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  1. Alli out and won't return till March for training. They're really going to be struggling at this rate
  2. UniFox21

    Gray ??

    See when he's getting consistent game time with us, starting in majority of cases, why loan him out?
  3. Rotating the back 4? Simpson comes in when we need Ricardo further up. Maguire, Evans and Morgan swap depending upon injuries, fitness and form. Chilwell is ever present.
  4. UniFox21

    Gray ??

    Feel there is a great player inside somewhere, we should remember this is his first stint at consistent starting football for us. So far from 20 games (7 as sub) he's scored 3 goals, which is the same in 35 games (18 as sub) last year. Think we are starting to see an improvement in his game, feel he's best on the right or centre being able to drive at the opposition.
  5. UniFox21

    Midfield leader

    But at the same time, the amount we recouped for him was great considering his age. He was great, maybe slightly too slow for how we like play and what we need. Jumping straight to Puel being blind is great and all; maybe he doesn't think those players are good, maybe there are other factors influencing selections? Wilf playing sunday league but still having 4th highest tackles in the league?
  6. For him, the chance to play under Pep (said to be one of the best coaches) and challenge on basically all fronts is something hard to turn down. He has 2 trophies to his name in England, he could have 5 come summer. As much as I'd have loved him to stay, time was right to let him go, you never know, the novelty of winning and being bit part may become dull in a year or so
  7. UniFox21

    Midfield leader

    Iborra wanted to go back to Spain with his family being unsettled here, otherwise he would've been brilliant to bring on. But it would've been wrong to stand in his way, especially with the offer we were given. Silva, something just isn't right there, either from Puel or the player or agent, who knows. But we do need an experienced head in the middle, like we had with Hammond in our promotion year and Cambiasso in the great escape.
  8. The rule may have been enforced more following the Klopp incident, probably not a case of making the rule up, more making sure its followed following a high profile incident
  9. UniFox21


    But at the same time it has the major risk of going south quickly and badly. I'd argue its a bigger risk, a place where things are going badly, why risk your reputation?
  10. Yup exactly, think thats a point Percy has massively missed here. Managers aren't allowed on the pitch, they can celebrate all they want in their technical area or bench, but the pitch is off limits during the game. It's unusual for Percy to miss something like this.
  11. Agree with you all here, nothing wrong with showing passion following a frankly bonkers game. But, the rule is there to stop managers stepping into the pitch, he should know that.
  12. UniFox21


    Nothing near the level of them. They are a sleeping giant, a collosus in the footballing world. For Milan to be so off the pace and away from the top of the league is astonishing. We have issues with the playing squad and balance due to several windows of poor recruiting and handing out of contract extensions.
  13. What's everyones opinions on this?
  14. UniFox21


    It's more than just the location though, when things are wrong behind the scenes there is only so much a boss can do. There are serious issues at Milan, if a club legend and hardman in Gattuso cant bring some order to the place
  15. UniFox21


    they're banned from Europe in a few seasons I remember seeing. As crazy as it sounds, you may be right, there's thing going on at Milan that aren't right. They're a giant but something is very wrong.