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  1. No way on earth the League will resume on 3rd April. If anything, Corona will be worse by then. It's merely the Premier League buying time to discuss with TV, Sponsors and teams etc how they will go about cancelling the season.
  2. This. I'll be fuming if It isn't cancelled
  3. All European travel to US banned Edit: excluding UK - not for long would be my guess
  4. It's getting irritating. Yes, lets follow the advice of Government advisor scientist and end up like Italy.
  5. No point. Stay in this Country - plenty of amazing places to see.
  6. No thanks, that allows negative Chilwell back onto the pitch.
  7. Justin > Ben all day long. Nice to see some actual movement and attack on the left hand side tonight rather than the standard 'spin and pass back'.
  8. Pickled daikon radish and red pickled ginger are a must! Chilli salted tofu in mine is a winner.
  9. Good thinking batman.
  10. This advice is likely to have huge repercussions for workplaces across the country. Why 7 days now, I thought the standard for the rest of the world was 14?
  11. Great dish (braised Tofu for me of course)
  12. Anything vegan Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese then I'm your man.
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