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  1. Any upto date news on how he's doing?
  2. Hospital at 11.15 is a pisser. But going early so hope to get out to see at least the second half.
  3. But is the injury record down to Wilshere or arsenil. Every season they seem to have a crisis. Not saying we should buy him but that as a club something seems wrong at arsenil.
  4. As long as he don't fail more than 10% of the medicals it's fine.
  5. I would not expect any movement on this untill our club return from Hong Kong next week.
  6. That and they ridiculous wages to average players. Not many clubs will want to match what they pay. Hart to Wetspam is the classic. They are paying him more than any player and city are still reportedly paying 55k a week to make his wages up.
  7. What is it with these Algerian's. We bring them here pay them top dollar then they moan we want to much money for them. Do they think we should give them away ffs. I'm getting to the point the sooner they fvck off from our club the better.
  8. Florest and the sheep are looking for players. Even at your age you would improve them.
  9. Why are we putting up pictures of Max from EastEnders
  10. Sensible club and man u are poles apart. Let's sell Pogba for 800k then buy him back for 89m
  11. 6 teams.
  12. Fair comment. Just I put on here once about our five fingered friends in cov. I think four people on here told me they had five fingers. I had to point out one is a thumb
  13. It would not be a corner shop if it was not on a corner.
  14. Don't you mean five fingers?
  15. The Teddy bears have their picnic.