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  1. Destiny 2

    Shame that. Once you hit above 265, the rewards from legendary engrams are pretty much redundant as they will never really be above your current power level. Just make sure to do everything that grants luminous engrams, and clan reward emblems as these are usually always higher.
  2. Mobile Phones

    Androids (Specifically Samsung) are miles better. Anyone who disagree's clearly hasn't looked at the specs. Apple products are a brand. They make their sales by mass marketing where Samsung do by innovation and design. They might look "cooler" but that's it. Spec-wise they lag behind pretty much every time. At work yesterday I overheard one of the apprentices say "yeah, I'm a techy person". Mate, you own an iPhone and a Macbook that cost over £1000. My Dell Inspiron had better specs and cost me £400 ffs.
  3. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    Of course that absolute melt Jim White says it's massively racist. Anything to generate more callers into their pathetic radio station. It's not exactly NOT racist. But it's not exactly ground-breakingly derogatory. If anything it's a compliment......
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Everton bought top potential, not top quality. It was obvious they were going to fail this season. Absolutely loving it that they are though. Where are the "Everton have won the transfer window" brigade now?
  5. Destiny 2

    I got myself to a point where I bottlenecked in power level. I saved up all "Powerful" Engrams as these scale to your current level and their power level isn't pre-determined like Legendary Engrams are. I did a lot of Public Heroic events and got a few good engrams from there. Always do the challenge missions on each planet when you can and get the reputation to get legendary engrams from the planet vendors as these will always give Legendary gear higher than your current power level up until power level 265. Always do the Flashpoints from Cayde-6 per week to get really powerful gear also.
  6. Destiny 2

    Got Power Level 267 now. Loving this cannot wait to go home from work and blast it out tonight. If anyone wants to play tonight, add me on PS4. My PSN is: Martiiinezzz
  7. If you read through most of the thread you'll see that's really not the case. If our players adopt this mindset we will lose, it's as simple as that. Best of luck though..after tomorrow of course!
  8. Depression

    I totally understand how you feel, however, there is nothing I was going to say that hasn't been covered by other users in this thread. Depression is hard but the best thing to do is to realise it, and have enough guts to go speak to either your parents or your local GP. Keep going mate, things will only get better.
  9. De Boar Gone

    Finger of blame must surely go to the Management team who hired him. No way De Boer was going to make his mark on his team four games in. A side cannot just go from hoof ball to slick passing football overnight.
  10. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Do you really believe the media only? Just because it's not been reported in the "Media" that we've appealed, doesn't mean we haven't. Jesus Christ
  11. Destiny 2

    Loving this so far!
  12. Passwords

    I wouldn't recommend using Autofill on passwords. Most internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and IE. Google Chrome can even store your Debit/Credit card information so you don't have to remember that. As Spam said, it's a massive security risk. If you get a virus or your PC gets stolen, the user would easily get access to all your accounts without having to do anything. It's better to store your passwords externally. Even using something less conventional, like a pen/paper and then storing the document in a locked filing cabinet is much more secure.
  13. Destiny 2

    DO IT
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    A deadline is a deadline though, surely? What message would it send to other clubs if this was allowed? Clubs could then start to submit even later past the deadline, as it's been "allowed" before. I get that we all want FIFA to upturn their decision, but rules are rules and you can't blame them if we submitted the paper work late.
  15. Destiny 2

    Can't wait to get home from work and bash this out later!