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  1. That's certainly the case in Norway (though it's also the case in other countries where such systems have either failed completely or not been tried, viz. Venezuela/Saudi Arabia/North Korea). Not sure how much of an effect it has on the other Nordic countries though - Sweden is pretty decent with the rare metals and iron deposits, but no more so than many other countries.
  2. If we had more access to intelligence data (which we can't, for obvious reasons) we could really see what was being tried and what was happening behind the scenes. There could well be more informants within the Muslim communities doing work to stop this than we have any idea of. So...I do think stuff is being done, but as good as the British scurriers in the dark are they can't be totally utterly 100% effective. A unilateral response, and continuing work to neutralise folks who purport the kind of death-and-power-worshipping fascism that appeals to young disaffected people is called for, while not compromising the values that separate us from those who think that way.
  3. Damn right. Humanity isn't advancing as fast as would be liked...but it is getting there. So have a drink and enjoy it.
  4. This is an interesting point, actually, and one I've thought about before: why does a system like the Nordic countries practice work really well in terms of quality of life results for everyone when there is a certain number of people, but if it is scaled up people think it (and sometimes does) go terribly wrong? Is there a population number where the whole idea simply collapses under the weight of its own bureaucracy? If so, what is that number and why? This. Which is why the key is a careful, targetted response. There is a middle ground in terms of such responses here.
  5. True. Guess there wasn't anyone who thought that would come back to bite them in the way that it did (or if there was they were not listened to), but it is easy to say with hindsight what a stupid short-sighted thing it was.
  6. Going back a little further, the US at least gave al-Qaeda a little push to get it going so the Russians would have a difficult partisan opponent in Afghanistan. Case of Gone Horribly Right?
  7. Firstly, some qualifiers: it's the Indy so YMMV and also we have no idea if the nonrenewable energy companies are slipping the other parties cash too and getting support for oil and gas in return. But all the same... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/conservatives-oil-bosses-party-donations-fossil-fuels-climate-change-ayman-asfari-petrofac-serious-a7751521.html Not the best policy for the future.
  8. Yeah, it's equally ridiculous either way.
  9. Wonder how Ofdonald and Ofjared found their Vatican visit?
  10. And then there's folks like me who dislike them and the clubs they play for both - Real for being the choice for favourable treatment from various fascist/authoritarian regimes throughout recent history, and Barca for peddling the whole self-righteous "more than a club" rubbish when they clearly engage in shady business practices involving players as much as anyone else - massive hypocrites. And between them they control the TV money in Spain which means hardly anyone else gets a look in. Choosing which is worse or better is like choosing between King Herod and Harold Shipman regarding care of vulnerable people.
  11. New trailer up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYeaKsXnsI Looks promising, as you might expect.
  12. Great win all round, that. Morgan and Moeen with great knocks and didn't panic when it looked like SA were on track, just kept plugging, kept it tight and forced the collapse. Also... YUS.
  13. Well, considering what's just happened perhaps it needs to be said again in a louder voice so that everyone understands? (Unless you're saying that it's only just been done and hopefully there will be no stuck screwups henceforth.)
  14. Exactly. And moreover us doing that is the only way that they might actually end up winning (though tbh in such a situation everyone would likely lose) - by reducing the whole thing to a barbaric brawl where the only rule is that of the guys with the biggest guns and the biggest numbers. Probably not, but first with the Israelis getting annoyed about the whole laptop info thing getting shared and now this, perhaps there needs to be at least a little word regarding future discretion at high level intelligence sharing, yes?
  15. Foot and the Labour split at the time certainly didn't help, but yes - it did certainly help give a boost to the numbers. A good war/"uniting against an Other" has been used as a tactic to maintain power since the dawn of civilisation. Ask George Dubya how he got himself a second term. I don't know why people downplay the effect so much.