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  1. Two people I work with are dating each other. Both already have marriages and young kids....
  2. Man, saw him perform live a couple of weeks ago and he was superb. No holds barred set with Chester and Shinoda putting on a fantastic 2hr plus set. Gutted is an understatement, Linkin Park were an essential sound track to the early years of our marriage and I've admired their bolder decisions to write whatever music style they want over the years. Waiting for the End is my favourite song, glad I got to hear it live, but so, so sad and the lyrics being particularly poignant now. RIP Chester..
  3. Thanks for the useful information in everybody's posts. I've already got a few avenues to recommend to them so cheers all.
  4. Cheers for the replies so far. Yes... reporting to the authorities is an option but who would you contact in this situation? As Romanians they do have a right to work here legally.
  5. I know a young Romanian couple who work all the hours God sends. The young girl has been working at a restaurant for the last few weeks. She's been badgering the boss for a written contract but he's kept her waiting. She was only ever paid in cash and she always had to ask for her wages. She found another job so handed her notice in. She did about another 30 hours work before leaving so she's owed for that. The boss has kept promising to pay her but hasn't. She's texted him on numerous occasions but he doesn't reply. Because she had no contract and was paid cash she's not got much proof she actually worked there but she always took pictures of the work rota with her name on it signed by the manager. From what I can gather the restaurant in question only ever takes on foreign staff and only ever pays them cash and doesn't deduct anything for tax or NI. I've offered to call the boss and be a little more 'assertive' with him but he can still refuse to pay. So I'm just wondering what options she has? They had one guy working there who was here illegally and they didn't pay him. He went to CAB and they contacted the restaurant. So the boss of the restaurant reported the guy to immigration and he was deported! So he sounds like a bit of a scumbag. I know it's easy these days to do something like get a FB post circulated to negatively affect the restaurants business but would rather not go down this route. Anyone got any thoughts on what a good course of action might be to put this right?
  6. Decent back up Long gone are the days when Hull wouldn't do any business with us, they are our bitches now
  7. Just got major goosebumps watching Andrea Bocelli again
  8. Always wondered about these boxes and are they worth getting? I'm currently paying £43 for Sky TV package with sky sports as well, so was thinking if its actually worth investing in a kodi box as i think i have a good deal from sky?
  9. So how do i purchase said tickets?
  10. Wouldn't it make sense for the majority of transfers to go through before picking a team?
  11. The Murray train rolls on...
  12. Sounds like it's best just to turn up on the day and pay on the gate then? Loved Molyneux as an away day
  13. Any idea on when tickets will be on sale for this?