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  1. Thought this was an excellent test for us, delighted with 2 goals. It took an absolutely perfect cross to deliver Burnley's goal, but they deserved that one, and always fine if the other side is excellent on their goals, just hate when we defend poorly. I do have to wonder how we cannot find the goal when we shoot. 19 shots, 3 on target? This is becoming increasingly frustrating. I think the reality is we don't have goal scorers up front on the wings and it is showing in our final product. If we finish top-4, spend for Zaha. That is all I want. Zaha. Hell, the price prob won't be much different in winter window, how about in January? Offer 65 mill and Demari Gray, be done with it. Rodgers, when we are defending well, and want to close out a win, how about not going to a formation we almost never play? 3 CBs CONFUSED EVERYONE. Stop overthinking. Play Maddison centrally. Keep playing Barnes wide, he demands attn other players do not. Keep playing Perez on the right for now, he isn't ideal but is our best attacking option there, keep spelling him.with Gray just like today, Gray is an impact substitute esp against a low block, he is one of our only players who can successfully beat his man and attack a packed box. Well done boys. For V, let's keep after it.
  2. So we're a possession side now. Why have Kasper hoof it? Why not possess it for 90 sec using the keeper and FBs? Strategically we are nowhere near optimal ever since Wes came.on.
  3. Oh man, when Demari passed it to Ndidi in front of pur box with a Burnley player a yard from Ndidi I feared disaster. Much like I fear disaster from this stupid 3 CB formation we are playing.
  4. We suddenly look poor defensively. Why did we got to a formation we never use? Rodgers has overthought this.
  5. LMFAO that is such a BS call against Burnley come the f on. I mean I love it but you cannot be serious.
  6. Back 3 w Wes? Makes.me nervous breaking out a formation we never f'ing use
  7. Wait wait WAIT... you mean WE can score just before halftime? Not just the other teams?!?!
  8. At least one. I think Barnes can get there, but it doesn't help when our best creative force is out on the wing rather than positioned centrally so that he has the angle to pass to players like Ricardo and Harvey. When you put Madders on the wing, you lose the threat of him passing to the right wing and FB, which allows the defense to coalesce around Vards and to keep Tielemans off the ball. With Maddison on the wing, it is a simple strategy -- keep Vards in front of the CBs and deny Tielemans the ball, and you have nobody left to create and push the ball to players in dangerous parts of the pitch. Today Liverpool forced Praet to beat their defense with his creativity by denting Tiels the ball, and he was unable to do so. Praet is a very good player, but he is not that much of a creator at this point. We are a credible attacking threat against elite sides when we have Maddison and Tiels in the middle of the park. We aren't much otherwise, as our 2 shots today, 1 on goal, reflect.
  9. That is why Albrighton is a poor fit when we are down a goal. He is a defensive wing. Our team is not built to take advantage of his crosses, and he offers little else in the attack. He adds no creativity, is not a threat to score a goal, and is easily forced to give the ball up by one defender. Our problem today was tactical. We were toothless up front before Perez came on. We need wings who can score, but we also need Maddison in the middle to get the ball to players like Barnes in dangerous parts of the pitch. Lets stop trying to get all our best players on the pitch, and instead play our best players in their best positions.
  10. Obviously gutted. Thought the lads played very hard today and really grew into the game, and almost came away with a point despite some poor tactical choices by Rodgers. Let me get the unpopular points out of the way: - I do wonder what we'd have looked like playing Perez up top instead of Vardy. With Vardy's style of play, against some defensive set-ups he can't sniff the ball, though his runs still drag defenders. - Alternatively, Perez instead of Albrighton on the wing would've been a much more positive personnel choice. Albrighton is a defensive substitute on this squad, little more. We lack the personnel to take advantage of his crosses, he is zero threat to take his man off the dribble, he is simply not a player you want on the pitch when you are a goal down and struggling for creativity. - YET AGAIN WE PLAYED MADDISON ON THE WING, YET AGAIN REDUCING US TO A SHELL OF OUR CREATIVE SELVES. I am starting to think Rodgers is as stubborn as Puel, and more than a bit stupid to boot. - We cannot settle for getting our best 11 players on the pitch -- we must get them in position to play their best as well. Rodgers is not doing that. It is hard, bc Rodgers is doing so much right, but our attack is tepid against elite sides without Maddison in the middle. We cannot ignore our 2 shots all game, only 1 on goal, compared to the 18(8) Liverpool had, nor can we overlook the 17-9 foul differential, or our 4 yellow cards. These numbers indicate one thing: our attack was overmatched, and if Maddison is going to be relegated to the wing the rest of the season, we won't be able to beat teams like Liverpool. - We need a wing who can score goals. Desperately. Feverishly. It is simply too easy to take Vardy out the game with a deep block. If Perez and Barnes cannot get it done, we have to get someone else. Half-seriously wondering what Ricardo would look like up front with James Justin in support. We must find some goals somewhere besides Vards, we cannot always play a team when they are a man down. The reality is, we don't have the attacking players Liverpool do. Any of their front 3 is a threat to score. We have Vardy and little else. Mane is a beast, even if he did make a meal of Albrighton's contact, such typical Liverpool front 3 b1tch tactics. We simply aren't yet at a level where our attacking players are much of a threat in the final third against a team like Liverpool. Their backline did a good job keeping Vardy in front of them the majority of the game, and we were clearly were short on ideas. Though I do think the first step is putting Maddison where he belongs, in the bloody middle. Overall, gutted gutted gutted for our players. They played great and deserved better. We are just a tier below the level of best teams in the world, and we can beat them on our day, but we need more help up front next season if we want past the group stage of the CL.
  11. What the fuch does this even mean? We were tied against the reigning best team in the world at their house until stoppage. If we'd held, we'd have deserved it.
  12. That's Liverpool's front 3 for you. If you touch them in the box, they go down faster than a well-paid call girl.
  13. Defining win of the Rodgers era, no question. Every time Son got the ball I was afraid, they have some terrific attacking talent, yet they needed an incredible bit of technique just to get on the scoreboard. If we had a player like Son, we would be almost a lock for top-4. We may get it anyhow, but this team is incredibly close in any event. Best way to keep Maddison is to make the CL. We should be favored in at least 9 of our next 11 (perhaps not @ Palace as well as @ Anfield). This is where we show the difference between Claude and Rodgers, vs. the lesser lights. Make hay here and we will go a long way towards the CL.
  14. How much can they whine when we lost a goal too?
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