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  1. This sums it up perfectly for me.
  2. All of the UK Sports channels can go and **** themselves. They are all shite. I've never understood why it can be that NBC can show literally EVERY SINGLE GAME EVERY SINGLE WEEK for a BRITISH SPORT, in a BRITISH LEAGUE, to AMERICAN VIEWERS, but here, you know, in actual BRITAIN, nobody, NOBODY, shows all the games. It's a scam. I'll never pay for any of the sports channels. Far to easy to pick up a decent stream these days.
  3. Puel

    Why would anyone want to sack him? He's at least twice the manager of Shakey and I can't see any jobless managers out there that we could attract and would do any better. We need better players. Not a better manager.
  4. Ryan Mason Retirement

    He was a great player for us.
  5. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    No excuses. Man city or not, that was pure shit.
  6. Man City Away Match Thread

    Absolutely benign rubbish gutless performance all round. Dull and predictable. Our player seen incapable of passing or retaining any kind of possession. Tactics uninspiring. All round pile of steaming shite.
  7. Man City Away Match Thread

    Dull football, dull choice of personnel, dull tactics. Basically playing for the loss with the usual 'oo it's Man City we couldn't possibly try to actually win'. No player makers on the pitch, no attacking intent. Basically a waste 90 minutes.
  8. Man City Away Match Thread

    Get James out of the starting line up FFS. Slow, Passes backwards, does literally nothing else. Iborra is clearly at least 5 times the player of James.
  9. I don't particularly like it BUT I would like the CLUB to finish 7th or higher, which means getting HIM back in the team sharpish because we DON'T win games without him.
  10. We are going to beat Man City 2-1 and Riyad will score the winner. It's in the stars.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

  12. Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    I want to know why James is getting in ahead of Iborra in the middle. Everything he does is literally in slow motion.
  13. Swansea H match thread

    Ooo I like.
  14. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Perhaps they would have sold for a reasonable offer though. I would consider £100m reasonable, but given that Mahrez has statistically out-performed Coutinho and Hazard for the last 2 years and with Coutinho fetching £140m I don't see hwy we should accept any less for Riyad.