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  1. WilmslowFox

    Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Darren Moore?
  2. WilmslowFox


    On the one hand he did have his team selection severely hampered by injuries today, but on the other hand WTF WAS THAT? He seems either tactically inept or unable to communicate with his players mid-game, or possibly both. Until the last couple of matches I was happy to give him the summer to build his own team, but I can no longer see the point. While someone is going to need to rebuild the team this summer, I no longer believe that it should be Puel. Get rid now so we can get a new manager in before the transfer window has passed us by.
  3. WilmslowFox


    Don't think Hamza and Fellani would be allowed at the same club due to static electricity regulations.
  4. WilmslowFox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Alessandro Florenzi at RB - coming back from injury at Roma after a while out. He's more versatile and attacking than Simpson. May be able to include in a Mahrez deal. He's 27 so would pair him with someone younger a la Fuchs/Chilwell - shame Darnell Johnson seems to be on his way out as I was looking forward to seeing him break into the first team.
  5. WilmslowFox

    Italian destinations to visit

    It really depends on your circumstances (e.g. visiting Italy with kids and without are completely different experiences with different recommendations attached) Venice is unique, you never know what is awaiting round each corner. Expensive though, especially if you give in to the lure of the gondola. There are a few things to do in Milan (esp. the impressive Gothic Cathedral), but its really more of a working city. Florence is just beautiful, and a good base for side trips to Pisa and Siena, neither of which really warrant more than that. Verona is also a beautiful city, and somewhere I want to revisit having only had a day there, which wasn't enough. Okay, call me a Philistine, but I quickly tire of all the churches and art galleries, so the area around Lake Garda is a welcome oasis of low culture. Was pickpocketed in Naples, but that's just part of the experience, and the area immediately south of Naples (e.g. Sorrento and Pompeii) is wonderful. Sicily is great but the cities are chaotic. The Aeolian Islands (e.g. Lipari) are more relaxing. A ferry between Sicily and Naples calls at the Aeolian islands en route.
  6. WilmslowFox

    Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    Don't know if anyone else noticed (and apologies if this has already been mentioned), not only were the Foxes beaten in one quarter final, but the team with a Leicester loanee was knocked out in each of the other three quarter finals too - Callum Elder at Wigan, Ulloa at Brighton, and Kingy at Swansea (although he was cup tied anyway). It seems like the only Leicester player still involved in any cup competition is Musa in the Europa League.
  7. Tickets on sale today (to registered England supporters) for Nigeria friendly in June. General sale next Monday. Will probably be five Foxes involved, mostly on the Nigeria side. Will this be the highest number of Leicester players to have featured in an international?
  8. WilmslowFox

    Full backs who can pass and cross?

    I like Chilwell, but there are definitely times when I'd rather see Fuchs playing, like when Chilwell takes a throw-in in the final third and pleads with players to come to him rather than launching it towards the box. Surely the only reason that Chilwell is preferred over Fuchs is that Christian is nearing the end of his top flight career. It is definitely an area to strengthen, but if the FA Cup game has shown us anything, it is that Leicester already have a promising alternative for LB, on loan at Wigan - arguably Callum Elder had a better game than Ryan Bertrand at the weekend, not to mention the assist for Grigg's winner against Man City in the previous round. Likewise, I'd really like to see what Darnell Johnson could offer as RB after an excellent season with the U23s. Along with George Thomas, he's one of the development squad players that I would really like to see being given a chance to prove themselves in the first team.
  9. WilmslowFox

    Corner Takers

    Seems like a good time to resurrect this old thread, given the number of corners that have been won and then wasted in the last couple of games. Five years ago there was a suggestion that Matty James should be taking corners - is there still an argument for this? From what I've seen of the U23 games, George Thomas may well be the best corner taker that Leicester have on their books, but sadly he hasn't had a chance to break into the first team yet.
  10. WilmslowFox

    Game of Thrones Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 170 seconds  
  11. we looked better against man city with a back three, and that was using fuchs as a makeshift CB. now that morgan's back, would like to see us at least try something like... kasper morgan maguire dragovic amartey mahrez n'didi iborra chilwell akinfenwa vardy ...but as akinfenwa plays for wycombe, would settle for nacho or george thomas in that position (i think GT is our best corner taker, and might have made the difference against stoke given the number of corners we wasted).
  12. Phew. Well I'm expecting nothing less than a 2-2.
  13. Kinda reminds me of Wycombe Wanderers hiring Roy Essandoh over Ceefax back in the day. Think he came on as a substitute in the FA Cup, but don't remember what happened next.
  14. WilmslowFox

    Friday night

    Was planning to take the lad to this one, but he'll be at school on Friday, and we have a three train journey of several hours to get to Leicester. If they'd moved it to Sunday or even Monday (half term) we would've been there. And its not even on the telly. Still, hopefully we'll be going to the quarter final instead, then the semi-final, then the final, then the Community Shield.