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  1. Don’t forget Morgan. He’s rapid.
  2. Come on let’s get over 200 pages.
  3. Apologies Pep. We made up for it later in the game. 😂
  4. It should give us confidence when we play against a so called top 6 side. Especially away from home. Defensively Man City, Utd and Liverpool don’t look anything.
  5. Brendan got it tactically spot on against Man City. Just have a feeling he’ll get it wrong against these. Hope I’m wrong.
  6. Mendy outstanding again. Gotta credit Rodgers. Tactically spot on.
  7. Great player for us. Lousy attitude when he wanted to leave. Begs the question why he signed a contract extension after we won the league if he adamantly wanted out.
  8. They were. Always found Carmela so annoying. Would of spent most of my time in his club.
  9. Can’t remember her name but the FBI agent in the sopranos was fit 😍😍
  10. So Brighton score 90+5. With 5 mins injury time. Then Utd score in extra 1 and half mins. Ref blows whistle straight after pen. Can you imagine playing an extra minute and half if Utd had equalised in the 95 min. Would never happen.
  11. I just think he’d tick the boxes as who we’d look for. Experience in the pl and Europe.
  12. I do like potter. If/when br leaves wouldn’t mind us going for him.
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