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  1. Stop panicking Paul Merson's on our side now
  2. Isn't an option once january is over.
  3. Magnificent 2 atm dont you mean. Or 4 at best.
  4. Possible boxing night we could be just 2pts behind them. Yes they will have a game in hand. But who will the pressure be on.
  5. Surely even your owners would give him at least 45 mins
  6. No point Geoff I doubt they can read either
  7. Sutton must be the miserable cvnt on the right
  8. Is Chris Sutton Geoff Peter's love child? Neither will let it go
  9. Not like we've never had a manager walk out on us is it. Hes not going to wolves or villa. But one of the big 6 who knows.
  10. You calling seenfeckall to prayer
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