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  1. Saigon Fox

    Title Winning seasons mementos

    My little Honda when I lived in Saigon....
  2. Saigon Fox

    Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Redhill Aerodrome I would think.
  3. Saigon Fox

    For your nippers

    I hadn't seen this before, so please delete if old news. https://www.michaelmorpurgo.com/book/the-fox-and-the-ghost-king/ A magical fable inspired by Leicester City's title win.
  4. Saigon Fox

    Craig Shakespeare : Touchline Clothing

    Made in Wiggy Wigston... (the shirt)
  5. Saigon Fox

    West Ham - Match Thread

    Can someone be so kind as to message me a link for the match? There's already no water here in Lima, can't cope if there's no stream too! Thanks.
  6. Saigon Fox

    Atletico 97/98

    At the time AM were owned by the notoriously corrupt Mayor of Marbella, Jesus Gil. The ref was deffo bought.
  7. Saigon Fox

    West Ham.. Saturday, .. Thoughts?

    I heard he's dynamite..
  8. Saigon Fox

    Kasper interview sky sports

    Hi, the players had apparently been told Claudio was getting the tin tack before the Seville game, so maybe it was awkward for them to see him celebrating, when knowing what was around the corner. Just a thought.
  9. Saigon Fox

    Birch taken ill at awards ceremony

    Oh my god, is your name Madeleine?
  10. Just off Ben Thanh market, saw them from the street so popped in to take photo. Definitely wouldn't buy anything! :-)
  11. Saigon Fox

    Lima, Peru

    Hey! Any Foxes in Lima? Leaving mad Saigon for crime ridden Lima...
  12. Some shockers in Saigon. Have to say, find it weird seeing our shirt amongst all the usual suspects.
  13. Saigon Fox

    Ahmed Musa

  14. About to board a flight from Melbourne to Saigon. 8 hours of solid drinking about to commence, along with intermittent blubbering. Congratulations to one and all, what an amazing, bizarre feeling..
  15. Saigon Fox

    Aussie Foxes thread

    In tears checking in at Tullamarine. Look like a loony. :-)