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  1. whats interesting for me is with the emergence of several good younger players - the best of the old squad and some very promising signings i can pick Schmeichel maguire Vardy the rest are up for grabs I think it will be an interesting season and hard to predict which way it will go But i do have a good feeling about the squad - only concern is vardy aside where will the goals come from
  2. 4 - ok - good point - below average - however - trying -there are 30k+ people in Leicester who could put on a shirt and said to be trying - but realistically non of us would ever get picked - i think we deserve better
  3. i watched - i thought Chilwell had his worst game for weeks - seldom has such a one-footed player played in the premiership Please tell me why you're saying he did well
  4. palace were good - pace - ideas - some real quality - enthusiasm - nicely balanced team good to see old Hodgkin enjoying himself - the man with the most miserable face in football smiled for most of the game GREAT CROWD - what an atmosphere played against some team of also rans Lacluster city i think they were called - i 'd score them 1 flat across the board - maybe Vardy two for having a shot Every week just gets worse and worse - on paper we had an easy run in Chilwell man of the match - really - ran into nowhere - crossed into nowhere - passed his team mates into trouble - so one footed he might as well only buy one boot - god help us the others were so bad he was the man of the match today
  5. steveb

    Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Well i think letting toe-poke Harry be the creative heart of midfield - mahrez train to be a left back -vardy as a spare linesman - in case the girl couldn't handle it worked well Hope for more of the same at Burnley - crap - but winning crap - personally i won't hear a word against the manager
  6. steveb

    Brighton Away post match 2-0

    total crap - i thought nil flattered both teams 100's of millions on show - mahrez entertained the crowd by falling over a few times - little lad called Vardy played well for the 30 seconds he was on the pitch - he must have been a late sub because i didn't see him before Brighton got what they deserved - we got lucky - - better than losing to crap though isn't it
  7. i'd score the whole team 1 in the first half and 10 in the second
  8. steveb

    Shakey Sacked

    sad it didn't work out - many thanks for all of the work in the amazing times - wish you well for the future if everyone who didn't perform this year was fired we couldn't field a team against Swansea but you're in charge in football you pay the price
  9. steveb

    Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Really bad - and really bad teams in the Premiership get relegated something has to change
  10. good enough to stay up - just - especially after the 'quality' signings are fit and settle in top 8 - no chance - totally unsettled team - mahrez slimani - not really doing it big hole where the midfield and midfield creativity should be stay up -just - because vardy will give us the necessary goals against the average teams - top half - very unlikely
  11. steveb

    Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    most of the premiership winnimg team - poor second to Huddersfield - they shouldn't really get paid - at best they only perfeormed for 10 minutes the commentator summed it up - every time Slimini got the ball he said 'thats awful' - can't argue with that Vardy - the only one looking like scoring- off with 10 to go- even Huddersfield looked puzzled - what the hell kind of decision was that Great prep for next year - we just watched a championship game
  12. steveb

    Chelsea post match 1-2

    The difference today was Mahrez - he had all of the best oportunities to produce chances Did so badly i thought he was playing for them - i know he's potentially brilliant - but at the moment i wouldn't pick him to pick fruit Slimani either - clearly he either hasn't got it or doesn't want to produce it - apart from the fluffed chance i don't remember anyone mentioning his name lcfc are all about trying and neither of them seemed to give a stuff