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  1. Best job in the world?

    Kelly brooks personal assistant.
  2. Dusko Tosic

    The same club which is linked with slimani. I doubt this will happen.
  3. Coronation Street

    If shes not I'll be first in line.
  4. Andy King

    I'm surprised anyone would be interested in him. I will gladly drive him to brighton myself. It begs the question have they actually watched him play recently?
  5. Coronation Street

    Anyone see eva tonight fvck me why aren't there barmaids like that in my local? Could she of shown anymore cleavage?
  6. Jonny Evans

    Just thought it was better for them instead of fif suggestion - being stuck with musa and ulloa!!!
  7. Jonny Evans

    Swap evans for slimani??? Know they were interested in slim before we signed him.
  8. Jonny Evans

    Would rather sign dragovic and ben gibson. More long term potential with both.
  9. Let's have a films thread.

    Anyone seen darkest hour? Garry oldman tipped to win an oscar as churchill.
  10. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    Yes used to love this also knightmare - oohh nasty!!!
  11. Teams after our Players

    That's why I put top teams and..... Everton.
  12. Teams after our Players

    Shows we are doing something right if the top teams and everton are after are players.
  13. VAR Issues

    Don't know whether it's been mentioned but there is also the problem of having 3 refs needed in 1 game. I'd imagine the stats are there aren't a great demand of top officals out there. I just think it may cause more problems than it actually solves.
  14. Slimani

    Unfortunately for slimani we did look better when he went off. I do agree it does seem he has to have the perfect ball played to him or it has to be the perfect cross for him to head it. His first touch is awful and he wins nothing in an airal dual when it's knocked long to him. You do have to give him credit for setting the first goal up but I think hell be gone in january. Sky sports saying beskitas are interested in him.
  15. Fleetwood FA Cup post match 2-0

    We looked better when slimani went off.