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  1. He is nigerian, and we have 2 nigerian players in the team who could put in a word or two
  2. Unless we get Shakey in to steady the ship and begin to build up until a manager to take us forward is available?
  3. If it's a few seats or row sure people won't mind what stand are you in?
  4. Him, huth and Morgan at the back was the building blocks of our great escape The man bleeds love for the game, unfortunately he's a dying breed of player
  5. One of my favourite moments ever was big Was elbowing berahino in the great escape and not being sent off
  6. Anyone that doesn't buy into the team spirit or is seen to have an ego will either have to change or be sold, simple as, Pearson won't stand for people thinking they're bigger than the team I wouldn't say tactically inept either, his change from 4 at the back to 3 at the back kept us in the league, he just won't try anything drastic like Guardiola And it was the foundations of his side that got us to win the league last year he knows what he's doing, just doesn't like people to interfere with him
  7. He's not on the promotion for the shirt so id say he's gone
  8. Exactly passing wise he was good, something to build on Defence we were all over the place, lack of communication And didn't help playing with 1 recognised CB who who is hit and miss at best
  9. No A few balls he passed and little bits here and there he showed decent skill and something to build on
  10. Tonight almost stated for me Benny isn't quite at this level Several times he just dives in, almost FIFA like, and leaves you bare We desperately need a new CB
  11. He had glimpses of quality, it's obviously there, just a matter of tapping into it
  12. From the sounds of it he's involved in transfer meetings and surely why would ask him if they didn't have an intention of giving him the job?
  13. Honestly it's refreshing having an English manager being given a chance
  14. The West Brom away goal in the great escape sticks out for for, think I fell a row or so in front celebrating 😂
  15. With a good summer, we'd definitely have a chance for top 6, but think there's a lot of quality and money up there so will be tight Could see a nice cup run, with a favourable draw could get to a final