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  1. Telegraph reporting that Ole Gunnar Solskjær is set to be announced with Mike Phelan as a potential number 2, what's the point in sacking Mourinho for that
  2. Carrick to take over until the end of the season, may as well have stuck with Jose til Summer.
  3. Simpson, Choudhary & Iheanacho all set to start then, putting out a weakened side for a cup quarter final in order to rest first teamers for the inevitable loss to Chelsea away. Lovely.
  4. EnderbyFox

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    He's probably not quite ready but I'd love to see Dewsbury-Hall involved with the first team at some point, a CM that can actually travel with the ball and pick a pass.
  5. EnderbyFox

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    Out of interest, will there be any Brexit supporters on here that would take part in the so called "Civil Unrest" should Brexit not happen? Old chap on Radio 2 just now saying he's already bought Body Armour and motorcycle helmets in preparation, along with a yellow vest
  6. EnderbyFox

    Jardim to Leicester?

    Does he speak English? I've watched a few interviews with English press and he's got a translator in every one
  7. EnderbyFox

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    2 defensive mids and not 1 of them near him
  8. EnderbyFox

    Chrystal Palace Away Match Thread.

    When we win a free kick
  9. EnderbyFox

    What's in the news?

    It would be the most Theresa May thing in the world if she orchestrated the whole thing and then suffered a heavy defeat.
  10. EnderbyFox

    What's in the news?

    Perhaps they think it'll be tighter than everyone is expecting?
  11. EnderbyFox

    What's in the news?

    Saw this one as well, utter scum.
  12. EnderbyFox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Was literally no point watching after the first goal, all fart and no poo, never looked like scoring. We desperately need more creativity adding in January, along with a striker that doesn't look utterly toothless in front of goal
  13. EnderbyFox

    President Trump & the USA

  14. EnderbyFox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Lovely to see Stevie Wonder has signed up to the forum
  15. EnderbyFox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Iheanacho is woeful and seems to be getting worse, new striker needed in January, can't rely on Vardy to be fit all season anymore