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  1. There's a Subway across the road if your still hungry, and a wethersoons just around the corner for pre or apres champers
  2. Has anyone seen him at Morrisons at Freeman's Park
  3. Not bad place for a cheap week day break
  4. Yates or wethersoons at printworks, cracking range of drinks
  5. I was really hoping BLM would be a catalyst for change. For me it has turned into some sort of political movement and lost sight of what bending the knee actually meant. They had the world rattled and now.....
  6. I called him shit before the game and had little faith in the guy. He proved today he can be effective, and did well. Good on the guy.
  7. First half we seemed a little too respectful, second half was better, very Claude Puelesque
  8. That Delap has a really good long throw
  9. It's genetics mate, they can't do anything about it.
  10. Poor first half, but to be fair we have kept Man City quite
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