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  1. It's a pity we won't win our next game by the same score!!
  2. 'Rams & Rooney to the Slaughter', he'll be gone in the morning if it stays like this.
  3. Well, I for one, will be rooting for Man city this evening. A Mahrez hat-trick would be great.
  4. Why is it we like helping these lower placed Clubs avoid relegation? We are THIRD for God's sake, shake yourselves up!!
  5. Points deduction would have hit 'em harder.
  6. Will this go ahead or will the morons interfere again?
  7. With the Jester's success added to that of the Tigers & the Foxes Leicester can truly call themselves the sporting capital of the country. Well done Mark!!
  8. WBA all but relegated, couldn't happen to a nicer manager.
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