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  1. A top six finish take both domestic cup competitions seriously European qualification bringing in a few more quality additions making the team better defensively so we concede less goals
  2. Messi has no ego. Messi just gets on with scoring goals and doing what he does with Ronaldo as much as he is a fantastic footballer and deserves all the credit he gets and more it is all about the personality.
  3. Really great performance considering we were playing with ten men for virtually the whole match. Maguire's red card was a bit harsh but Big Wes was superb when he came on and a fantastic goal by Maddison. it helped us going a goal up, if we had gone a goal behind and were chasing the game with ten men it would have been just about impossible so the goal for us helped immensely.
  4. Unbelievable that the gunman had a helmet camera and was live streaming it. absolutely sickening.
  5. would be brilliant if they all played and developed together for both Leicester and England over the next few years and hopefully become regulars for both club and country.
  6. #1, his importance to the team, his goals and all round play, his records with us. from where we signed him. every genereation is different and it is not fair to compare but 'the Vardy story' is an amazing one and one we will all treasure forever.
  7. I Nuno about this one! we've been burnt by Sporting too often!
  8. Really pleased for him to score over a century of goals for us is amazing. to think we paid a million pounds for a non league player and he has become an amazing player for us. he is just so vital to the team and will be difficult to find his successor.
  9. Did the home secretary kill Shamina's baby! No Did anyone force Shamina to go and live and have babies in a warzone with a terrorist organization! No did she ask to come home before her other babies died! No could she have travelled to somewhere else to have her baby, maybe to somewhere else in syria which is relatively safe! probably Yes the home secretary is responsible for the security of this country and it's citizens and she chose to be with a terrorist organization that wanted to destroy everything this country holds dear and just because it hasn't worked out like she hoped she wants to resume her life in the U.K the only blame is with herself for getting herself into the situation she is in and the people that groomed her to do so.
  10. it's obvious we need more goals throughout the team, goals win games and the enphasis of the team has been to get the ball to Vardy and he will score the goals needed but we need to be more expansive than that with more goals from midfield and the wingers.
  11. Jan Michael Vincent has died aged seventy four. I used to love watching Airwolf on a saturday afternoon in the 80's. it also had one of the best tv theme tune.
  12. surprised he isn't being offered a three year contract . one year isn't bad as long as we get some other experienced defenders and Morgan can rest for certain games. he has served this club extremely well but is coming to the end of his career.
  13. He'll be hoping to be like Caesar and conquer Rome but will most likely get stabbed in the back like Caesar. Hope it goes well for him
  14. Does anyone get dreams where your dreaming of something and then days or months later something happens or someone says something to you that is exactly like what you dreamed!. it's a bit like deja vu. I am not saying I'm a psychic or a seer or anything. it just seems to happen a lot and wonder if anyone else experiences this!
  15. So your manager leaves, so you burgle his house steal his trophies that he won at your club and frighten his family. some football fans are just stupid and deranged. at the end of the day only the fan kisses the badge and truly means it. Riyad left our club let's go burgle his house!.
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