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  1. Iheanacho

    Why did he put Iheanacho on the wing? It's no surprise he was terrible playing out of position.
  2. Call Of Duty : WW2

    That's exactly why I do not buy Call of Duty games. Too many kids thinking only about their K/D Ratio. No one has a desire to win, so long as they have the best KD ratio that's all that matters.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront

    It's a good step I suppose they have removed the Microtransactions, but we all know they'll bring them back to the game once the hype has died down. Gamers have done well at making a stand on this awful, awful business model. It really annoys me when companies get Lazy and throw in a loot box system rather than actually have a proper game progression system. I still don't like the fact there are loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront, as it still, for me, seems lazy when they could have built a proper progress system into the game.
  4. Houses

    After a long wait from the solicitors, we are finally picking up the keys for our house today! So excited.
  5. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Yeah, I seen that copied the social space from Destiny. I like that. But cannot help but feel it's main purpose is to get players to watch others open supply drops, to make that player want to buy them also. I've seen there is a mission to watch 3 players open a supply drop! Fair enough. I don't know if the Dab is on there (it was on previous COD games). It was more a general thing really with cringey emotes in general.
  6. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Multiplayer FPS's are my thing, to be honest. I spend most my time playing them but I cannot stand Call of Duty's multiplayer skin any longer. From the instant respawns, to the stupidly low TTK and awful spawns, I cannot believe people actually find the multiplayer enjoyable. The game is clearly aimed at 12 year olds. What adult would seriously want to see the guy in 1st, 2nd and 3rd fvcking dabbing at the end of a game in a WW2 setting? Embarrassing, and completely ruins the authenticity of the game. All designed to support their horrendous loot crates business model. Yes, it works, but that does doesn't, however, make it right.
  7. Top 20 Most Valuable Squads In Europe

    Albrighton £19.4m
  8. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Played this for the first time round a mates house and it just re-affirmed my initial thoughts. Another low TTK arcade style shooter designed to make all feel like a pro to support their outdated, greedy, business model. Glad I didn't buy it.
  9. Call Of Duty : WW2

    There is a contact in the game that requires you to watch 3 players open supply drops . That's enough for me to not buy this shitpiece of a game.
  10. Destiny 2

    I think they've definitely made it for the casual player. They have seen how many people didn't do raid/trails in vanilla destiny. They didn't want to risk alienating a large portion of their customer base who spend money on the game. I agree. I do fully believe though that like with most Activision games, there is a tight schedule of released that Bungie have to oblige to. PVP sucks, hard. It's been dumbed down to pure team shooting down lanes. Which is fine but it totally alienates anyone who doesn't play in a team of 3/4.
  11. Destiny 2

    It's such a shame. As the mechanics and general gameplay is fantastic, but they've really ****ed it up with D2. I cannot help but think if Bungie were not under pressure from Activision to deliver to their strict deadlines, they'd take time to really implement the game we all want.
  12. Destiny 2

    Anyone still on this? I spent over 2500 hours on the original destiny. 120 hours into this one there is already nothing to do. I love the franchise but they haven't half ****ed this game up. From the horrendous "token" system, to no random weapon rolls, they've sucked all the longevity out of the game completely. I literally just log in on a Tuesday, get my flashpoint/nightfall done and a bit of crucible, and log off as there is nothing left to do. There is no incentive to Raid, as you can get to 305 without having to complete it. The weapons/armour from the raid are not good, and have no specific perks like the armour did from Vault of Glass for instance on D1. The prestige mode of the raid and nightfall gives you no better loot than doing it on normal difficulty unbelievable. Lost sectors were hyped up, but you can literally just run through the whole fvcking cave, kill the boss and loot the chest. There is nothing to explore in them at all. And all you get from them, and chests are shitty world tokens that you can use to get a piece of gear that is lower than your light level already! Again gives no incentive to do anything. There is no incentive to do strikes at all, as there is no strike specific loot and all you get are blues and the occasional legendary engram, of which you can complete 4 public events in the same time to get more loot than you would in one strike. PVP was my scene in D1, and they've managed to completely **** that up as well. The whole thing feels like a DLC, not a new game. I cannot help but think Bungie are being hampered by the pressure of the fvcking ***** at Activision.
  13. What music do you hate?

    Yep. Over rated to hell.
  14. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    I get your point, but if they didn't innovate, it would definitely place a negative on the company, and most likely their revenue streams too.
  15. Oculus rift

    Don't think it'll ever get into the mainstream market. As Chicken said, seems a bit of a gimmick. Unless you have loads of money, you're probably alright to stick with a console.