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  1. No ta, shite and boring.
  2. Probably the worst sentence I've ever had the displeasure of reading. 😂
  3. If you didn't make it to the end, or the last 5 minutes, then you've missed the whole point. I can see flaws in it, but I can also see that it is EXACTLY as things could go in the next 10 years.
  4. I'll drink my own jizz if this happens (PS. I had to use my data to say that, as WiFi sends me to the temporary forum, so please appreciate it).
  5. A lot of talk on here about what we have/have not to spend. Here is a thread for this to be discussed, debated, ITK's to post FACTS and others to post news, interviews, articles speculating on our transfer budget. So, whadya know?
  6. Bet Bobby Gillespie enjoyed it.
  7. TBF she's 106 years old, shit and irrelevant.
  8. Nacho looks fantastic on youtube. In real life he's worse than muck. Would steer clear of any of these 'he's got a lot of potential' type signings this summer, we've done enough shit business for a few years, time to focus on getting players in that WILL get us into the top 6.
  9. Yeah I'm surprised he doesn't get more stick for that. He's a chubby shit hobbit cripple.
  10. Anyone who would prefer to play Scottish football than get game time in the EPL is an absolute muggins.
  11. iPlayer and BBC1 Tuesdays nights at 9. Also, just watched Stephen Graham's new Virtues - top class acting, grim watch though.
  12. If you like Black Mirror you will love Years and Years.
  13. If you didn't watch Episode 1 of Years and Years tonight then get it on catch up now...ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL TELEVISION. (PS, I almost didn't watch it because the adverts looked shit, so glad I gave it a chance)
  14. Albrighton having a real stinker.
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