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  1. Hearing arsenal are also interested in Perez - they are prepared to offer 5m.
  2. Just what we need competition with morgan as the slowest cb.
  3. Long term - striker short term - winger
  4. Probably won’t happen but would like us to go for gerard deloufeuo at Watford.
  5. I would rather we get a forward in. As we are fvcked if vardy gets injured. I was hoping we’d get che adams from Birmingham but looks like he’s going Southampton.
  6. I’m hoping the English translation is - juventus rule out move for pererira.
  7. Although I think armatey has improved I would be extremely worried if he started any games next season at cb. If maguire goes I would make lacaselle the priority to replace him.
  8. You mean apart from liking a comment from a utd fan on twitter/instagram? Suggesting he could become a Utd great.
  9. If maguire does go I’d rather we go for lacelles from newcastle than dunk.
  10. No doubt his mrs won’t have much to say. Seeing as she doesn’t like the limelight and likes to stay in the background.
  11. Craig mackail smith. Remember being really disappointed when he decided to join Brighton instead of us. ?
  12. Goodfellas godfather part 2 seven the usual suspects Planes trains and automobiles. Life of brian shawshank redemption Also 1 of my favourites was ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ trilogy.
  13. Apparently Chris Sutton isn’t happy if he joins us - get him in!!!
  14. Imo the best time to play any of the top 6 is early in the season. I wouldn’t mind 1 of them at home first up. Obviously it would mean the fixture moving for tv.
  15. Spurs in the cup when de vries scored the winner after being 2 nil down. It was on the tv and at the time we were shit so didn’t bother. Had been all the games that season as well.
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