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  1. Go on have a guess before opening the link
  2. For those in need of a football fix, BTshowing both Europa league & Champions league final for nowt.
  3. Have you seen the price of houses in Sandbanks?
  4. Brighton or Bournemouth bank holiday weekend. Any of the "big" clubs at home Boxing day.
  5. Good man James McGinty 👍
  6. Back to the mackems. Nailed on.
  7. Vardys gaff up for sale. Doesn't need a bigger house. Make of that what you will.
  8. So the club shop is shut. It's a beautiful morning. Take a wander down the cut to castle gardens. Take in the beauty of our fair city. Pop into Newark houses or Jewry wall museum.Reflect on 2 eventful seasons.Have a jar or two. Then after we've beat Bournemouth you'll still have an hour to spend your hard earned in the club shop.
  9. A big brown envelope stuffed with pesetas may have had something to do with his choice of Levante over Leicester. He was a genius with a football but also a pioneer of financial greed among players. Didn't do owt for nowt.
  10. Ulloa has been spotted in various estate agents in East Sussex.
  11. Good to see a club in the top 2 divisions with standing.
  12. Come back on karlrog. You effed up. Doesn't matter. Say your piece.
  13. Sooner have an overnight stay in Aleppo than Wolverhampton. Dour, depressed black Country folk getting quietly plastered in dismal boozers. Don't get me started on Luton & MK. Two more shitholes that need no exploration. Burton is OK though.
  14. Spot on. About the mid 70s though, there was only SK1 & SK4 on offer at 25p to us young'uns. After paying your five bob to gain entry to one of the side pens there were gaps under the rails of the pen where a thin kid could squeeze under to join the more vociferous pens 2 & 3. Tubbies would have climbed over. Believe me SK3 back then along with Frankie Wortho, Weller, Glover, Shilton et al to marvel at was the absolute bollox to impressionable teenagers like myself. Hooked for life.
  15. Received tens of millions for Hanley, Gestede, King & Rhodes. Thats astute business