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  1. 8 is being remastered but not remade. X/X-2 already got the HD remaster so can't imagine they'll bother with a full remake. Looking forward to this as everyone is always banging on about FF7 but I've never played it. The only one I've ever completed is X/X-2.
  2. 19. Couldn't get Wood... Plus a few in the 90s annoyingly.
  3. Awful. Loved watching that Arsenal team and always remember him coming into the team as a youngun. Terrible news.
  4. MLE is probably my fave too. And yes, there were a few that a while back I considered maybe 'filler' songs, but I really enjoy now. They've actually replaced one of my faves on the remastered version (Nobody Loves You), but it's on there as a hidden track still.
  5. Manics tomorrow at DMH.
  6. Libertine


    Moved with these last Friday and can back this up, certainly recommend.
  7. Libertine


    I've tried to get back into it a bit in the past few months. I can't say I'm particularly knowledgeable about it in depth, but I like mostly modern or comedic stuff. I like some stuff I've seen by Ocean Vuong (bit hipstery though), and can echo the mentions for JCC and Tim Key (loved his Incomplete audiobook). Always liked a bit of Larkin too.
  8. Libertine


    Anyone got any recommendations for removal firms?
  9. I was recommended Bendell & Co on here previously. Nothing to compare to but seemed alright when I used them and plan to again this house move. Based in Hinckley.
  10. Featuring Gaz Birtles, the dad of the keyboard player in Easy Life.
  11. Finished Spiderman 100%, hopefully get the DLC next. Then onto Strange Brigade.
  12. I took the thread as meaning acts that on paper are everything I usually like, but for some reason don't particularly 'click' with me. Rather than feeling obliged.
  13. Libertine


    Just putting ours up for sale with Newton Fallowell, photos done today. Agreed on the inflation of prices over the past few years, absolutely crazy. Though should hopefully make a decent profit on ours. Let the stress begin!
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