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  1. Booked a week in Malta in Easter. Hotel near St.Pauls bay. Anyone been Malta- any tips etc
  2. We have a sports journalist on here who is genuinely in the know about everything.... @UpTheLeagueFox
  3. You all know I'm a season ticket holder and hardest core Asian fan in here bar non. Need 2 tickets pretty please. Will be willing to undertake zero sexual favours in return which will be s blessing!!!!
  4. £180k a week probably does see a decrease in motivation!!!! Rodgers played an absolute blinder on that one....well done to him and his agent!!!
  5. Looking at Easter Deb Any advice?
  6. Looking at Malta too??? Malta anyone?
  7. Cheers Soup. We are planning an Easter trip. Any other advice? Palermo better yeah? 2 kids in tow aged 11,7 like abit of history etc as brownies we don't need to sunbathe!!!
  8. Raj

    The gym

    Fit tottie you say Izzy....where is this heavenly place??? I feel a near 50 bronzed Adonis should grace this place ..with my dodgy shoulder and all that!!!!
  9. Well done Union FS. My friends and I took our kids (5 in total) and were in block H. Could hear you lot throughout(Couldn't see the bloody drum though!) If I was younger again I'd be in there like a shot. Good to see you having fun like we did in Filbo street!
  10. Try the charity parking at Eurocarparts near Morrison
  11. Half 5 kick off don't forget....
  12. Having read some informative posts since my initial response,I admit mine wasn't ideal. I think I have my head in the sand with reference to supporters watching games in TV. Don't know the ideal scenario but just hope it doesn't jepordise football in general.
  13. The way it's going there won't be any lower league clubs. Everyone will just be watching Premier League games on TV. Thanks God for the REAL fans who go to the games.
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