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  1. Leicester City, just like their title winning season, deserve to be where they on merit. I can't understand the detractors who have probably infiltrated these boards because they have nothing better to do than denounce the steady progress this team has made under Brendan Rodgers. All I can say to them is; if you can't support this Club on these boards then you know where the door is.
  2. Not for long, I guess. Just remember how he was in our title-winning season, couldn't bring himself to offer a suitable comments other than derisory ones. Personally, I still think he's a buffoon!!
  3. Different opinion from the one I heard from a 'Gooner' walking up Raw Dykes Road after the game who thought Leicester weren't worth a w**k!! Bloody clown!!
  4. Soyuncu added another few millions on his valuation after yesterday's brilliant performance. What a lucky break that 'Slab Head' chose a big money move.
  5. Another superb performance and victory. Admittedly the 'Gooners' are a shadow of their former selves, a team full of prima-donnas who were pretty clueless and a manager bereft of ideas who days are surely numbered. One possibility on their current form is that they will have the best stadium in the Championship!!
  6. I know it's getting colder but why would anyone want of these?
  7. Why are we talking about Brendan & Arsenal? Pure media hype. He's only just got his feet under the table here, let him get on with the fantastic job he's doing instead of deflecting on the wonderful work we are all celebrating the rewards of.
  8. Hasn't he been there, got the mug and the t-shirt? Concentrate on the City, lad, you're doing great.
  9. No probs then. More glory for Vards!!
  10. The Gooners are going to get shafted and I'll be there to see it. Bring it on!!
  11. Boxing Day will be a crucial game in the season but, yes, why can't we do it again?
  12. Given our previous record at Selhurst Park this result shows just how far we have come. Far from being Brendan's last match in charge this is just the springboard we need to break the Gooners. I bet they are quaking in their boots.
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