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  1. Yes, but they hardly parked the bus. They pushed forward hard at every opportunity, we had chances to counter down the sidelines but we didn't take them. We were too narrow, we repeatedly missed passes, often passing yards behind our attacking players to kill our own momentum. Meanwhile, Newcastle repeatedly dispossessed us by jumping the passing lanes and attacking Ndidi while covering his outlets, and Rodgers did nothing to offset their tactics. We simply beat our heads against their wall the first 70 minutes of the game until we finally became a threat to get wide. Staying so narrow was f'ing bizarre. Rodgers needs to answer for that stupidity.
  2. Was it Taco Thursdays last night in Leicester? We played like the only runs we could manage needed a wipe after. Granted, it was right that we fired Puel, but he always knew how to make in-game adjustments to get our players in position to flub excellent chances. Our players were wholly unprepared and looked lost out there. Say what you will about Puel, but we probably break a 3-game losing streak with a comfortable draw this evening if he's at the helm. It has long been said Rodgers doesn't have the tactical nous to be a top manager. Had hoped he'd developed that at Celtic, but this was witless. He sat and watched his side get destroyed for 70+ minutes as if he couldn't adjust the formation to get any width, or make any other changes to address our struggles on the pitch. People can complain about us allegedly not having any wide players, but if our wings and FBs are instructed not to position themselves to get wide or provide support out wide, it is an issue with tactics, not personnel. We did not even try to turn the corner on their defense for 70 minutes, the lack of corners tells the story of our curiously stubborn approach. But our players sucked too. Vardy has been poor all season, his recent goal scoring is hiding the fact that he needs 4-5 quality looks on goal now to bury one in the net. I know he's the talisman, but FFS we need competition for him this summer, it is just as important as signing Tiels, who gave us a bit of magic today that Vardy couldn't quite handle.
  3. This is seriously embarrassing. Rafael Benitez is teaching a masterclass, and Rodgers hasn't a clue how to counter it.
  4. Well-deserved, Newcastle is much the better side this evening, our passing is dreadfully indifferent, we cannot meet their energy. Clearly we thought this would be a walkover. I have been waiting to see BR make a move to fix this, I will say Puel for all his failings would've made a quality adjustment by now. Rodgers apparently hasn't a clue what to do yet.
  5. This team could certainly be challenging for a CL spot this season on talent. We are 17 points out of 3rd place. Sounds enormous, but go through our f'ing results and look at all the opportunities for easy points against relegation-fodder we squandered. If we can simply tighten that up, we can compete with teams like Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal. We aren't that far away.
  6. We settled in after that incredible save by Schmichael, he had no business stopping Wilson's shot, exquisite reflexes. We should be excited for this performance, but the boys can still tighten things up, we missed quite a few terrific opportunities. Maddison in particular needs to stop taking so many touches when in front of goal, his hesitation when it comes to shooting is something the coaching staff is probably working on with him, but we are leaving goals on the table. Amazing to see us even on points with Wolves so quickly -- FFS, that last second goal BR's first match as manager cost us 7th. Of course, if they win the cup, 7th loses quite a bit of luster, though bragging rights over the also-rans would be nice, and would likely position us for a strong transfer window, so no doubt we'll prioritize it the way we should. Europa would be incredible, it is insane imagining how far ahead of Wolves we would likely be if BR had come a couple months earlier. Not that I wasn't a Puel-in, I was, but still, on talent this team should be like 15-20 points ahead of the 8th place team. 10 points minimum.
  7. We have a lot of good players, just not many who can create goal scoring opportunities out of nothing like Tielemans can.
  8. Tielemans is obviously necessary going forward. He reminds me of Riyad in that he shares the ability to create some magic out of nothing 2-3 times per game. Nobody else on the team has that ability. We need to collect players who can do this -- lock him up, then we need to find one who can do it in front of goal.
  9. We were talking about bringing in the LB at Celtic to replace Chilwell when he goes, seems like this would take care of things in a fairly straightforward fashion. Or someone like Mendy has real value at this point, prob could get a quick 20 mill if a Prem team needs a destroyer. If we got a hot bid for Maguire, great, we have a number of young CBS waiting in the wings. Besides, while Tiel has been strong for us, surely we can track down another player or two with his skill set? We should be looking for young understudies for him even if we sign him, he isn't a long-term solution. BR knows what he needs, we have significant assets even if we lack significant cash (which seems incredibly unlikely in any event), we have more than enough to improve the squad significantly by moving Maguire, Chilwell, and Mendy, with Chilwell being the only player of those 3 we'd need to replace from outside the club.
  10. Burnley's corners are so fuching good, damn. If we had players who could manage those curving, diving kicks in front of goal, we'd have another 10 goals this season.
  11. We look fine with ten men, we can absolutely beat a side like Burnley, we are still creating quality opportunities. Come.on Leicester!
  12. That was the most Schmichael clearance ever.
  13. Everyone blaming Kasper like it was obvious not to do what he did is being silly. That was a fluky, perfect goal. They hit that 1 time out of 50, each pass was ideally weighted, placement perfect, sometimes you just need to tip your cap. Now, if you want to discuss the real problems, we have Kasper's generally suspect distribution, sure, but more than that, we have a reflexively negative approach to possession. Claude fought to break us of our instinctive pass sideways, pass backwards, "be safe" football, but couldn't do it. Now Rodgers needs to figure it out. We have to be more aggressive and attack going fwd. Better to lose possession in their box by attempting more dangerous passes. We only need a handful to get through. Give me 4-5 high quality chances per game FOR OUR GOALSCORERS, not 760987 nonsense chances by non-goalscorers, they have made us offensively impotent. We need to take more risk passing fwd, it is bloody obvious. And when out non-goalscoring FBs have the ball deep in opposition territory, they do not look for their shot, they look to shepherd the ball fwd or inside and then pass, they need more Demari in them, Chilwell is afraid to shoot, Ricardo can be much more than he is, IDK why he goes so quiet now, Maddison is afraid to shoot now as well, Ndidi and Mendy think first of maintaining possession, not scoring by attacking fwd, same w/our non-Mags CBs. We need to get EVERYONE looking forward, ready to look for the dangerous pass or goals instead of always looking to pass via cross, we just about NEVER manage to do that successfully. In all seriousness, our goals scored from crosses in the box must be one of the worst in the Prem. We need to ease back on the emphasis on possession and look to attack fwd -- even when under pressure -- rather than this play it safe BS. Yes, playing safe and going backwards cost us the game today in a sense, but it has cost us far more games thanks to our risk-averse approach. We also need to vary our tactics, we are obvious and predictable. When we have balls on the outside, we always look to cross near the goal, we NEVER seem to have a MF trailing late despite the fact that the teams we play leave space at the top of the box open pretty much always. We are hapless and predictable, totally lacking in ideas or variety. And when the F are we going to get a legit corner taker? Maddison is woeful. We should be working hard on our set play scoring, we have the size inside, we waste so many corners, we need someone who can get us that wicked dipping action teams like Burnley make a living off of. Gylfi would've worked well, but we need a free kick master to come in the summer, we are missing a major avenue of attack. When we have to replace Tielemans, perhaps we spend big coin and get someone who is similar to him in attacking mindset but who can actually take quality corners, that would be terrific. FFS, this team is scoring 1.21 goals per game in the Prem. With the attacking talent we have, that is f'ing insane. Start attacking forward at the expense of possession, that means everyone. Get our FBs to figure out where they need the ball to score goals and work on getting them the ball in that area. Vary our tactics more, especially when our FBs have the ball outside. Reduce the crosses, they have been a real waste, better to attack directly and lose possession more frequently but then beat your man occasionally and attack from a dangerous area. Then this summer, bring in someone who can take decent corners and free kicks. We have talent. We can do much better.
  14. Looking at our squad objectively, we have a terrific amount of young talent, and if we get a bounce, we could be in 7th by the end of March, and we can add some ground between us and the competition in April. Stealing a win vs. Watford feels absolutely crucial to any backdoor run at a European tour, but if we can get that, we will be in respectable shape. The real question is what Rodgers can do to get us scoring goals. Our attack is incredibly deficient, they need some confidence, especially Barnes (btw, does Maddison ever get him the ball cleanly? just about every time I see him passing to Barnes, it is well off where it needs to be and disrupts Barnes' flow to the goal). If we can get one or two for Barnes, he will relax, and I expect he will become our best goal-scoring option in short order. That feels like the key to me, look for Barnes, get him going, he will balance our attack and demand attention that will free up the defensive attention on Vards. Really liked how Gray looked, more than anything, I liked his body language when he wasn't scoring, he wasn't being a pouty little kid, he seemed to have his confidence up and wasn't letting it impact him so much when he missed. Any chance we could see Tielemans swap positions with Maddison? Maddison just doesn't have that consistent touch up front, and I wonder whether Tiel would play our lads into better goal-scoring positions. I suppose this is somewhat precluded as an option due to Maddison's lesser defending relative to Tiel, but while Maddison is good for a couple clever balls each match, like the one to Vardy last night, Tiel looks much more consistent and aggressive playing our attackers through -- I suspect we would see far more quality attacking opportunities if we could get him the ball in the opponents' final third. Probably too tough to wedge him min up front like that though, we really need both of them, just we need Maddison to defend better.
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