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  1. Multiple username amnesty.

    Multiple active accounts maybe, these in the most part haven't been active in years.
  2. Multiple username amnesty.

    Good. That was my hope. I'm not anyone else i'm afraid.
  3. Multiple username amnesty.

    Right. Here goes then. If I'm still here tomorrow, then great, if not, it is what it is. From what I can remember: Aspectfox Formidable Formidable1 CRSLeicester only - dreemin There may have been others too but have not managed to remember them all.
  4. Multiple username amnesty.

    Are you perceived as being a little bit naughty Miquel?
  5. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    Love a good rub on me meat but it won't have come from a place off t'internet! Meat bores can be exhausting!
  6. Well that's very kind of you Facecloth, by far the most complimentary thing said since Easter at least.
  7. Let you into a little secret chief , the t'internet post will not change the course of my life because a few folk didn't agree. I'll get past it, you'll get past it but for the time being, I'd like to concentrate on the grammar fail putdown. But not for too long because I know it won't effect you in anyway either after 8pm.
  8. Multiple username amnesty.

    Can we have an amnesty for multiple usernames please but impunity for any previous indiscretions under previous guises? I'm sure it would clear the site of plenty of unused accounts. I have seen that I have 5 previous ID's that I no longer have log ins for but not sure if the reasons were for etiquette or not. Cheers
  9. That Nigel GIF is a dream, it epitomises so many posts on here!
  10. Oh, the old type a response quickly to make someone look a T**t routine, get it wrong and then say "What about you then?" Give me strength!
  11. Delete it quickly and I will delete mine to help you out!
  12. Yes but you wouldn't be able to see it from where you are, so you were fair game.
  13. Oh Oh I see. So when should have been used and not until. I get it now.