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  1. Raj

    Killed By My Debt

    Tragic programme.
  2. Raj

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    VAR supposed to be an almost immediate decision by the ref if reviewing it. Ref must have seen that replay a dozen times and Then ran back to view it again before giving it. This alone shows its NOT a clear peno and shouldn't have been given.
  3. Raj

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Bilic v Wrighty v Keano Mayhem
  4. Raj

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    Blimey? Why the hate to Bilic? His honest appraisal of games is a breath of fresh air to standard PR crap. Think the heat is getting to you!!!
  5. Raj


    I think every now and again it's all good to let yourself go astray. As long as you refocus and get back on it. For me it's not about being massive/ ripped as I know it's not going to happen. As a 47 year old I just want to be fit and healthy and portray a good lifestyle to my kids. I see alot of these "gods" like Frank Medrano and after a while they just DEmotivate as their lifestyle is not sustainable to 99% of us...don't know why I'm going off on one....lol Anyway done my 30 mins HIT now gonna play on the trampoline with the kids!!!!
  6. Raj


    Always try but as you know sometimes it's the mental state saying "Enough mate I need a rest!!" It's having a few days off without feeling guilty that I find hard!!!
  7. Raj


    Always find it difficult to differentiate between knowing when I can't be arsed to exercise due to lack of energy or if my body really does need a rest.
  8. Raj

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    Easiest chance EVER to get to a WC Final. It's like the City premier league season...England were the Spurs of that season...
  9. Raj

    Riyad finally gone

    One of our all time greats. True legend. Just remember some of his goals and not his Mardy arse twattery(You know who I got this from!!!)
  10. Raj

    Asda Foundation Leicester 10k

  11. Raj

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    Yep I think this will be my 10th/11th. Also doing the 10km at Abbey Park
  12. Raj

    Ebay Thread

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253677477725 Carpet cleaning business Be a great venture with someone with more time or starting out in life....
  13. Raj


    Your mental state DEFINITELY has in impact on your physical being without a shadow of a doubt. Keep in there boys,do what you have to,to keep that inner mind in control.
  14. Raj

    Iran v Spain Match Thread

    Great game though!!!
  15. Raj

    Iran v Spain Match Thread

    Bloomin great game!!! Really enjoyable for some odd reason!!