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  1. Liverpool now lost 5 at home on the trot, unbelievable but very welcome.
  2. The fact is ALL players have a weakness. Poor left foot or right foot, can't head a ball, not strong in tackles etc. Schmeichel's ability far outweigh his weaknesses and I just wonder with all the top drawer saves he has made this season where would we be? I'm sure some statto can work it out and let us know.
  3. Another away game, another 3 points. 0-2 and a brace from Vardy. That'll do nicely!!
  4. Great to get an away point but given our away record, their position and the fact that the 'Spuds' walloped them 4-0 last time out I really did think we'd get all 3 points, disapponted.
  5. R.I.P. Saint. (Ian St. John). Gone but not forgotten.
  6. Amazing how many "experts" we have saying what the line-up will be and none agreeing!! Let Brendan decide, after all, he is the manager. City to win ugly 1-0.
  7. We can all make excuses and point to where we think the blame lies but being 1-0 against a poor, by recent seasons 'Gooners' standard, at home and 3rd in the table then shipping 3 goals in 12 minutes is pretty poor. Of course injuries have played a part but every Club in the EPL have also had their fair share.
  8. See the 'Spuds' had no problem walloping Burnley, perhaps they've softened them up for us?
  9. Very, very disappointing. Top 4, you're 'avin a larf!!
  10. Is this history repeating itself? Are we imploding for the second season running?
  11. Why are we making Arsenal look good? 5 home goals conceded now in just 4 days. Where is the fight?
  12. What are we doing? Daft free kick for their 1st goal then a handball. Schoolboy errors!!
  13. C'mon let's do the double over the 'Gooners'!! Up the City!!
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