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  1. Every day is Okazaki day for me.
  2. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    I love the bloke but replacing Iborra with King is like replacing Picasso with the bloke from Art Attack *lumps on King first goalscorer
  3. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    I'm currently with MCKTV but have had an open ticket with them trying to pay my invoice for a few days with no response. How quickly can SportsDonkey set me up, will it be done before tonights game, and do they show all Premier League games or only Televised ones? @Realist Guy In The Room @Strokes
  4. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Xbox

    Interested to see how this plays out, the optimization and graphics look terrible even on a high-end PC so no idea how it'll run on an Xbox. Really fun game though.
  5. Snow

    About 4 inches here. Quite a lot of snow as well
  6. Favourites of 2017

    Albums All-Amerikkkan Badass - Joey Bada$$ DAMN - Kendrick Lamar Everybody - Logic As you Were - Liam Gallagher This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco Favourite Song Question Time - Dave Disappointment of the Year 4:44 - Jay Z
  7. Xmas party - Stockholm

  8. Checkatrade v Scunny

    That's Christmas paid for
  9. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Hamer has made 2 outrageous saves this half
  10. Checkatrade v Scunny

  11. Checkatrade v Scunny

    1-0 already