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  1. Offside, but that's a fantastic finish.
  2. Superb from Pogba, great finish from Hummells
  3. I always find reading papers is more effective than laughing at out of context figures. 23. As mentioned in paragraph 7, whilst information is accruing about the transmission advantage of the delta variant, a wide range of estimates remain plausible. There is also very little data available so far on the protection given by vaccines against hospital admission and death with the delta variant. SPI-M-O has previously modelled the emergence of and possible impacts of variants with different properties, showing the sensitivity of results to the assumption
  4. Nice chart, noting that, should we keep contributing to the destruction of our environment and take no action on climate change noting the most significant consequence of these actions won't be witnessed in the near-term? Can't draw any parallels to today's discussion there .
  5. Think this evening is the moment this thread jumped the shark. Extraordinary. No context graphs to prove a factually incorrect argument? Check Usual tripe about people being hit by a car making it into the COVID death statistics on the basis they saw a caption on the news screen? Check Non-contagious diseases are also bad? Check And as if by magic, please see the above.
  6. Few quotes doing the rounds regarding "what you do" that I've pasted below. Can't wait! "For me, Starfield is the Han Solo simulator," Bethesda exec Ashley Cheng told The Washington Post. "Get in a ship, explore the galaxy, do fun stuff." Speaking to The Telegraph, meanwhile, Bethesda boss Todd Howard suggested being a space explorer in Starfield would be like "NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". It's also, unsurprisingly, going to be "like Skyrim in space". In Starfield you play as a new recruit to the Constellation
  7. Looks very very good!
  8. Hairline has barely budged in 11 years, impressive.
  9. Xbox presentation for E3 starts in 20mins. Hoping to see a better showing for Halo:Infinite, BF2042 gameplay, Starfield gameplay, Hellblade 2, more Doom and a few more games for gamepass as they usually chuck in some at E3. Also, Fable, Fallout:New Vegas 2 (or whatever Obsidian are up to) and Perfect Dark.
  10. Austria made a right pigs ear of that, gwon N. Macedonia! Pandev is one of those players I'm surprised to see going, great goal for him to get.
  11. Not a bad effort from Mount there. Never thought I'd say these words, but think we're being a bit overly harsh on Kane. He's not bad...
  12. Bobby Huth territory here
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