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  1. Nice to see Scott Brown still retains a sense of humour during Celtic's troubled times They can still win the league you know! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55721934
  2. The Poppies’ ‘home’ tie was switched to Leamington’s Community Stadium and it proved to be a crazy evening with the game eventually finishing at 11.22pm - nearly four hours after it kicked off. On the pitch, it was a disaster for Cox’s team in their first game for two weeks as they went 1-0 down to Danny Waldron’s goal inside the first minute. Major lack of discipline then saw captain Michael McGrath shown two quick yellow cards after he was involved in an ugly confrontation with referee Adrian Quelch. And the Poppies paid the price as in-form Leamington made it 3-0 after just half-an-hour a
  3. boots60

    90s nightclub

    It was originally called the "Adam & Eve" in the late 70s, early 80s. Changed its name periodically from then on, cant remember what the later names were before it changed to superbowl.
  4. i had a dream that I eat a giant marshmallow I woke up & me pillow was gone I'll get me coat.....
  5. How to pretend to be over 75 and get vaccinated ONLY a morally bankrupt, heartless swine would try to jump the queue and get vaccinated early. Here’s how to do it. Claim to remember old things As you shuffle into the vaccination centre say you haven’t been this excited since the moon landing or when England won the World Cup, both of which you remember well because you were in your 20s at the time. Don’t blow your cover by reminiscing about the Crusades. Get a fake ID The key to a good fake ID is to keep it simple and believable, so print a driver’s licence off the inte
  6. All gone tits up for West Ham https://news.paddypower.com/football/2021/01/14/exclusive-west-ham-plan-to-broadcast-games-on-babestation-/
  7. Forgot about the Ship, good boozer, the cream of Leicester's darts players used to use that place. Must have been gone for 20 years or so.
  8. Robin Hood Friar Tuck Cricketers Foresters North Bridge Tavern Van Damme Cumberland Arms Joiners Arms Sanvey Gate Tavern Then into town!!!
  9. Now there's no Peter Crouch to come on & score in the last 10 minutes, I'll go 2-1 to Leicester. Goals from Slim & Gray Weather - Brass Monkeys Attendance - 0 Marine in the next round please
  10. Ciggies are good for you, go on have a fag https://www.healthcare-administration-degree.net/10-evil-vintage-cigarette-ads-promising-better-health/
  11. William Walton family run chippy hidden away in Anstey is a great fish n chip shop, well worth a visit, delicious grub & reasonable prices.
  12. Get em going up & down them sandhills at Wanlip like Jock did. Proper old school training.
  13. Good bloke, half decent football gaffer at a lower level. Inherited a terrible squad here & did nothing to improve it.
  14. Sign him up . We could do with back up for Vardy, or an impact sub.
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