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  1. He's great, coming from Sheffield (Wednesday), moving to Leicester, having my kids support Leicester and having this guy in the team, what more could I ask for 😁😁
  2. Leicester and Wednesday fans will be loving this 😆👍😁
  3. As if Vardy will let the blades get a result 😁👍 Vardy, hat-trick
  4. How much are these memberships and when do they go on sale? Only just started going with my son, but the membership sounds like the best option.
  5. I'll leave it thanks, want them seated next to each other
  6. Can the senior citizen ticket be upgraded to an adult?
  7. I'm after 2 tickets, if anyone has spares, 1 x adult, 1 x under 8, although if you have 2 adults tickets I'd still be interested, cheers, can collect.
  8. If anyone has 2 tickets for the match 1xadult 1xkids I'll have them, thanks
  9. It's just getting boring now, everyone's got the cans in waiting for it on the telly 👍👍👍
  10. It's getting late,give u a tenner 😆😆😆 only messin'
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