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  1. We've been second best this game. No urgency. Not created anything Limp performance and we've got what we deserved.
  2. Ball is not sticking with us at moment. Disappointing so far this half. Slimani on to hold the ball up.
  3. I feel we can go up a few levels What annoys me is we will concede then keep playing slow until 80th minute and then show some urgency. We need more urgency if we want to win the game
  4. Not surprised with there niggly fouls. They did it constantly in the league cup games last season. We looks similar to previous games. A bit toothless. We lack a spark.. Hopeful Maddison or Under will come on and inject some creativity which is what we need. This has got a 1-0 Slimani scruffy goal all over it.
  5. Fofana looks incredible In the air. Maybe this will help at our inability to defend set pieces. He Looks great so far. Pacey, Great Leap, Aggressive, good passing forward. Promising
  6. Needs to get on the weights and get some backbone about him. Bullied every match. Falls over a lot. He pulls out of every challenge. However, I like others still don't know his best position although at the moment it's firmly on the bench.
  7. To me you are absolutely spot on. It felt like we were playing 5-2-3 all game. Perez was getting bullied, the midfield was getting overrun and Youri/Mendy could not contain the midfield for 90 mins. Taking Perez off early doors and putting on Choudhury with his combative style could have helped ease the pressure on Mendy and also giving us an extra man in midfield. This would have allowed Youri to go slightly more forward to make the killer pass. Most Managers including Rodgers never seem to make early 1st Half tactical changes if they think the
  8. He's a young lad who was playing league one football not so long ago so will make mistakes. I do think he will get better but then again I think we can massively upgrade him. My concern is how any big or decent centre forward drop straight onto him as they know he's a weak link. However, today it looked like he won a competition to play premier league football.
  9. We're going to lose 3-0 We're going to lose 3-0
  10. We're going to win 4-3 We're going to win 4-3
  11. West Ham deserve the 3-0 so far. They've cut us open so easily. We've been second best since the 1st minute
  12. JJ won a competition to play today. He's been a shambles
  13. 2-0 down and showing no urgency whatsoever.
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