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  1. Absolutely baffling that he manages to make the wrong decision almost 100% of the time
  2. Unfortunately it worked perfectly for the whole 90 minutes for me
  3. Garbage. How many games are we going to waste the first half by using an awful formation that leaves our most creative player floundering on the left wing to accomodate 2 defensive midfielders? 5 touches for Vardy in the first half, so isolated. Also- I get that Albrighton isn't the most fashionable player but he offers a hell of a lot more than Gray. Less said about Ayoze Perez the better, didn't even notice he came on for about 10 minutes. Wasted a great chance to get a win at OT against the weakest united team i've seen for years.
  4. Struggling to name one of ours that's had a decent game here. Evans maybe?
  5. Maguire made an absolute mug of Gray there
  6. Hedgefund managers stand to make billions on the economy crashing but at least i'll have my blue passport
  7. Anyone tried the Windows app yet?
  8. There is a separate way to check your username/password. Login to universalsportstv.net using Sports Donkey logins ---> click my account in top right ----> click the "1 services" button -----> click SD Members ----> click the green "IP Service details" button. Username and password should be there. The apps are usually case sensitive for username and password, that confused me for a while as i had to make my username lowercase
  9. I don't want to urinate on your cornflakes but I switched over on Saturday with the first wave of SD subscriptions, the app worked great until the 3pm kickoffs started then just completely died and I had to go back to using SportsDonkey
  10. Fvck this i'm going back to the Iranian lads.
  11. Iranian lads now doing a gym sesh in the studio, looks like it's gonna have to be the radio
  12. To be fair, Sky & BT can learn a lot from that Pre-match karate into highschool P.E lesson drills build up
  13. https://www.livefarsi.com/live-tv/varzesh-tv.html
  14. This link is currently showing some persian chaps doing Karate so not looking too promising thus far
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