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  1. When I saw the title of this thread it kinda mirrored what’s been in my mind since the end of last season. Our magic year was built on strong foundations- Morgan....Huth...Fuchs...Simpson etc. We now have a more lightweight back line and I accept the strength of our pacy full backs - but still lightweight in comparison. We have invested in some great players - Maddison....Tielemans.....Perez and maybe Praet. Are we running the risk of ending up with a dangerously lightweight team that would be susceptible to being roughed up by the likes of Watford etc. Just a thought.
  2. Somebody mentioned earlier about how Rodgers seems so good (and different to Puel) at communicating with his players. It was really evident at the end when he went onto the pitch and not only shook hands with all the players (and the subs who didn't get on) but gave them all a big hug. I really think that sort of gesture will mean an awful lot to our boys. Long may it continue.
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