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  1. Does that mean he gets multi votes on the Foxestalk elections, for which I must say am the obvious leader
  2. I heard the surge was because they wait until EastEnders had finished
  3. Me and my BNP pals usually piss on them first.
  4. I'm taking over, @mattp doesnt have the jezzas
  5. Sounds as though you were at the same 3 way 'party' as Dianne Abbott and Jezza last might.
  6. They tried to turn me away until I told them I'm voting BNP
  7. No, but he is walking with a empty sack and crabs
  8. I reckon she had a late night with Corbyn, and it's totally fooked her up in more ways then one
  9. To be fair Abbott's face is enough to make her.look stupid
  10. Leicester East still voting Vaz?
  11. Well I will be on welfare, with all the extra cash,.I will not only have time but have the surplus cash to buy you a beer and have change to get 2 dances at a titty bar
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