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  1. I hope he becomes a Leicester career player. So so ****ing good and what a ****ing lovely man.
  2. Wank player, wank person, good loser of FA cups.
  3. Beautiful player, very rounded and respectful young man too. He's in the top 5 players we've had at the club in the Premier League era for sure.
  4. Looks like a ****ing drag queen
  5. If we don't get Champions League then we won't be anywhere near it next season. All our expansion plans for the squad and hopes of keeping our so called 'best' players will be in tatters. That will be a mix of simply not achieving the finances to do it, but also players losing interest. How does Brendan survive that that the second year running? I genuinely don't know if its possible, no matter how well he's done here.
  6. Genuinely not a bad idea. If it happens again, none of them should be getting another penny.
  7. Can anybody pull up any stats comparing games where he's played to games where he hasn't? I'd be really interested in that, as rightly or wrongly I seem to remember our best performances and most attractive football being when he was out of the team, both at the start of the season when we played the Belgian trio and with his latest injury patch.
  8. I've been expecting him to get a red for a nasty challenge these past few weeks as the frustration boils over but he's starting to look a little more defeated than anything else.
  9. Going to be one of those players where the injury defines his career. He will never be the same player again.
  10. It's not what he's said... SHANE_ is James Maddison and anybody who says it can't be because SHANE_ posted during the game should note that with the pace Maddison moves around the pitch it may well be that it's because he's on his mobile posting on here.
  11. 2 years younger, but we had already agreed Mount was shit anyway
  12. Maddison is a poundland Cantwell
  13. He's earnt that right over the years though. Would love to see him just lose his shit and nutt Maddison after a failed snail dribble and misplaced 3 yard pass.
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