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  1. Twitter fans from other clubs are absolutely livid man I fvcking love this
  2. @Liamlcfc1 what's your status
  3. Fab's previous tweet about Odsonne was
  4. So now Fab has clarified the tweet he believes Patson Daka to Leicester is close? We are ****ing massive
  5. Thought the exact same, I cannot make it out. As it was Mike Mcgrath who reported on us bidding for Patson Daka, I cannot make out if he's saying the Daka deal is close to done or the Odsonne one..or both?!
  6. Adster


    Anyone who thinks we should sell is stupid. Literally blinded by a few poor games last season whilst trying to get back to fitness.
  7. Have you not seen the guys posts before? Clearly on the wind up or just plain stupid.
  8. You'd be silly not to take him tbh
  9. Patson the back all round if we get this deal done
  10. ****ing hell, I am extremely disappointed in myself I have only just found out about this. This could be my perfect game if they get this right, following on from my favorite ever film. What a time to be alive.
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