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  1. He seems to be appearing everywhere lately, isn't terrible for paying partial attention in the background, but not for properly listening. Don't think I could name any of them, bloke front left looks like an extra from a Clint Eastwood film
  2. That brief 5min discussion on Man City between Souness and Richards was interesting to listen to. Why Sky persist with other pundits who can barely produce a coherent sentence is beyond me.
  3. Had you made the same comment pre-restart I'd have maybe agreed. But since then Gray has been one of our top contributors from the bench.
  4. I think getting Bolton to Europe ranks pretty highly
  5. Probably a slight over exaggeration from me given the only name I can think of is George Thomas currently. Could argue Kaputska too. We just have a habit of stocking average talent and blocking progression of those with talent.
  6. Notice how they're checking every angle possible for anything to discredit the goal.
  7. To be fair, that 2017 game we had Fuchs and Benny at CB.
  8. Why would he join up with us? Hasn't he seen the number of players from the league's join our academy and their career stall?
  9. Bowen looks a promising player and clearly has skill, but hasn't been able to take the chances he's had. You don't get those opportunities as frequently as in the in championship
  10. Imagine you've trained your entire life for one career, a career you were doing fairly well at in one of the most highly rated leagues in the world. Now imagine that entire world is taken away through absolutely no fault of your own. He was a key player in that promotion and great escape year and from all reports a decent bloke. Can you for a second imagine how he felt and feels? If it's a sign of weakness to help and support someone down on luck after having given huge amounts for the club, then I'll happily show 'weakness'. The fact you think thats weakness shows you really don't get the atmosphere and family feel Top is building
  11. What makes you say that? Edit: Tbf I can't see him in the training video, maybe he was just being rested or training inside
  12. With many uni surveys you need a decent number of participants to get any worthwhile data. The more data sets you acquire, the more accurate analysis you can produce and draw meaningful conclusions. Which makes writing your dissertation/essay easier. Usually the surveys are just smashed on Facebook etc and on your weekly department email. So posting here is a great choice as you get a wide range of ages, generally contrasting to those you'd get at uni.
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