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  1. A decent finishing team scores 4-5 in that 2h. We aren't a decent finishing team though, we are probably one of the weakest finishing teams in the Prem.
  2. Slow, low energy start. Two DMs being relied upon to get the ball forward. Going down 1-0 in the first 15 minutes. High AF XG, but awful finishing. Great 2nd half adjustments. The only thing missing was Claude whispering confusion into the players' ears from the touchline. I plan to watch the game again, but for the legion of you smarter than me, can you break down the changes we made at the half? Did we go more narrow? It looked as though Maddison adjusted his positioning, he tucked inside a bit more, sort of left-center instead of left, and he began finding the ball. As his confidence grew, he started to move further out left giving us some width, even got around the corner a couple times. The adjustments at halftime were terrific, but I gotta say, we sure AF don't score much for all the amazing chances we had. A good finishing team probably puts 4-5 goals up on Chelsea that 2nd half. Maybe somebody tell our players to just kick the ball as hard as they can when point blank in front of the goal? Because this guiding it crap doesn't work for us. Maddison especially, just belt it, we have Perez and Vardy to clean up. I noticed several times that Perez and Vardy were on top of one another looking for the pass. We need to figure out how to space them better to force the defense to defend a larger area of the pitch. Chelsea's defense was shambolic. I'm happy we didn't lose, obviously, but that game was winnable AF, and gifting points in games that were winnable AF is how we missed Europe last season. Here's hoping we can get both Vards and Perez to open their accounts next game.
  3. Eh, I don't think it was so much us going down a goal as it was us looking like a relegated Championship side playing out the season.
  4. Albrighton on for Perez? Sweet, playing for a draw. :-( FFS Rodgers.
  5. Can our MFs PLEASE STOP shooting from 10 yards outside the FUCHING box?
  7. Has there ever been a more talented, worse finishing team than us?
  8. Once again, we have a manager who is overestimating the on-ball abilities of our DMs. When we have only one MF (Tielemans) who gets the ball forward with accuracy and who can link play, pressuring him and denying him the ball completely stifles our attack unless the FBs bring the ball fwd or we lump it. That is, if they assign a player or two to deny Tiels, we are f'ing stuck. I missed the beginning, am I imagining things or is Maddison out on the wing again? Why would we ever play Maddison out wide? It takes away what he does well, and he offers us little in terms of attacking threat or defense. If BR won't play him in the middle with Tiels, then we may as well get him off the pitch and play Albrighton or even Demari, they will at least give us something in the attack or defensively. EDIT: Meant to say Barnes. Maddison with that slip, JFC that was awful.
  9. This. One of his primary strengths is he understands how to be where defenders are not when he is in the box, so when ricochets unexpectedly come his way, he has good looks at the ball. But on Sunday, we were so narrow, the box consequently congested, and there were so few shots on goal that this ability was nullified. It will show vs. Chelsea.
  10. I am sure we are both delighted to see Soyuncu making 19 mill look like a bargain on Sunday. Here's hoping he and Benkovic stay healthy all season, and that Soy keeps developing next to Evans. If he plays like he did in the 2h this season, he will be a 40 mill+ CB by the summer. Probably more bc of what he can do on the ball.
  11. My thinking is along the same lines. This would be an attacking wrinkle we could switch to without substitutions that would get Vardy the ball in situations where he isn't getting service and is isolated. He has so much all around ability that it occurred to me he might be able to pull off some time on the wing to draw defenders out wide and open up the box some. Just a thought for what we might try when stymied by a deep defense.
  12. Tielemans was well-covered most of the game, a consequence of playing Maddison out wide. We need two creative players in the middle, one is too easy to shutdown. With one, we wind up looking like Puel's two DM squads that couldn't score against deep-lying defenses. It is just too easy for teams as skilled as Wolves to shutdown one AM.
  13. Great analysis overall, definitely we miss Mahrez specifically. Last season I really wanted to see us spend big on a goal-scoring wing, someone like Mahrez who could not only take on and beat defenders, but had the gravity to pull 2 or 3 towards him so as to open up the box a bit. If we buy someone world class, I'd like to see someone with a similar skill set to Mahrez who can also defend, that would be worth most of the Harry Maguire money IMO. That is what we are missing, that 1-on-1, make defenders miss in dangerous parts of the pitch wing.
  14. True, though Perez might've been. Though if it is the ball I am thinking of, if Vardy couldn't get there, no chance Perez gets it. Def do not want Vardy off striker duty in general. This is more an attacking wrinkle to actually get Vardy more involved when he is not getting service up top and the other side is playing deep.
  15. I was delighted to see Vards catch fire under Rodgers. But the Wolves game reminded many of us of the problems we have when teams bunker down against us. We both know we have seen this be a problem consistently the last couple years. You are suggesting that problem is resolved, but watching the Wolves match, I am dubious. It may well still be a problem. But I really hope you are right, not me. The idea is not to play Vardy at RW in general, but when we are being thoroughly smothered and struggling to get him involved. A change up that gives the defense a different look There's no way I said Vardy was done last season. IDK the precise thread you are referencing, but it likely had to do with either (1) the need to bring in another striker who is actual competition for Vardy bc if he went down we'd be absolutely f'd (Perez addresses this concern), or more likely (2) discussing the need for a different striker who could come back to the ball, was skilled in hold up play, and participated in build-up play in the style Diego Costa. But that was when we were playing Puel's system, and that was a proposed solution to our inability to score goals against the lesser lights of the league. I absolutely agree Vardy scores 20+ this season if he stays healthy. I don't want him replaced, either on the team or as our striker. Again, this would be a different look we could turn to when struggling. I concede it may be a bad idea, that was why I asked y'all what you thought.
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