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  1. Ethnic groups and communities aren't a race. Could be insulting or derogatory to call them gypos, pikeys, diddycoys or whatever, certainly not racist.
  2. DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall dead at 56... RIP. Made some great records in his time, off to listen to Screamadelica now
  3. He's out tarmacing driveways today
  4. The video from 2010 when he's reunited with his teacher is a tear jerker too.
  5. I work in the rail industry, which is health and safety mad. Reporting any unsafe working practices to your H&S department is the first thing to do. If that doesn't work then the rail industry has CIRAS https://www.ciras.org.uk/ . Other industries might have similar independent reporting schemes.
  6. Where I work we have to do a manual handling course every 2 years, which includes demonstrating how to lift boxes, plus passing a basic exam. We can't work on site without the manual handling permit. It gives the right to refuse to lift heavy or awkward loads without assistance though. Obviously its an arse-covering exercise by the company to avoid these sorts of claims. If the OPs employer signs you off on manual handling but gives no training thats definitely a bit dodgy.
  7. Thats CSI levels of forensic investigation for that offside decision
  8. I assume so, unless Man City down tools and drop out the top 4 of course
  9. LBC were all over 'Colin's' twitter post today... https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/remainers-dont-blame-colin-brexit/
  10. Ha ha, fair enough. He's done a good job there. Must be Sean From Enderby's alter-ego
  11. Colin the Leicester fan trending on twitter for this...
  12. If you live in Leicester then HS2 is no use whatsoever heading to London, considering it will take you 25 mins to get to the East Midlands Hub station, then 50 minutes on HS2 to London. Its just over an hour now anyway to St Pancras. Could be useful heading north though, although electrifying the existing line could be a better and cheaper way of doing things. Either way, the 2nd leg of HS2 is probably 20 years away from opening. Another thing is people ask why spend £100B on a new railway line to increase journey times between London and Birmingham. The major reason HS2 is needed is to increase capacity, the faster travel time is just a bonus. At the moment the west coast mainline from London to Birmingham via places like Milton Keynes, Northampton is maxed out. Long distance trains, commuter services and freight all squeezing onto one line. The line was upgraded maybe 20 years ago for the Virgin tilting trains and its already struggling to cope.
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