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  1. Maddison still has a lot to learn yet. Practice corners and do the basics for a start.
  2. Happy with a draw but just how close were we to all 3?
  3. Taking corners can be so easy as we have just proved.
  4. We have to take our chances, it's not rocket science.
  5. When and where will our first win of the season come?
  6. Oh, c'mon he struts about just the same, it's plain to see when you open you eyes and actually watch him.
  7. Agree entirely about Maddison. He likens himself to Beckham but falls well short.
  8. I'd rather have no manager than Puel.
  9. "Choudhury headless", what all that hair attached to?!!
  10. Yeah, but isn't Maddison supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread?
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