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  1. I was never really interested in brans story throughout the shows run. Out of all the starks he was imo only above rickon in least interesting. I know we the viewers learnt alot from his visions but nothing really stood out. Imo Jon did the right thing killing danys after she murdered thousands of innocent people. Why didn’t anyone mention the fact he was the rightful heir to the throne when they were discussing who should lead the 7 kingdoms?
  2. It’s a festival of foreigners camping it up, mincing about shrieking like girls and having hissy fits if they lose. And after the fa cup final I might watch Eurovision.
  3. Think they will all struggle. Hope derby don’t come up can’t stand lampard.
  4. I did think it was a good episode. It just seemed too disjointed overall. It’s like they are trying to tie everything up with 1 episode to go.
  5. Lacaselles at Newcastle and dunk at Brighton. Imo we have 2 of the best full backs in the division.
  6. Banning the paddy power ad with rhodri giggs one of the funniest commercials in recent years. All because apparently it glamorises gambling what a load of bollocks.
  7. Lose games - congertons fault win games - down to Brendan
  8. Thought we deserved a point. Pisses me off that we’ll see Kompanys goal all week. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great goal but if Evans/maguire had done that there wouldn’t of been much of the reaction which man city will get. Still fuming over nachos miss.
  9. Good question. I go through the same cycle week in week out. Asking myself what’s the point at the start of the week. Getting pissed off with work and wondering why bother. Then end of the week Friday and Saturday night get drunk and enjoy being out. Recover Sunday and before I know it Monday morning has arrived and the cycle starts again. Also helps in between this if Leicester win.
  10. Didn’t realise we’d scored so many good goals. Imo go for perrera vs Man City. Also best team goal vardy vs spurs.
  11. Loved Parker. Won’t forget the penalty in the play off final right in the corner. His range of passing was first class.
  12. Brilliant performance best of the season. My only disappointment was we only scored 3 should of been double figures.
  13. I was joking. Look at my last comment.
  14. I have. Tbf the 2 characters so far don’t really need to be in the same scene together. Feel sorry for the actors like peter dinklage (tryion) whose in the middle between them.
  15. I think it is true. Don’t know what happened it’s a shame as I like both of them.
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