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  1. Never a dull moment being a Leicester fan eh. At least there was no hookers or rim jobs involved this time I guess?
  2. The most bizarre thing about this situation is that 37 year old Wes Morgan is out partying with the youngsters. Shouldn't he be in bed by that time on a Sunday?
  3. There is absolutely no way Mike Dean gets through this half without sending someone off
  4. Shambolic first half that.. That second goal is absolutely pathetic to concede. Kelechi is the only one who looks like making something happen, Vardy looks like he's finished. Need to change something at half time but thanks to those 3 morons we have 0 options, brilliant.
  5. Vardy has had 11 touches and just over 55% pass accuracy, no shots. Not sure why it's always Iheanacho to be subbed
  6. Still time for us to score 5. Shame he's taken our most in form player off
  7. It's very hard to highlight one player in the shower of shite that is Sheffield United but special shout out to Oliver Burke. Consistently shocked that he's managed to somehow get a gig as a professional footballer let alone one in the Premier League. Every time I watch him he looks like he's won a competition, he's had 2 £10million+ transfers
  8. So there's no way Rodgers sends the same team out for the second half right?
  9. I get nervous.. just means a counter-attack is imminent
  10. I don't get what we are trying to accomplish with this formation so far... We've got 3 CBS but there striker is often unmarked, we've got 3 CM's but Fofana has been forced to go long about 3 times already because no one is showing for a pass
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