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  1. Click and collect mate 😎 unless there is a major major cock up i should be okay...hopefully!!
  2. Absolute agree mate. Like with you this was gonna be my go to game on PS5 launch. It is annoying that its delayed again but I appreciate on the other hand they wish to release a finished product. Fed up of this shitty AAA companies who release broken games to satisfy the release schedule and get the players to act as beta testers paying full price (looking at you, EA). Kids on Twitter are taking it to extreme though, its annoying but just a minor inconvenience. Looks like it'll be Valhalla or Demon Souls for me on the 19th then!
  3. Wolves gameplan is embarassing. Serves them right.
  4. First time I think I've ever been buzzing for a Europa League game. Don't even care who it's against. Anyone who is not interested just piss off out of the pre-match thread and let us enjoy it! Let's go Foxes!
  5. Imagine the meltdown on here if we lose this
  6. Yeah, it's absolute dog shit. I'm surprised it can even be played on the radio? They'll be too many beeps there'll be more blanks than actual words No wonder kids these days are turning into absolute braindead morons.
  7. I don't do chart rubbish, but has anyone heard the song "WAP" by Cardi B? Absolute fvcking dross. Astounds me that the song is actually successful as the lyrics are fvcking garbage. Recent I know but definitely a contender.
  8. It's why I tend to stay out of the match day threads when we lose. So many braindead morons whose week will now actually be ruined by a game of football
  9. Do you really not know the answer to that question?
  10. Completely agree mate. Teams are being pushed way too hard and with us in Europe it'll be even worse for us!
  11. See what I mean @Walshy5? Injuries are happening all over the place for all clubs. Stop crying about it and trying to find someone to blame and get on with it.
  12. Why? Please explain why players like Soyuncu/Evans getting an injury on international duty is Rodgers fault? I said it in another thread but I am baffled at why people are struggling to understand why there are so many injuries? Stupid amount of games in short succession Pointless international friendlies and travel combined with the above Virtually no pre season for the first time I have ever seen It is really that hard to understand? Rather than just trying to chuck the blame at a single person? Other clubs are in the same boat, bu
  13. Think you've been around here long enough to know this definitely won't happen
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