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  1. On the last series after a recommendation from a fellow foxes talker...its ace!!!
  2. Great info there pal well done. I think looking at what others have done perhaps we ain't so bad and people need to think about this no win situation. Imagine the means if the club hadn't even released a statement or asked for full money as normal.
  3. I dont know why people are p!ssed off with the club over this. No matter what they do they will get critisised over something which is just out of the ordinary. Be interesting to see what other clubs are doing. I've renewed my ST but I do t really want to go to a quarter full stadium. For me it's all about the atmosphere and bantz,football comes second!!!
  4. Raj


    I got mine end of last month as promised.
  5. Had a few days off work to do some day trips with the family. Had the misfortune to drive through Narborough rd on a friday eve6 and it really is a fecking shuttle. I reckon Beirut pre blast looks better! Went into town today and the clientele made me seem upper class. If people outside Leicester, for some stupid reason feel obliged to come to here for the day they must think we are one inbred city. Some of the sights and sounds are bad enough to bring back public hanging.
  6. Is it just me as that official link is crashing
  7. Hope Bsyrrn rape them like they did Barca. This is tradition v new money. Feck pSG
  8. Is the final on any freeview channel.please?
  9. I now realise how lucky I was to have been bought up on the Mansell,Prost,Senna era and not this drivel nowadays. How any kid can be I spired to be an f1 fan is beyond me,its SO timid and boring
  10. Peanut butter falcon is a lovely film on netflix
  11. Raj

    New Boiler

    Get a local good recommended plumber. NOT British Gas as they will rape you. Boiler wise we e got a Worcester and its fab.
  12. Peanut butter falcon....lovely film
  13. This sounds Interesting...tell me it's on netflix please???
  14. Ronnie is to snooker akin to what Ali was to Boxing. Its be so so mundane without him.
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