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  1. Don't disagree, my point is if we plan on staying where we are, we won't with our current wingers if we plan on using a system that required them. The reality is Gray, Barnes & Albrighton, chip in with VERY few assists & goals, Rodgers knows that and that's why he has been using Perez on the wing for most of the season. Spurs: Moura, Son Liverpool: Don't even need to mention them Chelsea: Historically speaking Hazard, Willian, Pulisic City: Don't need mentioning United: Rashford, Martial, Dan James Not saying we can go out and buy those players, but teams that finish in the top 4 generally have quality on the wings. Its possible to buy good wingers, Dan James 4 goals 5 assists in 16 Premier League games in his first season. Gray is an impact sub & Barnes shouldn't have been pulled back from his loan. If we lose out on top 4 this season, it will be because of our wingers. I know its not Football Manager & I know January is rip off month for desperate teams so signings are not easy, but it's someone's job to have targets & I don't doubt there is a list of 10+ potential signings. The club have said in the past when signing a player if they have been watching them for a few years.
  2. Said this in the Summer, I didn’t think our wide players Were good enough to even finish top 6, which they’re not. Been carried by fantastic players in other positions to where we are now. at no point this season have We been carried by our wingers in a game, not once. We MUST go for a winger as our next marquee acquisition. Whether that be in January or summer, who knows.
  3. Cant agree with any of that really. We spurned a lot of chances, could have had 6 or 7 & we defended much smarter and in much better defensive shape. Their only goal came from their ST coming back from offside & contesting a header, absolutely bewildered that was not ruled out by VAR... I mean how was that not interfering with play?
  4. Big fan of the diamond, much more threatening with 2 finishers up front, delighted for Kelechi.
  5. That’s a fair point, but I think we can all agree he is a much better player than anyone was expecting. Would be great if we could fit him in. Felt the ball moved a lot faster when he cane on against Watford.
  6. We’re going to come unstuck if the wingers don’t start contributing to the goals tally. Watford were dire, we should have put at least 3 or 4 past them. All it takes is 1 fluke and that ends 1-1 and we rue our snatched at chances. I thought in the summer we desperately needed a proven winger, January will be interesting with the way our season is going, players will want to join if we come calling.
  7. 60fps 1080p what was not to like? Anyone complaining of lag, its your connection. Use a hardwired device & you won't have any issues. Just hope the 3pm watershed is gone soon, so many Leicester fans have to turn to IPTV to watch, which is great, but id rather be supporting our club with the money spent on it.
  8. Simply put, players have re-sale value. Managers usually end up getting sacked, especially at big clubs.
  9. He had the chance to squash it, he chose not to, he consciously made that choice. With regards to the buyout, every single manager has one. What do you think happens when a manager gets sacked? clubs have to buy out their contracts. Unless a club offers to buyout his contract (around £15m) its a non-starter. So Arsenal, need to pay £15m to release him from his contract & a further £7.5m a year? All from a club with tight purse strings. He's not going to Arsenal, but I don't expect him to be around long judging by his interviews, comes across VERY self serving. We're talking about Arsenal, they're a shell of their former selves, crap fans, soulless stadium, crap owners & unrealistic expectation... just imagine it was Bayern, PSG, United even Liverpool again.
  10. To be fair, a player of his quality can't be sitting on the bench. Maybe backed himself to get in the starting XI. Problem for him is we haven't even had any injuries this season yet, so he's just not got a look in. No chance Youri or Maddison get dropped, only thing I could see is Maddison out wide to bring him in. Rodgers tried it for the final 25 against Brighton. He could have taken off Maddison instead of Barnes.
  11. Few murmurings that Fiorentina have held talks with Leicester for Dennis Praet "The executives of the Fiorentina they flew to London. The goal is Dennis Praet , former midfielder of the Sampdoria , with little space to Leicester City, us (we) know skills" https://www.tuttitalenti.com/talenti/la-scheda-di-dennis-praet/
  12. FYI, there are some on the LCFC in Keith Weller, £75 each.
  13. honestly, you probably have about a 5% chance of not getting in. Just go through the turnstyle, if I remember right, they have scanners anyway.
  14. Looking for two tickets for this one, would need them posting but will make it worth your while :-)
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