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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jan/17/saracens-salary-cap-premiership-relegation We are staying up...
  2. Amazing how many games were released that decade that I thought were older: Mass Effect 2 - My favourite one of the series and just a painful reminder of how far Bioware have fallen. Fallout: New Vegas Darksouls - As with Charl i'm going to cheat and have all 3. Portal 2 - Still fun even now with the Workshop maps GTA 5 - That bank heist in the armour suit stands out as one my favourite moments in games Rocket League - Still playing now! Witcher 3 - Must have completed that game 4 times as loved replaying it. Firewatch Destiny - Early raid experiences (VoG) were just such good fun Breath of the Wild - Replaying this as we speak.
  3. It's all speculation, but the following articles are quite interesting from a potential technical perspective. Look forward to hearing more from both Sony and Microsoft next year though. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-xbox-series-x-reveal-analysis https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-senuas-saga-hellblade-2-trailer-analysis
  4. Bit left field but https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2403975.Engineering_Archie is a superb read.
  5. Sat here waiting for 6pm to come so I can play Halo Reach on PC. Re-name this to "games you are almost playing".
  6. Wise decision. From a technology perspective I've enjoyed mucking around with it. To be clear, I don't recommend this as a consumer product to anybody. Only buy it if you're curious regarding the technology as the gaming experience is significantly inferior to console/PC gaming in every way. Worth noting I've got an Ethernet cable with a 500mb broadband behind it so i'm not suffering from the quality issues a lot of people have. As you noted, the people who are generally buying this are gaming/technology enthusiasts who already own superior gaming platforms already. This tech is perfect for those who only want to play GTA or the odd game and laying out for a console for a couple of games doesn't make sense. The controller is fine. I use an Elite currently and this is obviously inferior to that. However I think it's comparable to the standard xbox/ps4 controllers. They need to change something as the current business model/performance means this will die within months. I'm curious to see how it fares when the free offering is out as that is what they need to be targeting to at least get a bigger market to try it. I'd say i'll provide more feedback, but I've had my fun and am back on PC letting my shiny Stadia controller collect dust already.
  7. Similar views as above, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are up with my favourite games of all time. The VR is a concern, but Valve have always insisted the Half-Life games are almost technology defining games. Half-Life 2 still looks decent today and the physics engine it introduced was fantastic. Feel Valve would only want to issue a Half-Life game if they can make a "generational leap" over current games and a quality VR game seems like the only route they have. I'm also sure that the £900 odd quid Valve Index was part of this decision too!
  8. I saw there was a new thread on this, but seemed to recall we had one going already, hopefully we can get a merge! So being a bit sick in the head, and obsessed with all things tech I got this immediately just out of curiosity. Got my code through email a few hours ago and have been mucking about and have some early impressions. The first thing I did was jump into Destiny 2 which is "free" with Stadia Pro. I play this game loads on PC so it seemed like a perfect comparison. It was pretty impressive to just pick a game and play immediately with no installations, but the load times between missions is about the same as on PC. Picture quality is fine if not spectacular, I play on a 1440p 165Hz monitor, but the picture i'm seeing is worse with regards to resolution than on my gaming PC. Noting this is meant to be 4k, i'd expect the resolution to be equivalent to my gaming PC so this is slightly disappointing. Graphics quality on Stadia is lower than what i'm used to, but I don't feel I can offer a fair comparison as I run a 2080ti/9900k which is significantly better than what they promised. As for the input lag, I have to say I am impressed. Whilst there is some input lag I can't say it's noticeable or detracting from the gaming experience. I had Destiny 2 on Xbox when it was released and the 60Hz gaming on PC is better than the 30Hz gaming experience on consoles. I've been playing PVP as I thought this the best test for it and as I've already mentioned, this is definitely playable. The Stadia controller gets delivered tomorrow and this is, allegedly, going to reduce input lag further still so i'm curious to test further. They've also throttled the non-Chromecast version so hopefully the 4K HDR picture addresses my earlier gripe regarding picture quality as i'm playing through Chrome atm. Also, out of boredom, I signed into this at work and it worked absolutely fine. Not that I condone such things, but it was a functional test :). Also, Football Manager 2020 on this was a bit of a draw noting I work away from home a lot, playing it through the browser on a tablet is pretty decent. Is this equivalent to my experience on a gaming PC, f**k no, but it's acceptable. Whilst to the hardcore and committed gamer this is a lesser experience, given the amount of people who play Fortnite and PUBG on mobiles there is a market (and a big one) for this. This won't replace my PC gaming as it's a poorer product, but I am impressed at the tech. There is however, clearly significant room for improvement. The in-store prices are equivalent to the xbox marketplace/PS store which are about 20 quid more than on Amazon which is an utter joke. That really needs to be sorted as for people like myself, that price is a significant detraction and is a significant issue. I'm under no illusion, this is a paid beta test. Later next year they're putting the free service up which is the only model that makes sense to me with a product hat on. Curious to see if any other bored people got this as an experiment? I'll feedback more once I've dabbled further.
  9. Spent the evening playing Fallen Order and quite enjoying it. It's a steady game with "souls-light" combat which makes a pleasent change to the button mashing combat of jedi academy style games in the past. It's got a mass effect style map system where you potter around searching for items that contribute to the overall main story. Not phenomenal but enjoyable enough. Not been many pure single player games lately that I've enjoyed so think that's why I'm enjoying this.
  10. Clubs have insurance for paying wages of injured players. No doubt the circumstances have made that policy void! Aside from the obvious of sacking the passenger whilst the other two drivers, found criminally guilty, get off lightly, this has been handled so poorly. If you're sacking someone for gross misconduct, sack them. Offering a wage reduction prior to the sacking just looks bad and gives them no standing regarding the morale high ground. Rooney and his betting company will come and rescue them in January...
  11. Been using Sennheiser GSP 670 on my PC which are superb. I've not used them, but the Corsair Virtuoso's that were recently released have been very well reviewed. Usual advice with all things, find your budget and look at several reviews. My headphones got 5* with some and 2* with others (we like reading positive reviews).
  12. Just reminded me there's only just a week to go until Link's Awakening is out.
  13. Anyone on the Autochess bandwagon? Just been playingDOTA Underlords and really into it. Good format, even if the games take way to long (45 mins). Underlords was the classic Valve rip off of Dota Auto Chess but also League of Legends has one modded called Teamfight Tactics. Classic simple to learn, bugger to master format. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-27-which-is-the-best-auto-chess-game-for-you-heres-our-handy-guide-to-the-major-players Curious to know if anyone else has dabbled?
  14. So it's either 9.99p/m or you buy the games outright. Launch titles look pretty good too. FM2020 seems the ideal game for this where fps doesn't matter. I've got the pre-order as I'm a compulsive buyer, hope it's not s**t! Launch games Edited formatting
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