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  1. I think 3 at the back is best, if only because we do not have a decent fight back. Justin, Barnes & Albrighton should all definitely be dropped
  2. Tactical masterclass from Ancellotti, Brendan outgunned tactically for the 2nd game in a row
  3. Cant believe he has taken Youri off. I really do wonder about him sometimes
  4. Justin is nowhere near ready for the Premier League. Just to think loads of people on here touting for him to replace Chilwell. No way is he good enough
  5. Come on Brendan be brave, we still have attackers on the bench, get them on. We need to win, it doesn't matter if we concede
  6. More subs please, get Justin & Albrighton off & Gray & Perez on. Let's go for it
  7. Just saw Saint Maxima skin Bournemouth's defence & put it on a plate for Newcastle's goal. What we would give for a winger like him
  8. How on earth can he leave Albrighton on
  9. If we don't make at least 3 subs @ half time then Rodgers has truly lost the plot. I hope he took note of what Chelski did last Sunday
  10. Just get Barnes & Albrighton off now, neither of them deserved to start anyway
  11. It is staggering that Albrighton is still starting for us, I doubt that he would get in any other Premier League side
  12. Well as hardly anyone now is taking a blind bit of notice of social distancing & we allow BLM demos, 500,000 people to go to Bournemouth etc, why not? I'm not saying it's right but it seems hypocritical to allow all those things & deny us going to football. We just may as well go back to normal & to hell with the consequences
  13. Let's face it the country is out of control. Illegal gatherings, demos, street parties, raves, thousands at the seaside, stabbings, shootings etc We just may as well get everybody back at work, all kids at school, crowds at football, pubs open as before. The government hasn't got a clue & makes it up as they go along, the more instructions they issue the worse it gets & as we have now bred a nation of complete idiots, they either don't understand or just ignore it anyway. We were once a country to be proud of but a succession of useless governments has put an end to that. It is now like the Wild West, completely lawless (unless you are doing 5 miles over the speed limit)
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