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  1. I agree I would like to see more of him on the pitch, but he has to start putting in the work rate that Rodgers wants, which is why Albrighton is ahead of him!
  2. Lets hope Chelsea don't click tonight, 5 or 6 weeks ago, they were playing some good stuff! With my pessimistic Foxes hat on, I'm starting to think Werner will hit his barn door! I've been conditioned to think like that up to 15/16, it is hard to shake off!
  3. Alas lets be angry with those who have nothing, whilst Bojo and his backers can keep hiding their cash away from the prying eyes of the EU in the UK offshore tax havens. You really have swallowed 30 years of tabloid jounalism hook line and sinker! The company took the money for the lunches and then only gave £5 or £6, Oh and he had connections to the Con party, Cameron's mate. I think you should stop eating your fish n chips out of the Daily Fail newspaper.....or maybe the Scum!
  4. Yawn! No one has said anything about the EU.....perhaps it is the Brexitards who keep conflating dislike for 'Bojo the clown' with the EU vote? Next we'll be going back to Roundhead vs Cavaliers!
  5. It is no coincidence that they are all backed and supported by Rupert Murdoch!
  6. Danny Murphy has headed too many balls, he has only one brain cell left!
  7. We'll bin Nacho and he will go some where else and score for fun, it is the leicester way!
  8. Where has the middle ground gone, it is either hang em & flogg em or they are the best ever. It wasn't great and it wasn't s**t!
  9. Watching RMC Sport France and Emmanuel Petit can't understand why Leicester left their best players out! He did say that we are better than Everton and we should get top 6 or 4!
  10. Vardy can't play every 90 mins, it is down to the club to sort out the Striker options! Nacho isn't good enough.
  11. Before anyone goes balistic over Rodgers, it is not his fault we have only two strikers at the club, and one of them isn't good enough! He had to rest Vardy today due to his groin problem.
  12. I bet Big Sam is realishing playing against us with the low block!
  13. We just lack creativity in the middle of the park, I'd take Maddison over Praet anyday!
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