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  1. Agreed. So annoying. Do people actually realise that swap deals are incredibly rare? It's even on the players we are linked with. Mugs pipe up with "Let's add Gray/Hamza/Kelechi in a Swap Deal" like it's Football ****ing Manager
  2. Did you mean to say.. Mentalitieeeeeeeeeeeeee?
  3. Brazilian. Get him in just for that!
  4. Really not that "mental" though, is it?
  5. Would still be a stupid decision to recall him.
  6. Adster


    Who isn't Chilwell good mates with?
  7. Defending was abysmal though. He literally just walked through unchallenged
  8. You can do both, but you're not "required" to do both.
  9. The guy who does the interviews really tries his hardest to make them the most boring interviews ever by asking the same generic questions every match or every time a player signs a new deal. You never really learn anything from them as half the time the interviewer has already half-answered the questions for them!
  10. Would be stupid to bring him back in Jan especially when he's bossing it at the moment. Let the lad flourish for a full season and come back for next season as part of the first team. Although we did recall Barnes in Jan from WBA so who knows!
  11. Can't argue with that. Best midfield three I've ever seen in my lifetime of watching Leicester City.
  12. Can we all stop referring to Arsenal as an Elite Club please? "Elite clubs" would never occupy 15th spot in the Premier League. Arsenal are a nothing club.
  13. 16GB for like 3 fixes on console...
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