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  1. Agreed. Be interesting to see whether they pitch it as "the console alternative" or a complete package. Having Odyssey ported shows Ubisoft are at least on board. During the presentation that id (Bethesda) did, they said they ported over Doom in a matter of weeks so hopefully it's not too much of a burden. Can't see developers handing over titles to a subscription service, maybe more of an Amazon Prime with a subscription and then additional paid for content. It's an interesting year ahead regardless. Also it seems to be a service which actually suits most of the big players. If Microsoft are slowly moving to a similar system, that leaves Sony with a bigger share of the home console market and Nintendo firmly with the portables. Can see each of the companies being reasonably happy to keep their respective markets.
  2. Is Survival mode in there? That was my highlight in the original.
  3. I'm really fascinated to try this as I'm convinced this is the future of more than just gaming . I think the BBC did a poor job articulating the key points of Stadia as its value isn't the "Netflix-esque" games library, it's the removal of the requirement of hardware from the home. Datacenter based hardware processing is far more efficient as the noise, thermals, size and power issues domestic consoles have to consider are consigned to the bin. Also, when games are released requiring a bit more grunt, gone are the days of updating to a new console for £500 a time. I got to try Oddysey when I was working in American on project stream and its very very smooth to play and given they've stated it'll be improved further, I'm excited. Also, no more game installs or updates ever again as the software is on the server side! They also explained that hosting these things server side means that the multiplayer aspect of games can be scaled up massively. 1000 player PUBG anyone? Also, no cheating if the games are run on a server and not locally, like good old fashioned MMORPGs. Microsoft are probably launching this exact same thing in a few weeks so it'll be interesting to see what they can offer that Google can't (ie xbox back catalogue). Whilst it looks flashy, it has to work and I'm hoping it works as promised as this is potentially a massive change in gaming. #PrayItAin'tS**te
  4. Not a fan of United but even I was pleased to see them progress, decent bottle from Rashford. Personaly don't think it should be a penalty, but after they gave it against Otamendi they've at least been consistent. Also Neymar's attire made it even sweeter.
  5. Zear0


    2 and a bit weeks in and she's been uninstalled already. Ignore any positive thoughts I had in opening post! I agree with pretty much of the above posts. Incredibly pretty game but to call it stale is an understatement. Very repetitive combat, short and dull story. No doubt they'll improve it, but that's not a reason to release such a beige game in the first place. Bioware have really run out of ideas and it's painful to see to see as KOTOR 1&2, Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 are gaming highlights of mine. Agree with Z, warframe is superb. Avoid.
  6. Confession here, big fan of flight simulators too. Currently using Prepar3d v4.4 to fly the PMDG 777 which is my favourite modded plane on either P3D or FSX.
  7. Anyone else played this yet? Currently available to Origin premier subscribers but gets "general" release on the 22nd. Really enjoying it so far. Always loved Bioware games and this feels like the game Andromeda should have been. Typical looter shooter but the movement and combat are superb. Have a feel it could become stale in a few weeks with regards to content, but hopefully they keep active on release new things to do. Be good to hear if anyone else has tried this, as I'm a big fan of these styles of games (Destiny, Division, borderlands etc.).
  8. What little sympathy I had with Puel has just evaporated after that. He's had the tough job of replacing an ageing squad and actually done a reasonable job of promoting youth and migrating us away from the lump and run to Vardy approach which we desperately needed to be divorced from. However, after today, the above counts for nothing in my eyes. We as fans always blame the manager and it's the players who escape blameless but today proved where the fault lies, with Claude. After getting embarrassed in the FA cup to "focus on the league" he had to deliver and that was as far from acceptable as you can get. Playing against the 18th team in the league at home with three defensive midfielders, really? Pumping the ball wide to cross to Vardy who was marked by a back five, really? Those two "tactics" finally prove that he's completely gone. The constant snippets from players about "style" etc. show that even they've lost faith, and today he's lost mine. We've had a challenging year but we need to try and divorce sentiment and emotion from this and take the right decision for the club and get rid of this guy as soon as possible. Given the points tally and the teams at the bottom, i'm reasonably confident we're staying up and it's a good time to get someone in to learn the players and see what needs doing properly in the summer. Well done to Southampton, can't see our pathetic excuse for a defense holding on like that. Very organised, professional and knew what they were doing. Everything we wern't.
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