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  1. Mohamed Elyounoussi

    Be interesting to hear the chants if we signed him Like Elyounoussi he makes it look so easy or easy peasy Elounoussi
  2. Luke Shaw

    Mourinho uses fear and intimidation as and bullying, calling players out as coaching methods and it has adverse affects on some players like Shaw. you have to get to know the players and see what works with each one individually. sometimes it is a stick or a rod approach and sometimes it is an arm across the shoulder approach but to openly be critical of players and to keep singling players out as if they are being bullied is poor management and clearly how well Man City are doing under Pep has got under Mourinho's skin. of course the player takes responsibiity to do his job that he is being asked to do properly but it is about coaching these players so they learn to do the job being asked to do. If Mourinho cared less about his own popularity and making headlines as much about getting the best out of players maybe the team would be doing a lot better!.
  3. Cricket and Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 5 seconds  
  4. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Also cyclists who think they can just peddle through zebra crossings and red lights as if the laws of the road do not apply to them ( saw a cyclist yesterday just peddle through a zebra crossing even though people were walking on it.
  5. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    2 -1 foxes, we'll go 2 - 0 up then they will get one and then it will be a very nervous last half hour where they chuck everything at it.
  6. It is good he is bringing others into the squad to give them a chance but it should have been done long before now and not just a few months from the world cup!
  7. Europa League

    Arsenal Vs CSKA Moscow, had to be didn't it at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries.
  8. Europa League

    Let's be honest if Welbeck did that in the world cup semi - final most England fans would be applauding him! but the guy was so ****** obvious and how the person behind the goal gave it! who knows! everyone moans when foreign players do it but English players are just as bas if not worse. and we all know how crafty Vardy can be as we've all seen it at first hand!.
  9. Russia: Should England boycott the World Cup?

    If i was the England players and staff i'd be very careful what i ate and drank and always have security in your rooms and never leave anything unattended. it's better to prepare and be safe but if the Russians want to do something they will try.
  10. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Spend Wisely, Claude
  11. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    First Litvenenko, where they used radioactive material and now this where they are using nerve agents. not only does the Kremlin want to eliminate these people but they also want to put the fear of death on others who have sanctuary here. they don't give a damn about anything other than getting rid of those who have betrayed them and they will do anything to do it. the governments response after Litvenenko was pathetic when it was clear who was responsible after all they could trace the radioactive material to who it was and there needed to be a firmer response then and so the Russians seem to be killing at will whoever they want dead in this country. they clearly have a vast spying network here and let's also remember they targeted London 2012 with most of there athletes doping. Putin sees this country as very much a soft touch ally of America where it can interfere and do whatever it wants and it is a really scary situation,
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    It's just so funny Manure getting beat by a team we famously dumped out of the Champions League and that Ben Yedder a bloke who couldn't hit a barn door against us scored twice against them! and they are meant to be defensively great under Mourinho!
  13. Stephen Hawking Dies

    He was a great Physicist and person who was more clever than most people put together and helped bring science and physics into the mainstream, and I also loved his appearances on shows like the Simpsons and the Big Bang Theory.
  14. Marbella, Here We Come!

    hope none of the players get toothache, we don't want to see any of them in the dentists chair!
  15. Numbers Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 101 seconds