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  1. All very true, now the tables have turned somewhat. I don't mind Rugby Union, I don't mind the club Leicester Tigers, but I have to raise a smile when I recall what (some) of the egg chasers used to use, self righteously,as bait to wind up City fans. Personally it is nothing whatsoever to do with the class thing, more of an attitude that you would never get from fans of other sports, cricket, basketball etc.
  2. After years of self satisfied smug remarks from (some) Tigers fans the club is up for sale for less than the value of one of our defenders! I love Irony.
  3. 95.5 % of all statistics are rubbish
  4. Johan Cruyff to sign for Leicester Lee Chapman's brought a house in Oadby Martin Allen signs 13 new (mostly free) players in a week
  5. Anyone remember when the Orange tree was the Haunch of Venison. Proper old townie pub famed for some very dodgy strippers on a Sunday?
  6. Not a lot going on to celebrate the City's centenary. Radio Leicester doing their bit but sweet FA from Leicester City council (working for you)
  7. 100 today June 13th 1919 George V came to the town of Leicester & declared it a City
  8. The great late Jimi Hendrix
  9. The great late James Brown
  10. The great late Ronnie Lane
  11. A very good point. This will be most interesting in Women's football. This will favour strikers not as "well Built" as the others!
  12. Give us an L Havent heard that one for a bit.
  13. No problem getting 40,000 together for a day out for a meaningless trophy, so the potential is there. The problem is the goings on between sisu/wasps/Cov council have together with being in the lower divisions drained the passion out of the fans. 10,000 odd for a City the size of Cov is a poor turnout. They still harp on about 1987 though, bless em.
  14. Mate of mine who runs one of them e-coli vans outside the ground has been informed Friday 2nd August will be the "prestige" friendly date. No opposition announced as yet.
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