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  1. I hate Bruno Fernandes but he actually went up in my estimation today when he was quoted as saying "I'm only 26 how can I be tired, I want to play" People on here seem to have an obsession with players being rested or rotated. The bulk of our team are aged under 26, so no reason at all why they cannot play in the majority of our matches including the FA Cup
  2. Marvellous, she should be the presenter on Radio Leicester as that is about the level of his knowledge. I didn't actually here that as I had long since pressed the mute button. I couldn't stand listening to her shrieking voice that sounded like a cat being strangled
  3. I doubt that there will be crowds at football at the start of next season
  4. Every time Richarldson plays against us he scores. Plus we are bound to concede from a set piece as Everton are very strong on these (hopefully the 2 may happen at the same time). So we will need to score at least twice.
  5. We are showing all the symptons of a team that has not played together. Having said that I am very disappointed with the midfield, would expect them to boss the game but being outdone
  6. The idiot presenter on Radio leicester doesn't know that Brighton & Blackpool have already played. Talk about stealing a living, it just gets worse
  7. Loads of snow in Whitwick. Very deep & loads look horrendous
  8. In normal times they would play it the week after but with no crowds they can arrange it at very short notice, they could play at 3 in the morning if they wished. Irrelevant anyway, there is no way it will be postponed
  9. A postponement would be good. Then play it midweek meaning Everton game off & re-arranged later in the season when Vards & Denis are fit.
  10. Here we go again. Lets change the team completely, possibly get beat & lose all our momentum. But it doesn't matter, it's only the Cup. These are only young lads who love playing football & are as fit as fiddles & want to win things. This will be a very tough game, Brentford are an impressive team with an impressive manager. So we need to go strong, whilst I would not expect Vardy to play as he is obviously struggling & have no problem with Ricky & Cags starting, I do not want to see Hamza or Nacho anywhere near the team. Let's get this game won &
  11. We don't want him to get the sack. Under a decent manager Chelsea, with the quality they have, could still be dangerous & a threat to us, leave the cockney barrow boy in charge. Same applies at Manure, keep OGS in charge for exactly the same reasons.
  12. Fabulous performance & just think that Ricky & Cags cannot get in the team. Wow
  13. Didn't know Madders was playing but what a great goal
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