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  1. The app is run by Serco, so it looks like it only uses their test results. You get the code from tests booked via the app it seems.
  2. I can understand a local lockdown in hotspot areas, targeting specific things, but a 2nd national lockdown like we had in March will do far more damage than cv19 will ever do.
  3. From the BBC... mins Post update West Brom 0-3 Leicester Jamie Vardy's second goal moves him joint-third in Leicester's leading top flight goalscorers: 204 – Arthur Chandler 149 – Ernie Hine 105 – Arthur Lochhead 105 – Jamie Vardy
  4. Was at Birmingham New St station the other week and the BTP had set up a knife scanner at one of the entrances. This was at lunch time as well. About 8 officers and a dog manning it. Everyone had to walk through it but didn't see any trouble whilst I was there
  5. I'm not a Muslim nor live in Evington, but might write to the council encouraging them to allow planning permission after reading this thread.
  6. My mate went train spotting earlier and got hit by a steam train. He was chuffed to bits.
  7. Are you mad? Liver and onions is glorious, add some mash potato and garden peas and you have the meal of champions. Tapioca can get in the bin though.
  8. This is now the main story on the BBC... FFS, overpaid footballer on holiday goes to a bar, a bit of agro occurs and he's now playing the victim. And as for all that 'do you know who I am?' crap... Harry 'Ronnie Pickering' Maguire it sounds like.
  9. ITV4 knocking it out the park with ladies of a certain vintage. First it was Glynis Barber from Dempsey & Makepeace. Now its Emma Peel from the Avengers, played by Diana Rigg... I'm struggling to leave the house on a weekday without a semi !!!
  10. Ive never understood why people do this. Surely the worst part of dealing with dog poo is actually picking it up and bagging it. If someones done this but then decides to hang it from a tree then they might as well leave it on the floor. Would rather deal with a dogshit minefield than a row of dogshit christmas trees.
  11. I used to work for TfL, tube ticket machines are always having cloning devices attached to them since they closed ticket offices a few years ago. Just use contactless on the ticket barriers and don't use the ticket machines is my tip of the day. EDIT : just to add to that, the cloning devices they add are very discreet so unless you know what you're looking at its doubtful you'll see it.
  12. Shepherd is just a Poundland version of Dale Winton.
  13. Tipping point is just one of them penny machines from an arcade in Skeggy with some fancy lights
  14. Tipping Point is utter sh!t, as is that Tenable show with the little fella from Star Wars. The Chase is hands down the best daytime telly quiz.
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