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  1. He's on all the season ticket promo as well
  2. No offence, but the Merc isn't exactly breaking in information or secret sources in the club. A lot of the time Tanner needs to be smacked in the face with a story before he sees it.
  3. Trent and Maddison from Gold 2 rewards, not too shabby.
  4. Did the Blanc 84-87 squads and packed 3 83's, bloody ridiculous lads
  5. We've been bloody lucky these past few years. Kante, Cambiasso, Mahrez, Vardy and Tielemans are some of the biggest talents seen in Leicester Blue, and they've all come in the last few years. I still remember the United/Man City game, where Kante was stood next to Pogba (Or Yaya Toure i forget) and I laughed at the height difference, to then be amazed at how this small player bullied these mountains off the ball. The man is incredible and extremely underused in that Chelsea team.
  6. 3/4 of the way through writing my fourth year scientific thesis, probably no the type of writing you're all on about though, but thought i'd pop it in anyhow!
  7. Honestly don't particularly miss hearing from the players, we get the same answers from their Instagram or Twitter and if the interview is interesting the BBC or Sky show it
  8. Agree there, I read around 2100 tickets have been sold between BOTH Arsenal and Chelsea. That's like the away corner of the KP. To add to it, the Mhikitarian thing is ridiculous to put it politely
  9. Michael Johnson; the guy had all the hype about being the next big thing and was crocked or overweight for the entire time. Nick Powell; Over hyped young talent who just didnt have the attitude or the skill to perform.
  10. They'll be the first player-manager and player-assistant team
  11. 40million is ridiculous We should be demanding Money and Youri for departing with Silva
  12. Same... the one player I didn't want
  13. Think you've quoted the wrong guy pal, I'm no where near an ITK
  14. Wondering how many of the older lads are gonna need this explaining
  15. Wondering how many times you're going to have to say that we won't pay £40mill before the window ends
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