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  1. Our attacking numbers are appalling. We've scored 1 goal or fewer in 12 of our last 15 games overall. We've been held scoreless 5 of the last 8 overall, including our last 2 home games. Vardy hasn't scored in 9 of the last 10 games. If he isn't scoring goals, he hurts us because he doesn't participate in the build-up. I would give Perez a look up top. If you ignore the one outlier vs Villa, we've scored 2 goals the last 7. Obv the result vs AV counts but it masks a very clear trend. What happened to Rodgers teams improving as the season wore on? We've regressed like mad and the matches are only getting tougher. If we don't make CL we are facing a talent exodus. We cannot make CL if we cannot score goals. Rodgers has always had us play overly conservative, unless we are chasing a goal late, then he will let them really attack. I think we need to work more of the risky attacking play throughout our matches, rather than just at the end when we trail. If we keep playing not to lose, we can kiss top-5 good-bye. We have to take some risks at this point. This is simply not working.
  2. If we score a goal it will because we get Barnes involved, mark my words. He is the only player on the pitch who can make something happen with the ball at his feet. The athleticism differential on the field is noticeable. Chelsea's players are brighter, sharper, more physical and quick. We may be a better overall team, but we need to improve the athleticism and creativity up front.
  3. So we are playing for a draw now?
  4. Can I just ask, is there something schematic with what Rodgers wants where we deliberately do not quickly return passes? What I mean is, say we are passing around the opponent's box, Praet passes to Justin on the right, then Justin tidily sends an immediate pass back to Praet. Remedial, I know, but BC we never do it, it means that defenses can overcommit to our attackers without fear of being caught out. To my thinking, it makes our players' lives more difficult. I was taught to do this as a youth to force defenders to give us more room and to partially neutralize teams adept at hunting in packs. We look so toothless with everything but the break right right now, I suppose I am wondering why we don't seem to use much deception. Is there a reason Rodgers' scheme doesn't really feature much deception? Even bringing a trailing attacker into the box when we are pressing the attack, Chelsea does it beautifully,m it is just a habitual option to offer for their players, we don't really feature that. Just odd to me. Especially since we are clueless with how to score unless we are on the break right now.
  5. His passing accuracy is fuching woeful as well.
  6. That is a bit crazy, but only bc JJ doesn't have the experience against a team like MC. Would've loved to see that today vs. Wolves though. And if it is easier to add a RB or get JJ up to speed, and if Ricardo is here next season, that works for me.
  7. Sure, but to play it for us against Man City... especially after what they did when it was Wilf at DM... I have seen no indication Praet is on Wilf's level at DM, despite his experience.
  8. Yeah, we may well be looking at Praet. Eek.
  9. I think that is undeniable. We have become a low-intensity side, and we look labored chasing 50-50 balls. When we go a goal down, we typically see a response, an indication that we do in fact have another gear, but we don't reach for it until we need to. Suggests to me that yes, we are in fact pretty worn out. Makes me a bit worried for next season if we do play CL ball.
  10. Hamza has a reputation at this point, his fouls tend to be a bit cynical, he isn't going to get the benefit of the doubt like Ndidi does.
  11. Some games we need a striker who will come back to the ball and play in other players bc we cannot get Vardy the ball where he needs it. It is simply a limitation of the team that we cannot always get him the ball, especially against low blocks or 5 at the back. We have other strikers who do things he doesn't.
  12. Yeah, but Newcastle had nothing left (or so they thought). I don't have any beef with him, just I don't know what he does particularly well. Frankly I think he is struggling playing out of position for us. He might give us more as competition for Vardy at striker, or as a secondary striker in a 4-4-2 playing off Vardy. But right now he looks like a square peg facing a round hole. We need to find a role for him, he will be with us awhile, nobody will be coming in for him I don't think.
  13. Yes dude FFS yes! We need to realize we are playing a man down in the build-up when Vardy isolates like that, and it is worthless to us bc he isn't getting a pass in behind the CB when they are playing that deep. We need a striker who will drop back and participate in the build-up, play the ball into the wings once in awhile in dangerous parts of the pitch, do a bit of give and go with players making runs, there is just so much more a striker can do that Vardy doesn't do for us that would make us a much more effective scoring team.
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