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  1. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Biggest fake of them all, he lives in asylum, slates of the country that disagrees with him but keeps stum over the human right abuses about the country he is hiding in, what a hypocrite The lamas including this one endorsed a caste based fuedal regime endorsing there superiority bybuse of violence before China kicked ass. Persecuting those non believers.
  2. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    What a wasted opportunity, Chelsea looked tired and weak, mad yet we blew it. 2 mistakes, lackluster approach and poor substitutes cost us.
  3. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    Mistakes cost us today, that was the difference.
  4. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    You must be new, this is normal
  5. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Morgan's marking for the goal was poor, he got sucked in
  6. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Macho man, is so sloppy
  7. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Sue Barker is definitely worthy of building me up to a climax
  8. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I'm really confused, this is a forum which people express there opinions, I'm not sure what your expecting.
  9. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    were not footballers either, maybe we should stop talking about football. What a load of tosh, it's a forum by the way....
  10. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I have many soldiers in my household, I have 6 current, and over 20 within 2 generations and more over 6 generations If you think soldiers do not have a moral compass then I'm afraid, your taking out of your backside. Soldiers are trained to fight and follow orders, but they trust those that give them the orders. In this case where the French obviously have no regard for there Sikh population, why would those Soldiers risk there life. My grand dad faught in world war 2 for the British, and I asked him would he fight for the British, knowing what they did, he said he faught, because he believed the Germans were an evil that needed destroying. He actually volunteered to fight. My cousin faught for the indiam army, he today regrets ever wearing the uniform for them, knowing now the genocide attacks the Indian government did against the Sikhs in the 80's. How many soldiers today are having mental and psychological trauma due to fighting a immoral war in Iraq?
  11. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    UK is weak, we've got people from our country in 3rd world jail's without any evidence being tortured and our government does shit or can do shit. Who would have thought the mighty empire gets bitch slapped by 3rd world shit.