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  1. We'll never really know how easy it's been for Pep. If its been as easy as it had admittedly looked you can be sure he's missed a lot compared with what Brendan might experience. I would say Morinho's achievements possibly exceed both Pep and Klopps' although he's a far more complex character imo. Hard to judge ,we never know enough and imo its too early to try to judge BR which is good . We've still got an exciting ride ahead.
  2. Well done Covid , you little baskets. Its an ill wind etc. Late in life you freed up enough of my time (nothing like solitary confinement for time) to become a fully committed supporter of the club I'd supported since a very young man. By pure luck the first city I lived in with a top level football club was Leicester. Luckily again the second one was Nottingham and I married a Nottingham girl. In hindsight I couldn't have done better, first Forest then Leicester both achieved literally the almost impossible. The Manchesters, Liverpools and Londons had more success in football over my lifespan
  3. Well .you're obviously not a student of history and a hazy memory won't help you become one. I'm more a student of mathematics where a hazy memory does n't help but its more of a handicap in history. I'd never heard of this Pierpoint , only the hanging one ,Pierrepoint ,until this thread ,I was in Scotland by 1991 but he certainly was n't a fairly insignificant figure. From the liitle I now know he might just be as important as JV in becoming what we are now. Certainly I doubt many hated his guts ,but it appears the board (boards ?) of the time might have done so he left. Shortly afterwards
  4. Don't understand the can we beat the Manchesters posts.We support the only team in the PL that have pulled off a 5000-1 shot. Today Sheffield Utd's team gave Chelsea's full £1000 Million squad (in the end) a real scare despite being on the floor a week ago. I'm not a subscriber to the anyone can do anything well if they believe school but this is different, this is football. Not only can we beat the Manchesters there is a good chance we can and will. If everyone involved is normal, average we probably won't , once we are inspired , we probably will . We managed to stay inspired for a whole sea
  5. We counter that by showing the amount of tread left on their boot soles and point out if there is any reduction in top speed or acceleration it will help enable their existing players to keep up with them. Nearly every ones' players will have injury question marks over them from this season. If we get a good finish which looks likely, I hope we don't need to sell anyone significant and practically all our squad have proved to the PL they can be trusted as squad players to put in a shift and step up when required.
  6. Personally I doubt we can afford 2/3 players of the required quality and we have at least one we have to sell imo (i hope not so and he comes good, I think I was very wrong about Iheanacho too) .We are n't going to win the ECL next year so I'm not sure we need 2/3 players next season anyway. Just a nice sensible amount of progress. IF we do win the ECL it will almost certainly be a sign that the almighty has been overwhelmed by the surprise of me praying for something. I must admit I don't know who was responsible for 2015/6 but the bastard never tipped me off. I also hope that BR
  7. That 's one of the bad signs I mentioned but any good manager will make mistakes in selection and man management occasionally. That's OK as long as everyday remains a schoolday and he tries as hard as possible to correct them..
  8. Also unless we get a genius mistakes will be made and we'll occasionally want to sell and will benefit.
  9. I think it is. You just pick the right people. IMO we already have many of the right people. One thing you don't do is buy a striker as a knee jerk reaction as soon as your supposedly lone scorer is injured.That way you spend at least £30m which is probably wasted and leaves you with yet more dead wood. Its hard enough to buy the right replacement car quickly. People are infinitely more complicated. There are n't any robot players yet altho the being known as Crouch looked like one for a while after scoring. Generally any thing done in haste is repented at leisure unless you're luc
  10. Well good for BR. I hope that he might have the potential to become our first Great manager. We've had a few good ones, Claudio came close, for a season. Many have suggested me:-) but like Claudio I can't guarantee enough years anyway. We are overdue one and at least we are a suitable club to have a Great manager. There are n't many clubs as well qualified for one as LCFC imo.I only hope Brendan Rogers is smart enough to realise that he might be at a club where he could become a Great manager. If he aimed for LCFC he's probably a genius.I hope BR realises he could n't do this by joining either
  11. Thank you for the reference. I shall read Pierpoint's book which has excellent reviews. To anyone who's spelling is suspect one would think the subjct could have had some morbid fascination. (I believe the executioner spelt his name "Pierrepoint".) I note you are a new signing ; i've been a supporter since early 1963 but only a forum member since 2018 when I found out it existed. I know little of even the relationship between football forums and their associated clubs and so far have not taken the trouble to find out (it isn't that straightforward) . My experience to date would suggest that
  12. Nothing wrong with being a dinosaur, I'm one myself, but even dinosaurs evolved. I would hope with some slim evidence that LCFC growing is maybe one hope of keeping football nearer to the path most fans would prefer, maybe even getting it to retreat a little.
  13. So did I . But altho I always feel he could work a bit harder he seems a big boned guy and maybe moves more languidly which fools me a bit ,most strikers are more mercurial and twitchy. But I'm very impressed with the technical quality of his finishing. He also seems a very shy nice guy.His header against Fulham ? was far more difficult than appeared at the time, and even the header against Palace he missed, I think he should have got but it was more diifficult than it appeared at first.His goal from Youri's pass also had lots of subtle skills. He's certainly no smooth talker but I think a muc
  14. I'm always amazed when my match ratings line up roughly with the overall ratings especially as I always feel I would be helped by some sort of guide as to absolute values as opposed to relative values . For instance I gave Iheanacho 9 today as I thought he worked hard ( best ever i've seen from him) and took all his goals well. However the opposition was extremely poor and he missed a sitter. Early on when the match looked far more even , say the first 15=20 minutes, I thought we were regaining possession due largely to SU mistakes. and during this early period it seemed to me Vardy was press
  15. Very poor opposition but everything very satisfactory, Not a bad player for LCFC. can't give then all 8 or 9 but Should have had a great pleasure to give Perez a decent mark for the first time for me, Iheanacho superb and the hardest I've seen him working, Vardy much better although should have had a couple but played very well. Pereira and Soyuncu will have better games but both ok and Ricky slowly getting back to his best. Missed at least 3 easier ones than the 5 scored but who is complaining. Confidence from that should enable us to lift a bit more which should give us a good chance o
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