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  1. No doubt his mrs won’t have much to say. Seeing as she doesn’t like the limelight and likes to stay in the background.
  2. Craig mackail smith. Remember being really disappointed when he decided to join Brighton instead of us. ?
  3. Goodfellas godfather part 2 seven the usual suspects Planes trains and automobiles. Life of brian shawshank redemption Also 1 of my favourites was ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ trilogy.
  4. Imo the best time to play any of the top 6 is early in the season. I wouldn’t mind 1 of them at home first up. Obviously it would mean the fixture moving for tv.
  5. Spurs in the cup when de vries scored the winner after being 2 nil down. It was on the tv and at the time we were shit so didn’t bother. Had been all the games that season as well.
  6. What do people expect Stowell to say about his former club? They had a great first season back in the premiership. He is hardly going to say ‘actually I think they were lucky this season and will struggle next season’
  7. Yes but if they said who there sources were they wouldn’t be in the future.
  8. Also to be fair to them there are probably things they can’t disclose or the relationship with the club would break down.
  9. Has it ever broke a story of a transfer or told us something before the mass media have told us? No. Its never gives you anything new that you don’t already know from sky sports or social media. Rob tanner has the easiest job going.
  10. Even though I’m dyslexic I’m still a good dancer. Except when they play the village people. I hate that CMYA song.
  11. Could anyone of done a better job than teresa may Sorry read that wrong. Anyone could of done a better job than teresa may.
  12. I was never really interested in brans story throughout the shows run. Out of all the starks he was imo only above rickon in least interesting. I know we the viewers learnt alot from his visions but nothing really stood out. Imo Jon did the right thing killing danys after she murdered thousands of innocent people. Why didn’t anyone mention the fact he was the rightful heir to the throne when they were discussing who should lead the 7 kingdoms?
  13. It’s a festival of foreigners camping it up, mincing about shrieking like girls and having hissy fits if they lose. And after the fa cup final I might watch Eurovision.
  14. Think they will all struggle. Hope derby don’t come up can’t stand lampard.
  15. I did think it was a good episode. It just seemed too disjointed overall. It’s like they are trying to tie everything up with 1 episode to go.
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