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  1. He comes across as an arrogant pr%-k who doesn’t give a toss about other people’s opinions or what people think of him. With Brexit getting done is there really any need for Boris to still have him around.
  2. Ground control to captain Tom, congratulations on your gong.
  3. Who else fancies small town girl on Ranganation. Absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Borussia Monchen because we played them a few years ago and I’d be glad to have them back. 😄
  5. He was great for us and at the time we were good for him, we gave him a platform for him to perform and show the world what he could do. He may have originally not wanted to join us but both parties should be grateful that it happened with what we both achieved together.
  6. Eternal thanks and gratitude to the generation who never gave up so we could live in freedom and the right to choose how we live. Also Happy Birthday to David Attenborough who is in ninety four today, an absolute legend.
  7. Scumbags, unfortunately there will always be people who are usually career criminals targeting people or places who don’t care about other people’s circumstances, or will take advantage of other people’s misfortune.
  8. Some reports say he’s dead and his sister is going to take control. If true it will be interesting the rhetoric between her and Trump!
  9. When something big like this happens everyone says they will change something in their life or things will be “different” or they will treat people better and have a new zest for life, the reality is that if and when things get back to normal people will just snap back into the old routine, and there is nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. Getting back to normal is often the best thing for people to do.
  10. My brother is painting the fence at this very moment. He’s painting with his shirt off🤪
  11. An amazing game to go to when we all ran on to the pitch afterwards, I got to shake Tony James hand once when he was signing autographs some time later.
  12. Denmark winning Euro 92 when they didn’t even qualify. They only got in because Yugoslavia were kicked out because of the war in the balkans. They didn’t have much time to prepare but went on to win it. Truly amazing.
  13. There are different levels and types of intelligence and stupidity, and sometimes smart people can be dumb and sometimes dumb people can be smart. You can be smart at one thing and dumb in another way.
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