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  1. West Ham home

    Anyone know when these tickets will go on sale? I keep looking, but there's no mention of it. It's the last home game, and usually the sales dates would have been advertised by now, just worried I've missed something!
  2. Yeah, we live in south Leicestershire and I have 2 young kids, so it's not a great option! But thanks anyway...
  3. What's the best way to get in? Down London road , turn left by the station, round Mandela park?
  4. Anyone know of its possible to swap seats?
  5. It's difficult to advise really. The problem with getting membership mid season is that people have accrued points as the season has gone on, so more people will be "above" you than a few months ago. Having said that, presumably unless lots of people get new membership now, there'd be fewer people in a ballot, so you'd be more likely to get a ticket. As as far as STs go, unless we're relegated then it'll be by ballot only, regardless of how many points you have. At least, that's how it's been the last few years. We've been to almost every game for 3 seasons but haven't managed to get a ST yet.
  6. My boys find the family stand too civilised 😂
  7. Can we move seats? I wasn't sure if that was possible. We always sit in the East stand, but I didn't want to risk waiting for a possible East stand opening, so bought West stand anyway (need to be near the front as I have young kids - who don't like the family stand!!) - but I'd like to swap them if it becomes and option.
  8. I've just logged in to buy tickets and all of B1 and B3 has gone. Some expensive seats left in WS and KW, and some corner ones in C1 C2 . So clearly quite a few people are going. I'm not sure at what point they'll open another stand though.
  9. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of when the next round of ticket sale dates will be announced, to save me obsessively checking the website every day?!
  10. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I live near Lutterworth
  11. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Sorry! But mine are restricted view, it's short notice, and I live out of town. Doesn't seem fair to charge for them!
  12. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I have 3 together in G2 - adult, under 18, 8-9. Can have them for free. The down side is they're "severely restricted view", and I live out of town, about 40 minutes away from the ground. Anyone interested?
  13. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I mean I wonder, not I won't!
  14. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I suppose I'd better go then! I won't if this was a ploy to increase tickets sales to a match that people might no be that interested in (mid week, playing a team we'll play again 4 days later)