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  1. I used to be prematurely critical of iheanacho. We're getting more and more blue moons. His recent headed goal (v brighton ? ) was also taken with a lot of skill. I always think when commentators are drooling over players in fashion "Yeah, I wonder if he tried that 10 times how many times could he pull it off " In Messi's case i reckon the answer would usually be 9 or 10 but I don't think many others would be that good. Practice of course puts the number up. We all know what Gary Player said so wisely about it. There is luck involved but the more you work and practice ,
  2. I'm so glad someone , probably BR, insists that all players are "enforced" to take turns in giving after match interviews. I suspect not all our players are glad of this especially if English is not their native tongue or they are more reserved or less confident at giving interviews. I found iheanacho's charming if at my age I can get away with risking appearing patronising. I'm not being so. I hope. If it is due to BR I feel its very very much to his credit he understands player development as meaning more than just on the football pitch and I hope they all come to appreciate it in time
  3. Not only that, I would like him to eventually become our player/assistant manager, hopefully if they continued to be here under Brendan Rogers. My optimistic guess is both would see the mutual benefit of this . Followed by Kasper eventually becoming our manager. I base this on the slim evidence of Kasper's recent interview posted on the site. Interviews , I was quite impressed with Luke Thomas's interview after Burnley altho Luke unfortunately did n't have such a competent interviewer as Kasper's two interviwers. Justin and Barnes also come across to me very well. Playe
  4. That appeared true from the chart Stuhill posted. BR, and the players have however done an excellent job. BR as he should be has been the most important factor, As Pep continually points out the search is not for excellence, it is for perfection. Perfection means total honesty in my book at least with oneself and I prefer it demonstrated publicly and its missing in two areas imo. Firstly I feel the Vardy fitness situation has an unknown factor which is doing Vardy's eventual legacy no good. Secondly if the Ünder situation is as many suspect I would prefer an honest statement whi
  5. I would like that very much too, but Man City are a huge obstacle. However its not impossible. Although they beat Wolves 4-1 they had to bring on subs ( they can always bring on very effective ones) and work very hard to do so imo. This is football and results can never be predicted, desire to win, good tactics and luck will always be factors. The surprise for me was i was getting bored with Man C's superiority (Rumblefox went to sleep !) and then for 15-20 minutes Wolves ,who presumably had never practiced it almost equalled Man C playing much the same style. Rumblefox missed a treat ! Eventu
  6. I thought Ayoze had become a defensive winger a few threads back.
  7. That looked to me well rehearsed, although I don't think Luiz was meant to have to stoop so much for the ball in which case it would have looked more like a bog standard goal from a corner. As we don't appear to have practised even standard corners and such is the evidence; a goal like this would probably mean Soyuncu was remembering his days as a striker. Lets hope so , this type of goal occurs fairly often from a corner and needs little effort from the team, and carries little risk of injury. It just looks all so simple, except against man for man marking which I believe Burnley do.
  8. Some appear to think the Nacho/Vardy front pairing has worked. I can't replay those matches totally in my head so would not comment. I do suspect that JV had to have obviously an operation as soon as was possible for a hernia but also had a groin or hip problem at the same time which had been and still is ongoing. He might be playing on voluntarily with it which if I'm correct i do not think is wise either medically or for the longer term. If correct it is commendable as he is risking to some extent his legendary status. Mind you I'm sure we'll all stay well aware of how much his loyalty and
  9. I suspect that you already know it won't be anywhere as bad as that. In a couple of weeks hopefully our above average amount of injuries will gradually decrease and the team will again be stronger, and our results will improve. Unfortunately players who are going to be unavailable for several/many weeks own a lot of the "backbone" and character necessary to a successful football team. Players such as Justin, Fofana, Evans, Fuchs, Morgan,Kasper, Vardy,Maddison, Barnes, Tielemans.Ndidi, Soyuncu,Thomas and most of the others will hopefully be available next season plus maybe a new
  10. Its worse than that, the fact we all defend means the opposition can also pack the box. This is likely to lead to spells of pinball in the area we least want it , our penalty box. Its amazing that our entire presumably expert and highly paid, tacticians and coaches can not pick up issues which are obvious to even me just using common sense. Obviously people who understand football of which we seem to have several on the forum can probably see even more obvious weaknesses. What is even more amazing is that when these are pointed out probably a majority of the forum argu
  11. Looking at a few of Burnley's goals it is wise to be able to defend against high balls from corners ,crosses, and and set pieces but importantly my advice would be to assume they are well capable of scoring goals from open play. I would n't arrogantly assume that long high balls are their only route to scoring goals. I imagine they practice all ways to score. I hope we have done the same but all the indications are we have concentrated only on goals from open play. This in itself means we have practised preventing goals from open play,which is good. As we need 3 points from this ma
  12. Yes........go on. I'll give you a start.............time for us to do it. By...............
  13. I have some doubts too ,I think we may already have blown it, and Ünder will be very mature for his age if we have n't. Either we made a bad mistake at his "interview" or we've made a bad mistake since . It has to be one or the other. When I employed someone who did n't work out (only happened once) I was never in any doubt where the blame lay. Luckily we relied on 3 interviews mine initially, then one by my boss, then one by Personnel dept. I carried the can for failure so I had the final veto . If I had n't they'd obviously have been looking for two people. I spent a lot of time on recruitm
  14. Set pieces ,heading, Ünder. all useful potentially against Burnley. Proposed by many ,opposed by many. What a pity the proposers were ignored . Look at Arsenals simple Luiz goal. I suspect it did n't go entirely to plan. We were probably lucky they did n't try it again , a slight improvement and we'd have probably lost 4-1.
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