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  1. Woke up this morning and feel so brill, great win yesterday. First half we were poor but that second half was great against a very good team. Good to see Cags back, he looked so self assured, I can't imagine what little Wes must be thinking though
  2. the guys on BT substuanted there first half dominance and as a neutral I think a draw is what is agreed.
  3. They deserved a draw. They were better first half. Once we scored we were better.
  4. @worthosoriginalsas per the limited intelligence of self improvement. Just cus you had a first half where the odds say we should not. However intelligent people made some changes for us to succeed However we were shit first half regardless of the goal. Any person about improving themselves would always look to improve. Too many peeps talk shit about being happy about the norm, I'm sure Brendan would be about the improvements rather them the norm.
  5. The movement etc of there attack is so floud, we are so predictable.
  6. We are, put your blue goggles to one side,.to.improve is one to criticise.
  7. We are shit today, hats of the them, they have been great, totally motivated and warrior like, compared to our pansys
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