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  1. Wow. Take Kane and Alli out of that and we're so average.
  2. We just can't beat Bournemouth.
  3. Some of the slagging off of individual players here is stupid. Benalouane has been decent recently but clearly needs Huth next to him, Musa is hardly going to do anything coming on at 4-1 down, obviously Fuchs isn't a CB that's just stating the obvious. I'm embarrassed too after that but let's chill out a bit.
  4. Can't actually believe that just happened.
  5. Yeh looking forward to this after getting into Uncharted recently. 4 was great. Bizarrely it started off on Amazon pre-order for like £70 but has come down to £30.
  6. He's said he wants to stay in the Prem. Obviously he'd go to Spain, but can't see him going to France.
  7. Not health related apparently. Standing down? Though seems to have been called in the middle of the night.
  8. Tekken 7 out in June. Bit lame compared to the early ones I agree, but still looking forward to it. First new one in yonks.
  9. Gym

    I have sporadic foot/ankle problems. Something in my inner right ankle 'popped' probably a year or two ago and it can feel awkward when I rotate it, but worst of all I occasionally get a sort of cramping pain on the top of my foot and can barely walk on it sometimes. Don't know if it's some sort of tendonitis. Anyone know any decent podiatrists etc?
  10. Gym

    Used creatine for a bit (though I'm a total amateur), nothing to worry about. Hard to say whether it's a benefit, supposed to be for more advanced athletes.
  11. Did a predictor earlier and we finished 8th which surprised me. Anything top half I'd be delighted with.
  12. There's something about this I just can't Swalla. Things could Get Ugly if we sign him from The Other Side.
  13. Yeh, enjoyed Moana. Great theme song too. Toy Story is my one true love.
  14. TLOU is incredible. Beautiful game. Play the DLC Left Behind after too. Can't wait for part two.