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  1. Raj

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    Wicked effort. Top man
  2. Wait til we lose...they will be back to Bentley's!!! Welcome by the way...there's a few decent ones here...most are just w@nkers
  3. Raj

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    1hr 52 for me. Mega happy with that as I've had a bad shoulder injury last couple of months and blisters from football I played a couple of weeks ago. Respect to everyone who ran,Marshall's, volunteers and supporters throughout!!! Gonna feel this in the morning!!!!
  4. Raj

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    In those conditions that's amazing. Well done
  5. Raj

    UFC ...

    Not a fan of UFC but McGregor deserved everybit of that. Don't think khabib is even bothered about the repurcussions. McMouth cussed him throughout pre fight and got owned big time. Khabib was SO pumped and probably felt cheated of a good scrap up so vented off more. Great sporting result to see McMouth get owned.
  6. Raj


    Is that what the dog said??? LOL. Don't take the animal oil for human consumption!!!
  7. Raj


    I've been taking some CBD oil for the last couple of months and it's helped me loads with regards to less anxiety and better sleep. Research it,but PM for further details if u want
  8. I hope you are a young kid ...otherwise your posts are a bad indicator of your intellect!!!! X
  9. Raj

    Indian Restauarants

    Oh Geoff!!! That's like me going to a fish and chip shop and asking for a veg curry!!!!!
  10. Raj

    Indian Restauarants

    Make sure you book in advance as it gets choc o block at weekends
  11. The last two posts sum up Foxestalk. Knee jerk post by maddogg who is probably a young lad enthused by the so called charm of "The Asian casual ex hooligan" or what ever title he wants to laud. And a much more defined and contextual post from someone who actually has understanding of the issue and explains in an articulate manner what he feels....
  12. Great post. My elder brother was regularly beaten up at football matches and even by his own fellow fans he had beef. This guy makes out the BS was a little fellowship of men!!! I won't put a penny into his so called new life just because people now look upto him (sad bastards!)
  13. Raj

    Indian Restauarants

    Clowes Arms off Loughborough rd
  14. Raj

    Running a Half Marathon

    Conserve the potential energy for the race!!! It's so easy to overdo it in the last week. Any training you do now will not be beneficial. Enjoy what you've done,keep fit,go for a few walks and eat well. Try and sleep well the night before and visualise what you want to achieve...I ALWAYS struggle to sleep the night before!!! LOL
  15. Raj


    Anyone been to a cognitive behavioural therapist???