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  1. Smoke and Mirrors, Director doesn't want to lose face. Deal done.
  2. Every single player awful. From top to bottom. Chilwell needs dropping, give JJ a go at LB.
  3. NEVER EVER EVER PLAY CHILWELL AS A WINGBACK AGAIN. ****ing useless. Other than that I'll take it.
  4. Chilwell is the most frustrating player in the premier League, I've never seen a wingback slow down a game and make as many passbacks as he does in that role.
  5. Too much sideways nonsense, forward movement has been very very poor.
  6. He claims his pound notes are made of shoe strings.
  7. Has many pound notes.
  8. Keep seeing adverts for COBRA on Sky 1 from 17th Jan with Robert Carlisle, looks worth a watch.
  9. Lisa Nandy is the only one I'd put my willy near, so yeah, her.
  10. We already have fast wingers with no end product.
  11. Wouldn't work purely because Chilwells end product is frankly a disgrace.
  12. Might not seem like a big game, but if we lose this then our season could be derailed.
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