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  1. Realised this a bit after posting it, was more trying to show the direction the game is going in general
  2. They also put the game on behind a pay wall, an international friendly behind a pay wall. On the same day Scudamore gets voted to be gifted 5 million
  3. Because of the club's they play for, has to be the only reason. They don't need game time, it's all for show Edit: half the stuff that happens/gets put on is to further fill the pockets of those with enough money for a lifetime already
  4. Ah yes, good old Eric Dier
  5. If he doesn't get at least 45 or 30 mins then this entire friendly seems pointless. I'd have given him the whole game or 60 mins and then taken him off to a huge applause
  6. UniFox21

    Claudio to Fulham

    did not see that coming...
  7. Crazy golf though; completely different thing.
  8. UniFox21

    Jonny Evans

    He has basically 2 weeks to rest/ recover before Brighton, hopefully it's just a knock
  9. UniFox21

    Bring back Shakespeare

    The three of them coming onto the pitch has really brought out the stupid ideas in people
  10. Neville expecting De Gea to save that Aguero shot is poor. The pace that was hit at and the distance from the goal made that almost impossible to save
  11. In two weeks, Sol Bamba has: Saved a ball on the line with his hand Taken his shirt off to celebrate And hasn't been booked for either Demarai Gray takes his top off after scoring to pay tribute to a recently deceased owner Booked. Consistency of officiating at it's finest
  12. This is worth a look if you have a spare minute
  13. The officiating in this league is ridiculous; full stop. How the officials miss 2 clear handball: arsenal and Cardiff against us, yet card Gray for giving a tribute to the horrific crash.
  14. Felt bad for Puel at the end; we're all shouting for our ex bosses but he didn't get a chant
  15. UniFox21

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Only critisicm of him was how he seemed to take that second too long to react to things or release the ball