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  1. Matt Heath still playing for Tadcaster, not a full time pro but still.picking up a few quid.
  2. Bert, Take your Mum out a few days before or after Mothers day. Cheaper menus, better quality grub (cos they're not catering for the masses) and no families with screaming nippers running all over the place. Win, Win.
  3. We've got no chance in that kit
  4. "Millwall you will die" was on the wall behind the kop for many years. They never did.
  5. I remember this game. Puskas must have been well into his forties but was still brilliant, if somewhat slow.
  6. British Rail tracing paper loo roll was the best streamer. Guaranteed to reach the pitch. Ripped up Newspaper (Remember them?) for ticker tape.
  7. and Ipswich v Leeds (packed Filbert Street) & Grimsby v Southampton (Not so packed!)
  8. After the original plan of staging the world cup in the summer heat of Qatar was finally rescheduled, why was this tournament planned to be in Cameroon in the rainy season? Do they not have Google weather overseas? Do they have a feckin clue at all?
  9. I knew a girl once. I must have liked her a lot because I took her to see India. At the oval. But she went off to powder her nose & I never saw her again. Name that TV programme.
  10. Good health & happiness to all Foxestalkers in 2020. Happy new year.
  11. £50 should get you a taxi back, split 3-4 ways not much dearer than the chuffer. and you won't have to stand all the way back.
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