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  1. Rock bottom Blades away next in the league, what then?!!
  2. Before tonight's game Fulham had a paltry 4 points, so what went wrong Mr Rodgers?
  3. 7-0 win and we're back on top!!
  4. I knew we couldn't rely on Manure as we drop, temporarily, to 5th.
  5. The Blades are blunted again. Along with Burnley who will make the other relegation place?
  6. Begrudgingly I thank Leeds for beating Everton as it keeps them below us but I hope they don't get above their station.
  7. What would Klopp reaction been had the roles been reversed. They dish it out but can't take it.
  8. If his distribution was half as as good has his verbal outbursts what a player he would be. Obviously something to work on.
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