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  1. Yes, already have a similar issue with streaming audio coverage. An app on the phone bips to say "hey, there's been a goal" half a minute before the coverage gets there. Its a useful app at other times, but need to remember to disable notifications when streaming the game "not quite live".
  2. Unlike Frankie or Rochelle, Boxing Day is not one of The Saturdays.
  3. If you want a wide front man, why not go for the widest and give Adebayo Akinfenwa half a season in the PL to finish off his career? Okay, so he'll be forty in a couple of years, but he sure would give opposition defenders something else to think about.
  4. the indisputable leader of the gang.
  5. Hamza has to play, and I'd start Chilwell and Perez to give them a chance to build on the confidence boost of Friday's game. Otherwise don't really mind who plays, but it would be nice to see one or two of the development squad on the bench (e.g. Calvin, Darnell, Kiernan or one of the Georges).
  6. Not wanting to further belittle your efforts, but the lad is only ten years old, and has already watched the Foxes at 8 grounds: KP Burnley Cardiff Everton Liverpool Man City Man Utd Swansea To be fair, the away grounds in the North West are nearer to us than KP.
  7. Hopefully not in the same way that Arsenal & Man Utd went full bore last night.
  8. And there I was just thinking that if we win this and Man City lose then we'll go 2nd.
  9. No "youngsters" in the squad. Understandable given that there are senior players yet to see game-time this season, but its a shame as this is the sort of game where they can make an appearance from the bench and gain some competitive first team experience.
  10. I expect they'll come pouring in now.
  11. Was at the match on Saturday - we were practically pitch-side and the lad was really excited to have a great view of Maddison's England debut. There to support England, so we cheered all the players (even Spuds) as they ran through the starting eleven before kick-off, but I swear that the response when Barkley's name was announced was more of a mass "huh?" than a cheer. What a wasted opportunity. We did the Wembley Stadium tour on Sunday morning (not as good as the King Power tour obv), and the lad sat on each of the home substitute seats so that he had sat in the same place where Chilwell/Maddison had been a few hours before. Confused the people in front of him having their pictures taken sat in the Manager's seat. Asked if he wanted me to take a picture of him coming out of the players tunnel, he said I could take one in 15 years when he comes through it as Leicester captain.
  12. ...and now have the opportunity to knock them out of the Europa League too - they've been drawn in the same group.
  13. Was more surprised to see Chilwell included, given that he's missed the three games leading up to the squad announcement. Will be at Wembley for the Bulgaria game, so hoping to see two Foxes playing for England in a competitive match - wish Maguire had still been here to make it three (but... we don't need you, we've got Soyuncu).
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