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  1. Didn't hear any booing in L1. However I do feel our fans need to reflect and appreciate where we are in the League and be realistic. The atmosphere at times is like we are a mid table mediocre team. We are fighting for champions League FFS!!!
  2. Tbf Norwich deserved atleast the point,they played well and Pukki is lively and so too were a few for them. We were bound to come up against a team like this and alot of our lads were 5/6's like Madders, Barnes,Chilly. One of them days,over to the next...
  3. Re the incident as an L1er I could see Ineacho had to be told s fee times that it was a throw in. He didn't even know. Afraid to say today was the usual Ineacho.
  4. Just fecking beat the Scouse bastards! Do it for Nigel Do it for your country.
  5. Jess Phillips the Brummie will really shake them up. She's got more conviction and bollox than most of them put together!!!!
  6. Need 23 spares if possible,just for my close relations who all of a sudden have decided to switch from supporting Man.United to Leicester!!! They used to support Man.Utd because they reckon their dads used to work there- funny that cos I never ever hear about some cvnt supporting Rochdale or Wigan because their dad lived there!!!!!!!
  7. Nothing against Norwich at all. Rather have them in the top flight than some badass Club like Lids! Obviously hope you get absolutely w@nkered on Saturday by atleast 7 goals and then have a nice drive home across the A47 and decent rest of the season!!!!
  8. L1. Where did I say anything about booing a player? Groan within oneself,Booing is an expression vocally!!!! As Kevin Keegan said" I'd love it if Ineacho can show the doubters ESPECIALLY me that he is the real deal"(Keagan didn't really say that about Ineacho!!!)
  9. It's amazing isn't it. It reminds me of a game, city v Bristol Rovers abd I was in the East Stand(Bike shed). A group of lads were giving a Rovers black player loads of abuse,not ALL racist but he was singled out Julian Joachim came on and scored... these same people where shouting JJ"s name and rejoicing. Me and mate just shook our heads at them...still don't think they'd understand the irony in their actions!
  10. Racist/monkey chanting in the last month of the 2010 decade??? Unbelievable really, especially as it's a club where a player like Sterling has rightly been so vocal.
  11. As a parent of a 6 and 11 year old we NEVER shouted at the kids when they couldn't sleep as that just increases anxiety in tgem. You need to soothe and calm. If the parents ARE shouting and YOU feel anxious listenin next door just imagine the kids. I'd have a quiet chat with the other neighbors and get a jist of what they think. Next step would perhaps be a chat with social services "Asking for advice on behalf of a friend in this situation!!!"
  12. Ring the number Ive quoted above and see if he still has them to sell.
  13. Looking for 4 tickets for this please. I'm an ex SAS warrior who fought for the queen. My brother and mum both died recently. My wife has left me and I've just lost my job. My car is broken, the house has been repossessed and all my savings have been swindled by a Nigerian crime syndicate. However watching this game will make all thus bad luck better!! However if it was Leicester v Some crap team I wouldn't have given a feck!!!!!
  14. Back at work on phased return after 4 months on the sick!!! Wish I was back at the operating theatre!!!
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