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  1. Similar has always occurred in the UK, especially when the Conservatives are in power, local council's suffer from underfunding. Trump has taken it to another level, mind.
  2. Posting just to compare the response where I am. In Morocco: today's COVID 19 figures 498 tested, 109 confirmed, 3 deaths. We are in lockdown, schools are closed, airspace is closed, trains are not running, buses too, we have a pass to go out, we can only go to the shop and pharmacy, actually only wifey can as it's only one person per household. If we are out without papers we can go to prison. This, it's just been announced, is going to continue until 20th April. I'm very happy with the Moroccan response to this. Swift, decisive and with the public interest at heart.
  3. I'm a teacher, albeit in an international school in Africa but I don't think your stance on this is fair. Kids can catch and transmit the virus too, so teachers (not all of whom are young) and their close family are at risk. Nobody seems to be considering that.
  4. Let's hope it's a partial tear, not a full one. That's crap as I know only too well.
  5. Usually repping at Alianza Lima but visited Buenos Aires for half term.
  6. Pier Larrauri scored today for CDM v Alianza Lima (my team in Peru).
  7. Taking several shirts to Mexico tomorrow. Mickey, I lived in Saigon from 2011 to 2016, not many Leicester fans there but glad there's one more.
  8. I had flown to Melbourne from Ho Chi Minh for a training course. Met up with some Leicester folk in a bar - there was about 40 of us in total to watch the Man U game. Woke early and hungover the next morning to Chelsea getting the draw. Immediately rang my son who was in UK, lots of screaming and shouting! Flew back to HCMC the same day, crying as I was checking in, people looking at me like I was crazy. Had champagne on the flight back, was a double celebration as the Mrs and I had just secured jobs in Peru, where I am now. Amazing and unforgettable.
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