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  1. Dunno what Iheanacho is laughing at there, he probably would've missed it as well
  2. Poor Wes summing up our post lockdown football with that attempt
  3. Bennett literally inviting Kane to have a shot, absolute donkey
  4. Hopefully we are bringing Hamza on so we can push Youri up.. Don't like sitting back at all
  5. Spineless from the players and clueless from the manager. Goodbye Champions League
  6. Just had a flash back from the first half when the stat for "Attempts" came up as BOURNEMOUTH - 0 LEICESTER - 10 Now I never want to watch football again
  7. Slight aside, this co-commentator is absolutely the worst going, two games in a row he's talked shite for 90 minutes
  8. Game looks like a bloody advert for match fixing doing literally everything we can to throw it
  9. I've been Donald Glover since 2011. He's still dead cool
  10. I wonder which combination of average wingers we will switch to in the second half
  11. Dumped out the cup and Chilwell has a little giggle with Barkley at the end, helmet.
  12. Sloppy passing, second to every ball, championship quality wide options zzzzzzzz
  13. Knew this game would be shit as soon as I saw Mendy and Ndidi starting together, snoring hell
  14. Bizarre world we are living in. Tried to explain to someone on Twitter why the banner is offensive and was called a Marxist
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