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  1. Mahrez and Kante anyone. I do remember Vardy getting a offer from the arse 3 years ago. Talent is always in demand
  2. Dr The Singh

    The Apprentice 2018

    the girls
  3. Dr The Singh

    Any other refugees from the old Planet football forum?

    Most of those guys are on chickswithdicks.com, where I'm an moderator.
  4. That's the problem, there is mass divide with our fans, and that says alot about the current situation. Many believe we're not improving, too many changes, poor tactics, poor subs, poor player choices with a talented young side. The owners aren't daft, they will make there own decision, personally I think 10 games is a good indication. I think he will be given time by the owners, but I do think this will end in another season drift by with frustration.
  5. Dr The Singh

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Mendys, cats grandma is born i. England, that makes him eligible
  6. Dr The Singh

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    Not until 25th December
  7. Cool, tell the ownees, cus they are the ones wanting European football,....send them a memo,..........I'm sure they would be happy with the lets not want something better, let's stay safe and steady.......infact, maybe that should be there business model, Im sure that is the secret to success they are looking for.
  8. Dr The Singh

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    You jinxed it
  9. Puel's history of bringing in real talent will be tested in Xmas......the likes of Maguire, Chilwell and Maddison will be hot property, with city languishing around 10th, I can see them leave for good money. Do we trust Puel with £_££££
  10. Dr The Singh

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Were missing the likes of David Batty
  11. I'm sorry but no matter how shit Amartey is, Alan Rodgers at 45 years is not the answer
  12. Dr The Singh


    Bakole fight was the best of the night, loved it, so glad channel 5 showed it.
  13. Dr The Singh

    What is it that we're missing?

  14. Dr The Singh

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Boxing promoters doing commentary