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  1. He's wrong loads of times. So many players he said we'd bid for (e.g. Watkins, Ruben Diaz, McNeil) we weren't after and he got it wrong on Chilwell, saying he's staying just before the Telegraph reported a deal had been agreed with Chelsea. That said, he does get it right very occasionally on signings, for example Under. But if you have lots of guesses/report what's been rumoured in other publications, then you're bound to get one correct. Only thing he consistently gets correct is the team line ups.
  2. Hoping for extra time. Man Utd play far more a team of individuals, rather than having a coherent style of play. But those key players keep getting them out of trouble with moments of individual brilliance. It's why they're over performing their expected goals by more than most teams. Man Utd have got lots of momentum and fortune at the moment but they are weak defensively. All thing being equal, it should catch up with them.
  3. Class told in the end, key was getting Tielemans and Maddison more into the game. And Brentford tired as well. Wondering whether Rodgers took off Under because he's thinking Barnes up front, with Maddison, Under and Albrighton supporting for the next match.
  4. Need to get a grip of the central midfield, and get the ball quicker to the wings where we look most dangerous. Brentford are pressing very high and the question is whether they can keep that going.
  5. We might have a bidding war for Gray: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9181093/Crystal-Palace-rivaling-Bayer-Leverkusen-1-8m-Demarai-Gray.html
  6. Looks like his agent is trying to find a compromise to make the deal work: https://sportwitness.co.uk/leicester-city-eriksen-inter-milan-transfer-agent-working/
  7. No way we sign him if Inter say we have to pay the full 300k a week. Not only because of the financial impact but also because of the potential impact on team morale - they won't give a higher wage than the top paid players who've been loyal to the club. That said, I think there is still a chance this could happen. Inter may decide that it's better to at least get some money back for the player if they don't plan to use him. Both sides have made their positions clear, it's now for Inter to decide whether they want to compromise. I think his expe
  8. As well as our quality, what stood out for me was the team’s work rate. Stoke pressed us very hard in the first half but our players more than matched them. Pleased to see two of our most underrated players - Albrighton and Perez - get on the scoresheet. Thought Praet played nicely too, gutted for him that he’s picked up an injury. Tielemans in the 2nd half was superb. Stoke pushing up their central midfielders to chase the game meant he had more space and he ran the show. Also impressed by how he handled Stoke’s physicality, he showed good strength.
  9. There you go! Even without the goal, his join-up play has been sound.
  10. What a goal that would have been. Praet and Perez looking very tidy. Justin has been our stand out player this season so far.
  11. Good to see this but he wouldn't have needed to make that tactical foul if he hadn't been outmuscled off the ball. Fantastic player but his defensive strength still needs building further. If he gets that in his locker, he will be the complete midfielder.
  12. For sometime have thought that Man City will be the main challengers to Liverpool this season. They're playing the best football in the league and their main issue has been finishing, having sorted out their defence since we beat them. Wouldn't surprise me if they have the best defensive record in the league since we played them.
  13. It's the opposite - if they were more 'woke', we'd get more attention as they'd make sure to give sides like us their due rather than completely obsess over the bigger clubs.
  14. Posted before that while Everton, Southampton and Man Utd have been the jammiest sides this season so far based on expected goals, Man U are the least likely to fall away because: 1. The refereeing/VAR decisions that go in their favour. It's beyond a pattern now, they've benefitted more than another side since its introduction 2. They have the most in-form attacking player in the Premier League in Bruno Fernandes, however much of an annoying sh*t he is (to be fair, any side would benefit from someone with such drive and that will rub off on the other Man Utd players) 3. Their sq
  15. Yep, it flagged that we were too reliant on Vardy's finishing and the conversion of our chances was well above average, so we were likely to revert to the mean. However, I think other factors played their part in what happened to us - the break in the season meant we couldn't build on the momentum from the 4-0 win over Villa as looked like we were getting things back together, injuries to crucial players (Ricardo, Maddison, Chilwell), and the 5-sub rule really helped Man Utd and Chelsea as they had deeper squads that they could better use, especially with games in such a short tim
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