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  1. There always has to be drama with our national team. You're right in that they're creating more issues for themselves. They should look to stop the leak who released the story to the press in the first place
  2. Out of our current squad he probably the best, but that isn't saying much. He used to play that role, but was replaced and only got back into the team in that more advanced role.
  3. Rain, rain, followed by a bit of rain and then some more rain
  4. What have you been searching in your free time?
  5. Henderson in the pivot leaves us with the exact same issue, he isn't a defensive player and we'd be ripped to pieces by an offensive team. Rice, Hamza are the type of players we need to fit into the pivot role.
  6. Bullshit isn't it? Whilst we're at it, when both teams are called "City", don't refer to one as "City". "City are fourth - a point behind Leicester and nine behind league-leaders Liverpool - after having injury problems at centre-back and failing to sign a replacement for Vincent Kompany in the summer."
  7. We played well last night, but against an opposition who haven't won a game in the group. Against a decent opposition we will be exposed defensively, Maguire and Stones are both great ball playing centre halves, but both need that strong character next to them to have sturdy the ship. When playing in a midfield 3, we need a 'destroyer' a N'didi, Fabinho etc, we have declan rice. Until they fix that, we won't get close to winning anything
  8. Oh significantly less that than top tier football, just as per a rule is brought in to "help the rest" but turns out to be doing the opposite
  9. What's even the point of FFP anymore? The big teams break FFP and just get a fine which they can pay off easily. It's your smaller teams that get done over. We need punishments like rugby, Saracens got properly hit for breaking the salary cap.
  10. Volume just shoot up then drop off massively again? Proves that the sound guys can manipulate how loud the crowd is
  11. He's a quality player, not doubting that. But he does have moments of running down bound alleys and not passing to those in better positions.
  12. A few brilliant deliveries, would like to see him take a few more for us.
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