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  1. I really dont get why people want one or the other. I'm greedy and believe we can do both. Just like I said we would stay up in 2015.
  2. As far as CL goes we are second atm. Man c will at most get the ban halved. So atm man u and wolves need 9 points more than us sheff u need 11. We have some breathing space.
  3. How the feck could you miss. Spuds 13 MINUTES.
  4. If it pisses you off so much why look in the topic, just pass it by. Then again it probably stops you moaning and bitching in another topic.
  5. Not sure why they should still get CL out of it. Man c 2yr ban will only get halved so will miss next seasons CL.
  6. I know some people have got upto some weird stuff during lockdown, but really you watch dogs shit?
  7. Corrected your typo
  8. I dont see a problem they will only need the away end for home fans.
  9. Let our medics check him out. Arsenal have a shit record with injuries. Personally it's down to poor training and management not listening to medical staff.
  10. sylofox

    Adam Lallana

    Glue factory?
  11. This could be such a boost to our players in this mini season. Surely a switch to a stat of the arts training ground will be a boost.
  12. Is it finished yet? Is june 1st handover day?
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