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  1. I don't disagree, Mahrez turned the Watford defence inside out but he didn't supply the final ball to score a goal. And that was the difference between him and the MoM, wonderful substitution.
  2. As for the paying supporters who are cheated out of watching a full 90 minutes of play the FA should adopt the policy of Rugby League. Have an off the field Official Timekeeper, take it out of the hands of the referee and sound a bloody big hooter at the appropriate time. It would cut out a lot of nonsense and we would get to see a full game of play.
  3. About as useless as a pundit as he was a player.
  4. I find myself admiring them more with every goal they score. No-one can't fault their professionalism
  5. Men versus Boys, as simple as that. A Cup Final win thoroughly deserved.
  6. Gladiola's substitution has worked, as it usually does.
  7. Mahrez was easily MoM in the first half yet Gladiola is happy to sacrifice him. Watford will huff and puff but that's all.
  8. Well I'm chuffed to bits that we won't be seeing Dirty Leeds in the EPL next season. Can't abide the noisy lot.
  9. The so-called 'Lap of Appreciation' to my mind should be done by the manager, players (full squad), coaches and physios BEFORE the final home game and combine it with Birchy's superb effort. No wags, kids or grand kids.
  10. Chelsea are not 3rd by accident and taking 4 points off them this season without conceding a goal must be considered very satisfactory. A least our 9th place is better than 11th but not as good as 7th.
  11. I wonder where we would be now had Brendan been here from Game 1. It's so easy to look back and see where we lost points but in reality with a bit more effort and having a manager who recognised the strengths of his squad throughout a full season there is no reason why we shouldn't be 5th or 6th spot. Given the tragic events of last year and the unfortunate experience of our previous manager 9th is probably about right but next season it won't feel as though we have achieved much if we're still in the same position.
  12. Unfortunately, it's on the field of play where it matters.
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