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  1. Brighton away

    I need 1 ticket if anyone has one spare?
  2. Kasper taking the piss

    I've always said a team should try not using a wall and just have two players to charge down the ball...from 25 yards out or more but for people to slag him off is a joke...worth his weight in gold in the dressing room and on the pitch!
  3. Premier League Saturday night football

    Course they would...means not getting up at 4am for a long coach journey be a nightmare for policing of games though plus you have to take into consideration how much money foreign broadcasters pay to show live games and our opinion doesn't match the money overseas available. money talks...plus even if you don't agree with it...90% of people in the Uk will still watch regardless....
  4. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    Hopefully in a different country which is where you need him when and Aguero, De Bruyne & Co are in town...they're a fantanstic team...playing the best footballing team the Premier League has seen so anything tomorrow is a bonus....they'll score at least 2...so I expect a very resilient defensive display and effective counter attack...Albrighton starts instead of Gray for tactical reasons only if we're only one down at 75 mins i'll be hopeful of getting something out of the game....if king starts we lose by at least 2
  5. West Ham Away

    I need two tickets for this if anyone can help. My mate who is STH was getting them but has now sent me money back saying he can't go so won't get them after I've already bought a spare as 3 of us going. Any help be massively appreciated
  6. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Still think we'll Nick this one
  7. West Ham Away

    I need one ticket for west ham away or my mate's going to be in the home end on his own whilst we're all in the away end....
  8. BHA pre match

    I wouldn't drop okazaki at all, dunno why people want to find a reason to drop him for when mahrez done **** all to merit a starting place last night.....
  9. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    based on tonight...one million percent yes!
  10. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    Ndidi was never a peno! he was less than a metre away running to the ball! Even arsenal fans i was with said it wasn't! its one you shout for but when you see it on tele later you realise the ref got it right....if thats a pen there'd be about 3 every game
  11. Simpson

    most right backs that have pace are used for attacking purposes, you'll do very well to find a defensive right back nowadays....i think simpson is solid and brings a balance to our team that people don't appreciate
  12. Arsenal post match 4-3

    The mistake tonight was keeping mahrez on the pitch, lacazette pulled onto the left wing and caused problems 2nd half, wenger won the game with his subs, shakey didn't lose it with his, we're renound for being a counter attacking team, why would he take our most creative player off winning away from home, thats conceding defeat in itself imo. we were unlucky and wenger's plan b got him out the shit cos we competed until the subs
  13. Mahrez Value if worst came to worst

    His contract alone is probs worth around £25m, tbh if he wants out that bad i'd take £40m and try and get someone like lamela on loan or someone similar...
  14. Simpson

    Too exposed especially in away games at the bigger clubs, mahrez needs to up his game to prove himself
  15. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Considering all the pre season negativity I think we played really well! We knew we were up against it from minute 1 and tbf we competed for long parts without our star man having any influence, that is my only criticism, he should've been off at half time, everyone else was brilliant, their strength in depth showed but i'm more optimistic about chances this season after that, albeit a shit way to lose, that team spirit seems to be there again which is a huge positive, and Matty James had a great game which can only bode well, just hope confidence isn't shattered! Schmeichel also showed how ****ing class he is and how important he is to us....Also Marc Albrighton was quality tonight!