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  1. I had flown to Melbourne from Ho Chi Minh for a training course. Met up with some Leicester folk in a bar - there was about 40 of us in total to watch the Man U game. Woke early and hungover the next morning to Chelsea getting the draw. Immediately rang my son who was in UK, lots of screaming and shouting! Flew back to HCMC the same day, crying as I was checking in, people looking at me like I was crazy. Had champagne on the flight back, was a double celebration as the Mrs and I had just secured jobs in Peru, where I am now. Amazing and unforgettable.
  2. Wandering around Havana this weekend in my Leicester shirt, to shouts from the locals of 'great team!' and 'Jamie Vardy!' Never thought we'd be that big and have a player famous around the world, to this extent.
  3. On a positive note, Kaspar seems sharp. Bit chubby mind.
  4. My stream is working in Peru, no VPN. I never have any luck!
  5. I feel I've contributed to this in some way!
  6. Bravo Webbo, you win.
  7. What's going on...his trainers aren't white? Also he looks a little like Richard Gere in that photo.
  8. We may not be a worldwide brand just yet but everyone I talk to here in Peru has heard of us and knows a few of our players. Never thought I would see the day!
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