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  1. I was recommended Bendell & Co on here previously. Nothing to compare to but seemed alright when I used them and plan to again this house move. Based in Hinckley.
  2. Featuring Gaz Birtles, the dad of the keyboard player in Easy Life.
  3. Finished Spiderman 100%, hopefully get the DLC next. Then onto Strange Brigade.
  4. I took the thread as meaning acts that on paper are everything I usually like, but for some reason don't particularly 'click' with me. Rather than feeling obliged.
  5. Libertine


    Just putting ours up for sale with Newton Fallowell, photos done today. Agreed on the inflation of prices over the past few years, absolutely crazy. Though should hopefully make a decent profit on ours. Let the stress begin!
  6. Got Spiderman and Strange Brigade for Xmas. Just swinging through the city is satisfying... (On Spiderman )
  7. Not surprised to see this given how well the Crash remakes did, I know a lot of people were clamouring for CTR to be remade as well. Good stuff, fun little game.
  8. Going to Manics at DMH too. Looking forward to the TIMT show, went to the Holy Bible and EMG anniversary tours previously and it's nice to hear some old album tracks. I was at the last De Mont gig too, don't remember it that well but I'm probably one of the dullards tbf.
  9. Yeh good fun. The flight levels though
  10. Sure - not really much different to doing the usual initial download/install though, takes ages for some games!
  11. Shame. Hopefully might reopen elsewhere but it was a nice location there.
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