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  1. FA Cup 2017-18

    Brilliant giant killing & from a Leicester point of view Callum Elder is a left back whos priority is to defend & he does it well.
  2. Brighton away

    4 grounds Goldstone Priestfield Withdean Amex
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 57 seconds  
  4. FA Cup 2018

    45 minutes to hold it together. COME ON THE DALE

    Good luck with book 3 Steve. Looking forward to reading it.
  6. Is the City of Leicester a dump.

    City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “This new investment in Church Gate will make a tremendous difference to this popular shopping street. “Reconstructing the footpaths and carriageway will help dramatically improve the look and feel of the area." May's Electrical, Ron's Barbers, Oldham's Tool shop, Jimmy Walsh's newsagent, Bree's music shop. Just a few of the establishments that made Churchgate a pleasant place to potter along. Now, its OK if you want your nails done or if you fancy a pint in either of the two grottiest pubs in Leicester. Churchgate has been a shitehole of a street for a long time & I cant see a new layer of Chinese paving slabs making too much difference.
  7. Blackman.....

    Also the first I've seen him play. If he's consistent then definitely worth considering. Kasper needs a back up keeper that will actually challenge him for his position.
  8. FA Cup Quarter Final -Who do you want?

    Rochdale on their nice new pitch
  9. Refunds

    So the club will not offer a refund as per their rules, but is that totally legal? As far as I know most other forms of entertainment offer refunds provided reasonable notice is given.
  10. LCFC v The Blades FA Cup scoreline prediction

    Two predictions 3 - 0 Vardy ( if he plays) hat trick against his childhood anti heroes If he don't play 2 - 0 Gray & N'didi Att. 28,585 Atmosphere - Night game so will be better Weather - Chilly but not freezing Next round - The Dale
  11. Swinger’s Clubs

    I would definitely recommend a driver or a 1wood to tee off.
  12. 4.46bn new Premier League deal

    How about this for a revolutionary idea. All games to kick off on Saturday at 3.00 with games on Boxing day, New years day & Easter monday also at 3.00 Highlights of games on tv on a Saturday night & regional highlights on Sunday dinner time. The champions would then go into a European cup & runners up & both domestic cup winners could be entered into a lesser Europen competition. Just an idea like.
  13. Exam Thread

    Nearest I get to an exam these days are the foxestalk quizzes posted on a Monday.
  14. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    For a year or two in the late 80's it was also a decent snooker club. The qualifiers for the UK open were held there.
  15. No Questions Asked Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 107 seconds