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  1. jonthefox

    Name this Leicester team

    Phil Neals one
  2. jonthefox

    Name this Leicester team

    Franz Beckenbaur (sp?)
  3. jonthefox


    There’s a car park underneath the odeon in Swiss Cottage for £15 a day. Easy to find ( just follow the Finchley Road) and its next to the tube.
  4. jonthefox

    The joke thread

    Gianfranco Zola gave me a Valentine’s Day card earlier. I thought he’s a little forward.
  5. jonthefox

    Season Ticket

    Boring now.
  6. jonthefox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    SouthStand Billy, Today at 6:35 PM I know Mate, Spammer level fans.. They sing Champions of England you’ll never sing that, despite us winning the league TWICE. Thick as shit. There's a special place in hell for spurs fans.
  7. jonthefox

    Tottenham Away Conceding Bingo

    32 ☺️
  8. jonthefox

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    I had no idea you were called Tom .
  9. jonthefox

    Filbert street land now sold

    May seem a daft question but is that the original?. Anyway, a very good idea.
  10. jonthefox

    The Foxes Tattoo thread

    Anyone know who this is?.
  11. jonthefox

    Sky Package - Special Offers

    There’s nowt worth watching anyway.