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  1. Why are ghosts always sinister looking Victorian children? Where are the dinosaur ghosts?
  2. Zear0


    For a PC equivalent, look at the price of a PCIE x4 1TB M.2 NVME, this type of storage just simply isn't cheap. It's not accurate, for once..., to say either Sony or MS are ripping us off with the storage costs as unfortunately that's the price band these things cost.
  3. Boris just got out bed? Shabby git.
  4. The worry (I say worry as if them lot buggered off I wouldn't care) with this is that it's FIFA sanctioned. UEFA and FIFA are in a power dispute and it's becoming more and more obvious that UEFA are losing. The threat of "super league" has always been an empty threat as who would sanction it? UEFA already have the UCL and I can now see FIFA wanting in on this action. Since Blatter and co queered the pitch, FIFA have been desperate for a new cash cow and it seems the time is now. Can see this happening sooner rather than later as those domestic clubs want this to happen. They don't give a
  5. I'm 32 and I got mine buzzed a few years ago prior to going on long holiday, as being abroad nobody knows you to comment on a different look, never looked back. Used to sling Rogaine and that s**te in my hair at great cost for no reason. As people have said, the worse thing us baldies can do is cover it as it just looks daft and shows some insecurity which isn't massively attractive. Plus as an absolute miser, saving any money on haircut/product is a win/win for me.
  6. Even Oddbar has a menu out front.
  7. I'm slightly more worried by the chemtrails in the sky seeding brain washing chemicals into the population myself.
  8. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-xbox-series-x-power-consumption-and-heat-analysis Potentially promising for those looking to shove it somewhere discreet.
  9. Glad it wasn't just me to feel the same. Shame he's injured, but you'd have thought he'd been diagnosed with some life limiting condition given the tributes that have come pouring in.
  10. Zear0


    Hopefully these storage limitations might make developers cut down on the install size of games. I'm looking at your Warzone and Destiny 2.
  11. Extremely negative set up and performance that got what it deserved. Remember when we used to attack? Worse than watching England currently.
  12. Further worrying given how long we've known this and nowhere near having a successor.
  13. Wow. Incredible goal and hilarious result
  14. Looking great! Got my 3080 arriving tomorrow so curious to see the difference in quality.
  15. Given there are also false negatives and asymptomatic transmission, I think people might be being "slightly non-conservative" in their assumptions to put it diplomatically.
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