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  1. IIRC, there were some attempts as advertising Everton (... yeah) as part of the Big7, in late season of 2016/2017
  2. bit in a pickle as of the Arsenal-ManCity ... what to hope for ... Arsenal win, makes it all but certain that we won't be caught any time soon... ManC win, a large ammount of schadenfreude towards one of the big teams looking so close to being part of the relegation part ...
  3. It’s a should win, as long as we keep Pukki under lock... he is arguably the striker that have done most with least and could be said to be the season why Norwich aren’t dead last
  4. Oliver was worst on the pitch, almost surprised FA didn't substitute him :|
  5. And would have deserved it a lot more than Southampton ever did
  6. Oliver is worst on the pitch ... FA should make a substitution
  7. While our Offence is still strong, our defence the whole match have seem much less comfortable than it have been for the last several matches
  8. I’m getting the feeling that they were already sorta-casusaly discussing it (“shouldn’t we” “sure, sounds fine, details?” “We’ll figure something out at the next regular meeting”) but that the discussions between self-wanking pundits made them do so with more immediate agency
  9. Arsenal forums are highly schizophenic... half believes that they’ll do a Leeds and relegate, half seem to think they’re just a stroke of luck from getting third behind liverpool and ManCity
  10. Not as much swap, but i certainly wouldn’t mind getting Auba, even if he’s probably closing in on being a tad to old to be a strong secondary/replacement attacker next to vardy
  11. Ben Foster is, by some distance, their best player, and even when he have an off-day he’s still better than half their outfield
  12. In a few years when schmeichel either starts winding down or someone is going the ‘silly money route’, Ryan would be a brilliant replacement
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