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  1. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of when the next round of ticket sale dates will be announced, to save me obsessively checking the website every day?!
  2. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I live near Lutterworth
  3. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Sorry! But mine are restricted view, it's short notice, and I live out of town. Doesn't seem fair to charge for them!
  4. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I have 3 together in G2 - adult, under 18, 8-9. Can have them for free. The down side is they're "severely restricted view", and I live out of town, about 40 minutes away from the ground. Anyone interested?
  5. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I mean I wonder, not I won't!
  6. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I suppose I'd better go then! I won't if this was a ploy to increase tickets sales to a match that people might no be that interested in (mid week, playing a team we'll play again 4 days later)
  7. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Are these tickets going to count towards our point totals?
  8. Mahrez to .......................?

    Mahrez is in London now apparently
  9. Chelsea - 9th September

    That was meant to be ? Not !
  10. Chelsea - 9th September

    Has the ballot been done for that game yet!
  11. tickets

    Link your names and enter every ballot
  12. Chelsea - 9th September

    Assuming you both have 30+ points - is he linked as "friends and family" to your account? What happens if you try and buy 2 tickets in your name? I basically have to select 3 tickets, then when I try to check out I have to manually change 2 of them to my kids names. Then it works.
  13. Are these tickets only on sale to members, even though there are loads left? I have non-member friends who I know would like to go.
  14. Chelsea - 9th September

    It was strangely easy to get tickets, I was pleasantly surprised
  15. It's maddening isn't it