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  1. Pretty spot on, there needs to be dialogue where if a player isn't going to player in the seniors, he should be playing in the u21s. We've seemed to have lost that recently.
  2. I'd prefer the 352, but actually playing with pressure and pace. Having Maddison in the 10 will give us significantly more threat than Praet who was absent throughout.
  3. Wonder if he'll get by the 4th corner this time in the race.
  4. Lampard would be a great appointment, even just for the time being. Either that or a quality coach from internal, like how Steve Cooper was.
  5. He's doing well in the championship, but we have no clue if he can step up, and we've seen numerous examples of it simply not being possible. £35mill is a huge gamble at that age too, little sell on value which is what we look for
  6. Boothroyd is leaving the U21's. Hopefully we get an actually decent coach now
  7. It's not been bad no, but not a classic. Comms hasn't helped either
  8. Ah yes Michael Owen telling us all about what Spanish football is and isn't from his single year in Madrid in 2005
  9. Annoying the amount of times they reference Anfield being a special place for champions league comebacks. With fans maybe, but completely different without fans
  10. They were so bad, that they can't be that bad again. Yet we were shit, and likely could be that shit again
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