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  1. vanity

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    That is not much money if we believe the guy is a multi-year starter in waiting. Perhaps Kasper goes and he becomes the #1, perhaps we carry him for a year or two until we move on from Kasper, and he (hopefully) continues improving as Kasper's understudy. Many of us said Kasper needed competition last season, he was sloppy at times in a way that indicated he may have grown a bit too comfortable. Now we have that competition, and a Plan B if Kasper goes.
  2. vanity

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    If he is a talent for the future, we can keep Kasper and have him learn under him for a couple seasons. In that light, the money is fine and his inexperience is being remedied.
  3. vanity


    I have long thought something sort of similar. The timing for this might be poor, as our manager's strength is developing young talent. But I absolutely agree that we should be filling out the side with veterans who have become superfluous to requirements. Certain positions, however, we prob always want youth. Wingbacks for instance. Maybe DMs. But we could put together an outstanding side doing what you suggest
  4. vanity

    Domagoj Vida

    We need to do better than Chilwell imo. He is a couple years away, buy a wingback and Chilwell can back him up
  5. vanity

    Jamie Vardy

    Eh, I kinda feel this, but there is nobody on the squad who would regularly start over him on merit. His positioning is constantly problematic though, his preferred style hasn't fit the attack the majority of Puel's tenure, we really need a Diego Costa type who can drop back and occupy space further back in the box, get the ball easier, involve the wings more in the attack, etc. When Vardy is deep on the CB's hip, there is a gulf of empty space that only Shinji knows how to occupy properly. Without him, we have a striker who plays too far away from the ball to get regular service. Maybe Iheanacho can play the Costa role, would like to see him get time as the primary striker with Vards on the bench. But I am 90% the kid isn't striker material in the Prem. Still, may as well see for certain.
  6. vanity


    Amazing signings, now we need to replace Chilwell with someone more useful in the attack and we'll be set in the back (would like Dragovic as well, though IDK how he feels about that). We keep Chilwell as a back-up and let him improve a bit behind a more experienced FB who adds an element of menace to the attack from the left and we'll look an entirely new team.
  7. vanity

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Football can be a meritocracy, certainly. But like with most things in life, you need a bit of good fortune to complement your ability and hard work. Clubs are like girlfriends -- some leave baggage. Some leave scars. Some boil your child's bunny rabbit. Mahrez was fortunate to wind up someplace where his talent was desperately needed, so his failings were overlooked. But had he wound up coached by someone like Mourinho, he gets buried on the bench and branded a failure in the Prem, and would need to stage a Salah-type do-over. If he pulled this strike crap with Bruno de Carvalho, he may well have wound up beaten by masked men with rubber hoses, and if he didn't knuckle under to those strongarm tactics, who knows? Or what if Mahrez had somehow managed to get snatched up as a teen by his dream club, Arsenal? They turn destiny into disappointment like they're an Abou Diaby factory.
  8. vanity

    Jack Wilshere - signs for WHU 3 year contract

    Between him and Matty James we might get 30 games. We can do much better.
  9. vanity

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    It will be amazing having a defender who can actually score goals. Now we need another one to replace Chilwell, who we should keep and continue to develop. This signing speaks volumes re the sort of confidence his former players have in him. It makes me hopeful once we purge most of the players who don't want to play for him, that we'll have a team ready to challenge for the top-6.
  10. vanity

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I think challenging for the league and learning you can play with the u-23s of other elite sides also leads to development for a number of our players. Gaining the confidence that comes with challenging for a league title has real world value, if they play in the Prem they will see many of these same players starring different places around the league, and they will know that they are on the same level. I imagine this offsets the loss of experience for the five to some extent, though I recognize this just changes the question to whether that was worth the loss of development for the 5. IDK, but I know that sort of confidence helped me in the past when I played my (different) sport. It has value. I just don't know how to quantify it.
  11. vanity

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    What is the deal with his goal celebrations? He seems to shrug off teammates when he scores.
  12. vanity

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    We are exceedingly close to challenging for t6. We had the attack to do so this season, but the criminal lack of player effort and suspect personnel decisions by our stubborn, arrogant manager doomed us to the status of also-rans. But if we replace some of the older players with Puel-types, players who can actually execute his gameplan, we may discover ourselves right in the thick of the race for Europe once again next season. Look, I'm an optimist, and none of us know the right call with Puel. At this point, firing a manager per season is not the way to build a contending team. I'll take the devil we know, and I will hope that we have adequate roster turnover to end the players getting lazy when they want a manager fired. It's a way for them to escape blame for their play, and it has grown as stale as this squad. Time for change.
  13. vanity

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    I am not going to try to argue, but if he stays, I urge people who feel this way to reserve a bit of judgment until after Puel has had summer transfer window as well as a proper preseason. He has improved this team massively in terms of developing skills and confidence when they are on the ball. Yes, he comes across as an arrogant, stubborn SOB at times, but I think he is a good manager, probably as good as we are likely to get unless Benitez suddenly wants to come to Leicester, and it isn't like a number of our players aren't just as arrogant and stubborn as he is. Puel has repeatedly explained he has been evaluating players to see what they could do in different positions in preparation for the transfer window, and we should see a noticeably improved side to the one that finished 9th this season. If I believed he had permanently lost the team, I'd be wanting him out as well, but he hit rock bottom and then saw his attack score seven to close against Arsenal and Spurs. That is quite something. But if he does go, we should be a desirable job on the back of these two most recent performances. We showed we didn't quit. We didn't let a string of mediocre results define how we closed the season. We have a number of players who are past it, we had an enormous number of injuries to first team players -- if we have Ndidi, I am certain we give up fewer goals -- and we showed some real fight despite these things. We showed we can play with teams in the t6. We have exceptional resources to spend, both financial resources as well as young talent in the u-23s to promote or sell. We have a new training ground coming to boot. We are a team well-positioned for a strong summer.
  14. vanity

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    Establishing a better mix of building from the back and well-placed balls over the top has really made this team look explosive offensively. Count me in as being in the Puel stay camp. I'd like to see what we can do with a healthy side of Puel-chosen players. I think we'll be difficult to beat.
  15. vanity

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    If we can sell Maguire for a fortune, I am all for it. Love the guy, but he is similar to Chilwell, he can bring the ball forward a bit, but he doesn't have attacking skills to write home about otherwise.