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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49708721 Kauvanagh having to answer some more questions. Funny thing is that he's actually gotten in the way of what those who voted him onto the panel wanted him to do (start the process to overturn Roe v Wade) three times already, so I'm surprised that the Repubs are actually defending him as vociferously as they are.
  2. Cricket is a great sport for analytics and we do have some folks on here who know an awful lot about the game, so echo this.
  3. Tied series it probably is then - not a bad outcome, but I think both sides have really been relying on a few outstanding individual performances (Smith, Stokes, Cummins, Archer) rather than outplaying the other side as a team, and Aus just had one individual who was more outstanding in terms of altering the match.
  4. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/context Let's not go down this rabbit hole, yes?
  5. Thank you. One at a time, and I'm going to use one very very specific example that I'm well-known for: What better results are you talking about? Better energy generation and enforceable environmental regulations across a larger area of the world. Who would benefit the most? Everyone in the long term, everyone apart from the coal and oil companies in the short term. Who would be in charge? EU Parliament. What and whose set of norms and values would we have to follow? Hopefully the ones that say that the future is actually important. Why does Europe NEED a supranational entity? Because the countries by themselves are not doing enough to counter this problem and that has potentially dire consequences. Why does the UK need to surrender sovereign power over its own defence, laws, trader and borders to a bunch of random Polish, Dutch and Luxemborgian politics so they can fulfil their fantasies of acting big on the world stage and talking tough to the USA? Not on defence, not on all laws and not all trades. Just the ones that affect everyone - as the above does. If we as a COUNTRY want to go in a different direction, how do we do that? On varying matters that don't affect everyone, there should absolutely be a veto and autonomy should remain. On this particular matter, however, I'm struggling to extend the idea of free will to screwing over the future for one and everyone else. How is this progress? Taking a course of action most likely to prevent the downfall of civilisation in the future is what I would call progress, but of course that's only my take. Of course, this is only one matter where I believe a supranational entity is needed, but it is a critical one, no matter how much people might put their heads in the sand about it. There has to be some nuance - some things fall under the head of national sovereignty, some do not, it's not a simple either-or.
  6. @BlueSi13 - I'm asking this question again and apologies for that, but I've not had a clear answer from any Brexiteer as yet (and the question is open, of course. Is there no issue you can think of (other than military/power projection, it's funny how those who disparage the idea of an EU military force seem to love NATO, btw, conscription ideas aside) where authority of a supranational entity like the EU gives better results all round than a single nation state and if so should we be thinking of babies and bathwater?
  7. Finally a human moment from the man. Should really be looking to win from here, as the pitch wears any target over 220ish should be looking to be defendable. Leach needs to step up and show he can do the fourth innings cleanup as a good spinner should, though.
  8. A quote from Michio Kaku that I believe belongs here rather than the science thread. "So whenever I open the newspaper every headline I see in the newspaper points to the birth pangs of a type one civilization information. However, every time I open the newspaper I also see the opposite trend as well. What is terrorism? Terrorism in some sense is a reaction against the creation of a type one civilization. Now most terrorists cannot articulate this. They don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about, but what they’re reacting to is not modernism. What they’re reacting to is the fact that we’re headed toward a multicultural tolerant scientific society and that is what they don’t want. They don’t want science. They want a theocracy. They don’t want multiculturalism. They want monoculturalism. So instinctively they don’t like the march toward a type one civilization. Now which tendency will win? I don’t know, but I hope that we emerge as a type one civilization." When Dr Kaku is referring to "terrorists" here he could be referring to practically any skin colour or ideological type, really, so long as they promote separatism.
  9. ....and then when he does make a mistake, Fate lets him get away with it. I tell you, the cvnt is a cosmic plaything.
  10. If it was guaranteed to be limited to just them and just moaning then fair enough, but quite frankly I think there could be serious civil unrest if such a revocation occurs. Mind you, I'm of the opinion now that is a real possibility no matter what course of action is taken given the polarisation this has all caused, so ho hum.
  11. I was being a little facetious there. But every sportsman has a technical weakness that can be exploited, it's just a matter of finding it.
  12. Missing absolutely nothing in that way isn't just being a genius, perfection like that is not exactly human IMO. Guess this is how a lot of people felt 90 years ago watching Bradman arriving in the Test arena.
  13. And something else. How the hell does Smith miss nothing on his pads? I mean, every single batsman eventually misses one that goes straight, but not him. How?
  14. Again, unpopular opinion but I actually think there hasn't been all that much between the sides in terms of performance this series either. Smith - with help from Cummins - has pretty much carried Aus on his own and that's been the difference between the teams, not a big gap between all or even most of the players.
  15. He is, and I think people are beginning to notice in number, but we'll see.
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