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  1. His passing accuracy is fuching woeful as well.
  2. That is a bit crazy, but only bc JJ doesn't have the experience against a team like MC. Would've loved to see that today vs. Wolves though. And if it is easier to add a RB or get JJ up to speed, and if Ricardo is here next season, that works for me.
  3. Sure, but to play it for us against Man City... especially after what they did when it was Wilf at DM... I have seen no indication Praet is on Wilf's level at DM, despite his experience.
  4. Yeah, we may well be looking at Praet. Eek.
  5. I think that is undeniable. We have become a low-intensity side, and we look labored chasing 50-50 balls. When we go a goal down, we typically see a response, an indication that we do in fact have another gear, but we don't reach for it until we need to. Suggests to me that yes, we are in fact pretty worn out. Makes me a bit worried for next season if we do play CL ball.
  6. Hamza has a reputation at this point, his fouls tend to be a bit cynical, he isn't going to get the benefit of the doubt like Ndidi does.
  7. Some games we need a striker who will come back to the ball and play in other players bc we cannot get Vardy the ball where he needs it. It is simply a limitation of the team that we cannot always get him the ball, especially against low blocks or 5 at the back. We have other strikers who do things he doesn't.
  8. Yeah, but Newcastle had nothing left (or so they thought). I don't have any beef with him, just I don't know what he does particularly well. Frankly I think he is struggling playing out of position for us. He might give us more as competition for Vardy at striker, or as a secondary striker in a 4-4-2 playing off Vardy. But right now he looks like a square peg facing a round hole. We need to find a role for him, he will be with us awhile, nobody will be coming in for him I don't think.
  9. Yes dude FFS yes! We need to realize we are playing a man down in the build-up when Vardy isolates like that, and it is worthless to us bc he isn't getting a pass in behind the CB when they are playing that deep. We need a striker who will drop back and participate in the build-up, play the ball into the wings once in awhile in dangerous parts of the pitch, do a bit of give and go with players making runs, there is just so much more a striker can do that Vardy doesn't do for us that would make us a much more effective scoring team.
  10. It may be harsh to single him out, but in all seriousness, what is his best attribute? I really struggle to identify what he brings when playing RW. He's a grinder -- he plays hard, he defends, but he isn't particularly talented or athletic. IDK what we saw in him, and Newcastle fans were astonished we came in for him. We needed another option at RW in the winter window, and failing to do so leaves us with a team that appears mostly checked out, ready to go through the motions for the rest of the season and maintain that CL position. Which, ok, maybe that is fine, but I for one am sick of these low-intensity performances. Especially in the games we go a goal down and suddenly start playing hard, zipping the ball around. If that goal had stood, I guarantee you we would've had a great run of play 2H. Instead, we just continued playing purposeless possession football.
  11. Kelechi should've been on well before Hamza went off.
  12. It is about time to consider Iheanacho over Vardy, especially against teams we expect to primarily counter-attack who sit deep. His lack of availability in the build-up is hurting the attack and costing us goals and point in the standings.
  13. But we needed a different type of player. Perez is a hard-worker, but isn't particularly fast, strong, or deft w his touch on the ball. He defends, which is great, but we need goal-scoring from that position. He is easy to stop getting around the corner, isn't a special passer, isn't special in the air... we needed a Mahrez type. Say what you want about Ghezzal but that is the type of skill set we needed (but better and consistent), as we have nobody on the team with that special bit of magic that can break down a low block with a flash of magic.
  14. At least he defends. But yeah, another Rodgers bust it would seem. Esp when we might've gotten a player like Ziyech for a bit more.
  15. Albrighton? Guess we are playing for a draw.
  16. It isn't that we should be smashing them, but we should at least have our moments in the game. Instead, we are slow, too content to possess and pass backwards, seem to be prioritizing possession over taking any risks moving the ball fwd. And I fuching GUARANTEE we will see sharper, more incisive passing this half from us. We have the ability, we just don't appear to have the will. All we are ready to do is bring the ball up the wing and let Ricardo or Barnes go 1-on-1. Instead we are too casual on the ball, too disinterested on 50-50 balls, just playing out the string like there is nothing to play for and now Adama is going to come in and punish our indifferent play.
  17. I do wonder if we are a bit less effective as an attacking side with Vards out there. Not bc of anything he does or doesn't do, but bc the team is so focused on getting him the ball, which makes us easier to defend. Sometimes when he is out of the game it appears to me that our attack is more dynamic and unpredictable, because we have a collection of equals looking to score rather than a main man to feed the ball to, which stresses the defense and gets us better shots. I'd really like to see Iheanacho brought on at the half. We are simply too basic and easy to defend right now.
  18. In all seriousness, IDK why the F people get so worked up about tight calls from VAR. Offside is a yes or no question. It makes perfect sense that there will be close calls at times. People who seriously want to build in an allowable margin for offsides rather than just get used to this system are fuching morons. Just give it a few years and everyone will be used to it and will stop their whinging.
  19. We simply aren't very good. Of course Tielemans cannot get off the ground to do anything. Needs to stop with all the doughnuts.
  20. Leicester is being criticized for not getting the ball to Vards more, and I get that, especially Hamza who seems to only want to pass backwards. But let's be serious, a different striker with a different skill set could come back to facilitate the attack, and if we get someone like that, we will be a much more prolific attacking side. The reality is that we are effectively playing a man down in the build up bc Vardy doesn't come back to participate and facilitate, and this sort of attack needs that sort of striker. Vardy isn't the optimal type of striker for Rodgers, that much seems clear no matter what he says. JFC Tielemans, you can be slow or you can be easily dispossessed but you cannot be fuching both, you are killing us.
  21. Let's be clear here: we can upgrade both Chilwell and Tielemans. If someone wants to buy Chilwell for an alarming amount of money, that is an optimal outcome as far as I am concerned.
  22. *unless the game is being shown on cable in your area. Which may sound pedantic, but it bugs the @_!_@(@€×'.#& outta me, I pay for the season, but occasionally Leicester happens to be the early game, or the late Sunday game, and therefore it is on cable, which is often way laggier than NBC Sportsgold. So I wind up hopping on a streaming site to watch even though the game is on a channel that is part of my cable package. Wish I could watch NBC SG even if it is being shown in my local market, it would make the service much better. </rant>
  23. I think we prob win today if Iheanacho starts over Vardy.
  24. This was an exciting game, but it is fair not to be excited by our performance. We have played much better than this. We played better than this in the first game against them.
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