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  1. It's a No from me
  2. If we really want him we should have sorted it last month. After Saturday's injuries we have now put 10/15m on top of any asking price.
  3. Loving them comments. How times change. We need to get in quick before they get him. Is that last years no need to worry it's only little Leicester
  4. Pies not balti fall out rectum? Is that right.
  5. Tell sporting cash or fvck off. Them cvnts want to bank the cash and us to pay for the replacement.
  6. I think you under estimate the hate at Wednesday for Hurst and his dad.
  7. This place when Top says ok Ed
  8. Rotherham would not be a good idea imo. To close to Sheffield he'll get shite wherever he goes.
  9. If it takes as long to build as it does for us to fill it the anti's will be dead before it opens
  10. It was bad enough leaving Filbert St. And you want to leave our prem winning ground after a few years.
  11. It's because he has a face for radio
  12. Would you care to tell us again .how long it's taken to sell 23k tickets please.
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