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  1. Wenger out

    AS opposing fans it's easy to take the p!ss or try and hammer Wenger for the failure of the last few years BUT he will go in the history books as one of the greats alongside Ferguson,Shankly,Clough and O'Neil!!! Turned football culture upside down and changed Arsenal into a winning club. Took ownership of Arsenal but didn't turn them into moneybags "pay what you want for any player" club like Man.City. We will NEVER see a manager who as an unknown made such a positive influence to football and ONE club. Hopefully after we churn out a 0-0 bore draw with them at our place in a few weeks,we can show him some respect.
  2. Were ****ing bland. Were ****ing bland Were ****ing bland Were ****ing bland Were ****ing blannnnnnndddddddd
  3. I just fight fire with fire!!! Sorry for any offence!
  4. Great response. Well done. Suppose you have a headache now after using all your grey matter on that reply! Better take it easy for the rest of the day eh pal????
  5. Put me on ignore and feck off then!
  6. Rubbish arguement. The like of Ranieri,ConteKlopp,Guardialo etc...all have English as a second language but you could listen to them for hours. The passion shines through. This bloke is just bland. When you see images of him telling Appleton things on the bench you can tell Appleton is just thinking about what he's having for dinner!!!
  7. I switch off whenever Puels on the media. He's a boring tw@t
  8. Changing Energy Suppliers

    No you can't switch water companies which is a shame. Sorry bud I didn't know you were down south do it's gonna be more expensive. One thing,as I have 2 kids as well is remember this phrase(I'm sure it's from a film!) It won't save you much but it's saves the environment and may save you a few pounds.....with regards to flushing the big..."If it's yellow-Let it mellow....if it's Brown-flush it down!!!!"
  9. Changing Energy Suppliers

    You got a swimming pool to fill???? £75 pcm is way OTT!!!
  10. Changing Energy Suppliers

    Why not get a meter mate,you'll half your bill.
  11. It may be all done and dusted come 5pm Saturday the way we are playing!!!
  12. What did we learn today?

    We are shite
  13. We are not utilising our star players. They may as well not be playing. We can paper over the cracks with an away win at Brighton away but on the whole,I know,you know,we all know we are a poor shadow of our former self. I don't want to be doom and gloom but if we have this same stragedy next season where teams have sussed us out and we can't attack then we are fecked
  14. Hamza Choudhury

    Considering his lack of first team football and bring bought straight into a struggling team I thought he was very very promising. No doubt though just like Chilwell he'll be getting hammered by the end of the season!!!
  15. Leicester City Vs Newcastle United

    Free drinks and chocolate too!!! Party time!!!