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  1. "Well if you're talking about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out"
  2. I'm off to Florence end August / early September when we haven't got a game & was thinking the same thing. Shouldn't be a problem though, after all it wasn't us fans that sacked Claudio. The reaction of the Italians I met at the Euros last year was nothing short of amazing & I'm sure many still have a soft spot for us even after Claudio's departure.
  3. Since May last year. Before that i followed Chelsea & before that Arsenal & before that Man Utd & before that Liverpool. I have always supported Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid & PSG. I might support Tottenham next.
  4. One of Jocks legends. All the best Youngy.
  5. Weren't he knocking about with Taylor Swift a couple of years back?
  6. Personally I love the super modern technology utilised by our ticket office. Makes life so much easier & totally hassle free
  7. Leicester City were the fist team to win a domestic trophy in the 21st century
  8. Arsenal away on a friday can be a dear trip going from Leicester on the overpriced line to St Pancras. Going on Virgin from Rugby/Brum is a much cheaper option but a lot of feckin about unless you live there. Now the Manure game has been moved to half five you would need to get back to Manchester Piccadilly for half eight to get to Brum for the last train home. Cutting it fine. Huddersfield via Brum & comment! Ta for the link.
  9. Bring back Pierrepoint
  10. Schmiecal Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mahrez Kante Drinkwater Albrighton Okazaki Vardy There will never be a better City side
  11. Up for grabs on another thread. £5 should secure.
  12. So, DD gives you his whistle & you make a poor attempt to flog it on a message board! Personal friend 😁
  13. The rollercoaster ride evens out. A middling season. Good enough to not have to worry about the drop but will not trouble the European slots. The inevitable rebuild begins.
  14. The Small faces first 2 albums were both entitled "Small Faces" The second of these, on immediate records is the one between their pop/mod era & their psychodelia period. Marriot, Lane, McLagan, & Jones at their finest.
  15. I had a fortnight in Pyongyang last summer & no fecker had heard of us!!