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  1. Yeh, enjoyed Moana. Great theme song too. Toy Story is my one true love.
  2. TLOU is incredible. Beautiful game. Play the DLC Left Behind after too. Can't wait for part two.
  3. Despite his faults, I'm glad he's not been left out in the cold.
  4. Finished the Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls compilation. Don't know what to get next. Fancy Horizon but still at full price so putting me off at the minute.
  5. Happens to me on occasion. Just get a random line or hook and keep repeating it for ages. Irritating.
  6. WWE

    I love Evil Emma.
  7. WWE

    The middle priced seated tickets are usually a decent view. The show will be about 3 hours with a 15 min interval. You can check out the dates on to see whether it will be a 'Raw' or 'Smackdown' roster on each show and whether either is preferable. And yeh, Taker's last match was painful. It was okay until the botched tombstone reversal, then it was just so awkward to watch. Atmosphere died and really wasn't befitting of a Mania main event, let alone the end of Taker's career. Totally disagree that he's not had good matches since Michaels though. His matches with HHH and Punk were great. And the couple rematches with Brock were okay. Do agree it would've been perfect for him to stop after the streak ended though. Just made sense.
  8. WWE

    Stage is crazy. They'll all take 10 minutes to get to the ring.
  9. Enjoyed Supersonic doc. Some brilliant quotes, especially the one from Noel about having Phil Collins' severed head in his fridge. And people slagging Morning Glory can Gary Taylor-Fletcher.
  10. How you finding Last Guardian? I really liked it, though a little short and the controls/camera get on your tits. Downloaded Last of Us: Left Behind and played through that, great like the main game. Now onto Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls. Weird, more like an interactive movie, but I'll give them a shot.
  11. Lemon one is alright. But the others you have to be careful not to leave the bag in too long else, yeh, it tastes bitter as fook. No tea is going to be some magic health drink, but good if you're trying to cut down on caffeine. Herbal/fruit teas are good too, like peppermint or berry flavours. *handbag emoji*
  12. Ibanez RG1750. Can back up the lefty problem! Would like to get a proper Strat in the future. Though at the rate I actually play recently I can't justify it.
  13. Going for the Chelsea approach then. The new hipster formation.
  14. 2 seems to be the most rated but I would say (story/setting-wise) it's probably my least favourite. I rushed through the collection on super-easy mode as I was trying to get through all my unfinished games and really enjoyed the series so got the latest. To be fair, even on easy I hated that last boss battle on 2! I was surprised towards the end of the first game when the freaky little guys come after you, and then obviously the Guardians/Yeti things in the second. Enjoy the more 'realistic' side of the games personally.