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  1. Supermarket panic buying tomorrow will be a new world record
  2. Radio Leicester just said that Melton Mowbray is jammed up as people queue for McDonald's before it closes later! You couldn't make it up. If we manage to survive this virus, I really despair for the future of this country as obviously most people are completely brain dead. I'm glad i am old & won't be around to see it
  3. I went to Morrisons in Coalville about 8.30 this morning. Loads of shelves empty, no tinned veg or beans etc, little milk or bread , a bit of a waste of time going. I mentioned that to one of the staff & she says you need to be there at 6am to ensure you can get what you want & that there are at least 200 people waiting at that time everyday. It is complete madness & so very unfair, I really think it's time for ration books like in wartime. What's the betting that it's loads of the same people going every morning. Just waiting now for that idiot Corbyn to start spouting that most of the country are living in poverty
  4. My 95 year old mother lives with me & she is not well & virtually immobile. She has a carer twice a day, otherwise it is me looking after her as she can really do nothing. Staying in the house is not a problem for her as she is unable to get out, however I am puzzled as to what would happen in the following scenarios:- 1) She gets Corona virus - does that mean the carer will not be able to call & what would I have to do. 2) I get Corona (I am 68 & have asthma & high blood pressure), my mum would be incapable of helping me so what would I do & would she have to move out. I think Andrew Marr was trying to ask that question this morning but didn't really get an answer
  5. Shilton & Banks miles in front of anyone else on that list
  6. James out wide? What! The only thing I would associate him & wide is related to his body
  7. Having watched Moengengladbach v Koln earlier & now PSG v Dotmund, both being played behind closed doors, I conclude that it would be better to postpone the games. Football is nothing without any fans watching
  8. JJ played very well on Monday but Villa are by far the worse team in the Prem so lets not get too carried away
  9. After reading that the majority of posts on here think that Chilwell is useless, I can only conclude that these people are complete idiots & have certainly never seen some of the dross that has played at left back for us in the past
  10. Showing Premier League games live at 3pm Saturday will be devestating for lower & non-league clubs
  11. I dont think it would matter who we were playing, it is the FA Cup quarter final which is one of the biggest games of the season.
  12. I really find it unbelievable that people are complaining at paying £30 for a FA Cup quarter final, especially as it is between 2 top 4 teams.
  13. I really hope that is not the team. This game will be difficult enough without carrying limited players like Albrighton
  14. The Premier League is such an attraction, especially abroad, we'll get plenty of tourists if need be, particularly from Thailand
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