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  1. Can't we just appreciate both for what great talents they are? Why does something always have to be better than something else in this world?
  2. They designed the whole progression system on Battlefront 2 around pay 2 win loot boxes. Playing off a popular franchise in an attempt to turn children into gamblers. You don't **** with the Star Wars Franchise, and they did. The community fought back and the game was garbage whilst they redesigned the whole progression system. I still wouldn't give them a single penny.
  3. Adster


    The game is meh at best. Fed up of the Games as a Service model as it's clearly failing badly. Any gamer who is content with companies releasing a broken product and disguising fixes as "content updates" need to stop gaming completely. This game needs massive fundamental work that will not probably save the game now. Its dead already.
  4. Don't bother. Its an absolute crock of shit game that is completely spoiled by Activisions pay to win loot boxes.
  5. Was it Puel that missed all our 27 shots on target? Was it Puel that gave away a silly penalty? Was it Puel who deflected the effort past Kasper? Was it Puels fault that Maguire is trying to take on players in their half at 3-1 down? I understand that points are a concern. But the players let him down massively today again.
  6. Absolute banter when we go an win this 2-0 now All jokes aside, it's an incredible gamble. It'll backfire horrendously should it fail.
  7. If Sky Sports was cheaper and more bespoke, I would buy it. Simple as. If they continue to fleece customers as they currently do, I will stick to streaming.
  8. Everton have been like us in the first half. Woeful and couldn't string a pass together for 30 minutes.
  9. Got an unexpected Christmas Bonus from work so decided to treat myself to a Switch. Been wanting one for a while so I'm so excited to play it when it arrives. I've bought Zelda, Mario Cart 8 and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for it. Anyone got any more recommendations?
  10. Geoff Peters will be in meltdown hahahahahahah #PuelIN
  11. Also, it looks like only the bloody Bisnos Brothers are reporting this. That guy chats absolute bloody shit on his infinite Twitter accounts.
  12. Not a chance. After the past few months no way is he dropping that on Top.
  13. Intensitieeeeee Qualitieeeeeee Good mentalitieeeeeee As this for us is a great opportunitieeeeeee
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