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  1. Car share, imho, is the funniest prog on the box in years. Peter Kay is a comedy genius & Sian Gibson is perfect foil for his humour. The "dogging" episode in series 1 was side splitting. Keep your eyes peeled for the fake road signs in most episodes. Hilarious.
  2. I am laughing at the man who has consistently disrespected our club over the time he has somehow achieved the position of football club manager, whether that be Villa or Spurs. The arrogance of the man has come back to give him a reminder that one or two half decent results at the beginning of his managerial disasters does not make him a capable candidate. PS remember1993! Next stop non league.
  3. Relegated Swindon Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke
  4. 10 coloured lads In Norwich Were they lost?
  5. Going to have to change my user name to Mcboots. I am a closet sweaty.
  6. Was certainly their fault the officiating was terrible in 1997. Jesus Gil & brown envelopes.
  7. That side will save us a few bob in the transfer market.
  8. Bruges 3-0 win & Albrighton goal The square, fantastic atmosphere Belgian beer, the best Copenhagen The smiles on the faces of the Danes as they relieved you of €25 for brekkie & €8 a pint Porto Atmospheric city Cheap eats & drink Bars next to the river, brilliant Seville First bit of sun in ages Tasty tapas The bus ride through the Andalusian landscape Vardys goal, gave us a ray of hope Madrid Magnificent city, more sunshine, more tasty tapas The back street bars Friendly Atletico fans 5 Away trips I would never have experienced if it was not for our brilliant 2015-2016 season. Thank you Leicester City FC.
  9. It's not Pochetino's fault. Neither is it Tottenham fault. How can you possibly win the league when the "Whole World" is against you?
  10. The Spanish plod will be disappointed. They wont know who to batter
  11. My Mrs bought a Jag. She ran off with the bloke from the petrol station
  12. Murphy off form. I could have beat him tonight & my highest break is 36
  13. Weatherfield County. Been bobbing around the lower leagues for years. Not surprising, as nobody ever goes to see them .
  14. Tom Ford out. Didn't play anywhere nearly as good as he can. Will be disappointed. Barry Hawkins looking on form.