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  1. A truly great man, sadly one of a dying breed
  2. Why are we so worried about West Ham? They have done well but look nothing special to me & have struggled to beat a very poor Wolves side tonight. If we pick the correct team, play with a positive attitude I'm sure we will not lose
  3. Absolute rubbish. Lose to Southampton we are out of the cup, it is the end , finito. Let's wait yet another year to achieve the Holy Grail Lose to West Ham we still have another 7 games to achieve top 4, so defeat is not terminal. It is known as the beauty of the FA Cup
  4. We were never in the game. Reminded me a lot of the Liverpool home game last season, on both occasions we were completely outclassed. I didn't expect us to win but I thought we would give them a tougher game than that
  5. Whilst I am pleased that he has found some form, does about 6 decent games really warrant a new contract. Let's not forget how awful he has been for the bulk of his time here & the majority of people couldn't wait for his contract to expire so that we could get rid. Still it's done now & good luck to him, he does seem a genuinely nice, humble bloke
  6. My first Leicester idol was Derek Dougan, it broke my heart when he was fransferred to Wolves. Luckily I did not have to wait too long for another idol in Frank. The greatest centre forward I have ever seen in a truly brilliant entertaining team, which I was priviliged to watch. Again my heart was broken when he was sold but the memories are there forever. RIP Frank, my all time hero
  7. Yes I was there & had the Dell for the first game, where there were thousands of Leicester fans. Both fantastic games & occasions
  8. What I really like about Brendan is that he is a complete class act. Never moans about referees, all our injuries, never rants. As a frontpiece for the football club he is superb. Not to mention that he is a tremendous, coach & manager
  9. I reckon Tim would be better on the right he never seems as good when he's playing left side
  10. We are way too passive, our usual type of start. Let's get some energy & let em know they are in a game
  11. Just let's be positive, no need to be overawed by these like we usually are. Big bonus that there 2 major diving cheats are not playing
  12. Don't write them out of the top 4 equation yet. They may not look very good but they are quite capable of winning all their remaining games, just like Manure did post lockdown last season.
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