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  1. Good player but knows **** all about the game now.
  2. Its probably done what they wanted. They now have a page on FT.
  3. All or Nothing what a fecking mouthful about spuds when Nothing would say it all.
  4. You trying to tell us our Rebecca is lesbian?
  5. I'd rather be a has been answering stupid questions for money than a Never Been.
  6. What's he done to suggest he should even warm the bench?
  7. Correct they do. But it's now our price and not Utd's or chelski's price. As we proved with Maguire and to a point with Mahrez they go when we choose and our price. Selling club we maybe but no longer a bullied club.
  8. Top needs to do a press release £220m or feck off. The press meltdown would be huge.
  9. So many rule changes since the Walsh goal. It depends if you use var and modern rules or var and 93 rules.
  10. He was ripped a new one yesterday 50m sell
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