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  1. The two I mentioned were household names and stars in their day. You have only to look at their records unlike the "one season wonders" some have listed.
  2. Are you saying folk don't know the history of their Club? Just to remind you and others we've been going since 1884!!
  3. Since the inception of the EPL football in England has never been on a level playing field. The gap is widening season after season. What really irks me is the fact that some football clubs are going out of business for less than what the top earners get per week yet ALL players from Messi downwards all started somewhere.
  4. Arthur Chandler & Arthur Rowley need to be included. If you don't know who they are, google them.
  5. Looking at some of the comments 4 times doesn't appear to be enough!!
  6. This memorial is magnificent and a wonderful tribute to a man who had the vision to make this Club great. Can't understand the picky comments.Why can't folk keep their comments to themselves?
  7. The foreground looks like the state of the pitch at Filbert Street.
  8. Wasn't he the guy who moved the ball by about a yard side ways at a free kick against Leicester in which he scored?
  9. If there is to be a cull what about the despicable and despised Dan Roan? The media, sport and football could well do without him.
  10. Well for all those who were bleating on about a mid-winter break they've got their wish plus a spring break and possible a summer one as well. Stay safe!!
  11. Well they were never going to be caught with or without Coronavirus.
  12. A could easily be for Arthur Rowley a prolific goalscorer for the Club and it is unbelievable even to today that he was never capped by his country.
  13. Birchy's screamer from 35 yards in the 89th minute was good enough to win the game 1-0. But hold on, Pearson got him by the neck and wrestled him to the ground. Birchy's fault he thought, momentarily, he was still the City manager instead of celebrating with Brendan!!
  14. That is not in dispute. So why hasn't he grown up and become a player to pass on his undoubted talents to youngsters and put something back into the game that serve so well?
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