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  1. Do people manage to pick up tickets by posting "has anyone got a ticket for sale?" in the ticket thread or is it just swarming on those who post saying they're selling one.
  2. This was me last night, couldn't deal with the number of people over reacting and screaming as if we were bottom.
  3. Has that lead to an awkward situation before?
  4. Monaco were 2-0 up, they're now losing 4-2...
  5. This baffled me as Salford named 5 subs of a possible 7.
  6. Contact LCFC help, lcfchelp@lcfc.co.uk, they may/should be able to help or at least point you in the right direction. Hope you manage to find one, and all the best.
  7. Everton are such a baffling side. Sometimes they turn up and are brilliant, but with a lot of games it becomes apparent they're filled with over priced big team cast offs
  8. Definitely one of those centre halves you can get at.
  9. Wouldn't mind spending on either Callum or Harry Wilson in the next window.
  10. Tammy Abraham was dominant today, showed pace, power and a clinical finish
  11. Nah we'd be 6 games in, no way is he gone that soon.
  12. They're too busy shouting of the season being over
  13. Soft penalty. Isn't helped by the fact Rashford rolled about 5 times. VAR doesn't stop the dubious decisions going in the big teams favour.
  14. The likes of Kante? But neither are brought up or labelled our worst signing due to the small fee.
  15. Two key men for me are Smith and Labuschagne. The sooner we get the pair of them out, the better our chances are.
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