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  1. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Agree re getting rid of the old guard. despite our affection.for them, it is nearly time. When we actually play hard and attack, we look like an elite side save for our finishing. We need a few more pieces, but it is obvious that this system can work for us, and that it can yield some entertaining, outstanding entertainment. Yes, it is miserable when the lads don't set their alarms for the 1H, but when we start chasing a deficit, it isn't hard to see what this team could be if only they'd give consistent effort. That 2H was not boring football from Leicester. It was plenty dynamic and opportunistic and enjoyable to watch. We dominated the game for long stretches on the road at Burnley, and that isn't an easy thing to do. We can make the top-6 with Puel managing and an improved roster. Assuming Puel gets his head out re his team selection, of course. ;-)
  2. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    We adapt or die in this world. Players that were well-suited for Shakespeare may be poorly suited for Puel. Our defense has looked nothing near the same since Morgan returned, and Simpson has struggled mightily under Puel. That doesn't mean they are bad players per se, just that they are the wrong fit/a bit too one dimensional to play for a Leicester side with big ambitions at this point in their career I promise you, I have an enormous amount of affection for these players, including Morgan and Simpson. But they are poor fits for this system, they are in their 30s, and the backline needs to be younger with strong legs bc of how often they get fwd in Puel's system. Even if we set that aside and pretend they have young legs, we need better finishers on the backline if that is how we are going to create advantages in the attack. Players like Simpson and Morgan are solid defenders, but we need versatile football players who primarily defend but who can add value in the attack. That isn't Morgan and Simpson, I think we both know that. Yes, we do need to sell players, probably most of the team that won the Prem League medals. And I hate to say that, but I have watched this team grow comfortable and stale. I have watched them get two managers fired and put a third in peril due to playing soft, inconsistent football. Of our starters, I think only Ndidi, Maguire, and Vardy play hard at a consistent high level week in, week out. We need more players like that. We have seen some very good things from Puel's version of our team. We have seen rafts of opportunities squandered, but the system itself is modern and sound. IMO Puel has has serious issues with his personnel choices, and he is clearly a poor manager when it comes to communicating with his players. Hopefully he adapts, as we know how the story goes if he doesn't.
  3. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Reasonable minds can differ, though I think if you take a second look, you will see he was unusually poor finishing today despite terrific service. He is entitled to a poor game, just a shame it was today. In any event, I think he needs some competition bc this style of attack could do with a striker capable of more hold up play, someone who can come back to the ball when we struggle to reach him, looking for clever passes to the wings from the top of the box, just a forward more involved in possession. Vardy's terrific, but there are games when Vardy is on the deepest CB's hip all game, the CB is playing deep to squeeze his space, we have Mahrez double-covered, Albrighton at LW and fans are screaming bc Silva cannot get Vardy the ball. Just visualize Silva breaking midfield, Vardy 30 yards in front, Mahrez smothered to the right, two defenders converging on Silva and Albrighton to the left. That is how we wind up going backwards, or how we wind up crossing the ball into a packed box 20+ times in a game, bc Albrighton is the only open option. Vardy is great at what he does, but without Shinji to occupy that 30 yards of empty space, it is simply too easy to deny him the ball. If Vardy could come back 10-15 yards closer to our MF and play our wings into dangerous areas at times, then break for the channels and play his game, we'd be far more consistent, and we wouldn't need Shinji the way we do. Though at this point, I expect this to get sorted via the transfer window.
  4. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    I just do not understand this take. How many exceptional goal scoring opportunities did we f up, five? Six? Puel's tactics did not cost us the early goals. Puel's tactics did not make Vardy miss 4-5 or so excellent chances. Puel's tactics didn't make Mahrez ignore a wide open Demari to his left 1H for what should've been an easy goal. I could go on for awhile re the PLAYERS failing to properly execute. Yes, this isn't tactics, our players need to execute. That is why we look like crap. Our players are not showing up early. People can blame Puel all they want, but A F'N PREM LEAGUE SIDE SHOULD NOT NEED THEIR GODDAMN MANAGER TO HOLD THEIR GODDAMN HAND IN ORDER TO GET THEM TO PLAY HARD WHEN THE GODDAMN GAME STARTS.
  5. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    If you mean Puel, you're mad. His tactics put us in prime position. We dominated that 2H. Vardy flubbed an astonishing number of chances, and he was joined in the effort by his mates. It is always easy to blame the manager, but PLAYERS NEED TO SHOW UP WITH INTENSITY AT THE START OF THE GAME AND F'ING EXECUTE.
  6. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Puel in for sure. Players who cannot manage intensity at the start of the match out. We can lose Morgan, Simpson, Huth, Benny, OKazaki, Kasper, and Mahrez IMO. Time for the big reset, let Puel build us a team that will play hard and that can fuching finish for god's sake. Vardy needs some real competition as well, he was shocking today, just awful.
  7. Burnley away match thread

    Morgan putting the final touch on the loss for us, JFC
  8. Burnley away match thread

    So starting next week, let's being up some of the u-23s, see what they can do with the big club.
  9. Burnley away match thread

    Compared to a loss it certainly does.
  10. Burnley away match thread

    Silva, wtf?
  11. Burnley away match thread

    Now Iheanacho is gimpy.
  12. Burnley away match thread

    And Morgan hoofs it to give away possession for absolutely no reason.
  13. Burnley away match thread

    Simpson, wtf are you doing brother? Awful.
  14. Burnley away match thread

    Indeed. I simply don't see the complaints re Puel today. The players have failed to execute, but we have been the better team overall today, we have had far more, and far better opportunities. There comes a time the team needs to stop shanking passes and failing from 5 yards out to put the ball in the net. JFC KASPER THAT WAS F'ING AWFUL GET BACK IN GOAL FOR GOD'S SAKE
  15. Burnley away match thread

    Fuching finally. We should be winning this game right now. COME THE F ON BOYS, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!