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  1. I'm 100% sure it would result in massive outrage or - at very least - significantly bigger one. World is truly a very different place now...
  2. Maybe, but still he's won most of these penalties. He's doing his job as a forward and doing it great.
  3. Exactly. Goal of the Month should be something that doesn't happen 2-3 times every game week. And these screamers - they are nice and skillful and all, but not exactly "fooking hell how he's even done it?!", while Vardy's goal is exactly this. I don't know what they were thinking...
  4. Mane dives sooo much and so bad that 1. He's banned from football for 3 years 2. Officials decided to look again at previous examples of his diving, found that he really dived against us and overturn that goal - it's 1:1 which means one more point for us, minus two for scousers.
  5. I didn't watch the game, only followed the score... did we have many chances to make it 0-10? If yes - fook it, I'm furious, it could be a record-breaking win and first double-digit one.
  6. I'd say ours is better one out of two as it was away.
  7. You mean - can camera stay off Lewis for 5 seconds?
  8. Common, you all know why they don't dive - because unlike men's game there's no dozens of millions on stake. If one peno gives 15 million pounds to your club (let's say it helps your club to get into CL place) - they WILL dive just the same.
  9. Nobody tries to create a rivalry with them, mate. We just laugh at this bunch of whining cnuts, is all.
  10. Is it normal that I see this picture for 123rd time and it's still funny to me?
  11. Common, 5/10? I got 9/10 and I follow LCFC sinly April 2015. (missed Dyer btw)
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