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  1. Yeh, but can we do it on a sunny evening in Barcelona?
  2. It was alright. A few cool moments, mostly the flashback bits. It just felt a bit aimless, like there wasn't really much of a plot. Todd though.
  3. Replaying Final Fantasy X on PS2 currently. Had a bit of a craving to play but the HD remaster is still £25 so sod that.
  4. Gonna try for the Hella Mega tour too - despite FOB. Hudders looks the best bet, though not great reviews in terms of their organisation. Bet it'll be ££££.
  5. Crazy they filmed it without it getting out.
  6. I used Nanan when I was little! And I'm well Lestoh. Weird. Usually use Nan nowadays though.
  7. One of my favourite players of recent times - sad to see him wasted currently so glad to see him get back playing, even if it is Burnley.
  8. Henry Suarez Just two players where it always looked like something was going to happen whenever they got the ball.
  9. Have you read The Mixer by Michael Cox? It's in my to-do pile but heard it's good.
  10. 8 is being remastered but not remade. X/X-2 already got the HD remaster so can't imagine they'll bother with a full remake. Looking forward to this as everyone is always banging on about FF7 but I've never played it. The only one I've ever completed is X/X-2.
  11. 19. Couldn't get Wood... Plus a few in the 90s annoyingly.
  12. Awful. Loved watching that Arsenal team and always remember him coming into the team as a youngun. Terrible news.
  13. MLE is probably my fave too. And yes, there were a few that a while back I considered maybe 'filler' songs, but I really enjoy now. They've actually replaced one of my faves on the remastered version (Nobody Loves You), but it's on there as a hidden track still.
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