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  1. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Yeah but it won't be about the match
  2. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Very true, I'm so happy and impressed by the performance. Still not into this Andy King bumming though...
  3. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    One great miss kick for a opposition goal ONE ANDY KING
  4. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    I blame Andy King
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Against this team we would get away with that expectation
  6. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Not having a dig but he hasn't done much else then kick a ball past a keeper. If people are impressed with that.....
  7. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    This match and Newcastle match is chalk and cheese, we've not wasted possession, we've made Forster work
  8. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Pol Pot is a winger you fool
  9. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Did Albrighton shag Puels daughter or something?
  10. President Trump & the USA

    But you don't have any friends.....
  11. Songs that make you cringe ?

    My fav song,it keeps the stadium norm
  12. LRI again.

    Get well soon Ken
  13. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    That's rich comming from you, but hey, let's all throw stones at glass houses. Attention, from who???? If getting negative posts from my fellow city fans is something to be impressed by, go ahead mate the stage is yours....
  14. Lost keys in the away end today

    Where do u live and when are u at home, i think may have em I'm only kidding, good luck with finding them