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  1. Chilly to Chelsea a done deal then?
  2. We should run a book on how long it takes for a post saying "some robbing cvnts stole my hat" you just know it's coming.
  3. I dont see either going anywhere while they have contracts with us. A loan deals the best we can hope for. Near on £60m and £160k a week fvck up. Both will see out current contracts imo.
  4. All you gotta do kingy is score four goals to be a hero. That and you would really piss off sutton
  5. You only taking her for a starter you tight tw@
  6. That's a fecking life time on this site.
  7. Hmmmmmm perhaps change it to hysterectomy.
  8. Be an idea if everyone wore a city shirt so people can recognize each other
  9. Kevin Keegan 5"6' David Speedie 5"7' I seem to remember both scoring plenty of headed goals.
  10. Reading some of the comments in here we need to start a book on who's going to cut their throat first and what time
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