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  1. No photos, but Radiohead's first live performance of Creep was at the Charlotte https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/colin-greenwood-qa-on-radioheads-first-gig-independent-venues-what-the-bands-up-to-now-774340 I remember Oasis played there around the release of their first single, I was at DMU in the early to mid 90s, saw Supergrass there before they hit the big time. Saw a band called Gay Dad (remember them?), managed to get on stage a nick a few guitar plectrums off the singers mic stand mid-gig. Happy Days. Also saw Scissor Sisters there (not so good)
  2. You can do spread betting on crypto currencies, betting whether the price will go up or down. Still risky as if you bet the wrong way you lose your dough, but you're not actually buying the currency. I've done spread betting on shares, gold, FTSE 100 with varying degrees of success / failure.
  3. Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan podcast this week... conspiracy theories overload.
  4. Looks a bit like Dynamo to me.
  5. Another Nick Cave song (Mermaids)... She was a catch We Were a match I was the match that would fire up her snatch
  6. The Syrup


    Its under 11 on TfL services (tube, buses, DLR, London Overground), there are restrictions on national rail services within the zones though.
  7. The Syrup


    If your driving down the M1 from Leicester then Stanmore is the easiest and quickest option. About 5 mins off J4. Jubilee line takes about 35 mins to the west end. If you drive any further into London the most direct route is on the A5 Edgware Road from Staples Corner (M1 J1). Traffic down that road can be a nightmare even at weekends. You can pay by contactless in Stanmore car park, plus the tube. Kids under 11 are free, use the wide ticket gates to travel with them. There's also Finchley Central station on the Northern Line about 10 mins off of M1 J2 as an alternative.
  8. The Syrup


    Theres no congestion charge at weekends
  9. There's a lot of engineering works at weekends on the line from Stansted to Liverpool Street, Next Sunday no trains are running, there is a replacement bus service from the airport to central London. Something to keep an eye on, (Google 'Lee Valley Rail Programme'). If trains are running when you travel then the Express stops at Tottenham Hale, quicker to get off there and get the Victoria Line to the West End. The train station is separate from the tube station there but are next door. Exit the train station with your train ticket, re-enter the tube station with your contactless card. Use the wide gate with kids.
  10. Russell Howard has cancelled his appearance, luckily the 2 singing women from those Nationwide ads are playing at the Curve to make up for it.
  11. Those smart meter conspiracy theorists are nuts. A quick search on YouTube shows how paranoid they are. Fairly confident everyone of them has a mobile phone, yet stick a SIM card and a mobile connection in a meter and everyone's out to get them.
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