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  1. I get sick in my mouth whenever I even hear the word spurs.
  2. I'm definitely a zero. Means extra minutes in bed as I can cut out the need for a shower.
  3. Don't be daft, this one's been done for ages. Just waiting on this image rights bullshit.
  4. PSG are set to trigger Neymars 195 million release clause. Gerrimin
  5. That post is world class.
  6. You're a good sport
  7. Yup. I've told my wife to take my shoe laces.
  8. King really is stealing a living these days
  9. Hmm, Championship stats and been injured ever since. I'm not convinced he will ever be a first team regular here, probably good for him to move on. The CM's we have beyond him will be in a battled for places as it is and I still think we need an attacking mid.
  10. Great? I don't know what some peoples thing is with Matty James. Perennial Sick-Note and pretty average player. We have better and SHOULD have better. He makes a 'great' championship player maybe. With his record of sick and lack of PL action, I don't think he will break into our first team anytime soon. Id take £7-10m for him.
  11. Fine to let him go, but I'd want more than £4m