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  1. I just can't see this being the case to be honest. Brendan Rodgers has not come here to scrimp and save.
  2. Awful MOTD. Also, anyone else notice that there hasn't been a sniff about Youri on MOTD yet? I'm surprised. Maybe Gary has told them all to keep quiet.
  3. If this isn't done during the first 60 seconds of the open window I'm going to be knocking on Rudkins door.
  4. I was distraught 3 minutes in, Laughing in hysterics for the 94th. Ave that yer gravel throat twat.
  5. I've had enough of this wind all round. Two weeks of pure wind. **** off.
  6. Imagine being a traveling fan for this? I'd demand my money back. ****ing livid and I'm watching at home. Stupid ****.
  7. Game over, waste of 2 hours, thanks for **** all you lump.
  8. Can't let gravel throat win. Or draw.
  9. He's a smart fooker too, wearing a suit on MOTD. PAY WHATEVER WE HAVE TO.
  10. Anyone got a stream that actually works? Preferable NBC?
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Puel - highly respected French football manager to change career path and take massive pay-cut to becoming a scout. yes, I can totally see that its our best option.
  12. I think people are being naive if they think this is just a random opportunist burglary. Rodgers would have been away from the house a hell of a lot (European tours, every matchday, especially away days etc). The timing is very suspect and as for nicking trophies/medals etc, they literally have zero value, so a bit pointless unless it was meant as a statement.
  13. People post some horrendously weird shit on here.
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