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  1. UniFox21

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Let's not include West Ham or Burnley as the big teams
  2. UniFox21

    Adrien Silva

    I think his only issue is his physicality and defensive ability. Mendy acts as a sweeper a lot, if that can be pushed on Silva then itd be great.
  3. UniFox21

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Majority aren't slagging off those who leave early, more those who linger on the stairways or in front of you when leaving. Its those that then affect other peoples viewing that gets annoying. People who do leave have their reasons, just as many disagree doesn't make their reasons wrong. I think people just don't see the sense for some to then sit in a car park for 15 rather than watch the game. But like I said, people have their reasons, as long as it doesn't impact me i dont mins.
  4. UniFox21

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    What's annoying as well is those that do want to sing, make some noise etc get dirty looks/comments thrown at you by people around you. It's as if football has fully become a sit down, stay quiet and watch event. I get a fair few and try and contain myself shouting occasionally (all 'clean') so it isn't even that. The kids down from me spent longer smacking each other with the clappers ffs I know being sat in the family stand I shouldn't expect much more, we've been trying to move for a year or so until we're forced to move.
  5. UniFox21

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    I'd love to know what Puel was trying/thinking tactics-wise. As all the points you raise are exactly where we're at. Does he keep our wingers and the pace, directness and width they add? Or does he switch and use the width of the fullback instead? A part of me thinks he's holding out for Soyuncu to get up to fitness before he trials 3, as Evans, Morgan and Maguire as a back 3 lacks any pace at all really. For me I love the width and creativity of wide players give, but i think Puel is either gonna have to use a lop-sided tactic like Saturday or concede and trial a 3 back
  6. only way I can see it is if linesman doesn't see that Ramsey touch. But not complaining, have arsenal down for a 2-0 win
  7. They look massively open on the counter attack, a similar set up to this week may be effective.
  8. Wasn't fully on about that chance tbh, he just seems so slow and sluggish. Like with Giroud he always puts himself about and gets into teams. Morata you can see is lacking so much confidence
  9. Chelsea just haven't been at the races today. So many chances missed, Morata is dreadful
  10. UniFox21

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I agree about the negative toss people throw around, if you've paid to turn up you may as well put some passion into it. The sad thing for us is we do fill the ground yet large amounts of people don't care, or do we care too much(?) I get infuriated with people around me who are on their phone or give me weird look when I'm shouting them on. Just get annoyed with people slagging off our support, we are a lot better than many filling our ground for a first. A good portion of negative buggers but ya know what can you do
  11. UniFox21

    Loan watch 2018-19

    Sorry pal, saw the Puel slating and just went off on one Get sick of him being slated and just let loose
  12. UniFox21

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    No. Shite support is not turning up at all. We regularly put 32k into the ground and fill away ends. No, we aren't the most vocal fans but hopefully that improve as performances do.
  13. UniFox21

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Its always difficult trying to get tickets being not too high up in the points standings, we do take some decent numbers. What really annoys me is some of the people that criticise those who travel, sit down and maybe don't scream their heart out.
  14. UniFox21

    Gray ??

    I mean they're different types of players, offering different things. Ghezzal is Mahrez-esque predominantly 1 footed and able to drop the shoulder and drift inside with some skill and pick a pass. Gray is much more direct, runs at people and is able to do so without direct support from fullbacks. Whilst Ghezzal performs better with that overlap to almost prevent him being double marked
  15. UniFox21

    Loan watch 2018-19

    Why can't people accept he may have spotted a gem of a player or give him credit for anything? It's always his fault if it goes wrong but never credited when it goes right. Barmy. He asked to go out on loan and Celtic play in Europe and play a nice style of football so why not let him get some experience? We have a lot of CBs on our books and letting him go out and get games rather than sit in our u23s is beneficial to both us and the player.