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  1. The behaviour of the Cameroon players were a disgrace and the referee totally lost control of the game. so some important decisions went against them so they kicked up a fuss and spat at and kicked our players. their behaviour was totally unacceptable and then to come out at the end of the match and play the racism card. they got beat by the better team and their tactics were clear for everyone to see.
  2. Chris Froome is out of the Tour De France 2019 after a training ride accident. Froome suffered a fractured right thighbone, fractured elbow and fractured ribs when he tried to blow his nose while travelling at high speed. what a terrible accident at the worst time for Froome. hope he comes back stronger after he has recovered, such a huge blow.
  3. Happy silence of the Rams day, everyone
  4. A petition demanding the remake of series eight has over 500,000 signatures. don't think the makers care how upset tens of thousand of fans are!
  5. Derby County and Nottingham Forest are our regional rivals but have not been our playing rivals for a long time now as we are clearly so much better than they are and they have both been in different leagues for a while now. with Wolves we have a bit of history with regards to Mark McGhee. not really much of a rivalry playing wise with Coventry is it. at the moment it is us and Wolves competing for the term 'best team in the midlands'. Geographically we don't have many rivals that can compete with us.
  6. A domestic treble would be a fantastic achievement for Pep and Man City but most people would support the underdog in a match like this. Man City will be heavy favourites. most people will want Watford to win just to put a spanner in the works for Pep. everyone hates to see one team dominate and people would love to see Man City knocked off their pedestal.
  7. He hasn't progressed while he has been here so sell, he has potential but hasn't done enough to get a place in the team or on the bench. we buy a player and if he hasn't progressed in a year or two then we should just sell.
  8. We still concede too many goals in my opinion, if we tightened up more at the back than we have done previously. we have a good defence but it could still be improved..
  9. He was an integral part of the title winning team, he always played with a smile on his face and gave his all. his workrate was exemplary and we were so much better with him in the team. he wasn't the sort of striker that would give us ten - fifteen goals a season but was a link between the midfield and attack. he also gave us some memorable and funny moments. Sayonara Shinji.
  10. can you imagine if he signs some brilliant players for us and they peform brilliantly for us and push the club to even greater heights evryone will be singing 'let's all do the Congerton, let's all do the congerton'. As with other people we have recruited to this club who people were sketchy about but did very well, we should all reserve judgement. if he does well we'll sing his praises if he flops we will condemn him.
  11. Listening to radio 5live friday night and hearing the pundits discussing Leicester City and how we have the best squad for other teams to cherry pick from us. one minute their saying how great our title win was and then the next their suggesting the so called bigger teams should come in and grab all our best players. sick of hearing how we should lose all our best players all the time, it was the same with Mahrez and Kante.
  12. Just remembering the fifty six Bradford fans that died on this day 11th May 1985 when they went to watch their team play against Lincoln city. the loss of football fans who simply went to watch a football match and never came home will never be forgotten.
  13. Totally incredible to have four English teams in the finals of the two major European cups, the first time ever it has been done by a nation. incredible. will it see a sustained period of domination by English clubs in Europe! whoever you support you have to feel proud of English football.
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