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  1. Yeah you're right that it's something they don't need to do and hence is nice of them to do. But at same the same time even those earning smaller contracts will earn what many do in a year, in a few weeks
  2. These huge football team players taking wage cuts isn't as brilliant as it's being made out to be. The players on ridiculous money cutting in half when they're sitting on millions in the bank.
  3. Assume nothing will be mentioned until we know if/when the season is restarting
  4. UniFox21

    Corona Virus

    Boris giving people the freedom to leave their houses with certain guidelines, yet as per, people are taking the piss. We won't learn until he stamps down and brings in a lockdown, he clearly doesn't want to do so. Our problem as per is the public being utter morons.
  5. Logged in for the first time in a while, played 2 draft games and am reminded why i stopped playing in the first place
  6. So he's had an op then, assume worse than first suggested?
  7. Tbf your view on it seems a lot more logical than my instant complaining around the whole topic. Encouraging fans or inspiring fans to donate is a good idea and a great use of their reach
  8. UniFox21

    Corona Virus

    My institution has its first confirmed case in one od the departments, but that person hadn't been on campus for 12 days, so 'minor risk'.
  9. UniFox21

    Corona Virus

    Got the information today that my work is shutting down on campus working from 27th March for at least 2 weeks. Think its a week too late personally, but have hear rumours thats due to the VC wanting a job in a higher position and he's under scrutiny
  10. Yeah they have an unfortunate recent history to say the least. And a messy separation to for AFC and Leicester Road doesn't cover half of what happened.
  11. Went down to AFC Hinckley yesterday, have to say quality was a lot better than expected. Great set up they have
  12. Has someone shit themselves in the concourse? Proper nasty smell down in the queue
  13. Football clubs posting how they're donating the spare food to charity. Can't they do it without telling the world?
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