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  1. Looking at Krakow for late August. I think I’m the only person who’s never been.
  2. Always a bonus when playing professional football
  3. Two West Ham tickets needed lads. Any leads?
  4. Never going to happen.
  5. I agree. Any tribute would have to be fan funded.
  6. Hmm , not exactly a glowing tribute for all visitors to see is it.
  7. I can almost guarantee that absolutely nothing will be done to honour our title winning squad. Such a shame.
  8. This is following on from a conversation I had at work , when a colleague told me about his uncle who would boil a kettle for a brew and then pour the rest of the water into a thermos flask. Apparently it saved him boiling it again 😆. So what’s the most tight arsed thing you’ve seen someone do ?.
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