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  1. In the 3 games I saw more dangerous crosses and passes from Luke Thomas than from Chilwell during the whole season. Unfortunately, he messed up against Tottenham. Imo he is very good and can get much better with more games, so Chilwell should be sold and the money should be invested in a winger Mahrez 2.0...
  2. Congratulations, Jamie. Best Foxes player ever. He deserves the Golden Boot so much. Unfortunately, he misses Riyad Mahrez, otherwise he probably would have scored more than 30 goals... Hero and legend forever
  3. Thank God it's not Jonathan Moss...
  4. Thanks to WestHam - now another Jamie GOLDEN BOOT GOAL and we are in the CL
  5. This has nothing to do with sports anymore. As tried since weeks to push ManU into the CL is only criminal. The fraud today at Crystal Palace and also at Leicester City is hard to beat. A stolen penalty, a stolen goal. Congratulations to FA and VAR. You're pathetic frauds, it's a disgrace. I'm looking forward to the final against ManU and Jamie will kick you out of the stadium.
  6. It's no fun anymore to watch football and it's just ridiculous. The scammers Moss and his VAR friends should be banned for life. I'm pretty sure that this Moss will also whistle our last game against ManU and then it will be really hard, if not almost impossible, to beat ManU...
  7. imo today was almost the best Foxes game of 2020. If we had played like that against Watford and Brighton, we would have 4 points more. Today was the turning point and we will win the last 4 games. Then there will be no more corrupt VAR decisions helping ManU. I am really looking forward to the CL with Jamie and his wild Foxes...
  8. all attacks on Mustafi's site, then it works. let's fight for the CL
  9. Congratulations from 804 miles away to your great goal record
  10. BR must now dare to make a difference. The Foxes still have everything in their own hands. Ricardo is irreplaceable. JJ is just a stopgap measure. That's why we need to make a fresh start now, before it's really too late. Schmeichel Albrighton Evans Söyüncü Fuchs Ndidi Praet Maddison Barnes Nacho Vardy
  11. I'm a very big fan of Leicester City and I have been wondering for a long time why some FTers are always complaining about JV and this unfortunately for years. Didn't anyone here understand that without Jamie we wouldn't have been champions 2016, nor would we be third in PL at the moment. It's probably the same, sorry, unsuspecting fans who always criticise Kasper. Without Kasper we would have lost in Watford and also against Brighton and would have been out of the CL race. I also believe that those fans who see Chilwell as a very good footballer don't know much about this wonderful sport and they allow themselves to criticise a legend like JV. And once again to remind you JV scored 19 goals and I am sure he will shoot us into the CL, latest against ManU on July 26th and we all will cheer with him again...
  12. Thanks WHU - a great victory against 13 men (CHE + ref + blind VAR) It's still in our own hands. C'mon Foxes - we must all stick together now - we can do it.
  13. I love PL and I love Leicester City more than anything. I watch different games every weekend, but I now believe that there is a fraud behind many VAR decisions. Like WHU-CHE just now and twice here. There must be a penalty before the second WHU goal. Yesterday the second goal of ManUnited was clearly offside, the goal was not even checked by VAR. ManUnited got 11 penalties. It is almost only decided for the big clubs. So football makes no sense and it's no fun to watch... I hope WHU wins and we stay 3rd
  14. ...Congrats Mr. Ben Chilwell - 31 (in words thirty-one) ball losses in one game could be a new PL record. ...Please move to London or anywhere else, because I can't stand you for another season. ...you are a really nice guy, but as a professional footballer you are a nightmare for me.
  15. ...Congrats Mr. Ben Chilwell - 31 (in words thirty-one) ball losses in one game could be a new PL record. ...Please move to London or anywhere else, because I can't stand you for another season. ...you are a really nice guy, but as a professional footballer you are a nightmare for me.
  16. Referee Jonathan Moss is a walking joke. He's a danger to PLfootball. The FA should retire him immediately...I can't see him anymore
  17. where is Jamie (£ 137m) on that dream-team-list ?
  18. He is certainly a good player, but imo he's overrated. He was very good at Liverpool, he couldn't make it at Barcelona and was sent to Bayern Munich. But he has problems there as well. He also earns 25m € in Munich for a year's loan. Coutinho is definitely not worth that much money and Barcelona wants about 120m € transfer fee. For these reasons he will certainly not be a summer transfer for the Foxes.
  19. there can only be one and that is of course the incredible.... Jamieeeeee Vardyyyyyy
  20. The Foxes are back. Only 13 points left to Champions League...we can easily do this...and Jamie will contribute 27 goals to that big success
  21. What's with all the criticism? We are not Liv, we're not ManCity. We are LEICESTER CITY and we have 50 points after 26 games. We are 3rd in the PL and that is a great success. Maybe some critics should remember Puel's football, it was a torture for every Leicester fan. Anyway, I'm very proud of my Foxes this season and I'm very much looking forward to the Champions League...
  22. Not badly played overall. Sorry, Chilwell is a total impertinence. According to official statistics, he lost the ball 14 times. That doesn't work in the PL...
  23. You're right, of course. How could I forget Jamie, but unfortunately he won't be playing on Saturday from the beginning...
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