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  1. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Nacho over Shinji, Drago over Morgan and Diabate over Gray. That's all I can take from that game really.
  2. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I meant more that the style is completely different, a lot quicker and a lot more fluid for starters
  3. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Oh look. Already a million times better.
  4. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    All streams terrible tonight
  5. Southampton pre match

    Not sure its a big loss.
  6. FFS do people not realise that teams and styles have to evolve? Do people want us to be one trick ponies for the foreseeable? After the title winning season we clearly got found out trying to carry on with the hitting on the break and diagonal ball over the top to Vardy. To progress at this stage, with our finances and the owners ambitions it's pretty clear we need to adapt our all round game, especially the possession and passing side. Puel is 100% trying to do the right thing, it's just a shame these players we are currently chucking endless pound notes at seem incapable of actually playing anything other than long ball/hit and hope. Decent players should be able to adapt, clearly now some of ours are being found out. How this is Puel's fault I have absolutely no idea. Better that Puel sees what his players weak spots are at this point in time so that he can invest in the right players and training over the summer. People constantly hankering for the 'old way' need to get a grip. Wasn't exactly working under Shakey or Ranieri last season was it?
  7. What kind of fecking numbnut are you? Only shock here is that you haven't mentioned Pearson, again. And again. And again. Time moves on, maybe you should move with it. Clearly clueless and doubtful that you're old enough to even understand what you're saying. Most likely a bored kid wum.
  8. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Keep Puel, ship out the dead wood and gobshites who think they run the place. Bye Wes, Bye Danny, Bye Shinji. Others need to quit moaning and show their worth on the pitch, especially Gray - Diabate is already twice as good.
  9. Adrien Silva

    Portuguese league must be wank.
  10. Burnley away match thread

    Morgan even finding time to prevent an equaliser at the end there.
  11. Adrien Silva

    I really really really wanted him to be good. He isn't.
  12. Burnley away match thread

    Hate to say it but Silva really is pretty crap.
  13. Burnley away match thread

    He's been ****ing dreadful.
  14. Burnley away match thread

    Yeah I'd ****ing love to stamp on it.