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  1. Yes and guess what the public voted for what he asked, so maybe he was justified in doing so. Well done Mr Farage. Unlike all the politicians after the brexit vote that cried tears and went against the majority, they lost and they deserve what they get.
  2. The vote was to leave, leave won, we should be listening to second place guys on the best way to leave even if it is the most difficult thing to do. And inturn the second place folk should be honourable to accept it, and not act like spoilt children and protest to overturn the vote and policiticians should not pay heed to it. What I saw was the politicians shoot UK's bargaining ability In the foot by trying to undermine the vote. That is criminal.
  3. I'm really confused, who gives a fook who is second, I won second prize.in a beauty contest.and guess what no fooker ever mentions it. A vote was won, by over a fooking million votes, let's move on folks
  4. Absolutely, Sikhism was born out of a.mans repugnant hatred towards racism, man has always been racist
  5. was there any other outcome
  6. Mine had skids at the baxk, white stains at the front, now I have yellow wet stains everywhere
  7. Take a loan out, I here quickquid offer good rates.
  8. The thread made my think we signed Akenfenwe.
  9. Wait! Nah.....you nearly had me Pruss
  10. Good, he can go to Derby and lose again in a play off final
  11. I'm already taking revenge by shagging colonial women
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