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  1. I would rather go to work. Golf just spoils a good walk. But you would pay it for Cattermole? What you have Musa worth more than Cattermole?
  2. It's only one line
  3. Let this one pass by. He was more than likely a CR target. And as someone said he's a CB.
  4. It will be hard enough to get one of those players to join us let alone both.
  5. nahhhhh got to be 44k so it's bigger than championship villa.
  6. That would be a huge scam all of £2.50
  7. How many are going over to watch him sat in the stand Best of luck Wasa. Don't forget to send one or two our way.
  8. Would of kept it yes
  9. It's a premier league winning England striker. His pictures are all over the net and in daily papers. Where ever he lives word will get round. People did not discover his address because of a video taken in his kitchen.
  10. He gets my vote.
  11. Big fat Sam the conspiracy story. Oh well wait for it to break in the sun now
  12. NO.
  13. Not mine but nice to know some real honest decent people around still.
  14. Average attendance - away support - females = Total members