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  1. Ulloa had a good game. He should definitely start on Saturday.
  2. Haha, you've changed your tune Babs!
  3. Imagine giving that lanky, moany, fan hating, club hating piss poor excuse for a footballer a new contract?...oh, wait.
  4. La Manga - Inside Story

    Not sure if true or not, but I was told when we signed Keith he was told he was too skinny and needed to beef out, was advised to drink guiness and ended up with a bit of a drink problem too...
  5. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Please lord! No pressure Adrien but after that shower today....
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Sorry to go on, but also following on from this; Our title winning season, something happened, actual unexplainable magic, everything just clicked in to place in some sort of orgasmic culmination of circumstance but: I'm not keen on the football we are playing. What worked then, isn't working now and relying wholly on counterattack football doesn't seem to me to be a great strategy. One reason for that is we have been found out, teams are well wise to it now. The brand of football we are playing at the minute I find pretty painful to watch, the passing is atrocious, the movement is terrible, there is negativity creeping in to the game and even when we counter, it isn't what it used to be. I often watch Match of the day and afterwards think that we play some of the ugliest football in the league, it's so mishmash, hit and hope and incoherent. I often find it difficult to spot what the game plan is or what it is we are trying to get out of the game and out of the players. It hurts to say this, but I think it's true.
  7. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    This is the main thing for me as I mentioned earlier, it seems to be a habit with city that we tend to stick to the status quo rather than shake things up, we take an age to integrate new signings properly (ie. Starting) and in some instances this takes years, literally. (Gray). I'm not sure we will see the likes of Iborra and even Silva and Iheanacho starting regularly for a while. It seems to be the club are more interested in investing time in the likes of King, Ulloa, Shinji. Other teams seem to target the players they want in the transfer window and once they're in, they're in. Fact is, the team that we built for an age, that won the league is aging, a little less interested maybe and whether we like to admit it or not, is starting to look very one dimensional. I'd like to see us starting making changes and investing the time in similar quantities to the money we have spent on new players. If we keep clinging on to that quo, we will eventually be wasting time, talent and opportunities. Same goes for other areas of the club/staff. We need a shake up. We spent so long building the title winning team, they achieve a remarkable success and the end goal has been met. I don't want us to be too slow to move forward, and too romantic with the past. Im willing to give Shaky a while yet, but as I said, I'd be very interested to see what starting 11 an independent newcomer would pick, with no emotional attachment to the current squad. I think it could look very different, and it does kind of excite me.
  8. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    This is THE problem. There is no cohesional play, it's so hit and hope it's unreal. And we literally have ONE playmaker in the side. ONE.
  9. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    OK you're right, let's sack off the kid that saved our bacon last season rather than contemplating the fact that our whole style of play is pretty lacking. It's all N'didis fault. Passing isn't everything, he tracks back and makes a whole range of critical tackles, especially so last season. You want to take that out and play James and King with a whimper then that's fine.
  10. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    I'm not exaggerating that btw - sometimes I watch match of the day and think we have the most incoherent, panic filled, hit and hope, ugly football going.
  11. Who should play in midfield with Ndidi?

    Who in our team can pass? Especially proactively? We haven't passed the ball properly since the title winning season, to the point where quite often I find some of our football pretty painful to watch.
  12. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    What I would find interesting is if someone came in, completely independent, no agenda, no emotional attachment to the players, what starting 11 they would pick? I think in some ways it could look very different and I find the prospect of that a little exciting, if nothing else.
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I, like yourself, have my fingers crossed.