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  1. 23 isn't old, this is the last year he'll be termed a 'young player'.
  2. This is just bullshit man. Didn't need to come out and say this, respect the cup. If he wanted to avoid a replay he should've played a better team. Rest as many players as he wants, no need to come out like a moaning 6 year old. Didn't need this press release, could've just played the kids anyhow.
  3. Some of those scenes are what the FA Cup is about
  4. Always great when a fan forum bites at Twitter football fans. They maybe a bigger club, but they've had a poor season so far and aren't exactly in a place to be mocking teams above them. Really want the top 4 to be blown apart to bring fans of bigger clubs down a peg or two.
  5. Bit perplexed by the praise lauded onto United players. Tranmere are 3rd bottom of league one, played to extra time on Thursday and are playing an almost full strength United team.
  6. 3 wickets all from the same type of mistake. I know we're well ahead but can't get sloppy and make stupid mistakes
  7. Man United starting a back 3/5 against Tranmere.
  8. UniFox21

    Corona Virus

    I'm taking a lot of whats being said with a pinch of salt. Haven't directly been told who is dying from the virus, with it most likely being the elderly, young and chronically ill. They still don't know a huge amount about it, transmission is an iffy one given they're unsure if its animal to human or solely human to human. Yes they've got the genetic sequence but it could be mutating quickly so that may change. Hopefully this is dealt with quickly. Important to note that these numbers aren't as much as the seasonal flu we get annually, yet we don't panic on that.
  9. Doubt he'll get much time for England for a while. TAA will have that position in the bag for years, if he moves position would still expect AWB to be used.
  10. The difference in commentary style for Jonathan Pierce and BT's Darren Fletcher is huge. Fletcher shouts and over talks, Pierce describes the game but doesn't feel the need to scream or talk continuously for no reason
  11. The stupid Dolly Parton challenge shit on social media. Was funnyish at first, now its over done and crap
  12. Hate how every situation is turned into a Liverpool positive
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