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  1. Behave. Like this will happen .
  2. I'm going to get shot down here, but why are people calling for Chilwell to be dropped. Before you say, yes, i was at the game today, but surely there's never been a better chance for him to put it right.
  3. The Ramla bay resort in Mellieha bay. Best hotel iv'e ever stayed in.
  4. Thanks. We're staying in Argassi. Iv'e only just seen the whole island is 25 miles long and 12 wide. I reckon i'll book a car for a day to have a scoot around.
  5. Just booked Zante for a week in august. Anyone been?.
  6. Play your teenagers against forest mate. They’re shite .
  7. Love it. New ground and a good mate who's a Brentford season ticket holder. I see a night on the lash coming on
  8. Fulham away please. For no other reason than I’ve never been.
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