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  1. The fact is that we have not being playing like a team in 2nd spot and as I've said before it was only a question of time before we dropped back to 3rd. Many, I know, will be happy with a top 4 spot in May, why, when we held onto 2nd for so long. We should be more dominant at home, more decisive and more clinical and we're not. So, starting with the next game let's get these shabby performances be a thing of the past and put in a real fight for 2nd spot. And if anyone knows how we do that, ask Brendan, he's the manager.
  2. We should have taken our first half chances. Had we had done so Vanilla would have been down and out by halftime. Perhaps the target isn't big enough, the crossbar too low and the posts not wide enough. Far too many guilty of shooting wayward as you'd expect to see on local parks football.
  3. Leicester City/Man City final then.
  4. It's not a question of the "silent" majority. We applaud, shout encouragement and make very good use of our clappers. I would think the Club and players are extremely grateful of the support of the majority as well as a noisy, vociferous minority. Please accept and respect all who support this Club in whatever way they think appropriate.
  5. Those that don't want to sing, for whatever reason, shouldn't be seen as social outcasts. There will always be noise with 32K inside the stadium and I have no problem with that but the incessant sometimes idiotic and inaudible "chanting/singing" can be a distraction and a ruddy annoyance. Remember, empty tin cans make the most noise!!
  6. We can beat Brentford with a team similar in make-up to the Wigan game.
  7. You are quite within your rights to interpret what I have said and come to an incorrect conclusion.
  8. Vardy at home against L'pool in our title winning season. Absolutely superb strike.
  9. I did get to choose my seat online but there was no indication that the 'Drummer Boy' would be that close. As I've said if you have an obstacle obscuring your view you are told in advance. Incidentally, I go to WATCH football and discuss situations as they have with people I go with. Who said anything about for the "quiet"?!!
  10. Can't understand why I was inconvenienced being moved to just under the drum. Not only couldn't hear myself think but couldn't hold a conversation with those next to me. Very poor of the Club. If you attempt to purchase a ticket with a limited view that is highlighted but not if you're going to have your ear drums blasted!!
  11. The 'Toon' looked doomed!! 52K and they serve up that tripe. Thankfully Leicester City rose above the quagmire and did the business.
  12. Cheerio Tykes fans 8-0 aggregate score so far!!
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