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  1. You both forgot the club mottoo. Deeney day forever.
  2. you are joking we have two already. At £26m and £29m Nacho and Slimani are big enough show ponies for us.
  3. Dont forget the flask and blanket
  4. Wow 6 fingers and I thought the 5 fingers in cov was bad.
  5. WTF +£50m maybe. I would not want the whiney little gitt back anyway.
  6. Thankfully nothing. We don't want to sell and want top dollar if he goes. If he came out and said he wanted out it would knock £20/30m off the fee.
  7. You're going to sign a vet? To put Wes down?
  8. I seem to remember people laughing when he signed Tony Cottee.
  9. Can anyone tell us if Rudkin has fvcked off on his holidays? The longer nothing happens the more I think we need to sell to buy.
  10. Can't happen here. Rainbow the sale of all our stars.
  11. Yeah but at least we know we are after players. Imagine being a spud in the last two windows
  12. sylofox


    It's the EPL for you. Six of our end of season squad could fetch £300m+ are they worth it NO but if you want them you will pay.
  13. sylofox


    Correct so why have a problem with the team slapping the we don't want to sell price on. Blame the fecking idiots that pay it.
  14. sylofox


    not sure what's so hard to understand. We put £90m on mags because we dont want to sell him. £90m means we can replace and strengthen.
  15. That only works if every league in Europe agrees. If not the best players just leave. The only reason we have so many top notch players is the wages.
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