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  1. I'm not sure the words top manager & Craig Levein are compatible!
  2. After our fantastic win at the Gunners I can't think that any of our players will want to miss this game. Play our strongest side & go for the win. As a top manager once said "they will have plenty of time to rest when they are retired"
  3. You could well be right, remember how excited we were by Heskey/Collymore & it lasted about 2 games
  4. Amazingly the match at Liverpool on 21st has not been selected
  5. Our strike force is pathetic. Nacho is crap & Barnes anonymous as usual
  6. And they still have Sol Bamba who may well be the next choice centre back
  7. I can't think that Amartey is anywhere near fit or surely he would have been named in the Europa squad
  8. The management are a bit dim & don't realise we have hardly any fit defenders?
  9. Not only that but we have also let Johnson, Knight & Hughes go on loan, all of whom could play centre back at a push. We could now be in the same situation as we were during project restart. It really makes you wonder if the management have a clue what they are doing.
  10. Why do you assume this will be the easiest game, they are a completely unknown quantity. I sincerely hope that we are not going to chuck these games after working so hard to qualify last season
  11. We only have 23 players in the squad (3 of them are goalies) & probably at least 4 of those are already out injured. So the team will be picking itself & will not be much different to today. We'll probably have a job to name the full number of subs. Not optimistic about this at all.
  12. This has to be the worse game of this Premier League season, the standard is on a par with something you'd see on the reccy
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