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  1. Apart from the first two mins a Poor performance. Brentford are a decent side but they have lots of players out and this is pretty much a reserve side of them full of youth. Wilf will change the game. We are getting over run In midfield as neither Mendy or youri can overturn the ball and don't have the legs to get back. This makes Amartey even more a bombscare by being ran at by there players. We will create chances but we need to up our game. All a bit slow and passive. I'd look to bring on Nacho as well shortly and even go two up top which will make Brent
  2. Cutting these open at will. Need to keep dominating but we will get plenty of chances tonight. Wilf will boss this midfield all night long.
  3. Pitch looks heavy going. Fofana off surely cos he's on a dicey yellow
  4. It's become too much like a basketball game already and that suits them to the ground We seem to be outnumbered in CM and just hoping for a long ball over top. We need a formation change
  5. We're not sloppy. Southampton won't give us any time on the ball due to their relentless press but that's how they play and that's what we should have been expecting.
  6. Must say this has been extremely poor so far. We look like we don't want to attack. And when we do go to attack we decide to play it sideways or back and wait for Newcastle to get back into shape. It's just poor.
  7. Gray on. He'll have a point to prove. Please take nacho off. He's beyond woeful
  8. Appalling if we lose to these. They are woeful. We've not got going second half at all. Game should have been put to bed in first half
  9. 4 points from spurs and United. Can't really grumble at that.
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