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  1. Yes they were stupid and we've all done things that we look back on and think omg what was I doing, I hate to think how I would have been if I was a millionaire in my early 20's. I give my kids a telling off for half the the things I did, we are all hypocrites. The problem I have is that they have let Rodgers down, other players have done it at other clubs but I don't think it was before a big game late in the season! If we don't get top four, Maddison will probably get the flak more than the others, he'll get more bile than Chilwell did.
  2. Perhaps Maddison is turning into the new David Bentley?
  3. The problem is these players are very well paid as athletes and in society there is now an expectation for them to look after and behave themselves. I wonder how Frank Worthington would have handled all this money and fame? Back in the 70's it didn't matter that your players got hammered the night before a game, people's expectations were lower and the top players were paid well compared to other professions, but it wasn't enough to retire on and have a good life afterwards. I think that most people are sensible, but when they are struggling to put bread on the table, footballers who get pa
  4. Who told Rodgers about the soirée clandestine? Others in the dressing room will be so peeved off with the trio and what example does it set with the club captain (if it is true) being involved! I hope this galvanises the squad with a siege mentality rather than create problems and factions within the club!
  5. I would have said a couple of years ago Maddison would kick on and become an England regular, but after this season with his injuries and falling behind Grealish, Foden & Mount et al perhaps he's reached his level, although I hope not and I still think he's an important cog in how we play . I'm not part of the hang em flog em brigade but I wouldn't too bothered if we sold Perez & Hamza after this breach of standards and if the club decided to get rid of Maddison I wouldn't hold it against them.
  6. He'll want to play at the highest level so will he stay if we miss out on the top 4 again? He is a player that you wouldn't blame for moving on to a Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Manure and Shiekh Citeh!
  7. Some on here really do dislike Maddison! Has he become the new Chilwell? I think he and the others have let Rodgers down most of all, Rodgers treats his players like adults and trusts his players to respect the rules.
  8. Maddison was an outside bet for the euros, but he's 100% not going now! Could be an excuse to get rid of Hamza & Perez!
  9. Nope, at this rate we'll be lucky to get top six! I just wish that this team would start off crap and come good later on in the season, that way the hope doesn't kill you! There is so much ability in this team but there is a soft centre to it! Although if some had predicted we would get to FA cup semi and have a chance of top 6 finish at the start of the season, I would have taken it!
  10. Or Liverpool of the 90's...Spice boys etc
  11. I've said it before but we lack Mr nasty in the middle of the park. A Lennon type of player!
  12. Well the glass is half empty at the moment, with that defending 4 shots 3 goals the glass could well be empty. If we screw it up this year, it will be forever known as doing a Leicester!!
  13. Man city are a machine that are relentless, but I also see a side that plays dirty and seems to get away with it, the Refs in the Prem must be blind.
  14. I'm not your mate! Yes they are the best team, but I just don't want history to repeat itself, mud sticks.
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