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  1. Nor just saying this because they are Derby fans but I feel very sad reading their posts as it seems the vast majority have learning difficilties.
  2. There's 2 better than him at Leicester
  3. Bring back the Foxy Ladies. Must be in their 40's by now. One of them is now an international film star! (Nudge nudge wink wink)
  4. 4 Years a Slave is a 2020 biographical period-drama film and an adaptation of the 1853 slave memoir Twelve Years a Slave. A Poland free man who was kidnapped in Krakov by Steve Walsh in 2016 and sold into slavery. Kapustka was put to work at Belvoir Drive in the City of Leicester for 4 years before being released. Kapustka was forced to spend 4 years sat on a bench & only on 3 occasions was he given his freedom to play football.This is a carefully retraced and validated account and concluded it to be accurate.[4] Other characters in the film were also real people, including Claudio Ranieri, Jamie Vardy & Andy King.
  5. Clubs will always elect for the best case scenario for themselves. Corona or not, self preservation will always be the key issue. Just look at the Jocks.
  6. Roy Keane thought his Dad was a bit of a tosser
  7. Anyone in the know regarding promotion to division 2 ? I would imagine with only 91 clubs in the league that Barrow will automatically be promoted but will there be another National league club come up with them & Stevenage relegated, or will Stevenage be given a reprieve?
  8. Loved the Dortmund players saluting their fans after their win today. Very sporting 👍
  9. Police asked him "Did they steal your cups?" Alli replied " No, they didn't go in the kitchen" https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52656589
  10. Safeway was where Morrison's is now
  11. This could stall the restart in Germany on Saturday which in turn could stall the proposed premier league restart. End the season now in all countries & plan to stsrt the new season in August, if possible. Current league positions to stand for all EU qualification & relegation purposes. Some will be happy, some won't but lives will certainly be saved.
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