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  1. Pogba is right. People need to stop talking about the transfer cost. The price is tag is one thing, and the performance on the pitch is another.
  2. Bernardo Silva is too good for them to replace with Mahrez.
  3. Because Slimani hasn't proven himself yet and is the club's most expensive player? You can't compare the club's most beloved player with a newcomer that hasn't proven himself yet. I do hope that he stays and gets a chance next season though, as a long-time fan of Slim, I know he deserves it.
  4. So disgusting how they are willing to stoop so low to target young boys and girls. It's already disgusting enough to target civilians, but to target young teens? Disgusting.
  5. He's not alone, he has Gray, Albrighton and Okazaki to help out. The only difference is that Ndidi always stays back with the defence.
  6. He makes good passes, they just don't look pretty. He doesn't have much technique, but who cares as long as he's able to successfully pass. I agree that he's not pacey, but for a target man, pace is not that important. He isn't a mule either, but he's by no means at the level of Vardy. I think if we play a 4-1-2-1-2 (wide) next season, Slimani could play a major role to convert more from set pieces and crosses. So next season it could look like this: Slimani - Vardy Okazaki Gray Albrighton N'didi Fuchs - New CB - New CB - Possible new RB
  7. Anything is possible. So yeah, I am older than 16. I take it you're a grumpy 60 year old?
  8. Even if it wasn't intended as a pass, by the rules of football it counts as an assist. Without Slimani we'd have lost 0-1. Unless you think Shinji could've done that
  9. The french are worse at hyping up players than us Algerians. They're already calling him the next Thiery Henry ALSO, his mom is Algerian, just thought I'd mention that
  10. Come on guys, am I the only one that thinks that this is hillarious?
  11. Exactly, it goes to show how Man United tries to generate as much hype as possible
  12. They forgot to add Oblak or Kasper instead of De Gea
  13. I'm emo, but instead of cutting myself I re-watch bad games
  14. I had the worst stream possible, quality was crap and it buffered every 10 seconds. Is there a way to watch the recorded game somewhere? EDIT: Found one