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  1. Thought they were meant to keep the flag down for tight calls? It would have been a goal then if they went on-field. Not saying its easy, but the officiating is so inconsistent you don't even know where you stand with some decisions.
  2. Exactly that. Can argue about the seriousness of the party, but literally on the day of being instructed to just be sensible for six weeks they do that. I said in the post match thread this, but feel worth saying the same here. We'll never know what the WHU game would have been if they're available. But if we miss out on champions league due to this, players in the squad will be missing bonuses and a rare opportunity to play in the champions league. Imagine how players like Wilf/Youri will feel if these prats are ruining their chances? Probably give them food for thou
  3. That's a brilliant pass. Well deserved too. Not a prayer Southampton are this toilet against us.
  4. Was that disallowed for the wrong player, or did they claim he was interfering?
  5. Good effort. I did the Keswick to Barrow walk which was 40 miles and was in absolute bits.
  6. My main gripe (amongst many), is that this team is so susceptible to just making basic errors which is our main undoing. Maybe it's more noticeable because it's our team, but I don't see many other teams being as sloppy as often as us. We are really good to watch at times, but the amount of poor passes, bad clearances, amateur defending (2nd goal), inept set-pieces seems to off-set any genuine concerns we have with personnel, formation or tactics. Having said that, we're playing a system to facilitate two at the top which was based, rightly, on Kel's form. Forgetting the errors w
  7. I'm looking at the front door expecting to see Jeremy Beadle to let me know this is a wind up.
  8. No tech alpha for me this weekend. Boo! You get one @Innovindil?
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