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  1. This clown literally just copied from this forum
  2. "Possibly" yes. But who's to say that won't lose every remaining game of the season? It's extremely unlikely, but is still mathematically possible.
  3. **** me what a shit news day today has been 3 players self-isolating Maddison injured Ricky P ACL
  4. Completely embarrassing set up by Wolves. Sticking 10 men behind the ball and trying to hit us on the break. I thought they were supposed to be an ambitious team?
  5. Don't need to imagine it, it happened.
  6. Just over 45 minutes and that's enough for you? Seriously?
  7. No idea what that means sorry x
  8. Brother speaks to Jason Farndon (Cov Youth Coach) all the time at work who speaks to Maddison a lot and he said he's already signed a 130k-a-week contract before going to Dubai.
  9. Needs a new deal ASAP Easily our best player this season.
  10. Hahahahaha **** off Villa. Hope you enjoy the championship you pricks.
  11. Sky sports is absolute garbage especially on transfer deadline day. Get it in the ****ing bin.
  12. Adster

    Ryan bennett

    Can't complain for a backup CB. Decent.
  13. please state your "evidence" of this? I fancy a laugh.
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