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  1. I know that Boris Johnson is not the most popular of people in the city of Liverpool, but imagine if he stepped in and instructed the Premier League to abandon the rest of this season due to Coronavirus.
  2. I think the punctuation is wrong, it should be: Albrighton, Marc (Kevin!!!)
  3. Wasn't Sam Hughes recalled from his loan? Maybe he's being lined up as 3rd or 4th choice CB.
  4. Yes, because Algeria got all the way through to the final he completely missed pre-season, so has never had a chance to prove himself in front of Brendan. It would depend on how bad his relationship with the squad/club is, but given his positive loan spell at Monaco it wouldn't be that surprising if Brendan took a fresh look over the summer.
  5. Wish it were true, but Sky Sports haven't even mocked up a picture of him in a Leicester kit, so seems doubtful.
  6. Weird if we're looking at spending £15M for a 4th choice CB, when this has probably been our strongest position in the U23s over the last few seasons. Johnson, Hughes and Knight have all been impressive (including appearances with the first team in pre-season friendlies while half the squad were away following the World Cup), so it would be nice to see at least one of them given a chance. I think I'm right in saying that after nearly a year in charge, Brendan has yet to give a competitive debut to any of the development squad, even off the bench in the early rounds of a cup competition, as is kinda traditional. Edit: unless you consider Benkovic a member of the development squad, which I don't.
  7. Exactly. When have we ever brought in a decent player in January? I mean, yes, there was Youri Tielemens last year, but that was just a loan deal. What I mean is, can you name a current starting player who signed permanently in January? Not on loan. Permanently. What? Ndidi? Well, I suppose. But, lets put it another way... When have we ever made a signing in January that actually contributed to us winning anything? Eh? Tell me that! Riyad who? Anyway, everyone needs to stop moaning that nothing is happening - George Thomas has gone on loan to Den Haag.
  8. Not been there in over ten years, but my memory of Brentford's ground is of tiny plastic seats with less legroom than the most budget of budget airlines, and an away end that is open to the elements while the home stands are all covered. Hopefully its improved since then - if not then I can't say I'll be too sorry to miss this one in the height of winter
  9. Just bought a three-pack. It says they're light as a feather (or words to that effect). Funny packaging for balloons though.
  10. So according to latest news reports (reliability far from guaranteed) half of Arsenal's players actively want to leave the club (including Lacazette and Aubameyang). https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/arsenal-news-mikel-arteta-manager-aubameyang-transfer-latest-a9253511.html I suspect I know the answer, but is there anyone you would take from the current Arsenal squad, if you could get them at a discount in the January Sales?
  11. I don't think they'll find it as easy as you suggest. For reasons that escape me, the lad's second team is RB Leipzig. He follows the Bundesliga from afar, but has never seen Leipzig, so hoping the Spuds home game coincides with half term (which is possible) so that we can go and watch Timo Werner score a few.
  12. That's an interesting one - what will Chelsea do? Being forced to use their youngsters rather than loaning them out in favour of big-name signings (e.g. playing Tammy Abraham rather than Higuain) has paid dividends; you could even argue that they are higher in the table than they would have been without the transfer ban. Will they risk upsetting their squad by splashing out on a bunch of new signings, just because they can?
  13. Yes, already have a similar issue with streaming audio coverage. An app on the phone bips to say "hey, there's been a goal" half a minute before the coverage gets there. Its a useful app at other times, but need to remember to disable notifications when streaming the game "not quite live".
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