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  1. https://www.nationalheraldindia.com/india/its-our-duty-to-protect-honour-of-kashmiri-women-sikh-religious-leader Need I say more.
  2. Kashmir is fooooked if anyone cares Women are gonna get raped and ethnic cleansing will begin...so sad
  3. I'm in Nashville drinking a IPA made by a brewery that is solely owned and all the workers are women......and guess what it's good. Brewery name is New Heights. Talk about gender descrimination though
  4. I don't get this love affair with Afghanistan, why the fook does every nation want to invade it, leave the foookers alone for god sake, they don't 5G networks or Adiddas trainers or a George Foreman grill.
  5. He is still good enough for post and pre match banter I suppose? In terms of changing our or adding to our attacking dynamics, he is zero this far
  6. Early days, he is learning, so let's not hype h or put pressure on him, so far so good
  7. So sad, all I can say I the east can be a very risky place
  8. We have no plan B Interms of varying our attack ie tall striker, so we are limited
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