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  1. Beat these and Frank will be a step further to following all other Chelski managers that Roman pushed overboard ⚽️🦊🌊⛵️
  2. We got a deal baby!. 👍 Time will tell if we prosper outside the EU.
  3. Covid is getting so bad here migrants are getting on small boats in Kent desperate to make it to Calais. 😜
  4. Merry Christmas to all Foxes fans, happy Foxesmas and a happy Fox year 🦊🦊⚽️
  5. Zonal is our worst player, can’t mark for toffee! 😄😭
  6. Ever get the feeling it’s not our day! 😭😩
  7. Double save from Kasper but we gave them three chances
  8. You seem really exited about seeing Amartey in training! 😜😄
  9. We’re not exactly the prawn sandwich brigade
  10. Isn’t it his last season with us, we need to be looking for his replacement. Can’t we rotate him with Morgan till we get younger replacements for both.
  11. He took out the corner flag and took out Sheffield United
  12. All Perez is missing is the regular goals to go with Vardys. He always does great work off the ball. As usual our defending especially at set pieces leaves us open to the sucker punch. Plenty of possession for us and we’ve had chances but we need to be aware of the counter.
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