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  1. foxy boxing

    It's Our Fault for the high transfer fees

    Is he bitter and twisted much!.
  2. they missed a trick by not launching it on May 4th
  3. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    Great to see Geraint Thomas winning on l'Alpe d'Huez, he's looking really good. I feel a bit sorry for Kruijswijk who attacked a long way out and had six minutes at the bottom of the climb but he just didn't have the legs at the end. Great ride by Egan Bernal of team sky to set a good pace for Thomas and Froome and although Nibali and Quintana tried to attack they just couldn't sustain anything. the crowds were booing team sky and one spectator tried to land a punch on Chris Froome but luckily missed. Great day and tour for team sky and although every Frenchman hates it, it looks good for them all the way to Paris unless Dumoulin can stay within touching distance.
  4. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    So today the mythical Alpe d'Huez awaits the riders and it should be an explosive stage up the most famous mountain in Tour De france history and the one which all pure climbers want to win. the mountain is steep with hoardes of fans screaming and shouting at the side of the road and it is such an amazing spectacle to see.
  5. foxy boxing

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    We're obviuosly not paying 12 million for him to be kaspers understudy. If Kasper goes then we need a decent backup for this guy!
  6. foxy boxing

    Rachid Ghezzal

    i've heard he's got the pace of a Gazzelle!
  7. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    fantastic stage win for geraint thomas to take the yellow jersey, team sky are just so strong. Valverde tried a long range attack but couldn't really do anything and team Sky's rivals just didn't have any answers. the way Thomas caught the lone leader for the stage win was brilliant and i am really pleased for him. it will be interesting to see the team dynamic now Thomas has a commanding lead in the general classification with Froome second. sad way to see Cavendish go out the tour by being eliminated. it was such a tough stage for the sprinters and although we want to see great racing it shouldn't be at the expense of other riders like the sprinters who find irt really difficult to climb. hopefully Cavendish will be back next year but who knows!.
  8. foxy boxing

    Ahmed Musa

    If we can get 30 - 40 million for this guy then rip their bloody hand off! would be absolutely amazing to get more money than we paid for him.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  10. foxy boxing

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    get it done, although it will be a bit pricey to put his name on the back of your shirt
  11. foxy boxing

    Yerey Mina

    Shares the record for most goals in a single world cup by a defender. would be great in both penalty areas.
  12. foxy boxing

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    3rd place will show the world we are the third best footballing nation Ha Ha Ha. it's coming home lads!, Third pace is coming home!
  13. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    great ride by Dan Martin to win the stage up the Mur De Bretagne, he looked like he attacked too early but was able to keep it going for a great win while Geraint Thomas has climbed to second in the overall classification.
  14. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    So it's now twenty years since the Festina affair when a series of doping scandals rocked the tour and since then the word doping has always been brought up when mentioning the tour particularly after the Lance Armstrong saga and cycling more than any other sport has suffered from doping. and with the stuff that's gone on at sky with the TUE's (therapeutic use exemptions). every rider that does well like Chris Froome is automatically under suspicion. the fans want to believe in a clean sport and so to do the sponsors and we all want to see a great race but a clean race. we will just have to see if anyone in this years race gets caught out for doping or whether we can go a whole tour de France and afterwards without any controversy.
  15. foxy boxing

    Le Tour 2018

    I'm afraid to say that Cav looks like he has lost his sprinting legs and I can't see him overhauling Merckx for the overall stage wins although I would love him to do it. Sagan will undoubtedly win the green jersey again and I agree that other riders need to come forward and show that they can challenge Froome and the Sky dominance for the good of the race and to keep the interest with the general public particularly amongst the French.