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  1. This is one of those threads you laugh at the first handful of posts, leave it for a day or so and come back to it turning into this 😂
  2. This is the most optimistic we've been with our national team, and its brilliant to witness without a doubt. We actually a system and high chance of us creating a successful team. We do stand a good chance of getting somewhere, but I won't get too happy until we start consistently playing well against good quality opposition!
  3. Mentioned this earlier, Spain aren't the giants they used to be. It's great to be in a position to beat them, but theyre in a huge transition phase. And the Croatia game was a huge win, no arguments there. But the last few "big" teams we've played; Belgium x2, Croatia x3 and Spainx2. We've won twice, Croatia and Spain. Yes we have the quality and potential to be a top side, we haven't been able to regularly perform against top teams.
  4. Joe Cole saying we need to build the team around Kane, which we did in the summer and he went missing in our big games towards the end. We can't build around one player, we need to build around a core group of top class players who are able to step up in the big games.
  5. Spain are as great team to beat, but they aren't at the level they used to be. It's great progress and a great position to be in, but they aren't the giants they used to be
  6. 100% this. The excitement behind the national team is something I've never really seen before, it's brilliant to see. We have so much quality in the side, but it hasn't clicked against the elite opponents just yet.
  7. The issue is our middle 3, when we find a comfortable trio who click with the rest of the side I think we'll start to get even better.
  8. We've not played anyone half decent, the times we have done we were beaten. We'll be contenders for sure but let's wait to see how we play against a decent footballing side
  9. Clive Tyldesley, not doubting he's a good player but saying he's hit the ground running after returning from injury with a lot of his goals being penalties is a bit of an exaggeration.
  10. Great team goal again, but the purring over Kane is ridiculous. 3 of his last few goals have been penalties and a tap-in.
  11. But with Keane to compete with, hardly "tough" to be third choice. Stones and Gomez will probably be 1 and 2.
  12. How is that striker getting the same run again after scoring the first? Surely Walker and Keane have enough brain cells to realise that?
  13. Pickford making a right meal out of that one
  14. Quite glad Chilwell has a break, gives him a break for the weekend.
  15. Hopefully, this is the point where Nacho realises he needs to pull his finger out and can't keep relying on the "great-prospect from Man City" tag and start to show what all the hype was about. Think he really needs a summer, like JV had a year after signing for us, where he works on his pace, strength and get the ability to start to buzz around the top of the pitch rather than have things put on a plate for him.
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