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  1. winteriscoming

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    If ineacho does start I hope he starts him alongside vardy. Not behind him not wide but as a forward.
  2. winteriscoming

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Really frustrating. Seen us play worse than that and won. I thought we played really well.
  3. winteriscoming

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Take ghezal off bring simpson on. Put perreria further forward.
  4. winteriscoming

    Tottenham Away Conceding Bingo

    I’m confident. Don’t think we’ll concede until the 10th minute.
  5. winteriscoming

    Chilly and Fuchs

    Hope I don’t upset the puel haters but credit to him if Shakespeare was still here chillwell wouldn’t get a look in.
  6. winteriscoming

    first city game

    The Newcastle game I remember didn’t they stop up after walsh scored an own goal and we missed out going up automatically
  7. winteriscoming

    first city game

    Oxford at home. Last game of the 90/91 season when we stopped up. Wasn’t that old. Made me think that after every game fans ran on the pitch.
  8. winteriscoming

    The ones that got away

    Craig mackail smith when Sven was there. He decided on brighton I think.
  9. winteriscoming

    Andy King - Derby fan in peace...

    Should do a decent job in the championship. Not good enough for the premiership. Will have games where he will be unnoticeable and then be on the scoresheet the next game.
  10. winteriscoming

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    This is exactly the sort of game away against a top 6 side that mendy and ndidi should play in. The obvious argument is playing them at home against sides like cardiff and Southampton is too negative. I must be in a minority but thought puel was right to take maddison off.
  11. winteriscoming

    The run in

    Apart from arsenal and chelsea the home games should be all winnable. But knowing us we will lose those games and beat arsenal and chelsea.
  12. winteriscoming

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    This may sound strange but I'll wait to pass judgement on him after actually seeing him play for us.
  13. winteriscoming

    Are we short sighted?

    Is he an improvement on Shakespeare? Yes Have we improved under him? Yes Would young players like chilwell and chodury been given the playing time under Shakespeare? No Will puel be here next season? No. That's my opinion. I agree that I'm split at times with puel. I just see someone else being in charge next season.
  14. winteriscoming

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    Great point. Obviously I'm biased but imo we have the 2 best full backs in the league with chilwell and ricardo.
  15. winteriscoming

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Good to see alex scott doing the draw it's been at least an hour since she was off our screens.