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  1. What if she doesn't know that she's in the club?
  2. You are Woody Allen & I claim my £5
  3. Mrs Boots announced she wanted something with diamonds for her birthday Got her a pack of cards
  4. Imagine the score if the Germans had the play the whole of Macedonia!!
  5. I'm taking my cue from the former head of FIFA for my suggestion Make the goals bigger Good old Sepp
  6. Another of Hamiltons scandinavians was Yari Rantanen. Human tank of a player he played 13 times for us netting 3 times 29 caps for Finland Famous for wearing undersize shorts.
  7. Kjetil Osvold was one of Bryan Hamiltons more forgettable signings. 4 games for us on loan from notts forest 37 caps for Norway Famous for once nutmegging Maradona.
  8. Unsure of their opening arrangements but the Bowling Green has outside screens.
  9. Ady Boothroyd's excuse The players have had too much game time with their clubs WTF!!!!
  10. Mrs Boots said to me "You love football more than you love me" I replied "I love Notts Forest more than I love you" the olduns are the best
  11. My link don't work, help, not good at links. Put this down to age, which in itself is ironic.
  12. Plenty of Irony about in these strange times, Kicking off with a bit of graffiti https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-56412177
  13. Not exactly City Centre but the Crows Nest is getting geared up for the glorious 12th.
  14. Had my first jab yesterday. The nurse said ''Don't worry, its only a little ****" I said "I know, but its the only one I've got" its edited the word p r i c k !!!!
  15. Would look forward to them more if our international manager didn't set up with 5 defenders & 2 defensive midfielders, when for the first time in a long while we actually have sufficient creative/attack minded players to make a difference. Still, it's another game to watch on the box.
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