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  1. A true Leicester legend 1966-1974 Over 1,000 league appearances ( & 1 goal! ) for his many clubs & 125 Full England caps, back when playing for England was the pinnacle of your career. Would have been more if it wasn't for Ray Clemence. Happy 70th Birthday Peter Shilton
  2. I would imagine a fair percentage of Foxestalkers like to have a bash at beating the bookies. I regularly donate a fiver of my hard earned to Mark Jarvis on a Saturday. Is this a matter for outrage & disapproval?
  3. Cologne is by far the most attractive place to stay in that part of Germany. The Dom is impressive & the Rhine is nicer than further north. The local beer is Kolsh which isn't as strong as most German beers. For serious drinking, a visit to Dusseldorf old town aka the longest bar in the world) is a great experience. rink Alt beer, a local dark lager, but moderate it or you wont remember much about your trip.
  4. The police are baffled. They have nothing to go on https://www.itv.com/news/2019-09-16/artist-who-created-4-8m-gold-toilet-praying-blenheim-palace-theft-was-prank/
  5. Parking on the pavement is sheer pig ignorance. In the village where I live outside the school & the chippy people regularly park half on the path half on the road on double yellows & I'm sure this is the case everywhere & not a traffic warden in sight. The disabled & Mum's with pushchairs regularly have to use the busy road just to get by. More traffic wardens would not only ease the problem but also bring in revenue for our cash strapped councils.
  6. Man Utd 1 City 2 Rashford for them. Vardy brace for us. Attenhance - 75,779 Weather - Sunny day in Manchester Ole in big trouble Man Utd linked with most of our team.
  7. Will any of us still be alive when this is all finished? Will we ever play Leeds again? Maybe in the cup I suppose.
  8. The only problem with the tram is the horrendous queue to get anywhere near the metro station after the game. Allow at least an hour.
  9. The Birch scored a belter of a goal during my first full season at Filbert St. v dirty Leeds, a 35 yard screamer (it gets further every time I describe it!) that at first looked that he had skyed it but at the last second it dipped over leeds keeper David Harvey. Not really a story, I know, but a brilliant memory.
  10. The Virgin service to Euston from Rugby is reasonably priced. Bit of a snag though getting back to Leicester from Rugby after a day on the lash 😎
  11. Don't normally go away games on the rattler because of the exorbitant prices but made a spur of the moment exception for the Sheffield Utd game. On both journeys there were more standing than sitting, obviously not enough carriages, & on the return journey the air con had packed up on an extremely hot day. Nearly £30 for a shit service, feck em, back to Zoonies for the Man Utd game.
  12. Sunny afternoon was brilliant. All or nothing, the Small Faces musical also worth seeing.
  13. The 2015-2016 season. An unbelievable 9 months of mine & every City fans life 👍 The dwindling lack of social interraction between human beings & the emergence of the 'Outraged' generation 👎
  14. Gary Parker was a class act. Sorry to say my main memory of him was the diabolical sending off by a ref on Jesus Gil's payroll for taking a free kick allegedly too early, which in effect led us to a European exit. Top player & likeable character.
  15. Do you mean the Fountain in the town hall square or the Fountain pub on Humberstone gate? The description could apply to either 😎
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