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  1. He is now royalty in NY hip hop circles it seems haha
  2. Not sure if it’s the right thread for this but JV getting name dropped by one of New York’s rappers https://navybluethetruest.bandcamp.com/track/post-panic
  3. Surely the club would be down for home cup fixtures to try something new here? If we demonstrated enough interest from fans to designate a block for it
  4. Could move UFS front centre for a cup game and designate the block as all singing?
  5. Are we looking at it as part of our expansion? ?
  6. Cheers mate, sounds like a good plan. Will get in touch. Will be about 3 of us in for Arsenal
  7. How’s it working for this these days? Do they purchase as a group like last season?
  8. Perfect opportunity to expand a singing section
  9. Where will the proposed Wembley way feature run too if you were to guess @Babylon? Will it head in the direction of the station?
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