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  1. Le Renard


    I didn't say he had a massive ego! I said his ego will think he can go to a club and help lift it up, just like Maguire and many others.
  2. Le Renard


    I'm 50% sure this could happen, there seems to be enough rumours going around from Arsenal and Maddison's camp to make this sound credible. If we want to really strengthen the squad without CL football, then history usually tells us that we sell a player every season to fund it. I don't see why it would be any different this year, unless we've found the magic money tree! Perhaps Maddison thinks he's hit his ceiling with Leicester and wants to go and play for a fallen giant, his ego will make him think he can help resurect Arsenal. If he thinks he's had enough criticism by some of the
  3. Are Celtic playing hardball, or is it because they wouldn't get much of a fee for Edouard after PSG's 40%, maybe they want him to put in a transfer request . Perhaps they have taken the decision to keep him, and therefore not have to go out and buy a striker when they don't have much money at the moment!
  4. Le Renard


    I just love how some people on here can sell players and redevelop the squad like it is FM or FIFA! An on form & fit Maddison will be very difficult to replace.
  5. Le Renard


    Blimey a season disrupted by injuries and half the people posting on here want to bin him! The only reason we'll sell him, is if the club had an agreement like they did with Maguire, or he has pee'd off Rodgers & Top with party gate etc. I don't think we are a club to bin someone on their injury record(Matty James), I think the club has shown that they will stand by their players!
  6. Le Renard


    It seems to be club policy for a player to sign a new contract and then sell them the following year. I just don't want us to sell to the Chelsea scum again!
  7. Young players will have a dip in form at some point, it is just about how Maddison reacts to it. If he comes back fitter and hungrier next season, then he can become an even better player, I just hope that he doesn't end up going down the David Bentley route!
  8. All football clubs and national teams have their fair share of arrogant fans. Ünder just didn't produce the performances, and had too many little injury niggles to cement a place. There was a reason Roma were keen to sell and I think he hasn't developped as they had hoped. I would say he suffers from the Demarai Gray syndrome and needs to pick his head up and pass it and sometimes and be less selfish. He was clearly talented and there were many fans who wanted him to do well, but were left disappointed!
  9. Le Renard


    Yes the é at the end means it is pronounced ray.
  10. Stick with city! Living in France it reminds of a sceptic tank which is called "Un Fosse Septique".
  11. Well we all know how this starts, and it is with the rumours and then the pundits weigh in and then rumours of a bid, then the realisation he could actually go. It has been like this every summer since 15/16 apart from Mahrez, who didn't go for until the 3rd summer of rumours. If he wants to go, then Liverpool should be made to pay an ESL tax for being such arrogant gits!
  12. Yep it was only a matter of time before he badly injured someone, but he'll cover it up by holding his face and rolling around on the ground! On the other side of the defence they have Azpilcueta and he's just as bad for his theatrics. Ramos does it to Salah and the English press go ape s**t, but Rudiger does it and not so much of a wimper!
  13. It is inevitable that young players will get to certain point and have a drop off in form at a certain period in their career. It is how Maddison handles this, and if he can come back stronger and hungrier, Pep was saying this will happen to Foden some point in his development.
  14. If Liverpool want him they'll try and chuck Kieta in to get the price down, Rodgers supposedly is a fan of him.
  15. Liverpool will have to pay a lot of money for him. It has been reported that Rodgers is a Kieta fan, so they might throw him into the deal. Also these stories seem to come out for leverage in negotiating a new contract.
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