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  1. Never trust an Italian who's name doesn't end in a vowel.
  2. But we are now firmly established in the "Big 4" Surely we should be linked with the better players of minnows like Arsenal, Man Utd & Spurs.
  3. A mate of mine owns a car repair garage. He loves them. Kerching.
  4. R.I.P quality local journalism Bring back Fred Leicester.
  5. 4 English based players & 3 play for us. Brilliant. Perhaps we should sign that Messi fella as cover for Vardy.
  6. A dozen or so teams in with a chance of finishing top of the league outside the "Big four" clubs 😉
  7. Frank Worthington. not just the best left footed player in LCFC history but the best left footed player in FOOTBALL history.
  8. £25 for a nipper is scandalous, especially as they make most of their money selling dildo's.
  9. Not sure if this is a record but over 52,000 turned up at Anfield last night for a reserve game.
  10. Got me surnames muddled up. Senior moment!
  11. A quality striker as back up to Vardy. Someone with an eye for goal who will not mind being Vardy's back up & when he eventually gets his chance will take it. Step forward local lad Che Evans.
  12. t'airport closest to Sheffield is named after a bloke from Notts. Bizarre.
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