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  1. We've had issues with our fume hoods for months now, management never fully listening to our complaints always giving the "they're safe" answer. It's taken me to be using a reportable substance during a shit patch of the fume hoods for them to actually fully investigate as they've panicked.
  2. Kingy must be wanting a high wage or something odd to not have had any offers or accepted an offer
  3. Irrespective of the performance, had we no sold him, we wouldn't have got full use out of him till at least October.
  4. Anyone thought of a chant for the lad yet? Not seen any ideas
  5. UniFox21


    You're choosing to buy the bundle mate, instead of waiting for the console with stuff you want.
  6. Wouldn't be shocked. They've realised we'll seriously just move on and are now in trouble of being forced to sell others. Squeaky bum time ahead
  7. Think a one off mate, but don't know the details for sure. This article from the uni website explains it a bit better. Feel this is a way of testing a new system as well as caring for the health of staff/students and good PR. Tests aren't mandatory but encouraged as well.
  8. We must really rate this kid to be pumping this much at him. Slightly unnerved with that. I know this could be a huge success, but also a huge gamble. Tark would be able to fit in here and now.
  9. Liverpool have been decent tonight, but comms really air brushing over the numerous 1 on 1's Laca has had this half
  10. I know most world class goal scorers are selfish, but Salah would be such a more rounded and valuable team player if he wasn't as selfish
  11. No clue, just from what I've seen on the news and told by a relative studying there.
  12. Not sure how I'd feel actually having one, but I like how the university is offering them to students/staff. Given we have a testing facility on site as well.
  13. Leicester uni is testing all staff and students to make sure everyone is with a positive case is identified. Great plan and at least makes students/staff/parents more at ease and confident about going to work/study. Think this should be standard amongst Univeristies now, ensures safety of both staff and students.
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