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  1. Blaming Leicester because he cannot make the Man City starting 11? Pathetic. Says everything about who he is as a man and a competitor. Riyad, the reason you are failing at Man City is that you aren't good enough. You were bought as a very high-level back-up who Pep believed he could eventually fashion into a starter. Maybe you will be at some point, idk. But you are the reason you didn't start vs. Liverpool. You are the reason you aren't starting regularly. Take some f'ing responsibility for yourself.
  2. Not arguing he may not want to come here, and prob wants a traditional top club. But I do wonder where he would go to play RW. Not Liverpool (Salah), not Man City (Sterling/Mahrez), not Tottenham (Son), not Arsenal (Aubameyang), obviously. Chelsea has Pulisic/Willian playing RW there now I believe, so that seems unlikely. That leaves Man United, except Daniel James has been an absolute steal and was their Player of the Month recently, absolutely torched Andrew Robertson when Man U drew against Liverpool, and is easily one of their (shock) best players this season. If they make a move for Zaha, we'll take James, no problem. But why would Man U do that? Which seems sort of insane, saying no to 26 year old Zaha bc you have 21 year old Daniel James, but Zaha will be expensive and that isn't a position of need at the moment while Man U have tons of other areas they must address. Just seems like Zaha is the odd man out in the Prem, maybe he has to move leagues. IDK, I see how much scoring top teams get from their RW, I just think we can find someone. If Perez turns around and starts scoring a bunch before the January window, fine, let's get a CB and consider a young striker. But if Perez struggles, and nobody better comes in for Zaha... maybe he changes his thinking and decides he wants to play some CL-deciding games in April and May.
  3. Obviously depends on your definition of "high quality chance". While it was still nil-nil three chances come to mind. One around the 7 or 8 min mark, they had a shot probably 5 feet from Kasper, but Soy got in front of of it. Effort was pretty basic and direct, no real cleverness so Soy was effective there, but a better finisher could have slotted that. Minute or two later CP caught us out a bit and had a wide open shot from slightly right of goal a foot or two outside the box, shanked it. 50 minute mark, undoubtedly a high quality opportunity, lovely cross that should've scored but their no 9 flubs his lines from a couple feet away from goal, should have been 1-0 Palace there. If you disagree that these were high quality, all good by me. Our defenders have been incredible, but CP could certainly have taken the lead with a small improvement in their play. Or just a bit better luck. Even when your defenders are monsters, which ours often are, obviously it takes a bit of good fortune to get a clean sheet in this league.
  4. Delighted with this big win against a bogey team. That said, they had several high quality chances, and when Evans was on the ground for awhile, I was concerned we'd have Wes in for awhile. We really need a game ready CB to help us as a back-up in the upcoming window, a quality young CB and then obv move for Zaha to put on the right. That would do us neatly.
  5. Overall our recruiting has been astonishingly strong.
  6. We need a goal-scoring wing. I'd offer 60 mill and Demari for Zaha. Would finish top-4.
  7. Very tough to say, I was just commenting elsewhere, we don't really have any superstars like our title winning team did, but we have a bunch of young players who appear poised to become superstars, and we have talent at every position on the field. I mean, what is our weakest position? I would say RW for sure, yet Perez had a flippin' hat trick last week! Still, I want Zaha in January. But seriously, identifying our weakest position is hard AF.
  8. I think the main difference is in top-end stars. This club probably doesn't have any, though our players are well above average everywhere (don't take this as me talking sh*t, I believe guys will become bigtime, but most of our top talent is early 20s and not there yet). Just trying to be objective. I mean, Maguire was probably our biggest star last season, but his impact was nowhere near the stars on the title winning team (Kante, Riyad, Vardy in his prime). If this club had those three players, we might challenge for the title. Though if we had Riyad last season, Puel is probably still our manager, so that worked out. But seriously, if we could get Riyad back right now, we would have a CL spot nailed on. GO GET ZAHA FOR RW IN JANUARY, COME ON NOW! As for which is better, I'd take this one if we played ten times, but in a one-game showdown, I'd take the title winners. We were filled with experienced players having career years, they'd handle this team in a Cup final at Wembley.
  9. He was really dynamic and active. Can see why MC added him to their collection.
  10. We looked like worldbeaters early. This was precisely the sort of game we would've lost last season. The improvement is pretty clear. Think it is always going to look a bit disjointed and sloppy when we just slap together a more talented side that hasn't played together. Seemed like lots of miscommunication tonight that we don't normally see, but hard to blame the lads for that.
  11. O'Hara really terrific. Take him over Ward if MC is looking to sell.
  12. They have invited us to attack on *Albrighton's side all night, with Albrighton fluffing his lines at every opportunity. That is what happens when you start a wing/FB pairing that is primarily defensive. Oops, realized MA may have switched sides when we added Barnes.
  13. Lovely almost goal by Barnes tho. Notice they lack the courage of a replay there.
  14. How the F did Evans miss that header? I gotta see that again.
  15. Albrighton has gotten better the 2H but he simply isn't what we need at RW unless we are done trying to score goals. Would much have preferred to see Barnes come on for Marc, leave Kelechi up top and have HB and DG opposite one another.
  16. Love Albrighton, but watching him try to attack the RB, he's really overmatched with the ball at his feet, and doesn't seem to be making the runs his teammates are expecting of him. Could be a speed issue, IDK. With him and Fuchs on the left, Burton appears comfortable allowing Leicester more room to advance up the left than the right, likely knowing that neither wing nor FB are much of a threat to do anything but cross. But when our attacks in the middle or the right get through, we're looking very dangerous. Would v much like to see more of Jordan if we could get him more involved. Still confused at Burton's high line and wide base. We could easily have 4 or 5 right now if we were a bit more precise wiith the last pass (or if their keeper wasn't so quick off his line). A very aggressive posture considering our speed on the right, though they are finding opportunities late here in the half. Great to see us NOT concede late in the half. ;-)
  17. Burton is wide f'ing open at the back. This defensive formation seems a poor choice, they need a narrower defensive base that forces us wide, especially with Albrighton in (we all just saw him try to take the RB off the dribble, nothing doing obv). I'd make us send crosses in all night, especially with this disjointed line-up we have out there, isn't like we have the ordinary continuity. Yikes, almost a terribly injury to Evans. Last thing we need, he is absolutely indispensible at the moment. They can get away with it now, at home with some energy behind them. But when they tire out a bit, it is really going to show.
  18. Really does. Very happy for him. Would love to see him find a way to force some playing time out of Rodgers.
  19. Kelechi looks to be in the best shape I've ever seen him. He'll be slotting a goal or two today.
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