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  1. Loves a backpass or sideways pass to the opposition. Utter shite.
  2. Hamza had a mini resurgence after the transfer window but can we now all please accept he's shit. Thanks.
  3. Get Hamza off, bring Fofana on and put Wilf back in the middle.
  4. Ridiculous comment. He clearly has the option to put out a stronger team with players in their proper positions.
  5. 11 touches of the ball would be useful at the minute.
  6. Episode 2 last night was a corker.
  7. I'm done till the end of the season. I can't bare a repeat of last season and I can't see us retaining our position if these injuries continue. Cant be arsed, just ruins the weekends.
  8. Very very poor tactically. Any manager who thinks you can sit in a one nil lead against the Arsenals of this world are thick as shit.
  9. For personal reasons I want a Chelsea win but ideally I'd take a draw.
  10. At the end of the day if we were skint in Janurary then we will be skint in the summer. If anybody is expecting a big haul of signings then they are probably going to be dissapointed.
  11. Used to like him in his playing days but he's clearly a massive **** now. He always talks and acts so smug when they win and yet he has the tactical nouse of a brick - he is a shit manager and if it wasn't for Bruno he probably wouldn't have a job.
  12. Well we can make it a lot easier now. They're all shit.
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