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  1. Why. When do our wingers reach the byline. We play them on the wrong side so they hav to cut in. They never even swap over. swapping over would be a great move with slim or Ulloa on. Out swinging crosses would be so much better for them than in swingers.
  2. Fvck spuds draws ok.
  3. Not saying you are right or wrong. But i dont think the everton games a fair example to bash anyone with. Only half the first team out.
  4. January was a disaster. The Ndidi deal was sorted early December. We then had December and January to sort a CB out and get Wague on loan at the deadline. I truly feel we could have finished top six this season. But our fvcked up summer and CR's tactics put an end to that. But another summer like last we could be lucky and just survive. Be interesting how this summer goes. And if it is fvcked up again will rudders pay the price and get the boot.
  5. you do know your not supposed to use that fvcking language in here. The mods really should kick your fvcking arsenal out for it.
  6. You both deserve a slapping and life ban for typing those words in full. If we had minus rep points you would have got one for every post. The mods deserve a slap as well for not deleting the posts.
  7. Just as a thought when this comes in will MOTD have a camera on the chap watching the screen? After all we need to be able to talk about his mistakes as well.
  8. Nice to see it's not just us Mr d1ck p1sses off.
  9. I don't condone racism in any form. I am also saddened and sorry your young daughter is suffering at the hands of morons. At the end of the day they are bullies and need dealing with. I hope you get it sorted and your daughter does not grow up thinking everyone is like them.
  10. im not saying anyone on here has. My point was some people try to make things look racist when they are not. The one lad turned it into that when it never was. The rest got on the bus and behaved. The other lad had to go and catch a train.
  11. This coloured/racist thing is getting beyond a joke. It's all a little to one sided and I'm no racist. Last Sunday in Norwich bus station I got on the Yarmouth bus. A group of about 10 coloured lads come up screaming shouting and play fighting with each other. As they try to get on the bus. Driver " Calm down please lads" Lad 1 "why what's up" Driver " unless you all calm down your not coming on the bus" Lad 2 "you fvcking white boys need to watch your attitude" Driver " lose the attitude or your not getting on" Lad 2 "you fvcking white scum you wanna come out here" But hey it seems racism is ok if your coloured and giving it out. These people need to realise it works both ways.
  12. It would be nice if some or all would sign this. So once again we can have a thriving fishing industry. So our waters and fish stocks can recover. The Common Fisheries Policy means quotas are limited but does not stop hundreds of fishing boats from overseas plundering our waters.
  13. I dont think Chelsea 70/80's were anyones second side. They definitely would not have been any city fans second side. Bigger rivalry than florets' and the sheep back then.
  14. I'm so glad we fvcked it up for everyone. But let's be honest how often do pundits and other fans get anything right about us.
  15. Someone's going to say it so. KANTE