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  1. As far as I'm concerned anyone picking Puel up on that is an idiot. Bad ref and shite marking. All three goals where lose men not being picked up. Poor defending.
  2. sylofox

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Could still be the KP stadium with a named stand like the carling stand.
  3. Not loved by who? Maddisons admitted he signed because of Puel. Mendy is like a new signing. Ricardo signed for Puel. The fans may not love him who cares. A lot didn't like Mon how wrong where they. I didn't want CR. I think my reaction was WTF. How wrong was I? Let the guy get on with a huge job and give him time.
  4. Gotta +1 this post if only for the reason 90% of Ft are lost and have no fecking clue what your talking about
  5. Agreed to a point but surely the target would change given our position and the managers plan going forward.
  6. sylofox

    Diabate - What should we do?

    Beat me to that one.
  7. Did he? Was it a target set out for him. Or did he come in and lay his cards on the table. Did he say to the owners the future is my target not Europe next season. We have a world Cup that will hinder us. We could have long term injuries from it. Then extra games in Europe could cause more problem with a big impact in the prem. Also I want to see all my squad play to work out who we keep who we get shot of and what we need. But hey if you want Europe and next season it goes tits up don't say you where not warned. Personally I think Europe would have been bad for us this season.
  8. sylofox

    Soyuncu or Evans?

    Care to name your back 3 for us?
  9. Does he have to say anything. He was talking about his England call up. Did he have to go so deep about Leicester. Yes some players will be pissed possibly Simpson King even Wes as they know their days are numbered. Don't mean a player revolutions round the next corner. I really think this player shite is being over baked.
  10. Explains a lot if true. I just wish these jurno's would drop this now and feck of. Our owners would have acted by now if true. Only last week Maddison was saying how good things are on the training ground. Imo this is all from social media. Fan discontent on here twitter an FB.
  11. Ain't you the lucky fvcker
  12. MNF Nov 5th Huddy v Fulham I hope sky don't expect any fireworks and people pay for that shite
  13. You're not looking for sympathy on here are you
  14. sylofox

    Macia to Villa

    So he's turned down Man u and AC and villa and Bordeaux think they stand a chance Such bollox from the press.