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  1. We having a death sweep-stake? IMO it will be
  2. Like I said, not necessarily a criticism, show just feels different to me. Maybe it's just the fact I know it's ending soon
  3. This isn't necessarily a criticism, as it's probably the natural progression of the show now it's coming to an end.. but it is strange how I've spent 6-7 years waiting for all these characters to be reunited- now it's finally happened it feels underwhelming? The beauty of GoT for me was always the sheer number of characters, in numerous different locations with different yet still intertwining stories, now that we are basically just confined to either Winterfell or Kings Landing it's lost some of its spark IMO.
  4. How the hell are they going to wrap this up in 5 episodes?
  5. Annunziata Rees-Mogg is sure to appeal to the anti-establishment working class vote
  6. My longshot is Andrew Yang. Running on a platform promising a form of Universal Basic income of giving each American (over 18) $1000 a month. Running as a Democrat https://www.yang2020.com/policies/
  7. Can't belive I missed the video of Damian Green calling that shouty "Stop Brexit" bloke a w**ker, finally a politician talking sense. Slightly ironic though given what he was sacked for
  8. Bloody hell I thought this was fast forwarded
  9. He's also great in "Safe" on Netflix
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