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  1. No one is expecting us to win every game. If they are they are deluded. The worry is repeating what happened last season. We have the easier draw in the semi this season like last season and would be extremely disappointed if we don’t get to the final. Rodgers has never reached a domestic cup final in England which adds to my concern. I have to agree that he’s not an elite manager imo but an extremely good coach for us.
  2. I don’t know. He’s got arguably the best squad we’ve ever had. Not saying we should be constantly be top 4 but it’s difficult to say what he should be doing. It’s strange to judge BR if we started well in a season had a bad middle and then ended the season well everyone would praise him but we don’t do that. We start well and continue it in the middle and then fall away at the end. We’re doing the same this season. I know I’ll be shot down but 2 seasons on the trot to be in the top 4 and then drop out is bottling it. I really like Rodgers but imo we won’t get top 4 with him. Not saying anyone
  3. Gonna sound really negative but anyone else in charge and I think we’d do it. With Rodgers I’m not confident.
  4. Agree unfortunately it’s gonna be Liverpool or Chelsea and we’ll miss out.
  5. Gonna sound like a bitter fan but we had 3 attempts on goal and then they scored with their first shot on target. We just didn’t defend well. It sounds simple but if we did we’d of got at least a draw out of that game. If I was a Liverpool or Chelsea fan I’d be very confident of getting top 4 with how us and West Ham look.
  6. It would of come out in the media whichever way Rodgers went with. I think he did the right thing.
  7. Agree. He won’t go anywhere else because of this. He’s reached the summit / top level with us. The so called top 6 won’t look at him because of this. I just see deja vu next week end against Southampton in the cup. Just like Villa last season.
  8. Chelsea and Liverpool will get top 4. We won’t nor will West Ham.
  9. Don’t think us or West Ham will get top 4. Took us until we went 3 down to start playing.
  10. Take Amartey off. Bring Thomas on. Move Castagne to rb and push Ricardo forward on the right.
  11. Absolute nonsense anyone saying they’d rather win tomorrow. Win next Sunday definitely. A chance to get to a domestic cup final. We are still in the top 4 tomorrow even if we lose.
  12. I would say it’s must not lose. Especially against 1 of our competitors for top 4. If we did we could be out of the top 4 by the time we play our next league game. I do think it’s a huge plus for us that both Antonio and Rice are out.
  13. I think other sides aiming for top 4 will look at what happened to us last season and believe we can be chased down or overtaken. I agree we are a different prospect form wise than last season but I still think we’ll finish outside top 4. I think we’ll finish 5th.
  14. Pep won’t jeopardise his romance with Bielsa by criticising his team.
  15. So which Man City player along with Pep will come out with after the game - it’s always great to play against a side that doesn’t just defend.
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