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  1. It's completely stupid that some games are included in the subscription and some aren't. Completely defies the point of a subscription model.
  2. Agreed. It's a sad state of affairs that the bright future of these players internationally are reliant on Aidy Boothroyd.
  3. Gogglebox is ****ing trash tele. Humans are being more brain dead by the day.
  4. And how does that compare us and the size, revenue and history of Man Utd? I suggest reading it again, son.
  5. Can you please find me a quote on this thread or on the forum where anyone has said this?
  6. Adster


    Are you Andseron Perry? Would be nice to know if were getting out the big guns or not.
  7. This ain't football manager mate. If we hadnt downed tools with Puel we'd of been above them this season. Also regardless of where we finished at the end of the season, right now we're a better more balanced team.
  8. Not sure if serious? Dont care how good he is, I'd have him nowhere near our club. Hes toxic.
  9. Shows how far we have come, or how far Man Utd have fallen. I wouldn't genuinely take a single player out of their starting defence or midfield, apart from De Gea if you count him.
  10. Signal and 4G is so shit inside the stadium it wouldn't really matter anyway.
  11. I hope they release an RCA although it's probably doubtful. Will be a great concern if data was comprised by an injection attack.
  12. Agreed but Hamzas tweets were not dug up from the PC brigade. They were dug up by salty Arsenal Fans because we slapped them 3-0.
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