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  1. Wasn't he in our academy at one point in time? So either he'd love a chance to prove them wrong for releasing him, or would he want to come back here? And wouldn't have any objections to him in the middle of the park, but i feel we should be striving to get proper quality in that position, we seem to have a lot of people that can play in the middle, but only really Ndidi and sometimes DD stand out as great players
  2. But at this point Morgan was struggling to walk more than a few steps without stopping, why leave a man on who can barely walk off the pitch? And Amartey was our only reasonable option, without more shuffling of the team
  3. Palace may struggle today, no Sakho today against Liverpool due to his loan so we'll see if Big Sam has fixed their back line problems
  4. Could've been but it isn't We probably all said the same about Knocky missing that penalty against watford and how we could've been promoted that year We weren't and 3 years later we're premier league champions
  5. He can't grumble at not being brought on last night the formation we played, he wouldn't do the running of the wing-backs and we weren't going to sub mahrez off who was trying to take on people If we'd stuck at 442 then he would probably come on He needs to stop sulking and accept that there are 3 great wingers in this team Albrighton didn't sulk and earnt his place back with 2 great assists against stoke
  6. This is fair enough I guess, just bit of a sucker punch for those who missed out Genuine question here: Why do people leave 5/10 minutes before each half to get food or get home quicker? This was the biggest game in our history, why leave 10 minutes before half time to queue for food?
  7. why put them in the middle of the leicester fans....
  8. What was with the group of atheltico fans in the west stand? considering they had a huge section empty, seemed a bit unfair?
  9. The amount of times he pops up in the LB spot to clear a ball is incredible As well as managing mahrez's defence work and keeping him in position The man is a legend
  10. Would anyone consider switching Fuchs to CB permanently anytime soon? Him next to a commanding CB and chillwell bombing up and down the wing
  11. Mahrez was sounded out by teams and has hence found it more difficult this year Hopefully Shakey or whoever gets the job gets time to build on what pearson, ranieri have built The last 18 months as well can hardly have dented our rep for signing players Not many players would rejected playing at the KP in full voice, the stadium was rocking last night
  12. Also seem to be missing the point that Athletico defended really well and snuffed out a lot of our chances and opportunities Wasn't until we split to the 3 up top did Mahrez really get space and time to turn and run at people
  13. would be quite happy with a 4-3-3 tomorrow schmeichel simpson benny morgan fuchs ndidi drinkwater king mahrez vardy albrighton collapsing into 4-5-1 without the ball
  14. Zieler let in 23 goals in 13 appearances i think, and given schmeichel being in the form he is, can he really complain?
  15. Even if he is having a bad game, teams set up in order to stop him, change game plans to stop him, leaving someone some space Like us yesterday with griezman, we swapped our strategy to stop him playing his style and seriously limited him