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  1. A lot of the difference is inspiration. Rodgers seems to be able to inspire players to believe in his philosophy whearas Puel couldn't inspire a bag of flour.
  2. Chelsea 1 - Leicester 3 Chelsea fans to join in with the chant "you're getting sacked in the morning"
  3. What's the Root of our Batting problem!.
  4. I am sure they don't cheat but subconsciously they may favour one team over another but may not be aware themselves that they are doing it. what irks me the most is that everyone in the stadium can see an incident that has happened but the only ones who don't are the refs and their assistants.
  5. Mr Leicester, would be a good move for him. get him some much needed game time. very experienced midfielder who can score goals.evry time we sign a midfeilder he moves further and further down the pecking order.
  6. we will have all been obliterated by a meteor or supervolcano
  7. ALL clubs before the start of the season were told about the new hand ball rule so everyone knew going into the first game what the outcome would be so for Wolves to keep moaning how it is so unfair that the goal was disallowed, just get over it!. it could have happened to us and I'm sure there would be loads of people on Foxestalk that would have moaned about it!, a good point considering, Wolves were very well organised and always looked a threat in attack. Soyuncu did very well albeit a few nervy moments, I just hope he continually works on his game to keep improving.
  8. Sutton can do one, hate pundits that arn't objective and have favorites or grudges.
  9. 3 - 1 Foxes: Vardy, Tielemans, Perez
  10. Looking forward to seeing him running our midfield and linking up with Tielemans. Hopefully he can be our quarterback and give passes to the Leicester players in the end zone.
  11. I think there will be plenty of chances for Benkovic to play this season and hope he gets a run of games to show what he can do. he had a very successful loan spell at Celtic and a lot of fans want to see him start. I hope he gets his chance and not because of injuries.
  12. really looking forward to it, it's going to be an interesting opening game with both the Foxes and Wolves scrapping and trying to take chunks out of each other!. it's going to come down to who is the most vicious in taking their chances and who has the biggest bite in attack. also who has the best rear guard (defensive) ability to ward of the threat of danger. whoever comes out on top will be the king of beasts.
  13. This is great news and shows that the club cares about all their fans. fans with autism find loud noises or unfamiliar surroundings overwhelming, stressful and uncomfortable. there are a lot of fans that have autism that are very passionate about Leicester City. they want to enjoy the experience of watching their team like any other fan, they just want to feel safe and secure.
  14. I rewatch them when i can't get to sleep, better than counting sheep.
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