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  1. City v Liverpool scoreline prediction

    2-0 [Shinji at 65', Slimani at 78'] You heard it here first 65'
  2. The Iborra Thread

    Fixed that for you
  3. Replica Shirt at Puma £35

    The black one is super nice, but 60 is a bit much. :/
  4. Are you insane? He is the big version of Okazaki. Runs his socks off. He didn't do anything in the first half, but there were no balls being pushed forward either.
  5. Gray - considering future

    Yes mahrez is selfish. Why are you justifying one players flaw with another? He definitely deserves to start over Albrighton, I'm just pointing out his flaw on what he needs to work on to be perfect.
  6. Demarai Gray

    So slimani scored a screamer today. Is he Zlatan? Let's talk about consistency here. How many of grays shots were successful?
  7. Demarai Gray

    Agreed. His cross to slim at the end was pretty good though. But he needs to stop shooting when he isn't any good at it. I don't mind starting him over Albrighton, who has been extremely inconsistent lately
  8. Gray - considering future

    Gray played okay today, but he is still extremely selfish with the ball.. he does have flair though, no question about that.
  9. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    I guess he proved you wrong 😂
  10. Shinji is MOTM. Him coming on made all the difference. 1 goal and 1 assist, and a great work rate.
  11. Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

    Is it pay to win? Like do you need to wait 10 real hours to build something?
  12. What? I thought it was official. Did he realize that sitting on his ass and getting paid was a good gig after all?
  13. Job interview Questions/Answers

    Sounds like a dick