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  1. RIP Chester . Loved Linkin park
  2. 1974 v Liverpool. We lost.
  3. This is a quote.
  4. We should make Musa captain and tell them to feck off.
  5. Your signing took ages 188 pages
  6. Today's the day
  7. Just what I was about to say.
  8. That's me .
  9. Today's the day.
  10. Just bought a car off eBay with no reserve . The seller had dyslexia and when I got home I realised the bloody thing didn't go backwards.
  11. That's the Ricoh isn't it?.
  12. India. Did the golden triangle thing and then had a week in goa .
  13. Here it is.
  14. How long you been on it?.
  15. I'm so glad you like Laurence Bedard. Any excuse for some more eh?.