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  1. winteriscoming

    James Maddison

    That's us losing twice to southampton this season then.
  2. Obviously most excited would be seville at home and 5-3 against man utd. Also the leeds game at home when howard scored in injury time in League 1. Most depressing would be the 5 nil defeats to bolton , villa and more recently palace.
  3. winteriscoming

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Jane Goldman is a milf. Jonathan ross is such a lucky b*stard.
  4. winteriscoming

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Why? Because I have a different view than the majority of fans. Just my opinion. Like I said I hope I'm wrong.
  5. winteriscoming

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Not convinced hope I'm wrong. Don't know why man City or arsenal who were interested last season werent keen. I know it's cheap in todays market but the bottom line is hes the wrong side of 30 (just) and didn't really excel when the going got tough at wba. Hopefully he will be another Maguire but can't see it.
  6. winteriscoming

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Hbo have announced there's going to be a spin off series of game of thrones. Won't be on though until the last series of got has finished so will probably be a couple of years till it's on. Can't wait!!!!!
  7. winteriscoming

    What floats my boat.....

    Susanah reid
  8. winteriscoming

    Next year’s unexpected successes?

    Just see chodury getting better next season if he plays regualar.
  9. winteriscoming

    How do you cope with being pissed off with yourself?

    Not great at it I try and blame someone else even though I know it's my fault. Takes me a while to calm down and eventually I realize it could be worse I could be a cov fan!!!!
  10. winteriscoming

    Realistic Starting XI and Aims for 18/19 season!

    kasper Perreria gibson Maguire new lb Allen ndidi Silva Shakiri diabate Vardy Don't want grealish. Would also take hazard instead of Shakiri.
  11. winteriscoming

    Caption Competition...

    Tell me again harry about all the trophies you've won at spurs
  12. winteriscoming


    I did think that the owners would of got rid of him by now. I didn't agree with this as I believed he deserved at least the start of next season. Winning against arsenal and our attacking play vs spurs has certainly made a difference in the owners thinking. Puel is trying to change the way we play which obviously takes time. At least he is getting players in positions where we do need to strengthin. I agree with the other post - you have to get behind the manager whoevers in charge.
  13. winteriscoming

    Win Harry Maguire's Boots

    They will be worth a lot more in a few weeks when hes a world cup winner
  14. winteriscoming

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    The female doing the england test match on sky. Another box ticking p.c shit. Shes dreadful. Rather listen to boycott on tms.
  15. winteriscoming


    Might be wrong but does anyone else think the owners are waiting to see what happens with fulham in the play offs?