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  1. So acknowledge that FFP breached. Fine of 10 mil euros. That's FFP dead
  2. Overturned. What a surprise....
  3. Saw in the thread people saying "blame the players" / "Blame the manager". Blame both. First half Bournemouth were the worst team I've seen in a long long time and it was so easy it was unbelievable. Instead of continuing as we were, Brendan has to fulfil his ego and make an utterly pointless change. Surely that change shows how little confidence he has in the players that he makes a negative change. Then the goal. When Kasper was walking to hit that ball he practically had his slippers on. That was such a demonstration of the sloppiness of this team. Cags, you're an idiot for what you did there, nothing more needs saying. "Keep the faith..". I have absolutely none. Embarrassing performance from management and players.
  4. Beneteke and Solanke, you're welcome lads. Where's the ever obliging thread?
  5. Swear the commentator is emphasis JAMES Justin. Swipe at Ash
  6. Yup. Commentator far too polite. I was enjoying his co-commentary do far too.
  7. In the words of Shakin' Stevens. Lovely stuff.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53367751 Breaking news. We find out on Monday. Wasn't exactly breaking news... Heart in mouth moment there.
  9. Not got it yet but reviews say its really really good. Too many things on the go currently to justify forking out for. The new "manage team" mode is supposed to be a great new addition.
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