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  1. Adster

    Thorgan Hazard

    Sorry - but how do we know the signs are good if they've not played yet? Early signs were "good" when we signed Slimani and co. Look how that turned out.
  2. Adster

    Pyro or no Pyro

    No Pyro. Immature and quite frankly embarrassing.
  3. Adster

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    What a great game, gutted to lose that though after being 3-1 down. The peeps on here asked for some fight, and determination, and attacking intent, and we got it today. Enjoyable, push on for next season now WITH Puel and an overhaul in the summer.
  4. Unfortunately, it's what most of our fans do. You know if we'd of won that game yesterday, people on here would be dishing out 8/9's. But because a few goals didn't go in, it's 4/5/6s for everyone. Makes absolutely zero sense, considering a lot of the players yesterday played well, and we played some nice stuff at times. Just because we didn't win, doesn't mean Dragovic should get a lower rating.
  5. Adster

    Ricardo Pereira

    I heard Anderson Perry has already sent a Raven to Portugal to seal the deal.
  6. Adster

    Name a better option than puel

    Totally agree. It absolutely baffles me that people want Puelout already. Most of the fans that do are probably the same ones that started wanking over Leicester when we won the league. When will people realise we are not Man City/Utd/Liverpool etc? I know we've been used to winning a lot in recent seasons,but some people need a reality check. We've played some good stuff under Puel at times,despite inheriting a squad where 90% of them are not comfortable in possession. He's had a January window to make his mark on the squad. Which, let's be honest, is a mugs window anyway. I'm not saying he may or may not be the man to take us forward. But give him a chance for God's sake.
  7. Adster

    McDonald's Monopoly

    To be fair, it is one of the nicest coffee around, especially for the price.
  8. Adster

    Sea of thieves

    Don't bother getting this game, especially at full price. Another unfinished peice of AAA trash. Game is pointless and lacks in almost every area.
  9. Adster

    Champions League 2017/18

    Horrendous tactics by Mourinho over 2 legs. Anyone going away to play for a 0-0 runs the risk of major disaster should the away team score in the second leg. Embarassing defensive set up.
  10. Adster

    Monster Hunter: World

    No surprised that it's just become the best selling game in Capcoms history. Shipped over 7.5m units already and it's only been out just over a month. I'm still in awe of how good this game is. I'm 150 hours played and I still have just as much fun as when I started. If only games that try to focus on loot (such as Destiny 2) had an ounce of detail that Monster Hunter World has. Capcom have well and truly nailed it here with one of the best games I've ever played. Anyone still on this?
  11. Adster

    Least amount of supporters standing?

    Why can't people do what they want when they go to a football match? I've been a season ticket holder for 10+ years and I don't stand, and rarely sing. So what?
  12. Adster

    Mahrez being booed?

    Was mostly plastics at the game last night that's why...
  13. Adster

    Monster Hunter: World

    Not been on this for 3 days as been so busy. I am ITCHING to finish work and get back on this tonight. I've played for 45 hours since release and I'm HR 13. I've mainly been exploring, and crafting the perfect sets. Sorting my builds out now.
  14. I never said they did. Go and look on any LCFC related post on any social media channel though, and you'll see it's largely bandwagon Africans and Algerians who know **** all.
  15. Sounds slightly racist, But Africans and Algerians have no ****ing clue how real football works. Watching then post shit on everything single LCFC post/status cringes the shit outta me.