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  1. Who actually cares about a fvcking training video?
  2. Are you new to the Franchise? If so, the demo is a poor show as it was really aimed towards experienced players of the series. Not sure why they did it really like that but all their demo's are the same, just a few quests and nothing about core progression/items/maps really. I bought this game on release as I've been playing this series since PSP days but it only really became "Mainstream" in the west after the launch of Monster Hunter world on Xbox/Playstation/PC. In terms of Rise, it's the most accessible Monster Hunter yet. For previous MH games they were mainly ge
  3. Was just coming in here to post this. Bunch of diving, whiny cnuts at international level as well.
  4. Remember too! I was 16 and my parents were on holiday in Italy..they thought me and my brother had smashed their cars up until I showed them proof 😂
  5. Not sure but isn't this winner purely decided on votes by fans? If so we have no chance of winning as "big six" football twitter ****** will just vote for their own players.
  6. An absolutely astonishing view. He hasn't got a clue has he.
  7. Absolutely mate. So, so disappointed with BF5. Felt too much like a Call of Duty game which I cannot stand. Hope Battlefield 6 lives up.
  8. Playing some Battlefield 1. I maintain this is still the most recent best FPS game on the market.
  9. Agreed. Moronic blind fans still watching our games I see.
  10. Which you'd hope would suit us as we typically struggle against teams sitting deep
  11. That is true but only if your views are not complete bollocks like yours are!
  12. No, not really. Second in the table. Get the picture? What's to moan about really? Get lost.
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