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  1. Do you feel better now???! As a person, who knows what Saint Pele got away with in them days. As a player I'm sure even Maradona would shine more playing in the era Saint Pele was with teams he faced!! Always be an arguement for both and never be justified either way. Abit like Messi/Ronaldo, Tyson/ Ali , junior Lewis/ Pirlo.
  2. Very coy and professional. Not letting anything out the bag is he?? What do you know @UpTheLeagueFox???
  3. FFS, some of the comments on here yous have thought they'd shot someone!!! How many of us have adhered to the rules ALL of the time during the last year?? Fair enough they've been complete idiots as professional athletes but let's see what really happened and not blow it out of all proportion @UpTheLeagueFox will get us all the Inside news and then we can proceed to mutilate them
  4. It's in The Wash, something to do with how the land arcs...we have seen the sun set many times!!! LOL This is brilliant!!! Have you spoken to them about the beauty of it!!!? P.S..Are we allowed out that far now due to covid?
  5. No way to speak about the Mrs like that!!! Tbf mate if that happened to me I'd have filed for divorce! I think as blokes we do these things that no one in the family really appreciate and it really aint worth the hours put in.
  6. I would but I'm f¥cked if I know how to add an image!!! LOL!!!
  7. Too much waffling in here not enough Images
  8. It's worth sticking with ashes toashes just to get closure. Not as good but still worth it
  9. Watched this just now on your recommendation. Top top film! Great line up and great twist
  10. I think overall for an older generation guy brought up in a world that none of us could ever image, he was alright geezer! Imagine having to live tour whole life playing second fiddle to your Mrs, knowing you'll always be known as Queenies husband and always have to do" the right thing" according to "protocol" You can tell he was abit of a lad so it must have been extra hard for him. Imagine all of the changes hes seen over the years!.amazing really. I think his gaffes were what youd expect for a bloke of that age from that generation. I worked with white lads of an older g
  11. We are letting the episodes mount up THEN BiNGE!!!!!! Although I has a quick watch yesterday which ended up being about half an hour until my Mrs caught me and I got a rollicking!!! How times change...kids get done for watching porn...I get done for watching LOD!!!
  12. Reckon this combination of trio are the best. Much more fun than Clarkson etc and dont take it too seriously. Finally nailed it after some woeful attempts like Matt LeBranc!!!
  13. Watch them all and like facecloth says watch ashes to ashes too..
  14. Konnie Huq on this thread??? Jees.....
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