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  1. the squad we have should in no way be struggling like this at this stage of the season and there can be only one reason to that and that is the management. we have decent players that can perform but for some reason they are not reaching there full potential.we have experienced players who are used playing in the Premier League mixed with some young talent and they should be able to play in a team regardless of what system we play.
  2. Swansea away pre match thread

    Must win and must not lose game! the team is in a dogfight now, forget pretty football we now need to win ugly!
  3. A club in crisis

    there needs to be a board meeting quite soon to determine how the club and the team moves forward in the next couple of years and people need to bring ideas on who we bring in to the club, who might be leaving and how the team and the club progress. Shaky has had his chance at the helm and it just isn't working out how anyone would have hoped so all parties need to agree to a new way forward before the club comes under pressure as the tension and the situation might get worse.
  4. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    has shown nothing to suggest he can get the very best out of the players while his substitutions and and timing of them and being able to change tactics leave a lot to be desired!
  5. West Brom Post Match

    a good knockdown by Slimani and a great goal by Mahrez but another frustrating game where West Brom came with a game plan which worked for them. Kalechi again failed to impress while Iborra who did well in patches but we need a lot more from him. while Kasper made a slight error for there goal whether he would have saved it if he hadn't moved, who knows! Maguire had a decent game and clearly likes to bring the ball out of defence
  6. have you ever flirted with another team

    Went to a few Leicester United games when they used to exist. definitely allowed a non league team.
  7. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    This sort of thing has happened in Hollywood for years where men think they can abuse young ambitious women for there own depravity. the casting couch has been going on since Hollywood began and women feel like they have to use their sexuality to get ahead. sex sells as they say! but men like Weinstein who use there position in society to pray on young women need to be held accountable for their actions and in no way should women have to use their bodies to get ahead in life.
  9. West Brom (H) Next Up

    We need to see something that suggests Shaky is capable of leading this team, we need to see some tactical awareness from him and his ability to change something and getting the players to perform
  10. West Brom (H) Next Up

    We need a win to avoid a Shakedown!.
  11. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    watched the first two series, very good but very complex. can't wait to see series three.
  12. Silva given number 14

    someone at the club being ironic or maybe just a peculiar coincidence, either way the number will probably stick with him forever now!
  13. Kante 'sell on' Clause

    there should have been, because everyone knew the player was ambitious and wanted to play for one of the European giants like Real Madrid!.
  14. Flags Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 114 seconds  
  15. The club needs to prioritize transfers and wingers are not top priority at the moment.