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  1. We have absolutely no chance last game of the season. The desperation to have Utd in the top 4 is shocking but not surprising.
  2. No doubt evra will think it’s a definate pen.
  3. Still sky haven’t shown our disallowed goal from the first half. Not even discussing it. Ridiculous.
  4. We can do better. Even if we are looking at back up for Evans and soyuncu. Looks like another slow awkward centre back.
  5. Best chance we’ll ever have of beating Arsenal away. Pissed off. We have no creativity wide.
  6. Great discussion from sky sports about our disallowed goal..........
  7. This system doesn’t suit our 3 centre backs. There too slow against the pace of the arsenal forwards. Start second half with a back 4.
  8. Brave selection. Just hope we don’t get over run in midfield.
  9. 😂 but sawyer is 40. Yet she qualifies.
  10. Can’t watch this. To painful. Bad enough being there.
  11. Why????? Willoughby is the ultimate milf. The actress who plays Eva is definitely a milf.
  12. I’ll give you sawyer, marsh, and Willis. The other’s it’s a no. Can’t believe you’ve missed willoughby, McQueen, cates, Eva (coronation street). Wills mum is superb.
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