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  1. Corbyn's an Arsenal fan, he's in the Emirates dressing room doing the team post-match victory photo now
  2. Never heard of a jitty before, although I'm from Melton, not Leicester.
  3. In the last 11 seasons, the team top at christmas went on to win the league in 8 of those seasons. The 3 times that didn't happen Liverpool were top at christmas.
  4. Will take a huge downturn in form by the scousers, plus us to keep winning. Can't see it myself but Liverpool have been known to bottle it so who knows.
  5. Nice stat from the BBC match report.... Leicester City have won their last four away Premier League matches by an aggregate score of 17-1.
  6. Unsurprisingly the dickhead giving out the racist abuse in the Manc derby has been arrested. Also been named and shamed on social media, plus his employer has been made aware. Criminal record, plus probably a lifetime ban from the ground and losing his job. Merry christmas you idiot
  7. Nige wearing his best suit and getting a nice welcome from Watford fans
  8. Is big Nige in charge of Watford for todays game? The BBC have sent Pat Murphy to cover the game for 5live so could make for an interesting post-match interview considering theres a bit of previous between the two.
  9. They could re-open the line on cheap if they wanted I guess. Reverse trains at the junction to Leicester so no north curve required, minimal track work could be done as the line is already used by freight trains heading to the quarries, although this might result in a low speed limit and might be bumpy. Some branch lines are starting to introduce 'new' class 230 trains, refurbished tube trains from the 70s that can be fitted with engines or batteries. Much cheaper than new builds. New stations can be basic (like Syston), just a short platform and a bus shelter. Class 230 ex-tube trains in action below
  10. He works for Biffa between albums?
  11. Not enough room for a northbound curve on what land is now available. I think the old curve would have come off the mainline around where it says Halfords Putney Rd in the image above. This has been talked about for decades, even when the first part of the Ivanhoe line opened to stations like Syston, Barrow and Sileby. Big investment needed for what is a minor branch line., probably better off investing in more frequent bus services to that part of the county.
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