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  1. Writing after Liverpool v Watford, not a lot, but enough. BR must learn to find a way to convince the team the next match is always the most important.
  2. Jesus, I've made the youth team--not bad at 76 years old. (I'm a late developer). I reckon by the time Vardy is too old in about 10 years (maybe earlier) I'll manage a fe reserve games.
  3. I like Brendan Rogers and if each season the managers were drawn out of a hat I think we'd be well pleased. However it will be interesting to see if he can raise the motivation level for the rest of the season to a final flourish. Its important because it will set the tone for how we start next season. Nothing is going to change much this season except a cup win (we're still in one are n't we ) or finishing second would be nice but we've definitely got to kick on a bit to maintain and I hope exceed what we've achieved this year. For this team playing at their best, little has been impossble, but everything has been a bit disappointing since Man City and Liverpool over Christmas. The worst jobs in football are being either a manager or a fan. We have to achieve regular miracles or we're not happy bunnies. Mind you I'm not paid in millions as compensation.
  4. There's only one possible bad resuit for me, a win or a draw away to Man City would both be very good. Even a very narrow loss is ok (just) provided we play well. A deserved loss by say two goals or more would be the only bad result, a disaster. On what I've watched this season so far, Liverpool won't keep winning and once they've lost one or two watch the doubts creep in. We're still a little bit off halfway through the season and altho a betting man would be backing Liverpool we will still be in with a chance whatever the result against Man City. But a win against Liverpool at home is a must . Whatever happens I'll be crushed if we don't make the Champions league from here. At the start of the season I'd have been delighted with that.
  5. I'm so glad ,as a remote supporter to read all this. We've hard more than our share of the good guys managing the team going back to Matt Gillies and we seem to have found another one. I'm glad Rogers seems to meet general approval as he always impresses me in the interviews I see, and the results have been pretty good too.
  6. Why not do it again, we've had a fine start,and the teams looking very good ? We don't have surprise on our side but an away win at Palace is another good result. I'm in Scotland so don't see us live very often so might need correcting here but I think there's a couple of things that would help. One . Among neutrals I suspect we've got a lot of friends. Lets make a friend who counts more than most, the referee. I've said it before but take a leaf out of Cloughies book. His teams always got a more than square deal from refs. as he would n't stand dirty play and his players did n't argue with the ref. so the refs. loved Forest. I'm not saying we're bad now but clean it up a bit more and get the ref. well on side. Cloughie made sure refs. knew it by fining players who got booked,or even dropping them. Every one knew this including the refs. There is a time for an over the top foul but not very often and how often does a ref . change his mind because players argue ? Only when the pigs take off . Now the VAR guys will also know giving even more scope for favourable decisions. Two. As I remember a lot of key goals were scored by our big defenders in the championship year especially at the end of the season .Soyuncu should be sent forward for every corner. I've rated him very highly since he arrived . I reckon he could score a few from corners and he could automatically be covered at the back by one of the shorter midfielders until he can get back. Well why not? Ranieri , God bless him, IMO should never be criticised but Rogers may be an even better manager, certainly tactically. I rate him pretty highly. Let's prove last time was n't a fluke and set our ambitions high.
  7. Good god, only watched the highlights and goals but I'm starting to dream again when a second team remind me of Liverpools first team. How are we going to hold on to the team thats starting to build . At the moment maybe third is a bit flattering if you look at the rest of the stats. but watching this maybe not. Lets dream a bit more . What if Soyuncu who I rate very highly and must be still learning to fit in with the team turns out to be another Van Dijk !!!! If that did happen and with the confidence that should now be building who knows what could happen? Yeah I know its football where dreams hardly ever work out ,and I only saw highlights but I'm still dreaming. One thing I would like to see is for the excellent Rogers to take one leaf out of Cloughies book. Forest always got a more than even break from refs. because refs. knew they were n't going to get dissent of arguing or even many bad fouls from Clough's players. Ever see a player argue the ref. into changing his mind ? Result fewer sending offs , suspensions, more free kicks and penalties. If anyone thinks Clough's teams were soft as a result just say, Keane, Pearce, MacKay,Gemmell to yourself, and there were others who had to clean their act up or they got punished by the ref. and fined and sometimes dropped by Cloughie. Must have been worth a good few points every season and it cost nothing. LCFC made a lot of friends in football in their miracle year. We're pretty good now but let's be clever and keep it that way. I was never happy with criticisms of Morgan, Huth, in the season following the miracle year. All of that team, and the manager, and maybe most of all the chairman earned respect, for life. However if Soyuncu turns out the way he's started he'll be worth two defenders.
  8. I live in Scotland but have been a supporter of the Foxes since I had 3 spells of living in Leicester in the late 1950s early 1960s (I'm an oldie) when they had a fine and successful team. I never however dreamed they could ever win the Premiership and I count it one of the highlights of my life. I did attend the match following which the chairman was killed the only time I've visited the "new" stadium although I attended every home match at Filbert Street when I lived in Leicester and away matches when they played near my address at the time in the years after. In the matches I did attend back in the 50s/60s I was always impressed with the football knowledge and behaviour of the fans who stood on the halfway line in the all standing Shed. I was even more impressed with the whole pleasant atmosphere when I visited this year for the West Ham match. The dignity and wonderful spirit with which LCFC handled the Chairman's death , I admired even more . I think most football supporters everywhere did. So unusual in football. In the long term I doubt we will ever be a very long term force as Arsenal, Liverpool,Man Utd. are and Man C, Spurs, Chelsea are well on the way to becoming BUT, and here is the point. We need everything going for us and being unique in football for a wonderful spirit and sporting attitude can continue to win LCFC friends everywhere. Leicester are not the richest club but currently are probably wealthier than usual. Lets show that sporting spirit by remembering the contribution Pearson made to the premiership winning season by miraculously keeping us up the season before. Lets never forget Ranieri's wonderful attitude and the friends he made us through out the championship season, and his dignity when as a recently sacked manager he returned to the club to give tributes to the deceased Chairman. No pettiness there and so unusual for this game. Ranieri and the players received recognition for their achievement and I think it would be sporting if the club can ever do some favour to Pearson, maybe a job in admin. or scouting if he ever falls on hard times. Keep that "nice' , "paternal' club family spirit, almost unique in football and LCFC will continue to win friends across the game. Its unusual in football. Results of course count but results with a sporting attitude count for more in my book and I think in most peoples'. Final comment.The match I did attend (v West Ham) I was so impressed with Soyuncu's intelligence . I think it was his debut. Throughout most of the match, until substituted you could see he very sensibly looked all the while to Mcguire for guidance on positioning and passing. Not many players are that smart the first time they play for a new team. I think he''ll definitely become a star. When he was substituted he got a small standing ovation from many of us on the halfway line. He had n't done anything brilliant, he was just smart and effective and many of us recognised that. Rogers I think might be good enough to get us back into Europe for several seasons, and he seems to have a very good sporting attitude, a worthy successor to Puel who at least had a good attitude (but a bit too low key), and Ranieri. I would n't claim Pearson had all the right attitudes but lets not forget not many could have achieved the miraculous escape from relegation and without that we could n't have won the Premier League. I was n't ever a big fan of Schmichael's dad but I am a big fan of the spirit and attitude of Schmichael. He's worth another player on the park and all the guys who played for us through the relegation battle , the championship year , and are still playing deserved every honour they got, and will win soon.. A long way away but very much a fan
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