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  1. Dyche moans at everything, he can do one. Although I was impressed be Burnley, they really did work hard and the football wasn't all long ball, they did play abit. Happy with the 3 points against a side I thought would bully us. It was a clip, so it's a foul.
  2. They should have sent Will Smith, playing Hancock
  3. They remind me of a rich mans national front
  4. I think the Leicester city footy result on Saturday will have a massive effect on the result
  5. I constantly watch a video clip of her dancing
  6. I have very low standards
  7. I vote of the fittest MP or the MP with the fittest wife
  8. So glad to see the 'god men' and political cults being investigated and sounded out. https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-who-are-radha-soami-satsang-beas-dera-malvinder-shivinder-singh-religare-6068897/
  9. Burger King are bringing there 'impossible burger' to the UK before the EU
  10. It was a penalty, soft or not. Albrighton messed up, but shit happens. Liverpool deserved the win, we were one gear behind them
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