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  1. We're running out of food in our house. Wife has said we're eating scraps for dinner tonight... Silly name for a dog anyway.
  2. Police / PCSOs were in Melton town centre yesterday asking folks what they were doing out of the house. No fines dished out as far as I know, just advice.
  3. Beaumont Leys Tesco very busy and it's only been open 10 minutes. The 3 pallets of bog rolls they have wont last long
  4. Hopefully off to webuyanycar.com tomorrow, got an 18 plate Golf GTI and an Astra van with a black stripe on it that I need to sell quickly.
  5. We have to sort out the immediate problem. We can worry about inflation, recession later
  6. I hope not. I expect daily updates regardless of weekends or whatever
  7. Town was eerily quiet this evening around 5pm. Most shops were shut by 4 , other than the Tescos and Sainsbury's. Still plenty of tw**s spitting everywhere
  8. They should have forced pubs and restaurants to close a few days ago rather than advise people not to use them. Other than that I agree. We are in uncharted territory with this now.
  9. Disney+ launches next week as well. Guess they will do the same.
  10. Was in the Haymarket bus station yesterday and it looked like they had a delivery of bog rolls. The station cleaners had a trolley loaded to the brim with the large size rolls. They could have retired early just setting up a bog roll stall rather than sticking them in the cleaners cupboard. As an alternative to bog roll, anyone considered tracing paper, you could relive your school days from the 80s. Surprised Rymans or WH Smith's aren't promoting it in these desparate times.
  11. Yep, as long as you speak to them early they often allow you breathing space to get back on track before considering further action. Repossession is always a very last resort. I assume this new 3 month payment holiday won't affect your credit score?
  12. Seems to be business as normal in the city centre. Pubs, cafes and restaurants all open with people inside from what I've seen. Same thing in Market Harborough this morning. Can see the government having to force them to close rather than just advise public not to use them
  13. Wetherspoons in Market Harborough is open for business with folks enjoying a pint with their breakfast. Good to see people listening to government advice
  14. I'm sure all the funeral plan and life insurance ads that haunt daytime telly will be loving this
  15. Wonder if training sessions will be cancelled / reduced as well.
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