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  1. Labour, rather begrudgingly. Could never vote for a party with Boris Johnson leading it. Was hoping Lib Dems would be more electable this time round but Jo Swinson might be the worst of the lot.
  2. Would appreciate it if anyone could DM me a link tol the full game, watched it last night but would love to watch it a further 3-4 times over the weekend
  3. That one hurts after watching a compilation of Kaspers world class saves on international duty
  4. Sorry mate, already nabbed all the rep points for this picture on page 2
  5. Grassing on someone to sell stories to the Sun, can't get much lower than that imo
  6. FYI, the Universal servers are still down currently but i've just checked my Sports Donkey and that seems to still be working fine.
  7. 2019 and having to rely on Ian Stringer. Stevie Wonder would provide a more accurate description of what's going on, bloody hate the Carabao
  8. I know he's probably being rested, but has the club said anything about Maddison's injury yet?
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