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  1. Very lightweight, gives the ball away a fair bit. Willing to give him a chance but If Ünder is a baller then his days may be numbered.
  2. Liam is back in the game! Welcome old friend!
  3. Christ there's some right cry babies on here. Imagine being a wealthy 19 year old footballer and not being a bit of a nob?
  4. This. Much more in the Mahrez mould and I love it.
  5. I'll sign him on Fifa in a bit and let everyone know how it turns out.
  6. Get him straight in the lineup for Burnley then.
  7. Can't believe how financially poor it turns out we are. Bet Brendan is fuming.
  8. To be fair, if they refuse to do it they probably get shot.
  9. Then I might get a little more enthusiastic, but this is the stuff of fantasy.
  10. Literally couldnt care less about this anymore. Dragged on and turned into the most boring transfer in history. Bin it off and move on.
  11. Zero chance of that happening.
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