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  1. The almost overnight dropping of Ryan was really strange, I always thought he looked solid for Brighton. Makes sense for Arsenal, a prem experienced keeper to supprt Leno.
  2. We've been crying out for a player to challenge and support Vardy for years. If Eduoard is honestly available, we should absolutely jump at it.
  3. Dembele as in the wonderkind dembele? Slightly off topic, but was has happening to Celtic? What's kicking off on and off the pitch?
  4. Even then it highlighted how good we were and bad Chelsea were. I can deal with it when the punditry is decent and the discussion is actually worth a listen
  5. Football Daily podcast have a Man. United fan/ex women's pro on and she's just talking in cliches, adding little of interest. Edit: They've complained about the Man City offside decision, looking at how these decisions could cause relegation etc. Yet haven't even touched on Villa being saved by a tech error last season
  6. Timmy absolutely controlled that RHS, barely a sniff all game from Chelsea.
  7. Favourite quote from the Football Daily podcast yesterday, "Leicester are top and Manchester City are favourites. I'm really enjoying this Liverpool vs Manchester United title race"
  8. Brilliant to see him back, an hour against Brentford could really help and allow us to rest JJ.
  9. Villa with those 4 games in hand is unnerving. But we're opening a gap between us and 7th.
  10. He's stopped chasing lost causes and getting dragged into the 6/8 position. His positions he takes up are now smart, and his end product has increased. Really seeing a maturing player before us. Southgate has a serious issue on the squad now.
  11. Chelsea spent in excess of £200 million this summer, we spent may be £50mill. We're showing again that a targeted approach to signings works better than chucking money at a side and hoping for the best. Lampard was fine last year, but looks very out of his depth this year.
  12. Another brilliant performance. He absolutely owned that left hand side, taking Hudson-Odoi, James and Ziyech on. An outstanding player for us.
  13. Complete and mature performance from us. None of the 45minutes of quality and 45mins of being lost we've seen before. Brilliant today
  14. We've not looked comfortable with Soy in a 3, could drop JJ into a 3
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