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  1. Come on Boris. Pull through 🙏
  2. Had one last night from Capacodia in Oadby. Lovely wraps and kebabs etc. Like others have said, it keeps businesses going.
  3. Always remind me of cow pats. Summer time ones of course where the top has hardened.
  4. Just had a full refund from Swiss air.
  5. Told to stay at home until further notice by my boss. Amazing how many of my friends are posting about being at work on social media.
  6. Asda at Fosse park pretty much back to normal. Apart from bog roll of course.
  7. They will be if this continues. Maybe they could sell off a major asset to the next Vincent Tan
  8. I’d be happy donating it to King Power. The travel industry is going to be decimated and if the clubs finances are one less thing to worry about then so be it. After all, they’ve given me plenty recently.
  9. Same here. My sons going to school today and i've got to work. Madness.
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