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  1. I dont want the little cvnt near our great club.
  2. Hes a spud hes no idea how to win.
  3. Lol the OP. Like Rudders would withhold fund's. Lol wish I'd looked in here earlier 不不不不
  4. Not Twitter but on FB deli ali loan swap for Gray? Dont want the little spud cvnt near our club. Please tell me this is shite
  5. sylofox

    Adrien Silva

    Bag of practice balls and a set of corner flags.
  6. Spuds Spuds and Spuds for the next ten years. Oh and a bonfire party at shite hart lane would be nice.
  7. If we dont better sotton away last season I'm going to be p1ssed off.
  8. What a selling point though. While we talk about your terms would you like 9 holes. Who else can do that?
  9. Incoming bid from wham. A rampant rabbit and Duracell's for life for every lady in Burnley. They've even offered to send it monday by UPS next day.
  10. Class signing does Top hand our knew signings a chewed up bic biro to sign ffs 不不不不不不
  11. We should do the gentlemanly thing and pull out. Nahhhh fvck that stop in until the end then wipe it on the curtains as we leave.
  12. If that's the case the more shite IndyK puts about the better 不不
  13. Can we not start a Puel bashing thread and have this for the Fofana transfer. Really is getting beyond a joke now.
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