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  1. This is purely about greed and nothing more, Liverpool and Manure led the Project big picture and few days after rejection, they are at the front of the queue for the European super league. I suspect Manure & L'pool leaked the project big picture proposals themeslves, it gets rejected and then this story pops up, quelle surprise!
  2. I'm not defending him, but I don't see an alternative...Eddy Howe, who took a good Bournemouth team down and had more holes in defence than a Swiss cheese.
  3. We miss Ndidi badly, but I don't think he would solve all the problems in the middle of the park. We have some very good technical players, but I think the team lacks someone who can drive the game forward and run the with the ball into space or a nasty SOB who can kick ass. I think a guy from Tifo football summed it up when he said something like "Leicester have a soft centre and too many nice guys in the middle, Ndid's great but still he's a nice guy and they are too easy to bully".
  4. Although I find Rodgers and his David Brentism's too much sometimes, I really don't see an alternative out there. Just remember he wanted 5 players during the transfer window and the club didn't have the money to spend on his targets, also we have an injury list that would give most clubs our size problems! Villa & Leeds have owners who are prepared to put a lot of money into the club, it is only going to get harder for us to compete.
  5. All the internet has done is magnified the " it must be true, bloke down pub said it" brigade. Sometimes s**t happens and you can't control it, people then start searching for a cause to the problem, when it could just be about bad luck or even maybe down to a packed football schedule and no proper pre-season. Lots of Injuries : Rodger's fault, he trains them too hard. Lack of intensitée in game : Puel's fault for not training them hard enough.
  6. I get your point and I agree it should be all about financial prudence, but when has football been about being solvent? We as Leicester fan's can't moan about other clubs being in debt, when it has happened to ourselves. We go into adminstration and then pay our debtors something like a penny in the pound, then we proceed to get promoted, which p****d off a lot of clubs and fans: hence we had a change of rules in the EFL. Look at this forum over the summer when the club didn't get its chequebook out straight away, a few were complaining that we didn't buy this and that player, watch Arsenal
  7. No coincidence it is two American owned clubs trying to push this through and these two clubs don't have sugar daddies. This is Sewerpool and Manure wanting a bigger slice of mamma's pumpkin pie, they want to kill competion in the prem league and guarantee top 4 every year. They are just dressing this up as a help package, when in fact it is just a power/money grab by themselves.
  8. The premier league have done this because in their eyes they don't want to devalue their product. Sky et al having invested billions in rights don't want any of the matches as free to view. The clubs now are seeing a massive drop in gate receipts are trying to claw some of that back. Clubs like Arsenal/Spurs have laid off staff but have taken advantage of Govt loans to buy players. We as fans are also part of the problem, we give money to broadcasters, we demand our teams buy this player and that player, just watch Arsenal fan TV! The Prem league has created one big " sandwich de merde" a
  9. Rodgers got rid of Andy Carrol at Liverpool, so why would he resort to lump it upto the big guy upfront. I have watched many teams play like this and it is turgid, perhaps we need to bring Big Sam out of retirement, that will please some on here.......we can have plan B for 85 mins.
  10. The plan B myth! I blame the media filling peoples heads with a mythical plan B, ex players just chuck that one in the mix with the cliché "where is the pashun". Rodgers to his credit does mix things up, but he sticks to his principals, which means we don't lump it up to the big man i.e. Slimani. After a horrible loss, we all have to find solutions or reason as to why it happened, but sometimes it comes down to 7 or 8 of your players having a crap game, if 3 or 4 are having an off day, sometimes others can carry the can for them.
  11. The top teams will always try to retain possession, but they can also counter attack at speed. Teams have had 3 or 4 years of playing and analysing Man city and Liverpool and they will eventually work them out. The problem for te Villa as they get better and improve is that they will come up against alow block so they will become more of a possession team, this is the problem we had starting at the end of our premier league win and the season after we came unstuck, because teams sat in with a low block and so it continues for the Foxes, because most teams that come to the Kingpower will sit
  12. Joe 'world class Allen' would change all that!
  13. I like it when we have lots of possession, as long as we do something with it. It is no good just going from left to right and then hit it long because we've run out of ideas, it is just like the Puel days. I don't think we have enough clever players to unlock well organised teams that sit in and play quick counter attacking football. Maddison is missed badly, at least he can get into the pockets of space and try to put doubt in the minds of the opposition. Today we didn't put any doubt in West Hams minds, they just were too comfortable and therefore could stick to the plan.
  14. Yep Wesh ham have 14 shots and we have 5, but we won the possession stats
  15. Perhaps we should say West Ham did nothing and it was just luck?
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