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  1. Will check them tonight..God bless and be safe
  2. Thank god times have changed. I can deal with the odd prat nowadays. Most if you whities aren't bad!!!! There's tw@ts in all of us!!! LOL xxx
  3. You whities do indeed all look the same to us!!!! There was a video of a newsagents in London charging a tenner for a roll....when this all calms down I hope people remember these shops. Supply and demand us all fine but there's taking the p!ss
  4. I always assume we all live in Leicester. Sent @Izzy a message about big roll a d he replied "Mate I'm about 200 Mike trip away from there!!!"
  5. Done that kiddo and safe. What else Bro seems like we're on the same wavelength!!!
  6. Hope she doesn't get feck all. Can't believe none of the coppers involved were charged. Good old America!!!! Need the next decent thing to watch now....
  7. This was brilliant. Great choice Stan Can't believe the prosecutors git away Scott free with making them kids lie and losing do much of their lives. Glad the got the millions they deserved in the end.
  8. Watched the first one yday and it's amazing what the Cops could get away with with to black kids in USA. Hope there's a happy ending for the kids...(If innocent,as I presume they are!)
  9. Kwik fit on Uppingham Road was still open yday if your desperate for an MoT. I would avoid them at most other times though..
  10. There's a few "Asian" cash n Carry's around Green lane road area which have big roll etc if anyone's still struggling(A1 cash n carry( also Pak stores on Uppingham Road near Humbo Park
  11. Didn't Gary Neville give one of his hotels to NHS workers to stay free of charge. If true then good on him. If I had a spare room I'd have offered it to an NHS worker to live in....fit 25ish year old brunette (woman not man!!!)
  12. Raj

    Corona Virus

    Mate I darent even look at my savings....good job we didn't dip back in on Thursday/Friday. Long LONG haul this Izzy. Probably the worst crash since the .com days???
  13. Raj

    Corona Virus

    15.41% drop is pretty good considering the plummet Izzy!!
  14. Stupidly went to Tesco Hamilton with my daughter. It's fecking mayhem!!! Avoid.
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