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  1. That's quite a pub crawl. The route is marked on the waymarker posts so it's not difficult to navigate. I'm not particularly fit but am coping with 10 mile average legs. Did Markfield to Market Bosworth last week which was mostly open fields. Bosworth to Burbage this week. Plenty of country pubs on the route.
  2. Definitely dinner and tea. Lunch is what southern pansies have.
  3. Her mum is off Coronation St, Sally Webster (or whatever her latest married name is)
  4. CityFibre have started to install their network in Leicester. This is a new FTTP network so no copper wires and doesn't use existing Openreach (ex-BT) or Virgin networks.. They are currently digging up the streets around Belgrave and Rushey Mead. Going to take 5 years to install the network across the whole of Leicester, so another option to consider in the future. https://www.cityfibre.com/news/cityfibre-breaks-ground-leicesters-digital-transformation/
  5. The Automatrics channel is addictive. A vehicle tracking firm hunting down expensive nicked cars and construction plant. Heres one from Enderby (or Enderbry as the guy calls it)
  6. Reviving an old topic but seems like the best place to put it. Started doing the Leicestershire Round in the last week. A 100 mile circuit of Leicestershire for those who don't know. https://ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/show_path.php?path_name=Leicestershire+Round for a detailed map. Started in Frisby (as I live in Melton), and working anti-clockwise.. First leg Frisby to Mountsorrel, second leg Mountsorrel to Markfield. One leg a week hopefully, averaged 30k steps a leg if my phone is to be believed. Something local to keep me busy, plus most legs can be planned between bus
  7. NASA have confirmed we're safe from a once-feared asteroid, Apophis, for 'at least 100 years'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-56547727
  8. The old school way they do things on Countdown... pen, paper, whiteboard, clock etc is part of its charm. Giving Susie a laptop in place of a dictionary and pencam was enough modernisation imo.
  9. It was carnage on yesterday's Countdown. DONGS and GONADS were words picked out in one of the letters rounds.
  10. The loser on Fridays Countdown show kept saying 'constonant' instead of consonant when picking the letters. Was winding me up far more than it should have.
  11. Who remembers the Vic Berry scrapyard... railway breakers yard where Bede Island now is. There was a large fire in the early 90s, sending asbestos all over the city. Whole area got cleared and redeveloped.
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