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