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  1. Can’t see him coming here or Everton. With aguero still struggling at Man City I could see them coming in for him.
  2. I think they’ll see how nacho or Perez do against Brentford and Everton. If they do well I think we’ll wait till the summer. If not I see us putting a bid in towards the end of next week. I’d like us to sign him. He’s a Brendan type signing. Young, looking to improve and challenging Vardy for starting instead of or alongside.
  3. The Maddison interview after the Chelsea game really wasn’t as good as everyone is going on about. It was ok. Nothing more.
  4. I just don’t get this argument of well Vardy hasn’t scored for so many games but Barnes, Maddison etc have. We’ll be fine without him. No we won’t. The reason other players are scoring is thru Vardy making the runs to allow space for others. This obviously won’t happen with Vardy not playing.
  5. Only mentioning options available to us. Ricardo has scored 5 goals since being here playing rb. Nacho and Perez both have 9 goals. Maybe not so ridiculous considering how they’ve done.
  6. We will have to sign a forward if want to win the league. No chance of nacho or Perez being good enough up front. Only other option I see is Barnes or Ricardo playing upfront.
  7. Can’t wait for all these pundits to come out with Liverpool are not out the title race but there’s no way Leicester can win it.
  8. Please don’t look at the next 10 games. 1 game at a time. Still remember our 9 games from last season winning just 2.
  9. I like your confidence. Starting without a goalkeeper.
  10. I would mention van diyk and tierney who have looked quality from Scotland. Both from Celtic for those saying it’s mostly made up of rubbish. There are some up there worth looking at.
  11. There’s no way other way round villa would of had that offside goal given.
  12. Awful pass from Barkley. Wasn’t that difficult to find grealish.
  13. The only thing that will stop us is injury to Vardy. As I don’t care what anyone says atm we have fvck all options in the forward line if he’s out for any length of time. I think we have decent back in the other positions. The other thing would be dropping points against shit sides especially at home. For example I’d look at games against West Brom and Sheffield Utd coming up. Last season towards the end we dropped points against these sort of sides and as the league is so tight we can’t afford to.
  14. He was for a few games and then imo the games took there tole on him. He looked what he is mid 30 full back who sadly is getting slower. Thomas is the future and the only way he’s going to improve is playing games. That will give him experience that he needs.
  15. I always liked Puel. I know unpopular opinion on here. He clearly wasn’t our worst manager ever but wasn’t our greatest. Imo he was somewhere in the middle. Obviously Rodgers man management is better and tactically he’s improving. Let’s not forget Ricardo and tielmans were signed by puel thru his links with Monaco and Nice.
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