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  1. Casling, fosters and Coors light....beat that you mo fos
  2. I will ask the boss. Puris themselves is chappati flour, water, rolled out and deep fried. The prawn part is far more awkward.
  3. Ordered Chinese today for the kids...took 2 hours. Myself and the Mrs did a poooooonjabi banquet of bahijis, samosas, lamb kebabs and prawn puris
  4. Diane Abbott is a lucky lady.
  5. His kids are in there mid twenties and keep failing there SATS......good on him for never giving up.
  6. That's just disgusting
  7. Boots is closing down today.....I've just gone to my local stores and they've all run out of Anusol, feck those panik buyers
  8. Not after 10 beers she hasnt
  9. Aslong as the internet is still alive, we will survive
  10. I said god not dog...
  11. God is punishing you?
  12. I'm waiting for 'god is punishing us'
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