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  1. I think Shakespeare might have plans for him afterall. Last season, Shakespeare found a system that worked and didn't have room or a need to try out other options. But with a full pre-season ahead, we can see if Slim is a good fit or not.
  2. His first touch and ball control weren't the best, but he has a far better showing than Ulloa and Shinji in my opinion. Missed a lot of chances, sure, but at least he took chances. Plus we knew of these shortcomings from the start, he is far more effective with the ball directed on his head. I'm sure he would've contributed even more with Albrighton and Fuchs on the pitch. Same applies to Vardy if Mahrez was on the pitch.
  3. They should just cancel this awful tournament
  4. Vardy wasn't great either. Get rid of Vards
  5. That was way more entertaining than the second half
  6. Fuchs should be the main peno taker
  7. Still, a lot of the individual performances have been iffy.
  8. Second half has been so boring
  9. Ulloa hasn't even been able to get near the ball. Slim might've missed alot of chances, but atleast he took chances.
  10. Oh god Vardy.. that was a sitter
  11. The big boys are here, time to win
  12. This is hilarious, everyone is taking pictures with their phones
  13. I sent one, it's really amazing