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  1. Don't think he'd be 'leaving the band by mutual agreement' if he was in a really good place either.
  2. Why, because Vardy IS getting service and still has the touch of Saville on crack?
  3. Has he said anything in his interview of note or just more of the 'we played well' bollocks?
  4. Worst thing about it is how it will screw us in the transfer window. Back to buying mediocre shit because nobody wants to come and the good players we have will probably be thinking of jumping ship.
  5. I'm done. Vardy's done. We're all done.
  6. Still very little detail on the local lockdown but they have said all non essential travel to and from Leicester is now banned - presumably that means travelling teams and many of our players to and from the stadium?
  7. No more games at the KP for the foreseeable I presume.
  8. We will keep making these threads until he turns 62 and retires just so we can be right. In fairness though, 'Service' is an easy argument. He's been pretty sh*t too - touched the ball about a dozen times in the last two games. If he's not going to show for it or come back every now and again to try and get it then he's not helping the situation.
  9. One of the slowest footballers I've ever seen in a Leicester shirt. Not even exaggerating.
  10. Awful this. Wish football hadn't started again because it's really not looking good for us. No service in the final third and Vardy looks very poor anyway. Also starting to wonder what all the fuss was about around Youri because from what I can see hes fast becoming one of the slowest most laboured footballers I've ever seen. All round low effort, lack of interest, lack of quality and lack of conviction. Worse than Puel. ****ing pish basically.
  11. Woeful. The quality of football was better in April.
  12. Steph Shilton getting involved now...
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