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  1. boots60

    NYT's British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    Same here, Guess that makes me a Posh slob
  2. boots60

    Season Ticket

    Plenty of empty seats on the profile pic. Try there.
  3. boots60

    Best musical cities

    & Alex Harvey band, Fratellis, Gerry Rafferty
  4. boots60

    Best musical cities

    Our near neighbours......... Specials, Selector, The Enemy, Hazel O'Connor & er....Frank Ifield They even have their own pop music museum FFS
  5. You are Roy Cropper & I claim my £5
  6. boots60


    Sign more Germans
  7. boots60

    Name this Leicester team

    Ray Clemence
  8. boots60

    first city game

    I discovered football a bit later than most. 10 years old! The 1970 World cup finals, transmitting delayed coverage to our Black & White telly got me hooked & out of a sense of pure glory I started supporting Brazil. After the finals had finished I consistently pestered my Dad to take me to watch Brazil play. This was to my dismay a non starter as my Dad kindly explained that the Austin 1100 would struggle to make Skegness let alone Rio De Janierio. So it came to pass that in November of that year I was taken to Filbert Street to see Leicester v Swindon. Like the kid out of Fever Pitch I was totally overwhelmed by the whole occasion. The climb to the double decker, the odour of hot dogs & bovril & me & my Dad chatting to friendly strangers it was a massiver eye opener into the real world for me. The football, from the bit I can remember was a whole lot better than the odd bit you saw on the box now & again. So, that was that, after a 3-1 victory to City I changed my allegiance from Brazil to Leicester City & have spent the best part of 5 decades on the LCFC rollercoaster ride we all know & love. PS I still like Brazil though!
  9. boots60

    Brewing political Crisis in Thailand

    Brewing crisis in Thailand Thought this was going to be a Singha beer thread
  10. Back in 1976 upon receiving my first wage packet I took a trip on my Mobylette to the tattooist on Filbert Street & after fibbing about my age had a Fox L.C.F.C tattoo on my left arm. Unlike now,this was in the days when tats were generally frowned upon. "you'll regret having that done" said me Dad..... The only time he was wrong!
  11. boots60

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    If you have one going spare mate I would love to have one to fill a hole in my Leicester European memorabilia. Will pay in pints.
  12. boots60

    Tottenham away

    Kilburn, 4 stops on the Jubilee from Wembley North London tavern, White Lion, Sir Colin Campbell & Coopers arms all decent boozers & while reasonably busy you wont have to queue for half an hour to get a beer.
  13. boots60

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    I will only leave Leicester City to go to a big club like Manchester United, Rangers, Newcastle & ....er...Wolves. Its took the sleeping giants over 20 years & numerous managers to wake up.
  14. boots60

    Is the City of Leicester a dump?

    Tailors to the toffs for decades & the BS throughout the 80's