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  1. Need to get Ndidi on at half time for Mendy imo. Our team is too small and they look like scoring every corner
  2. Every time I read the word Lingard my heart is filled with existential dread. Still remember the last time he was on loan here and he was blown out of position by a light wind
  3. Only one man for the job imo. To be honest I think i'd prefer him starting over Iheanacho.
  4. Would be a good signing this imo. We are going to need an option to rotate with Maddison if we are going to challenge for all 3 competitions this season, not sure Perez is the right answer as an attacking midfielder, I'd rather he played up top instead of Iheanacho.
  5. Get him in. I remember when journalists were criticizing the Newcastle players for looking unprofessional turning up to games in regular clothes so Thauvin rocked up in the below.
  6. And people say Reece James should be in the England squad over JJ
  7. Personally I believe one of each section. I believe our reptillian overlords (who currently reside where Finland should be) kidnapped Avril Lavigne in a UFO because she found out Tobacco caused Cancer and Big Tobacco know about the whole thing the rascals. Open your eyes sheeple
  8. Crazy to think how far we've come, £8million was a "fvcking fortune" back then. Didn't we spend almost double that on Rachid Ghezzal?
  9. Black & White Burnley have been solid defensively but we've been so passive with the ball. Need to move it quicker. Perez or Under on for Albrighton please
  10. Bit of urgency please lads, proper snoozing off here
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