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  1. He offered me a ticket but wanted double face value so I told him to do one. I was lucky. If he'd asked for FV I might well have got done.
  2. The Villa game has sold out to STHs, who by definition should be at the West Ham game. What's the problem?
  3. Well they do. The PL clubs could have decided not to have a Friday night TV package. They never have before. But they wanted the money so....
  4. I did wonder if that could be it, and think it must be, but I don't remember ever seeing it happen. And I've been to alot of games pre 3rd kits!
  5. I'll bite. What are QPR doing playing in red shirts at home?
  6. Exactly. They did that with the t shirts at Man city last year. Dished them out on the way into the ground.
  7. No apologies needed. I'm impressed you can do this at all. I can't see any detail until it goes on sale at my level 😁
  8. First legs are always weird because nothing is settled. Even if we had lost on Wednesday it would still be all to play for. That's one reason why the atmosphere can get weird. The other is on the pitch. We were poor Frist half and that got to the fans. Much better second half and the atmosphere turned up a notch or two at the same time.
  9. Thought on the Brentford thread you said you had a Villa ticket and wanted to swap for a Brentford one?!
  10. Villa tickets go on on general sale on 21 January. Could get tasty if we get a few in the home end 😁
  11. Perfectly reasonable thing for you to do. The club could have anticipated that by switching a P block from family to general sale. Too late now of course, but hopefully they'll bear in mind in future.
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