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  1. WilmslowFox

    What is it that we're missing?

    A few seasons back we had Fuchs and Luis Hernandez taking throw-ins, both of whom offered the option of a good long throw. I know its only a small thing, but this is one tool that we don't have in the toolbox at the moment (for all his other strengths, Chilwell sometimes seems downright uncomfortable taking a throw-in in the opposition half). I've noticed that Ndidi often takes throw-ins for Nigeria, and appears to have a decent long throw. Is there any reason why we couldn't add another attacking option and let him take the odd throw-in for Leicester?
  2. WilmslowFox

    Cardiff City away

    As it falls in half term, I promised the lad we'd go to this game. We have a direct (if lengthy) train to Cardiff from here, and I thought the train tickets were expensive for an away day, but justifiable for a long weekend. Thanks to the Rugby international the hotel prices in Cardiff have doubled though, so its going to be pricey after all. I just hope we don't have a repeat of Swansea away last season when Storm Brian meant it took us eight hours to get to the match and we only saw the last twenty minutes.
  3. WilmslowFox

    So, 5 games in...

    Happy with Chilwell and Ricardo's attacking qualities, but they leave too much space behind for the opposition to exploit, and something needs to change to account for this. After the Crystal Palace drubbing it seemed obvious that we needed to switch to three CBs to better cover the space left at the back by playing attacking wing backs. With several new CBs arriving in the summer it looked as though we were heading down this route, but no, Puel's answer seems to be playing two (excellent) defensive midfielders instead, which almost paid off against Liverpool, but has evidently not worked playing a higher line against Bournemouth. Personally I would start to phase in a back three of Maguire, Söyünçü and Johnson (so that there is a bit more pace than would be offered by Morgan or Evans) as soon as possible. Also would rather see Albrighton (or Ndukwu) starting than Gray. We are always being told that Puel is great at introducing young players, with Chilwell and Gray cited as evidence, but they both made their first team debuts several seasons (and managers) ago - where are the opportunities for the likes of Darnell Johnson and Leyton Ndukwu who impressed in pre-season, but have been confined to the development squad since?
  4. WilmslowFox

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    Yes, Wycombe in a cup game is a guaranteed win.
  5. WilmslowFox

    Darnell Johnson - SIGNS 3 YEAR CONTRACT

    Thought he looked our best CB in preseason (admittedly with Maguire on hols and Evans injured). Was hoping he would be involved at Old Trafford on Friday (even if from the bench), but that seems less likely if he's played 90 minutes for the U23s on Wednesday night. With even more CBs signing today it seems highly likely that he'll be off on loan this season. League One newbies Wycombe Wanderers love a loanee (just ask Alfie Mawson).
  6. WilmslowFox

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    Was working earlier, now no stream appearing on website.
  7. WilmslowFox

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 20 seconds  
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  9. Pickford Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire Maguire That should do it.
  10. WilmslowFox

    The Crinkly Music Quiz No. 2

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  11. WilmslowFox

    Silly New Rules

    In a penalty shootout, if scores remain level after each team has taken five penalty kicks, then both the penalty taker and the goalkeeper are blindfolded and made to turn on the spot until dizzy before each of the remaining penalty kicks, until someone scores.
  12. I honestly think he only gets booked for radio because someone has confused him with Danny Murphy.
  13. WilmslowFox


    On the one hand he did have his team selection severely hampered by injuries today, but on the other hand WTF WAS THAT? He seems either tactically inept or unable to communicate with his players mid-game, or possibly both. Until the last couple of matches I was happy to give him the summer to build his own team, but I can no longer see the point. While someone is going to need to rebuild the team this summer, I no longer believe that it should be Puel. Get rid now so we can get a new manager in before the transfer window has passed us by.
  14. WilmslowFox

    Italian destinations to visit

    It really depends on your circumstances (e.g. visiting Italy with kids and without are completely different experiences with different recommendations attached) Venice is unique, you never know what is awaiting round each corner. Expensive though, especially if you give in to the lure of the gondola. There are a few things to do in Milan (esp. the impressive Gothic Cathedral), but its really more of a working city. Florence is just beautiful, and a good base for side trips to Pisa and Siena, neither of which really warrant more than that. Verona is also a beautiful city, and somewhere I want to revisit having only had a day there, which wasn't enough. Okay, call me a Philistine, but I quickly tire of all the churches and art galleries, so the area around Lake Garda is a welcome oasis of low culture. Was pickpocketed in Naples, but that's just part of the experience, and the area immediately south of Naples (e.g. Sorrento and Pompeii) is wonderful. Sicily is great but the cities are chaotic. The Aeolian Islands (e.g. Lipari) are more relaxing. A ferry between Sicily and Naples calls at the Aeolian islands en route.