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  1. Gratulation ManPenUnited... ...last season 22 penalties - this season 11 pens no club in whole Europe has been awarded more penalties in that time... this smells like xxxxxxxx
  2. I can't understand why before the free kick Jamie didn't say to Gray: YOU DO NOT SHOOT
  3. I'm not disappointed, I'm just angry. If you have to substitute a player like Gray to turn a game around, then I really can't think of anything else. It's just embarrassing that we don't have a viable striker on the bench at all. I'm sure no striker from the Under 23's is worse than Gray and Nacho. This has nothing to do with a top 6 team. I don't think we'll play any worse teams than Palace.
  4. also as a Championship player you should be able to shoot cornerkicks and freekicks. Unfortunately our little mini-Beckham cannot do this. And also his great pass for Jamie doesn't make it any better. He is useless. Nobody needs to compare him with Grealish anymore. Unfortunately Grealish is better by classes and I really can't stand this diver at all...
  5. Klopp always complains about others. He should first look for his faults in himself. It is a fact that he always wants to play with his best 11, that is his right. But it is obvious that he squeezes his best players like a lemon. He had great success with this in Dortmund for 2 years and became German Champion twice in a row. After these 2 years most of the Dortmund players were simply finished. The last 2 years in Liverpool were of course very successful. But this is also happening on the back of his best players, who rarely or never get a break. Now after 2 years pressing, pressing and press
  6. 1 striker vs Fulham - RODGERS HORROR FOOTBALL SHOW - 1 striker vs Fulham
  7. I'm not interested in whether BC had mental problems or still has them. He has never been able to do good crosses and he will continue to do so. I think it was more the big money from Chelsea that turned his head and he really seems to think he's a very good LB. Finally I'm very happy he's no longer playing for the Foxes....
  8. if Jamie quits sometime in 5 years I will watch a stream from a mini golf tournament at the weekend.....
  9. No problem. We have Little Wes, he's better and and maybe soon he will play with his father Big Wes in the starting XI....
  10. Barnes is invisible - Perez has always been invisible (except for the 9:0 in Southampton)... we need a left winger and a right winger. And in case nobody noticed, except Jamie, we don't have a good striker in the whole squad.
  11. Saw CU last Sunday for the first time. Today then 45 minutes. He had a great chance to score, otherwise he was quite invisible. I am afraid he will not solve Foxes problem on the wing. His YouTube video was very promising, but the reality looks different...
  12. In the 65th minute the most expensive defender in Chelsea club history was replaced. In the 2nd half he had only 2 back passes and a soft free kick into the box...
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