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  1. I think it is fairly clear that Rodgers is struggling to find a solution right now. Lose-from-ahead performances vs. the dregs of the league suggest we may not be deep enough to keep top-4. Which will mean this team will be picked apart in the summer window. Which cannot happen. We must figure this out. I will say this game was much better than last week. The effort was far superior. Barnes especially played a great game the first 70 minutes or so. Very promising to see him take his goal with so much promise. We were also very unlucky. Unlike last week, we had plenty of opportunities, many high quality scoring chances. Unfortunately, Vardy squandered some terrific opportunities. Barnes played a great 70 minutes, then tired. He looks for his own shot and doesn't defer to Vardy, which makes him rare on our squad, and makes us more difficult to defend. If his confidence is back, great news for us. Perez seemed to barely be on the field. I think we very clearly see the value of Ndidi on the pitch. Burnley was able to get deeper into our half while maintaining possession, ultimately leading to corner kick opportunities that might otherwise have been killed off much further up the pitch by Wilf. We will be much better when he is back. Another issue with Wilf out: we are more of a finesse team when he doesn't play, and we are much more easily dominated physically. Burnley was physically tougher than us today. Mendy didn't play poorly, but after Burnley equalized, we needed to bring on Hamza for a jolt of defensive energy and physicality. I thought Rodgers missed a trick there. When we are much improved when he returns, Wilf will be a coveted asset by bigger clubs. They are already interested, but they will now see just what a difference-maker he is, and Hamza is nowhere near his impact. We will see a 45-50 mill plus bid for Wilf this summer, watch. Rodgers is making the same mistake Puel did in overestimating the ability of our midfielders to find creative solutions. For us to score goals, we need both Maddison and Tielemans on the pitch playing well. When we not only started Praet for Tiels but left Chilly on the sidelines, we removed two critical attacking players and replaced them with inferior, less attacking versions. With three starters out, we naturally struggled to produce as many quality scoring opportunities as we might otherwise have. Maddison was poor today. Again. Vardy was disappointing as well. Again. Pope was outstanding today I thought. Who takes Burnley's corners, Ashley Westwood? For all the corners we get, if we had Westwood taking them instead of Maddison, we'd have 10 more goals and probably 3 more wins. We could really do with a better RW. Unfortunately, Rodgers makes suspect recruiting choices, and it has continued w Perez. We need someone who can reliably be a threat with Ricardo on the right. Might want to get back in on Jerrod Bowen or someone else to push Ayoze bc Ayoze is not making the impact we need. Similarly, a CB who could push Evans would be great, even on loan. Chin up lads. Ndidi is coming back, and we will stop going 1-0 up only to lose.
  2. We played much better today than last week. We were exceedingly unlucky. We could've scored 4-5 if Pope hadn't been so outstanding. Our line-up lacked creativity in the middle, and Ndidi is clearly an essential defensive player for us. Suddenly our defense is average with him out. Vardy pk was poor, he seemed poor overall, we need an alternative at striker against teams that sit deep and neutralize him, and we cannot be afraid to start him over Vardy when the situation warrants. Barnes was great for 70 minutes. Too bad the team couldn't support his effort better, but we had loads of quality opportunities. Just unlucky today.
  3. We have been incredibly unlucky today. Pope has been outstanding. Now Burnley have parked the bus, and we are reduced to crossing the ball into short players. Just incredibly frustrating, but we could easily have scored 4 today. Finishing remains our arch-nemesis. We need to sign a player who can deliver crosses like Burnley does. Perhaps even hire a corner specialist to come train us. We squander most every corner we earn. Every single time I watch Burnley I am reminded how mediocre we are re taking corners.
  4. Cannot believe I am saying this, but we need Iheanacho. Damn Burnley's corner deliveries are amazing. Wish we had someone who was as able re delivery They are f'ing terrifying.
  5. Maddison is so damn soft begging for penalties, come on mate stay on your bloody feet.
  6. vanity

    Alex Telles

    If we are going to be little mid-table Leicester, then I agree, it makes little sense. But aren't our objectives changing? If we are going to make a serious move at the CL this season and next, then swapping Chilwell for Telles could be great business. If Telles put us over the top for top-4 next season, I'd argue he would be well worth it. Besides, if he is truly outstanding, he might play here 2 years and then go to a bigger club. Less likely bc of age, I get that, but not crazy if he put up similar assist numbers in the Prem.
  7. The reality is, we are shopping from a smaller pool of players bc they need to fit our style of play. Unfortunately, most sides primarily play counter-attacking football, as only very talented sides can succeed playing our brand of fluid, attacking football, and such players often command a premium. Add to that the experience premium that players with Prem or top league experience and success command, and we are left with possible additions who are outrageously expensive. Now, certainly we could bring in some players performing in the Championship. Say we bring in a winger from the Championship though, are they better than what we have? Better than Perez, Gray, and Barnes? I agree we need more players. If we don't add a CB who can play in the Prem, we have failed the January window. But it is still pretty early in the window, and teams are still holding out hope for a huge cash windfall. I imagine we will have opportunities later in the window, when teams in need of a cash infusion start signaling a greater willingness to deal. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing us make a competitive offer for Demiral despite his injury, and then bring in somebody on loan. He could work his way back into shape the beginning of next season, it would help us keep Soyuncu, and we would have a dynamite young CB pairing, and teams like Man City and Arsenal are almost certain to drop away from bidding for him. So he won't play until August or so, so what? He wasn't going to replace Evans anyhow this season, he was just going to provide cover. The loan will take care of that.
  8. December wore us out, we've been off since Norwich. Southampton were clearly the better side today, they beat us to most every 50-50 ball. Maddison in particular looked slow and off it, I saw players repeatedly beat him to balls he would've claimed in November. They were simply much more motivated and energetic than we were, and anything but a Southampton win would've been a robbery. Aside from showing less effort than Southampton, mental lapses and sloppiness plagued us all game, from giving away the ball carelessly to having two goals taken off for failing to stay onside. Both of those goals would have stayed on the board if we had the attention to detail we did in November. Vardy's in particular was preventable. In the end though, we need to stay positive re the team. They have been outstanding most of the season, amazingly consistent, and this sort of stretch happens to everyone but Liverpool. Rodgers needs to figure out how to survive this month without Ndidi (happily we have two solid back-ups in Hamza and Mendy) and reenergize the lads so that we once again see 100% effort and attention. Well done Southampton.
  9. Fair enough. I def noticed them when I first tuned, finally found a stream prob 10 min in, I was a bit surprised, I thought perhaps we had a new chant or two at first. Good on them for traveling well, we need to return the favor next time.
  10. I heard Villa fans clearly throughout. Was very surprised.
  11. We have to play someone who can score goals on our left. Neither Chilwell nor Fuchs give us any sort of goal-scoring presence, and it makes life much easier on opposing defenses, who can then pay more attention to Ricardo and Maddison. It's a subtle thing, but just being able to play an extra step or two off our left side close down a lot of the nifty, intricate passing we do. Fuchs seemed poor defensively (could've kept a clean sheet if he'd not flubbed the ball up near midfield that allowed their attack down our left side that led to their goal). He also was beaten on the header that went off the crossbar, though I am less concerned about that, that was Kasper's ball all day. Tielemans is ponderous and careless on the ball. Is he unfit? I cannot tell but he seems an entirely different player than last season. Or an indifferent player, perhaps. Pulling Tielemans was fine but what exactly does Marc Albrighton bring other than defense? His only attacking contribution is his crossing, and when we have him do that, it just wastes possession that could be utilized by more attacking players who can create goals in a variety of ways. He is typically an solid defensive substitution, but we don't have the attacking players to make use of his crosses really. We were at home, we were dominant, we needed an attacking player. Marc is not an attacking player. He has one trick oon the opponent's side of the field, his crossing, but we don't have players who attack the ball in the air. Would be curious to know what the gaffer was thinking. He probably had a good reason for that, but unless it was defensive, IDK what it was We are going to acutely feel Ndidi's absence this month. Our defense is only excellent when he is on the field. I wonder whether Ndidi is more of an attacking catalyst than we realize. It may be that his takeaways lead to more advantageous breaks than we realize. Not sure if there is a stat that tracks this though. Iheanacho looked very good, even without the goal. The goal though was beautiful. Maddison had some great opportunities to score, but was unlucky in that everything he smashed right at the keeper. We had poor energy the 1H, looked like we expected to dominate and overlooked Villa. Probably cost us the win. I assume we want to play Hamza at DM this month, but Mendy may be better playing the deeper DM than Ndidi does. Worth keeping an eye on. The lads played hard AF 2H, they deserved better than a draw in the end, but this tie is still winnable. Let's see it. WEMBLEY PLEASE!
  12. Albrighton on? Playing for a tie, or hoping he draws blood against his former club?
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