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  1. sylofox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    Well the previous £24m fine did nothing to stop them so what else can eufa do to stop them. They have not bought in a former fraud squad officer to do nothing. They are making sure the case is watertight.
  2. sylofox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    No but that's why they look like getting banned from Europe next season. Also our owners would need to put the money in. If they did our ground/shirt sponsorship would be a lot more £5m.
  3. sylofox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    They maybe that's not LCFC is it. Also it matters not how rich they are. FFP says they can't fund us.
  4. sylofox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    And your reply has nothing to do with what I've said. I never mentioned league position. My whole comment is to do with you claiming how rich we are.
  5. sylofox

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    Oh yeah that champions league money we get every year. Its a good job we've not wasted £60m on duds from sporting as well.
  6. sylofox

    Andy King to..........

    Some will still want Vardy playing at 45.
  7. Anyone think Jose's planned this so he can get his hands on Maguire
  8. Who cares? But it will be FaF if they slip right down the table.
  9. sylofox

    Silva back to Sporting

    We will never know who was at fault for his signing. But the not playing is him and the managers.
  10. sylofox

    Silva back to Sporting

    Not sure why you blame Rudders for Silva. It's down to him and managers. Imo he's not strong enough for the prem.
  11. sylofox

    The beautiful curse

    Do people really think this is an option. I know the OHL are not overly happy but they will feel like they've been pimped out. Not only that it's a short term solve to create another one for Top in Belgium. Then still have one here in the summer. Also shows how fickle our fans are. January 2015 80% on here wanted him out and didn't trust him to save us. Then after 9 games he's a hero and because of him we won the prem. Seems Claudio had nothing to do with it. Not having a go at you Swan but the over reaction on here is a joke.
  12. But the laugh is they want a super league. So our top five barca real juve and bayern would leave them tenth at best no wonder they don't want relegation.
  13. well that just pissed on that bon fire