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  1. Probably a fair result I feel we played better specially in the second half, but at the same time, for both of our goals Chelsea have reason to believe they were hard done by (defection and a personal error)
  2. ManUtd strikes me as making many of the same choices as Newcastle and Villa made doing their decent from top-table teams into mid-sized into relegation contenders Only difference is that they're using more money doing so
  3. Wait, have I overslept? ... since which decade were Gillingham a Premier League team
  4. For a few years Liverpool brought their best players again and again
  5. Just got the Danish Player of the Year Award
  6. Most others would be satisfied if a English person speaks a foreign language passable ... it's a lot rarer
  7. They tend to pick up Pundits in the same bucket used for ProPlayer-rejects
  8. Florian Lejeune must have played with a massive hangover, believing that he was a Leicester Winger for the first half
  9. Given how the match went, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if WHU would be dead last at the end of season
  10. considering that it pretty much was the whole B team, it's certainly a result that can be lived with, even if it wasn't one of the more exciting matches
  11. Man City, because they’re the biggest example og being a new-monied club not even managing to look lile they’re trying to appear to be locally anchored doesn’t really actively dislike other clubs (don’t get me started on Guardiola and José through, or Levy, Mike Ashley or Huw Jenkins)
  12. Vardy's goal looked like a 15/16 reprise...
  13. And the fact that xG doesn’t take into account if the quality of the player getting the chance
  14. IIRC, in Britain it's mainly considered a male name, in America it's a female name ... Morgan have the same deal
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