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  1. Looking forward to getting this. There just aren't enough couch co-op games these days. We played A Way Out which was good (and hilarious at times).
  2. My first away game, remember it well. Ryan Smith looked amazing for a few weeks for us, whatever happened to him. Some of the names in that team. Gerrbrand, was well excited for him coming in as we'd actually spent some money on him. Skills-Eric Johannsson
  3. Libertine


    Ellie and Joel 4 lyf, dawg.
  4. Libertine


    Yeh I watched that a while ago. You can sense the change of attitude towards her in the audience throughout the performance.
  5. I had a moment during today's game thinking about the Watford play-off defeat and how we came back the next year and gave the league an absolute roasting. Hopefully last year's experience will act as a similar catalyst and we won't mentally allow it to happen again. Bit early to say whether I have confidence in that though.
  6. Love Wolf Alice. Looking forward to their new album. Unfortunately missed seeing them live a few years ago, they were supporting Manics but I didn't know them at the time and didn't bother watching. Gutting now. Definitely one of the bands I'm most looking forward to getting to see when gigs are back.
  7. X was my first FF too. Replayed it a little while ago until I got stuck late on and couldn't be bothered to grind to level up. XV was on PS Now until recently too. Really enjoyed it. Seemed a bit overwhelming at first as it has a big open world aspect as mentioned, but you're free to just follow the story if you can't be bothered with all that. It becomes more linear about two thirds of the way in too.
  8. FF7R is cracking. Never played the original myself but really enjoyed it, can't wait for the next installment, that's what I thought they were announcing last night!
  9. Stayed up to watch it, pretty disappointing really.
  10. Giving Persona 5 a go, been meaning to for a while. Complete madness but enjoying it. Also had an urge to replay MGS5 so got two on the go currently.
  11. 27 games played Top Games 1. TLOU2 - 75 hrs 2. Nier Automata - 39 hrs 3. God of War - 34 hrs Genre Action-Adventure 204 hrs 387 hrs gameplay in 2020 127 days played in 2020 Trophies earned - 278
  12. Libertine


    Okay, hear me out...
  13. Noticed this the other week too, ours is usually immaculate.
  14. Finished Crash 4, thank fook. Now onto PS4 Ratchet & Clank. Looks unbelievable, can't wait for the new PS5 one too.
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