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  1. Just finished it this afternoon. Loved it, agree with some of the comments about the camera/melee though. While it's sort of more realistic, it does get a bit irritating especially when you're back up in a corner with multiple enemies. 'Greatest game of all-time?' No such thing. Certainly one of my favourites. TLOU was never revolutionary game-play the first time round, it's basic stealth and action. The story, atmosphere and soundtrack made it what it was. The same applies here to an even heavier degree. It's genuinely gut-wrenching, emotionally exhausting and morally confusing. In regards to the diversity/representation of the game - I really didn't find any of it to be 'virtue signalling', it was done without going 'LOOK! LOOK!'. The bitching is from the usual suspects who will consider any mention at all of LGBT people to be over the top PC.
  2. Nussul! Still hovering, my friend. Like a lot of others have said, mostly just read without posting now. Good days, the old 'Inbetweeners' crew. Me, you, Tilley and Lav. Good to hear you're well.
  3. What happened to Thracian? Did he get banned?
  4. Nier: Automata. Crazy Japanese slash-em-up robotic madness from Square Enix.
  5. Had Deliveroo from Giggling Squid on Saturday. Nice, but 3 spring rolls + a dip for £6.50. £35 in total for two people, ouch.
  6. Yep, pretty lame to see it leaked and spoiled for people. We've got a new date now though (June 19th) so just got to avoid spoilers until then. Some people have moaned about Ellie being gay in the previous games already ('SJW' blahblahblah), so I'll take the 'woke' comments with a pinch of salt until I play it myself.
  7. My favourite LCFC player. Met him on my 8th birthday in Fatty Arbuckle's at Meridian wearing my full Leicester kit.
  8. Just finished the story of God of War. Have to say I enjoyed it immensely, really epic game, even though I've never really been into the series before now.
  9. Can anyone help with this? They're all doctors, could be real or fictional. I have all but number 12!
  10. Just went over the top with my beard and now looking like Freddie Mercury.
  11. My Mrs did mine today and this is scarily accurate.
  12. I'm a Sony fanboy so will get this. Liking the controller, always one of the main reasons I prefer PS over Xbox, as well as the games available.
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