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  1. Perez starting ahead of that fraud maddison. Least he tries to make things happen.
  2. Calling it first. Joelinton to score a quick fire brace to put the icing on the cake.
  3. Take off ndidi who basically is our only defensive minded midfield. We get absolutely rolled. He realises after conceding another two that he needs to bring a defensive minded midfielder on. Tactical changes have been horrendous.
  4. Some horrendous thought processing in terms of passing 3-0 at home against a Steve Bruce Newcastle team who have been leagues above us... absolutely embarrassing.
  5. May sound bizarre this but nacho great form recently is the reason we don't move away from three at the back. Rodgers won't ever drop Vardy from the front line even tho he's absolutely honked of late Nacho can't play up front on his own anyway.
  6. Shameful. The last few weeks have been nothing but appaling. So passive. Not interested no intent. Sideways back. Keep ball at all cost and don't risk any forward pass. Will he change it.. course not. He will wait till 60mins when it's all to late. The season has been great but you can't defend the last few weeks. Shambolic
  7. The worrying thing is we actually look like we can't be bothered. Players to concerned about getting injured for next week probably
  8. Soyuncu made the mistake yes. But let's not forget we've been absolutely dreadful.
  9. We've not thrown it away just yet. But 80mins against 10men and a lack of intent was incredibly concerning. . If we play like that for our remaining games with that lack of intent it difficult to see where we will get them 5more points.
  10. Shocking performance really. Passive slow and no intent. 2 points dropped.
  11. Maddison horrible performance again. Struts around and done absolutely nothing again.
  12. Concerning. 11mins with change of shape and we've created nothing. Just hoping for aimless crosses. Nacho and Vardy not in at all that half. We need lots more movement to pull this Southampton Defence about to create the gaps.
  13. Thomas is getting acres down that left hand side cos they are leaving him free. Get albrighton or Ricardo on for a bit more Quality in the forward areas down that left hand side
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