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  1. No worries mate, it was understandable. When I was younger, I jumped to the same conclusion. I've had depression myself (never anywhere near the levels of this, though) so I can understand why he did it. Despite looking happy in interviews etc, no one can truly know what went on in Chester's mind other than Chester himself. Either way, It's still absolutely heart wrenching and I feel for his family and Shinoda, who he was like a brother to
  2. Still cannot get over Shakeys tan he looks like a bloody orange
  3. I was just listening to this. The lyrics hurt so much
  4. Re-listening to some of the lyrics from their new album it seems that it was a form of message They were and still are my favourite band. Their music shaped my musical tastes from when I was a kid. A truly devastating loss.
  5. When you're depressed, you're brainwashed. You are not yourself. You think of doing things that are completely insane. Unfortunately his problems must've been so bad
  6. All albums were brilliant. I loved Linkin Parks diversity and that they were afraid to change their style despite fans protests. It's absolutely devastating. He was a true musical genius. RIP.
  7. Absolutely. There is nothing either interesting nor remotely entertaining about a bunch of egotistical bellends walsing around a house try to get with each other. It's no wonder the kids of today are turning into absolutely talentless bellends.
  8. Naa he's currently on medical #246 as we speak, hence the hold up.
  9. I just cannot wait to see @SheppyFox's reaction once he's holding the shirt up...
  10. Don't you even dare try and tell me than iPhones are superior.
  11. The bloke watches Love Island. Therefore it's a no from me, the batty boy.
  12. How many though???
  13. Buy back clauses should be illegal, simple as. It's a pathetic way of the big clubs protecting themselves. If they think the player is going to be good in a few years, maybe they should spend time developing them themselves rather than flogging them to a "smaller club" to do it for them.
  14. None of which cost near £50m. Our club is playing hard ball and rightly so. It's refreshing to see. Tottenham okay hardball for their players, so we should also. Their wage structure is also similar to ours if not lower. Therefore I can't really see him ending up at Spurs.