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  1. Slows everything down. Literally only want to see him on the pitch for the last 20 minutes for the rest of the season. He needs to fuching learn and he's had years now.
  2. Can't help it: lose to Man City and Liverpool and the likes of Spurs/United pick up points and we are in danger of losing confidence and ****ing up our champions League spot. Teams properly in contention for the top spot don't scrape a point against second-from-bottom and that's the difference between us and Liverpool: Thier off-days result in wins.
  3. We say that about Liverpool every week though. Difference between us and them is that title winners win their games, no matter what. We looked like shit today against second-from-bottom and scraped a point and unfortunately that's you can't accept that if you want to be genuine title contenders.
  4. Worried now that it we lose at Man City and then against Liverpool and the likes of Spurs/United pick up points that our confidence will take a big knock and potentially ruin our season.
  5. Absolute jizzing about us in Soccer Saturday - even Merson said we are the best team in the league at the minute, better than Liverpool. Says he and everyone else have been disrespectful to us over the last few weeks and that Villa was one of the most complete performances they've seen.
  6. Not according to the EU it wont. Looking at 3+ years yet easily. Although Boris probably has the strong arm to push through a no-deal brexit now without scrutiny.
  7. Urgh. I'm leaving the country. Night all.
  8. Being as NOBODY is allowed to view postal votes, then without breaking the law or at th every least electoral rules how can anybody speculate on them - unless they've seen them? PS. I'm not a Labour activist. I wouldn't in any other GE even vote for Labour.
  9. What's this I'm seeing about Laura Kuensberg giving out the results of postal votes. (And how does she know the results to begin with). Surely this is a criminal offence?
  10. Just noticed a Labour surge in the FoxesTalk poll! (hopefully it's replicated nationwide)
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