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  1. If we’d had Puel all season?

    We'd probably have started similarly, but we might've picked up another 2-4 points against the better sides, then we had that insipid run of draws against inferior teams immediately after, I think it would be very reasonable to tack on an extra 4 there. Figure an extra 6-8 points, conservatively. More aggressively, we could easily see ourselves in competition for 5th. That said, if we're 14 seconds earlier, Shakey is prob still manager and we are likely top-7 in my opinion. I really liked Shakey's vision for the club, which was an enormous boon for Puel, instead of another Southampton, he got to cook after Shakey did the shopping, which included two CBs and two MFs who are much more comfortable on the ball than the players they replaced. If we subtract Maguire, Dragovic, Iborra, and Silva (obv, mostly Iborra and Maguire), Puel would've been positioned to struggle like a mofo. Y'know, like Shakey did when he had Ndidi and King as his best MF with no depth. Iborra was beyond critical to steadying the side, but he was unavailable for Shakey early. So it goes though, Puel seems a better manager, but I'd have liked to have seen Shakey without that Silva debacle.
  2. It was a look at the numbers underlying Vardy's goal-scoring. At the time, he hadn't scored an away goal in open play since week 1. When your striker hasn't scored away in 9 or 10 straight games, it is ok to post a thread talking about how it's a f'ing problem, yeah? Vardy is prob my favorite player, but I don't have my nose stuck so far up it that I can't tell when he isn't performing at the level a striker needs to.
  3. I tend to agree, but strikers need to score goals in open play. That is what they are on the field to do. Today Vardy was fast and dangerous, he put in a great shift, really led the team up front, but he isn't producing goals for all that effort. He is struggling with his finishing, the entire team is. IDK. It is worrisome, we are getting terrific opportunities, but we are finishing direct at the keeper, often meekly, or going down in the box begging for a call. We need Vardy and Shinji to do more with their finishing, that is the bottom line.
  4. If we look for anyone this transfer window, we need to see if there is a likely Ndidi replacement out there, bc Wilf is going to get some pretty serious bids in the offseason. The guy is the f'ing backbone of everything we do. Yes, I wish he was a bit better on the ball, and yes, I wish he could shoot. But FFS, for all the work he does, he can shank two into the stands per game, I give no Fuchs. The guy is a monster.
  5. This won't be too popular a comment, but you're right. I feel like the team needs to do a better job getting the ball to Mahrez early in games. If we start out and we are not getting him the ball in space, he tends to go away. Perhaps being mindful of getting him the ball more early and often will get us better results, IDK. I did see him doing a lot of tracking back, to his credit.
  6. Dragovic

    Of course Dragovic gets credit for Huddersfield, he played starter's minutes, let's not get silly. Better as in we give up fewer goals. It's just math. If it changes, we re-evaluate. But right now, Dragovic gets a good run in until Puel can decide if we are better with him in the side. Which I think you agree with, even if you don't agree we are doing better with Dragovic. I don't want to write off Morgan as a contributor, not at all. But I can't pretend we haven't been keeping clean sheets with Dragovic the last four games, or that we allow fewer goals with Dragovic at CB so far.
  7. Dragovic

    I don't think the book is closed. But at this point in time, we need to see what we have and give him the starts. Wes needs a rest anyhow, he can recover and be ready and refreshed later in the season. I expect we'll need a CB to be ready to step in at some point. Four consecutive games, not three. There is nothing absurd about saying our results are better with Dragovic starting. That's a fact. Whether it is correlation or causation remains a question, as does whether the sample size is too small. I think it is too small to make a decision re who the starter is going forward, but large enough that Wes is not gifted his starting role back if he returns healthy tomorrow. Puel has the call, not you or me, but I think my position makes sense, and not just bc we are performing so well -- we also need to evaluate Dragovic under Premier League conditions and make a decision, as the option to buy is an asset. To be clear, I think giving Wes back is starting job is also defensible, I just believe it to be rooted in sentimentality and loyalty, two things I usually appreciate, but in this case it doesn't cost us or Wes much to give Dragovic a run of games. But I agree we still need to see how this plays out before deciding either is the starter going forward.
  8. Dragovic

    I get why you say that, but forget what BL paid for him and what they are getting. If we don't sign him, then we need to buy another CB, yeah? What are we going to pay for a starting CB with proven Premier League experience? If we exercise our option, we get him for three more seasons, which will be his prime. With Mahrez and Maguire likely to solicit healthy bids in the summer from elite sides, IDK, I think we'll be flush with cash, and keeping him around would actually be a cheaper option than buying a comparable replacement.
  9. Dragovic

    It isn't a huge sample size, but so far, do better defensively this season with Dragovic playing instead of Morgan. It is patently fair to start the player who gives us the better chance at winning.
  10. Dragovic

    All that happens when Dragovic starts is our defense stops conceding the crap goals that have plagued us all season. Suddenly the set pieces aren't a nightmare, suddenly we have 4 consecutive clean sheets (sure, 2 are Fleetwood, but we often concede to lower-level competition), suddenly we are dominating Chelsea away with our defense. He could not be a more obvious buy for me.
  11. What I love about him is he brings some misdirection. Class is contagious, specific tactics included, and we are clearly missing that in our bag of tricks. When quality teams are.pressed, you see a ton of misdirection, very sharp passes right back to the passer, misdirection via player movement or fakes, it is demoralizing to the pressing player, and I'm hopeful our players add a bit of that to their bags of tricks.
  12. Haha albrighton wasnt ready for that cute crap from silva. We're going to need some time together, clearly. I will say, Iborra and Silva enjoy playing with one another. Their class on the ball is terrific and will be contagious -- unfortunately, guys like Fuchs and Albrighton will need a bit of time.to be able to keep.up. A lot of near misses though, we should pick up 1-2 more the last 20 min
  13. Leicester speciality

    What position does Silva play again?
  14. Solomon Kvirkvelia

    I'm thinking we are sniffing around for a Maguire replacement for when Pep comes in the summer. Christ I hate European football transfers, they are ridiculous Dragovic is a must buy, glad we have the option. At some point, we need to acknowledge that when he starts with Maguire, we suddenly stop conceding so many goals. Love Wes, but I have to think his chance at getting his starting job back is pretty slim at this point. 3 consecutive clean sheets with Dragovic, he isn't flawless but he is pretty damn good, I can remember only two clear instances of him getting beaten, he is getting better every single match, he looks loads more confident and composed than even a month ago.
  15. Europa does 7th get a place?

    Since we have an enormous squad with duplicates at every position... I am guessing you neglected the /s for sarcasm?