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  1. SecretPro

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Rashford is one of the most overrated Premier League footballers of all time.
  2. SecretPro


    Cracking effort from Bellew, did a better job than I expected. Always worth the money.
  3. SecretPro


    Fookin great this.
  4. SecretPro


    If Lomachenko doesn't make the step up in weight prior to Crolla getting a title fight he will wipe the floor with him.
  5. SecretPro


    I want a drink from Ricky's fountain of youth.
  6. SecretPro


    My eyes are bleeding after that. Didn't call the draw though.
  7. SecretPro


    Yet again I'm sitting here thinking shall I just pay the money... sky completely have you by the bollocks with the boxing. Tossers.
  8. SecretPro


    Correct! Well I rarely find a stream that works so if you do, please give me a PM!
  9. SecretPro


    Wish I didn't have to cough up £20 every time I want to watch a fight.
  10. SecretPro

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    So proud. Proud to be from this city, proud to be a city fan, proud of the club, proud of the boys, proud of how even our youngest players have shown such maturity and such class at all times. Proud of the result. Just proud. That is all.
  11. SecretPro

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Have to say that the standard of refereeing so far this season has been pretty dire.
  12. Top is short for Top Man.
  13. SecretPro

    Helicopter crash

    Nice touch from Lambert to go and pay his respects. Didn't realise he lived locally.
  14. SecretPro

    Kasper Schmeichel statement

    Done me completely.