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  1. Lovely finish from Raph, right in the corner.
  2. Far too much excitement around this. I'll stick to my long term ones!
  3. Bought at 1.46, literally the highest it's been. Thought it'd go to 2! Bye bye, fortunately was a flutter!
  4. What the hell is going on there with GME? I'm confused...
  5. Excellent pass and finish there.
  6. 80mil for that donkey. Gwon Luton
  7. The thought of people who've paid up and being in a queue with them is a bit sickening. Was so happy when I got mine from Amazon and could cancel.
  8. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/peripherals/printers-and-scanners/3d-printing/3d-printers There are some 3070s in stock if people were after one.
  9. Send the keeper up, leave three players back. Genius
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