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  1. Not sure why anyone gives a ****? It's not like Gareth would have played him even if he was fit.
  2. Jesus Chris Chilwell, swing a decent cross in FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.
  3. **** United and their faux fans. My brother included. Laughing at him until death.
  4. It rhymes with sick and uses the letters p s i c.
  5. Just gutted we didn't get the point. They won't even mention our performance on MOTD now, it will just be a Liverpool wankfest. And we probably won't even be top 3 by the end of the day 🙁
  6. I just don't think Chilwell is that good, defensively he's OK but going forward he's clueless and end product just isn't there at all. Hopefully he can work on it though.
  7. Can somebody send me a stream that isnt a buffering pile of wank please?
  8. Can't see past a win and a weeks worth of Leicester Hysteria like 2015/16.
  9. Should win it easilly. Every month. Best RB in the league.
  10. No way would he go to Spurs: 1. Below us in the league 2. Rotten behind the scenes (especially with the affairs) 3. Less player budget than us 4. By this time next year, worse training facilities 5. Fans are knobs.
  11. He must have been born a pleb. (though there is photographic evidence of him in a Leicester City kit as a kid). He's a glory hunter through and through, so he's pretty idle at the minute.
  12. Wondering why Colin Hill looked 68 years old in his footballing prime.
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