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  1. I've gone for Hovland, Burns and Homa, Burns and Homa fairly long odds but both have been in good form this season. Also gone for Bryson to miss the cut, mainly because I want it to happen rather then becuase I particulaly think he will.
  2. His command of the six yard box from crosses is without doubt his biggest weakness, however it’s very harsh to blame tonight’s goal on this.
  3. That’s the second time this season Perez has skyed a great chance late on that’s cost us points, the other being Palace away. If we miss out on top 4 then tonight isn’t the reason, it’s losing nearly half of our home games. That being said, absolutely disgusting performance this evening.
  4. He just looks to be lacking a bit of confidence at the moment, thinking back to the Arsenal game he really struggled with Pepe that day and not sure he's been the same since so that may have something to do with it. Recently he too often looks sideways or backwards when there's a ball forwards on and there were a few underhit balls down the line last week which are always a bit frustrating. He's a young player being asked to start sporadically for a team trying to challenge for the top 4, on the whole he's done really well so far and I have no doubt that in a couple of
  5. Was feeling much better about this game prior to reading this thread. Same team as last week with either Ricado or Albrighton to come in for Thomas and I think we should be fine, someone just needs to tell Madders not to have pop show every time he gets within 30 yards of goal and maybe have one less touch when he's on the ball. My main issue with last week was how slowly we moved the ball. I expect Newcastle to play similiarly to how Southampton did after the sending off, we just need to move the ball around quickly and positively like we are capable of and we'll creat
  6. He’s been prone before to head down and blasting it when he’s out of form, I did think he was going to go on one of his runs after the goal against West Brom. He does love a goal against the big boys though, it would be typical Vards to turn it on last 3 games and pull us through.
  7. We looked like a team who had played 3 games in 8 days with little squad rotation. Despite the poor performance we still got into enough dangerous positions and created enough chances to win the game. Vardy should be taking that chance at the end and there’s really no excusing the lack of composure shown there. You have to give credit to Southampton, they kept their discipline and made it incredibly difficult for us, although felt the referee was pretty lenient in allowing them to disrupt the flow of the game by taking an age over every throw in, goal kick and staying dow
  8. The idea that Tuchel, or any coach for that matter, is going to adjust their gameplan based on a leaked lineup from some anonymous twitter account is laughable.
  9. Taking our starting 11 on Monday vs theirs last night, where we could bring on Perez, Albrighton, Praet, Under, Ricardo they can call on players like Ziyech, Giroud, Abraham, Havertz, Hudson-Odoi, James. When you take in to account the 5 subs rule that is a big advantage, and they have Kovacic to come back as well who has been a big player for them this year.
  10. I think we as fans are understandably cautious after what happened last year. However in reality it took a team going on a pretty ridiculous run coupled with us completely Sh1tt1ng the bed for us to miss out on the top 4, and even then it was in our hands right up to the last game of the season. You'd have to think the chances of another team (Liverpool or Spurs) going on a similar run to that of Man United last year is fairly remote. As others have said, another 12 points should see us over the line. With three homes games against West Brom, Palace and Newcastle you'd
  11. As an avid watched of college football I have tried to get in to this but have found that my lack of any real basketball knowledge plus the fact I have no understanding of the background of any of these teams has made it really tough. I see lots of buzz on social media and quite a few of the US based podcasts I listen to have have been talking about it which has piqued my interest so I will have to make more of an effort next year as it seems right up my street! Saying that, NCAA sports, football and basketball in particular, seem massively exploitative of the athletes
  12. What I love is that it all feels sustainable. The title win was amazing, and whilst it wasn’t a fluke it was patently obvious that we weren’t going to be challenging year in year out. Now this team hasn’t scaled anywhere near the same heights, but it feels like we as a team, and as a club, are on an upward trajectory where European football and challenging for trophies can become a regular occurrence. To go from targeting 40 points and staying up, to a realistic target of European football and a good run in the cups in the space of 5/6 years, without a Man City/Chelsea
  13. Play like that against Man City next time out and there’s no reason we can’t beat them. The confidence we should gain from that performance today could be massive in the race for top 4, especially considering the manor in which West Ham gave up their 3-0 lead earlier.
  14. He is the Seniorman, he comes from far away, oh can he play? Oh can he play? Ihea, Ihea, Iheanacho, Iheanacho, Iheanacho, Ihea, Ihea, Iheanacho
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