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  1. In other news elvis is dead the sky is blue and the grass is green.
  2. No its not but its upto him to make it work. He needs to pull his finger out roll up his sleeves and man up. Or he can do like he does. Bitch and act like a spoilt brat until he gets what he wants. If he was anywhere near the player people claim he would knuckle down and fight for it. But no he will just bitch. He's got what he wanted now it's time to grow up and man up.
  3. As a player I loved him. But his attitude is just spoilt brat. He will toss his toys out of the pram once to often. Time to grow up man up and stop being a fvcking baby.
  4. Grass and green spring to mind. But you pushed for the move so stop fvcking moaning. Perhaps he now realises you can't always have your cake and eat it
  5. sylofox


    Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps n I'd be happy. Just get him off our wage bill.
  6. By December everyone of them will be in a top six side. In May they will be in a top four side. Laugh now you may. Come next May I'll take the piss.
  7. I can't fault him for what he did for us. But his wanting out fine. Would I want him back NO.
  8. I'll give you that. Even a local spud (not that I talk to many) pointed that out.
  9. Oh yeah I'd forgot about that. At least three more goals for Vardy this season then
  10. The only downer on his career is the fact Southgate didn't play him more.
  11. Loving the comment "and he's bought an annoying fan base with him" not something I've missed about him
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