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  1. I was on that train. Stoke fans bricked the windows as the train was pulling out of Stoke. Scary for this young lad! Still have some of the tickets issued, 1/4" thick stubbies with the prices on them. Stoke away 50p, Sheffield Utd 70p, Leeds & St. Pancras 90p & the really expensive Newcastle away (5 hour journey on the special) an eye watering £1.80 The carriages used for the specials which at the time were very dated are now used for tourists on many steam railway lines. The tracing paper loo roll was always nicked to throw onto the pitch when we scored.
  2. Micah (Man City fan) Richards is another in a long line of likeable but totally hopeless & ever so slightly biased "Experts" How did hell he get the TV Gig?
  3. Has anyone considered the possibility that on November 3rd Trump may not be alive?
  4. Good investment. Can only go up in value. Can anyone please lend me £700,000
  5. A female comedian can ramble on about how good/bad her sex life is & get plenty of laughs A male comedian can't as he would be villified as a sexist pig
  6. That is the first positive comment about Spurs fans I have ever read. The times they are a changing.
  7. Yes & the amount of times I've missed the end of the film to get out & beat the traffic.
  8. 100% agree. The clue is in the name, PUBLIC house. Tables are for reserving at restaurants not pubs.
  9. I can't get my head around the fact that we (humans) are the only animal to drink another animals milk.
  10. the BBC can afford to give out of this world wages to presenters now that the over 75's are paying full whack for their license. £1million plus to talk bollox, unbelievable. I do that for nowt every day.
  11. Sad demise of another club. 146 years in the making, all over. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54177582
  12. I can see Vardy becoming a "Forward coach" when he hangs up his boots but not as a team manager. Assuming he becomes a bit less of a party animal while growing old gracefully, who better for a young striker to learn from?
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