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  1. Modern football is not so one dimensional, still, a striker's job is always to score as much as possible.
  2. I've seen this technology in against in the friendly of France vs Spain. There wasn't 60 seconds of delay. It was more like 15-20 seconds when there was a DOUBT. And obviously, these are the early stages of this technology so i'm sure they will get better and faster with time.
  3. Move Riyad central, play gray and albrighton on the wings for the remaining games. Bench Shinjii and play Vardy up front
  4. Well, the chairman, after tasting the champions league he'll be willing to invest more, so he'll buy the following players: Neuer Alves Ramos Boaeteng Alaba Iniesta Vidal Modric Ronaldo Suarez Messi oh and the referee 10 billion can take you a long way
  5. Are you comparing the prem with the champions league final with Juventus - Real (for example). Really? Truth is the champions league does not just attract football fans, they attract a general population. Everyone knows who Juve and Real Madrid are, not everyone knows who Leicester is. And for the average Joe, watching a game with two legendary teams is more inciting than watching a game with a team they don't know. Seriously I sometime watch YouTube reaction videos on Mahrez, Vardy, ect (I know, I hate myself for doing it), and most of them have no clue who Leicester is even after all the exposure they got last year.
  6. If Depay was sold for 21 millions to Lyon after how terrible he was at United, I don't see how Mahrez, top 10 top scorer in the champions league, 2015/16 player of the year, wouldn't get any offers. Dont get me wrong, I hope he stays here because I enjoy watching play regularly and I like Leicester very much, but to say that he won't get any offers is totally false.
  7. El Remontada? More like El Boringtada. What a snooze fest With Leicester out I will be cheering for Monaco. Ici c'est la principauté!
  8. Well when video refereeing was used in France - Spain friendly, it still went in Spain's favor.
  9. I don't think scouts see things as one dimensionally as you.
  10. Well they know Leicester - PSG wouldn't generate as much income as say Atletico Madrid - Juventus. I mean take today as an example. There was barely any hype for the game. On football shows, social media, ect. All they talked about is Real Madrid and Barcelona. No one gave a crap about Leicester. Not even British media. I actively watch YouTube football shows which are mainly British and even they barely mention Leicester.
  11. It's not about tonight. It's about the penalty in the first leg. We could have gone through with minor decisions, but we cannot do anything when free penalties are given.
  12. I think Kasper is the most likely to leave, to Man U, especially after De Gea's situation.
  13. We know UEFA will always favor Spanish sides, but with irrefutable evidence like video replays? I don't think they can get away with it to be honest.
  14. After watching Real - Bayern extra time, an offside goal basically decided the faith of the rest of the game. Of course not to mention the wrongful penalty that robbed us of any chance we had. Oh yeah and of course Barcelona PSG as well. With the technology here and ready to be used, 2017/18 needs to start off with video refereeing. The argument that it dehumanizes football cannot stand anymore after seeing so many wrongful decisions affect the faith of all these games.
  15. Really proud of the players. Didnt give up. Respect.