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  1. Just as an aside, our bugler is by far the best in the league. Great tone and intonation.
  2. Those buggies remind me of my Honda Benly from when I lived in 'Nam.
  3. Just awful and soooo frustrating to watch. Had to switch it off. First time I've ever done that.
  4. I've torn my ACL. As far as the ACL goes it's either partial or full tear. Sometimes there are injuries caused by the tearing and the mechanism of injury. In my case the meniscus, patella tendon, MCL and PCL were torn too, not to mention vertical fractures in the thigh and shin bones. So, does anyone know the extent of Ricardo's injuries? For the record I struggle to get in and out of the bath 3 years on! 😂
  5. Most people just believe what they read in a newspaper. There's a lot of information out there pertaining to the case. The PJ files are a good starting point.
  6. They had access to evening child monitoring at Warner's. Think it was about a tenner. The McCann's chose not to use it.
  7. I said it looks like an accident in my humble opinion. Again, have a thorough look at the evidence. Thanks for the insinuated insult by the way.
  8. Indeed, and therefore there is doubt in both suppositions. It proves neither guilt nor innocence and so requires further investigation and evidence.
  9. The DNA in the car boot contained 15 of 19 alleles consistent with Madeleine's profile.
  10. The evidence suggests an accident, IMHO.
  11. Listen to the 9 News podcasts for a more accurate representation. By the way, I'm not suggesting she was murdered by the parents.
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