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  1. It just emphasises our poor our club sides would be if they didn't have players from abroad in the team
  2. The fixture list is a complete joke. We play 8 league games between December 1st & January 1st, then only 2 between January 2nd & February 8th
  3. Any idea why there is no games scheduled for February 5th
  4. Well I saw Danny Ward actually command the area & come out & catch a cross tonight. Can't remember the last time I saw Kasper do that
  5. A great season, especially considering fixture scheduling & all our injuries. The holy grail achieved in finally winning the FA Cup. Our major problem is defending set pieces & this has cost us several goals. We badly need to get this sorted out before next season & conversely we need to improve our own delivery in offensive situations. This is really basic stuff, especially for professional teams, but it is something we seem to be getting worse at.
  6. I thought I read somewhere the other day that he was born in East Leake (I may be wrong though)
  7. Doesn't anyone think that we may be better playing Manure's usual team, who are probably all knackered, than a team of players & academy kids with a point to prove bursting with enthusiasm & vitality, things that we don't seem to have.
  8. Even if Manure play a severely weakened team tomorrow, why do we think it will be a stroll in the park for us. We are playing terrible, look mentally gone, got injuries to key players & confidence looks rock bottom. I really hope I'm wrong but I can't see anything other than defeat, it's all so last season
  9. Perhaps the training ground is a white elephant. Would we have been better to spend the 100 mill on players for he first team, after all Belvoir Drive is hardly the pits
  10. But it isn't 5 at the back, it's 3 centre backs with 2 attacking wing backs. The thing is you need the right type of player to make it work, which currently we don't have as we have no natural left wing back. The only natural left footer is Thomas, who currently is not yet good enough, so we end up with square pegs in round holes.
  11. What an absolute load of rubbish. The vast majority of people in this country are appalled by the actions you describe & thankfully such anarchy does not achieve change. The protest at Old Trafford was completely ruined by idiots getting in the ground & causing mindless vandalism. This means the vast majority of people will view this as football "hooliganism" & disregard it. Thousands protesting peacefully outside the ground, as was the intention, would have had much more affect
  12. Soton U23's hammered today by Everton so are relegated. So between us, WHU & Arsenal as to who else goes down. If we win our last 2 games we are definitely safe. Trouble is they are both against Liverpool
  13. Quite right to say that results don't matter, but I really don't think that it can be any good for these players to be losing most weeks & in certain games getting thrashed. Their confidence must be rock bottom & in any sport loss of confidence is a bad thing. The players all through the academy up to the U23's must think they are failures
  14. Bad news as well for U23's as WHU won at Arsenal today so we need to win both our last 2 games to be definitely safe
  15. O how I wish we would play with the same urgency from the start that we show for the last 30 minutes. It really is baffling. A very poor performance & I think that other teams vying for the top 4 would have taken these to the cleaners. Feels a bit like Bournemouth last season
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