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  1. It was part of the bundle we bough,pre-installed. To download it costs £40 mulla I've emailed Nintendo what they ve done to it...
  2. Theres some fecked up people in this thread!!!!
  3. This "mate" of yours is actually YOU and your advertising your "thing" on here Mr. No previous posts on foxestalk"!!!! We ain't stupid pal!!!
  4. Had this repaired and the screen is sorted. BUT there's no mario kart 7 on it anymore???? Waiting for a response back but do any of you know why and what I can do???
  5. Week at Searles Hunstanton it is then for now...
  6. Let me know how it goes for you. Hopefully we can go next year...( not me and you, I meant me and my family!!!!)
  7. As Boris would say Win it, don't win it Go for the Cup,protect champions league spot Put out the reserves, go all out best team Attack attack attack....play 11 behind the ball
  8. Thanks to recommendations from here we've watched capture which was great and Salisbury poisonings Next is cardinal so will be asking for the next one after!!!!
  9. No way am I paying twice the amount for a week in UK when your guaranteed its going to be pissing down with rain all week!!! Rather do day trips away. Write this year off for the long term health of the family
  10. Cheers for your information and advice again Pal. I think I'll go for the Samsung as everyone has said good things about it and s couple at work have it and recommend it too. Hopefully it'll bode me well for a few years. Cheers bud
  11. He's had it in a case and has hardly used it as it's a work.ohobe and he uses his iPhone. He put his daughters Tesco mobile SIM in and it booted up okay so I presume that will work on my Tesco Sim? I've just had to contact Tesco though as I have the old style Sim card and this uses the micro. I've had this Moro c for s good few years and it's on its last legs!!! Thanks for the advice
  12. Just been offered a Samsung S8 plus for £80 all boxed etc. Sounds okay I think? It's my daughter's mates dad's!!!
  13. Can you guys help.reccomend s decent smartphone sub £150 please. Current Moto c is on its last legs. I don't do gaming so just standard browsing etc...
  14. Anyone over 16 years old who does this needs to be sectioned and ridiculed.
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