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  1. sylofox


    He was useless cvnt. Now he's just a cvnt.
  2. My mrs does every time but it don't make it any bigger.
  3. So if we had a proper ground and shirt sponsor what would we be worth then Oh and another 18k seats..
  4. sylofox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Thats the one i could not be arsed to go looking. Didn't think it was that many pages though.
  5. sylofox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Just check Bluemoon out he has a 100 page thread.
  6. sylofox

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    it's only Webbo who cares
  7. sylofox


  8. sylofox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    To think we went from Fatty Fryup to Vardy. We need owners that care about our great club. Thais out.
  9. sylofox

    Eduardo Macia to West Ham?

    FFS give it a rest. He's just bought in one of the top ten right backs in the world. Let him get HIS squad together give him ten games next season. Then moan all you fecking like. Yeah I enjoy it more when the mrs does it.
  10. WHAT! Your not having a bet on Wolves getting a European spot?
  11. Wolves = Barcelona only on foxestalk. I'm starting to hope they do a Derby and get fecked over every week and relegated before Easter. I think it's about time some on here changed the bed sheets. I could understand The Bear getting carried away. But it seems he's not taking the drugs some of our fans are.
  12. sylofox

    Namplys Mendy

    Scientists not what I really meant
  13. sylofox

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Seems Dr the Singh and Webbo may want to borrow/hire that from you. Especially if it come with whips chains and handcuffs.