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  1. Just have a feeling this season we're going to be fine. Like @StanSP said, the club have moved on and now we need to get behind the team. Doesn't do any good speculating over what happened or how players might react. Any reaction would have likely have happened last week anyway when they were first informed about it. And Soy is back too which is huge.
  2. A draw would have been a fair result, expected goals suggests 1-1. Both sides had a shocking 20 or so mins, while the rest of the game was fairly even. West Ham were clinical today, and Lingard is in a rare run of form. They're not particularly convincing, reminds me a bit of Tottenham's start to the season where their results were much better than their performances.
  3. Evans was poor today. I don't think we have a mentality issue generally but Evans is the player that concerns me the most, his form dropped off the previous season around this time. And he lost his head I recall a couple of times in the run-in, notably in the sending off vs Man Utd.
  4. Spot on, brilliant post. We've come back so many times this season, and our record against the so-called big six is excellent this season. We've got so many players returning soon as well, that will make us stronger.
  5. There is going to be a lot of OTT reactions here. The facts are West Ham were far more clinical than us, and it was a very even game until they scored. We then hard a horrible 20 or so minutes, after which we were the better side. Both sides had poor patches, with West Ham scoring 3 in theirs and us two in ours. Albrighton was superb when he came on, gave us so much width and was direct when too much of play was static. I'm optimistic - we have Soy back for the next game, which should improve our solidity, and Ihenacho's form is brilliant.
  6. The pairing between Ndidi and Tielemans is the greatest we've ever had in central midfield. My one criticism of Tielemans was his physical strength and stamina. It's something he admitted he needed to work on. Now, with the some brilliant coaching and hard work, he's got that strength making him an all round talent who can be genuinely can be discussed as world class.
  7. Like many, I thought the O'Neill years would be our golden era. Enjoy it while you can many said. But this is another level. Everything the club does is with so much class and professionalism. Good things happen to good people, and the whole of Leicester deserves this.
  8. Thought exactly the same (even if you're being a little tongue-in-cheek!). While he didn't have a lot to do, the way he commanded the defence, especially in the first half, was brilliant and you could see the players following what he said. He's got so much authority and that kind of guidance is invaluable, especially for a young player like Fofana.
  9. The emotion he showed when he got his hat-trick was lovely to see. What a partnership he's formed with Vardy. So pleased for him. The talent was clearly there, but Ihenacho's now got the confidence as well and playing with another striker has brought out the best in him.
  10. Another way of looking at it is Rodgers may be giving tough love to Ihenacho. He knows his potential and wants more. He's a very good man manager so would be surprised if he would go so public if he had an issue with him. I don't have the stats but when Vardy and Ihenacho played together, we've tended to perform well (e.g. the wins vs Everton and Crystal Palace). That's why for me, it was a no-brainer for them to start together upfront when Maddison got injured. I think Rodgers' main concern with Kelechi is he doesn't offer as much control necessarily as the other for
  11. What a result! So pleased for Amartey given what he’s been through with that awful injury. Fed up of so many posters on the forum questioning the mentality of this team. All the evidence is there to the contrary - we’ve got the 2nd most points from going behind and how well we’ve responded to last year’s disappointment. With all the injuries, they’ve shown so much resilience and they should be lauded for it. We should not be as high as we are but thanks to Rodgers and the players we are performing outstandingly. Just glad they have more courage an
  12. If true, this is huge news. Really impressed with the players we've been linked with so far - Edouard, Jakobs, Soumare. Shows that we've got a consistent strategy. Read some comments about we should have got him in January. No way we get him for that price then. It's a seller's market and we'd have had to pay a lot more to sign Edouard than £15 million.
  13. More cause for optimism - Fofana and Perez back in training! Little Wes might even be available this week: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/two-leicester-city-players-back-5060549
  14. There has been so much BS written about Rodgers and the team over the past few days. The facts are we're 3rd, only one point behind Man U. That in itself with our squad size, budgets and injuries is an incredible achievement. Look at where Liverpool are and how they've managed their injuries. They were champions last season and they've struggled to cope with all their injuries. Hopefully more people get behind the team and show support. We might achieve something incredible this season. When you compare that to the average expectation of the fans at the st
  15. Thought of you when I saw that. Let's hope he lives up to the hype!
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