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  1. As a a sad silver member it'll be stags for me tomorrow evening
  2. Stags is lively as, the few times I've been. Planning on heading Adam & eve for tonights
  3. Where are people watching the game tomorrow london heads? Might go for an east London pub for the first leg.
  4. I can meet at the ground today if anyone has a couple of spares
  5. Seville and sackings made me forgot about this one. Looking for 2
  6. I'll be in Seville . Stags head is the place if you're in London
  7. Putting in an early shout if those heading to Sevilla game at king power via train from London are interested to travel together? Just to make more of an occasion of it. As long as I get a ticket! Could set up a group on www.meetup.com as well if people are interested.
  8. An opportunity here for SK1 to get more standers in from L1 K1 for this game?
  9. Can wheels be put in motion with these ideas and discuss it with the club? The unreserved seating/cheaper booze early on... Failing that just creating room to grow the vocal area at the back
  10. Not really an immediate solution, more so end of season, but creating space for union fs to grow its numbers... same can be said for K1 but less likely there I suppose
  11. Looking for refs as well
  12. I'll be sprinting too! Need to chip in for a getaway driver
  13. Looking for 2 refs or more for this if any going spare. Won't make my membership. I'm London based so always lurking for a london away
  14. Ended up booking my train journeys for porto.. maybe copenhagen but slough would be a bit of a mish for me from north london. Big Was in your profile pic
  15. Happy to travel as a pack via train sometime too