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  1. Last of Us MGS5 MGS : Peace Walker Spiderman Horizon: Zero Dawn GTA5 Uncharted 4 The Last Guardian (flawed but sweet) Toy Story 3 Spyro / Crash remakes
  2. What did everyone get for Crimbo? I got the new Star Wars and the remake of Medievil (never played the original). g
  3. Starmer, Cooper, Phillips, anybody remotely sensible to do the Kinnock job of dragging them kicking and screaming back towards any sort of reason. It won't happen though - Corbyn's cranks all control the party structures now and the membership are already making their excuses - Brexit, the media, Blairites etc etc.
  4. Yeh, but can we do it on a sunny evening in Barcelona?
  5. It was alright. A few cool moments, mostly the flashback bits. It just felt a bit aimless, like there wasn't really much of a plot. Todd though.
  6. Replaying Final Fantasy X on PS2 currently. Had a bit of a craving to play but the HD remaster is still £25 so sod that.
  7. Gonna try for the Hella Mega tour too - despite FOB. Hudders looks the best bet, though not great reviews in terms of their organisation. Bet it'll be ££££.
  8. Crazy they filmed it without it getting out.
  9. I used Nanan when I was little! And I'm well Lestoh. Weird. Usually use Nan nowadays though.
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