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    Cheers mate. Some really good guidance in there and I do really appreciate your reply, as I do with everybody else on this thread. Regarding my mates, well they’re nice to my face and stuff but exclude me from things eg parties and stuff as I’ve said before. Which is frustrating. And yeah, exams are lurking so I’m trying to focus on them really. i just sometimes think if I disappeared who would be bothered?
  2. LcfcOk


    Hi guys, I’m knew around here. And well, I’m a young man who goes to college, I don’t really think many people would realise, from the outside I appear outgoing. But I suffer from mild depression and have been doing so from around late January time. It’s tough, I feel isolated and cut off from the world. Things have improved slightly over the last few months with gym work and stuff, and I do know ways to help manage it. However, it’s hard, I still find it a challenge to combat these dark thoughts. My mates do know, however, I feel pretty distant from my mates as they do host stuff withou
  3. LcfcOk

    The gym

    Don’t know if there was already a thread? Does anyone go to the gym? thought it’d be good to have a thread where people talk about the gym
  4. Can do for a bit cheaper if anyone wants an easy way to get down to Chelsea.
  5. Why would anyone boo him? was technically our best player to ever wear a city shirt? Could never boo anyone who was part of that title winning side
  6. I’ve got one spare coach ticket for Chelsea away. I can post this week if necessary. Cheers
  7. Can anyone do me a massive favour? Could anyone swap their ticket on coach number 6 to coach number 7, I’m away from my family. I’d appreciate it massively
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