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  1. Well fortunately Leicester won't be in the bottom 3 but those who are there have been awkward enough for us. Quite bizarre!!
  2. I've said it before and will, no doubt, say it again we're not ruthless enough. 1-0 up against a crappy side, creating chances but not taking them. Most Clubs in the Premiership would have given Bournemouth a caning last night, probably 3/4-0 up by halftime and game over but not us. Not clinical enough. Football is really a simple game made difficult by the players.
  3. Ist half, looked good and coasting. 2nd half, we looked like a bottom 3 side.
  4. Very poor. We should have buried 'em in the first half. 5th spot here we come.
  5. It's all City and deservedly 1-0 up. Keep going lads!!
  6. The incentive for City today is Chelsea's loss yesterday. 3 points, please!!
  7. Nketiah red card upheld. Arteta can't Understand.Both must be thick and stupid.
  8. Let's move on, nothing to see here. Bloody Gooners prima-donnas always trying to deceive the match officials.
  9. We're 2 players short of being a great team and I don't mean without Maddison or Chilwell. We're not clinical enough in the last third. We create chances, that's not a problem but turning them into goals is.
  10. I wouldn't be happy with 5th place. Since Game 3 we've only been out of the top 3 on 2 occasions so why should we settle for less?
  11. This game could easily end Gooners 0 Leicester City 4. But there I go again getting ahead of myself.
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