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  1. Of course they are, couldn't agree more. However, there is absolutely no need for the personal foul mouthed diatribe used by some. Lack of education I guess.
  2. I didn't realise I'd upset so many Maddison luvvies. The fact is we are all entitled to our own opinion and just because it differs from others doesn't mean to say it's incorrect. Move on!!
  3. You seem to forget, mate, we are entitled to our own opinion. You have stated yours and me mine. And I wouldn't stoop to say you write crap!!
  4. Maddison has the same skills as Mahrez, I don't think so not yet. The fact is Maddison's head has grown out of proportion to his displays. This strutting about having to take the majority of free-kicks and every corner is annoying. He still has a lot to learn and how folk can reckon he's the best thing since sliced bread is beyond me. He's good but indifferent and needs to knuckle down and not think he's the prima donna he clearly isn't!!
  5. This is all conjecture. A lot depends on who we buy, who we sell and injuries. Why shouldn't we get to 7th spot, Wolves have? It's nice to have an aspiration, I wonder what Brendan's is?
  6. Superb 3 points. You have to win ugly sometimes. Well done City, Brendan and all. Onwards and upwards!!
  7. His shot past Mignolet against L'pool at home from the edge of the corner of the box in our title winning season. Sublime!!
  8. And here I was thinking you can pick your friends!!
  9. That's a tall order but I hope he does.
  10. You need to look at the history of Leicester City and the prolific goalscorers they had. Remember they played on ploughed fields not the pristine surafces of today. Arthur Chandler, Arthur Rowley and many more scored a fantastic amount of goals and should always be remembered.
  11. Can't believe a manager wouldn't want to play to the Club's talisman's strengths!!
  12. The fact is if the fathead Puel hadn't tried to change the way Vardy plays Leicester would probably be in 6th spot. Surely you play to you squad's strengths, something Rodgers has realised already. Onards and upwards!!
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