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  1. https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/596155-modern-warfare-loot-boxes-spotted-beta-infuriating-community told you so. **** Activision and this franchise. Legislation is coming.
  2. Legislation is coming. As companies are not competent or considerate enough to regulate themselves. That trailer for NBA2K20 is a farce. It's at least simulated gambling so why doesn't it warrant at least a T for Teen rating? The problem is the casual gaming audience that mostly take part in sports games. When they tried to **** with the hard core market (eg Star Wars Battlefront 2) you see what happens. The problem is casual gamers will always look to spent money rather than grinding if the option to purchase to skip is an option.
  3. Whilst too late now..it was streamed on Englands official Twitter page, but I believe without commentary.
  4. Were you in the away end today? Some of our fans could quite easily rival them in that department.
  5. This must be a joke?! Iwobi is complete trash. Everton mugged off again
  6. Surprised it ain't breaking news on Sky BREAKING NEWS: Leicester agree to sell centre back
  7. Absolutely no point in doing this.
  8. Yes but in Fortnite, you get what you pay for. It's as simple as that. You do not have to spin the virtual slot machine for a chance of getting said item. You either buy the item, or earn the item through the battle pass. You know exactly what you are getting. And the entry fee for the take is £0. I get the game is a bit bandwagon and aimed at kids, but overall the monetisation is about fair. With CoD, you pay a high entry fee for the game. The game then confuses you now with several types of loot boxes which are now pay to win because the scummy execs at Activision have filled them with weapons. Just go and Google Black Ops 4 and look at the latest news about all the META weapons being in loot boxes. Why do you think they've done that? Its pathetic the way they, and EA in FIFA, prey in manipulating kids through gambling and in game advantages. The industry had the chance to regulate itself on these loot boxes but didn't. The government will soon be stepping in. This game will be the same as it fools people using nostalgia. Every new CoD game we get a forum thread on here where people say "oh year..this cod actually looks good this year!" (See CoD WW2 for example). It then gets released, and its utter garbage and is then filled with scummy loot boxes and ridiculous monetization for things that used to be free, like a simple red dot sight for example. There is literally no comparison between CoD and Fortnites monetization.
  9. Can you please explain why you are comparing a game that is Free to Play, has a relatively fair monetisation strategy that allows you to earn in game currency to purchase the next battle pass, with a game franchise that psychologically manipulates young children by shady pay to win loot boxes, whilst having to pay the a full £50 entry fee?
  10. Go on. Explain please? Look forward to your explanation on this.
  11. Jeeeeez. Please bin off that awful font.
  12. I'm actually predicting a major shock this year for United. I honestly think they could finish in the bottom half. Deadly serious.
  13. Come on guys, please don't fall for the yearly CoD hype train. It's exactly what they want. If you pre order games in 2019, you're an absolute mug. It'll be "ok" on release with the slow introduction of aggressive glorified slot machines and pay to win loot boxes later on down the line when reviewers have reviewed the game. This franchise is a cancer on the gaming industry and it's only going to get worse until regulation is introduced to stop these clowns.
  14. It's completely stupid that some games are included in the subscription and some aren't. Completely defies the point of a subscription model.
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