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  1. Big supporter of Rodgers but taking off Mendy for Choudhury is asking for trouble. Signals to the other team you're being defensive, giving them more confidence. But we had five first team players not starting, only one of whom was able to play some minutes. And that is the key issue. Sounds like 0-0 would have been a fair result but Villa got their luck this time.
  2. Lots of comments about the formation but in the absence of Ndidi, you can understand why Rodgers kept going with 3 at the back. The problem was the space between the defence and midfield. Early in the game against Man City, we had similar issues but as the match went on, one of centrebacks pressed up to support the midfield. That didn't happen today, leaving Mendy and Tielemans under greater pressure with no outball. When the onus is on us to break teams down, I would have much preferred Thomas to Justin as he gives us more of a creative, direct outlet. Obv
  3. Regularly enjoy your analysis, thought this was a superb goal too. What stood out for me for the first 20 mins was the gaps between our defence, midfield and attack, the time and space we gave them and how we kept going through the middle. Rodgers clearly got into the players, with the centre halves coming more into the midfield to break up their possession, as per Vardy's 2nd goal, using the wings more to take advantage of their full backs and ensuring we had "triangles" in place to retain possession of the ball. What a fantastic performance. One area fo
  4. Time to restore the "Leicester firsts" thread, more than happy if it's combined with this. Got fed up of that "Ever obliging" thread, and we should enjoy results like this as much as possible. Great to see positivity again! So, first team to score 5 against a team managed by Pep Guardiola. And first team to score 3 penalties in a Premier League game.
  5. Read that referees are going to be tougher on handballs. Even where there isn’t intent, if the defensive team gains an advantage and/or the arms aren’t by the side when the ball strikes the arm, the recommendation is the penalty is given.
  6. There was a story in the Athletic about Jota and how this was going to be his breakout season, having shown great potential the previous season with his expected goals in double figures. It's been suggested that Liverpool are taking much more of a "Moneyball" approach so perhaps this is one of those transfers that looks strange but statistically makes sense.
  7. WTF. Even Bernard Manning might have had second thoughts about this ‘joke’. Hope Evans is OK, key player for us.
  8. Couldn't agree more. It's been frustrating coming to the transfer forum and seeing so little activity. But when you think about the players that we've been linked to by informed sources (e.g. Fabrizio Romano and Rob Tanner) - Gosens, Tagliafico and Trincao - it's reassuring to see the club is going after high quality players who will improve the team. Only Man City and Chelsea have spent heavily during this window, and we still have a strong first XI. We've done excellent transfer business since the summer window of the 2016/2017 season, and a lot of lesso
  9. That's brilliant, keep up the good work!
  10. I think Lampard and Solskjaer remaining managers of their clubs might well prove to be a positive for us. To have two such big football teams headed by coaches who have not delivered any major success yet helps us, especially when you consider the potential calibre of candidates available to them. Read an article in The Athletic about Leipzig and Nagelsmann. Lots of similarities with us, thought this bit was especially interesting (and a lot of posters here have said the same thing): They were top of the table during the winter break, then proved inconsistent, especially
  11. Just think about in whose most interest it was to suggest that this year's participants automatically go through to the CL, while the other clubs have to play qualifiers. Arguably it's Tottenham so I'd think this briefing has come from Levy or someone close to the club. We know Levy's reputation for ruthlessness and wanting to ensure the so-called Big Six get a higher share, as shown in this article: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/champions-league-superclubs-liverpool-man-utd-barcelona-real-madrid-a9330431.html They're going to try to influence things/l
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