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  1. The thing is with islam, culture and religion come hand in hand, it is a way of life. Sunni Muslims follow Islam according to sunah, which is the way Mohammed lived his life, as he is seen as the perfect human being. Hence, the dress, look and actions are derived from hadiths, his life story. Pakistani culture and Indian culture is similar but yet so different even within themselves, both have a Punjab and they are different from other states. For me, it's all about how religious one is and how open the doctrine is.
  2. I know an ex Muslim who has had death threats, UK born and bred. However, majority Muslims are good people band chose to ignore parts of the Qur'an that maybe extreme or contreversial which there are many statements.
  3. I think she angry cus the weight came off my cock
  4. what have I said. Ok buddy, If I offended you in anyway I'm sorry.
  5. Absolutely agree with you. I think honour killings are horrendous.......I'm glad my faith says so aswell, these archiac cultural values must stop. Sikhs have a long journey before they can rid there cultural past and become true Sikhs This is the difference between me and you, I'm open to criticize what is wrong within my kin, I don't try and sugar coat Any how let's get back on track
  6. Sorry hejammy, I assumed your islamic, because you tend only to post when Islam/Muslims are involved What you written in bold is what other Muslims I know have said. So if there is Sharia law or even Sharia courts, should we be concerned? Do you think it's right that people be killed because they change there faith?
  7. Good news, I got drunk last night, ate loads of cake and not put any weight on. Bad news, argued with the wife and now she is grumpy about it.
  8. That's sad you feel like that. I'm not trying to cause an argument, I'm just confused by your statements......you say apostacy is irrelevant, or showing you are not a religion or changed faith is not important, yet your religion has clear guidance for apostates, so it must be relevant, you have stuff about it written in the Qur'an, so is the Qur'an not relevant? Being a non Muslim I am very confused. Majority of practising Muslims I know have concerns about apostacy, most believe it was written for a time where crisis and battle of losing numbers were critical and it probably isn't relevant in times of peace. Which I think is a weak arguement to be fair. Are you open enough to be critical of your faith? Question it, challenge it?
  9. Jealous
  10. No it's not irrelevant, Muhammad didn't think it was irrelevant. In India, according to the Indian Constitution, Sikhs are Hindus, which is absurd, however my father is an athiest, he would never want to be called Sikh, because it's not true, it's like gays pretending to be straight. Majority converts to announce to all there faith, especially when asked it's common sense? So what is the punishment of apostacy prescribed by the leader of your faith, in your hadiths and prescribed today.
  11. I don't understand, nothing happened....
  12. When I post on this forum, then no fookers posts afterwards.....is it my after shave???
  13. Thank you sexy