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  1. Very fair points. I think you’re right, this Spurs side is much a walking corpse at the moment. They have massively underachieved and I’m sure given a club with their fan base and stature, they’d expect more. Moreover they’re painfully boring to watch and rely on sparks of magic from their two world class players, and if they don’t produce, Spurs don’t turn up. I would hope his ambitions would lie above Spurs, but if he felt his stock was as high as it was going to be, he might fancy cashing in and taking a project where make Spurs worse would be very, very difficult. And I
  2. I mean in the eyes of many Spurs are a big club. As Brendan has always alluded to and made very clear, we cannot compete with “the Big 6” financially. They have a billion pound stadium. Sure they’re struggling at the minute, but if Levy says that he’ll back Brendan on a 5 year deal, do you not think he will consider this? Coming from Mourinho, he’s only going to be an improvement. Especially if he can get a tune out of Kane and Son. I’m not saying this because I want to, my friend posed it to me as Mourinho seems on the ropes at Tottenham and, at the minute, there aren’t many bette
  3. If Spurs are to sack Mourinho, should we worry about them going after King Brendan?
  4. Does anyone know when we will start selling memberships again? This long football-less period has really made me aware that I'd like to get to more football games when I can, and I guess a membership is the first step to being able to achieve this...
  5. I'd be interested to see the comparison of results when you post these a few days late vs on the same day. I don't think anyone watching the game would've given anyone other than Maguire above a 7 if you'd asked directly after that game!
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