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  1. Rodgers is such a coward at home, 0-0 and he keeps Under on the bench to bring on Hamza.
  2. Does anyone know if Leon Osman is enjoying the battle between Grealish and Castagne?
  3. Mendy to get sent off before half time to complete the shit show
  4. Tielemans trying his best with literally everyone around him giving the ball away with misplaced passes
  5. Can someone post the full article?
  6. Rather ominous announcement video that, was half expecting the camera to pan to the floor to see a broken Benvokic on his knees weeping
  7. Was just thinking this, everything else looks great but you can no longer really tell if you've got a popping post. How else am I to seek validation from strangers online?
  8. Playing a bit too attacking here for my liking, Vardy off for Fuchs at half time imo
  9. Jesus this is embarrassing, looks like we are literally just sitting back waiting for them to score again. Press them ffs
  10. Hope Mendy can stay fit for that long.. He's had a pretty ropey injury record in the past. Don't want to be relying on Hamza, I know he's a local lad but he's not good enough imo. Back in for Carvalho?
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