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  1. Are they well liked because they are not very good!. If they were always winning would people like them less. People always like galant losers.
  2. foxy boxing


    We should have sold him years ago and as he has only shown glimpses of the player he could be. As long as we get a better replacement, good luck to him.
  3. Azerbaijan in winter anyone 😝😜
  4. It will certainly make me shop less, finding it really difficult to breathe normally when I went to Aldi in one.
  5. Congratulations Jamie, richly deserved. Our Talisman
  6. Vardy Golden Boot “ silver lining “
  7. We’ve got better chance of winning the Europa League anyway 🤪😝
  8. Come on envoke the spirit of 2016 and the 5 - 3 win
  9. Keep it steady first fifteen minutes of second half then really go for it. Come on you foxes 🦊
  10. If she loses the appeal, Though unlikely what then. Is there enough evidence to lock her up for life.if she does end up getting out of prison I don’t want her given a new identity and Naomi it you for life at taxpayers expense.
  11. Once she is hear I bet we’ll never be able to deport her, they’ll say we can’t deport her to a war zone. I don’t know why she can’t fight her appeal by video link.
  12. Sheffield certainly showed steel. Cheers lads.
  13. Pick, we should go all out to beat these, even if it’s 5 - 3. I want us to go all out attack
  14. Good point away from home at a place we generally don’t do well especially after the Arse were all over us in the first half.it was good to see a referee go and have a look at the pitch side monitor as refs have been encouraged to do but none have until now, Arteta is just moaning because it was done to his team but hopefully more referees will follow suit.
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