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  1. Ulloa gone, Slimani not coming back, Okazaki gone, Ianacho consistently poor - I assumed our apparent lack of interest in a striker in January was a Puel thing. But still there aren’t any rumours of striker interest (I realise rumours aren’t the be all and end all, but they give a vague idea of what’s happening). What if Vardy gets injured? I don’t get it.
  2. Thank you - got them - £2 for under 18s too! It looks like there are about 300 tickets on sale for leicester
  3. With the euros next year, and a place in the England squad on offer, Chilwell would be mad to go anywhere that didn’t guarantee him a full match every week. Hopefully he’ll see that and stay.
  4. Anyone know when the tickets for these will go on sale?
  5. Qwerty


    I was under the impression that players are advised by their agents to be vague about where they want to be. Uncertainty drives prices up.
  6. I presume he’s not playing today because he’s just had a baby
  7. I’d say at this point in the season, when buying a new striker isn’t an option, and relegation is a very real possibility, they should back Vardy and sack Puel. That gives us the best chance of staying in the PL I reckon.
  8. I agree totally. Vardy on in the second half and we'd have been fine. And if he's really carrying an injury then we've known about it for weeks, and should have already signed a new striker. The first quarter of the transfer window is already over.
  9. No, not necessarily, but it’s just seems that, inaccurate as they often are, the rumours can give a bit of info about the club's intentions
  10. Because I haven’t heard any rumours at all, which is worrying.
  11. I agree. I took my son after school today . It’s amazing, and vast. It’s tragic but also strangely comforting to see. It’s impossible not to cry I think. And there are also free hot drinks inside apparently.
  12. I expect that ultimately they'll make a permanent shrine with the non-degradeable things (scarves etc), which will obviously be a lot smaller. A bit like the little shrine at the liverpool stadium
  13. Does anyone know how long the flowers, scarves etc will be left outside the stadium? My kids want to go on Saturday, and I wondered if it would still be there. I know the book of condolence will be there for a long time, but I wondered about the other tributes.
  14. I can’t get to the stadium this week, does anyone know if the online book of condolence is active yet, I can’t find it on the website. Thanks
  15. Has anyone got the email with the printable ticket link yet? I had my confirmation email when I bought them weeks ago, but nothing since
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