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  1. Ashes 2017

    Splendid toss to win, splendid application by Vince and Stoneman to take advantage of it so far.
  2. Ashes 2017

    Well. Vince and Stoneman after 15 minutes at the Gabbatoir. I think they call that a "baptism of fire".
  3. Net Neutrality

    Because I assume they pay for that bandwidth proportionally in the same way that other sites do? The reason net neutrality wasn't a real issue until recently was because the ISPs didn't have the necessary excuse to try to scalp their customers in this way. With high bandwidth streaming services becoming very popular now, they've seen the opportunity and want to seize it.
  4. President Trump & the USA

    Alleged nonce, please. Got to give him the benefit of the doubt because it all happened so long ago and he's a man of God anyway so such sins should be forgiven, right?
  5. Cricket 2017

    Looks like Clarke and the MCC establishment got a better offer than what Murdoch promised, then. Can't say I'm too cut up about that, even though the Sky coverage is damn good. Being in the US there's precious few options for me to watch this one anyhow...think I'll just listen through TMS (if I can get it here) or Guerrilla Cricket. Regarding the first Test itself, I agree with the general sentiment here - offer me a draw now and I'd snap your hand off.
  6. What grinds my gears...

    Again though, no matter how many folks agree with her, the views she espouses aren't (at this time) under any threat of becoming legal. If people use such hot air without substance to colour their view of feminism...well, that's their problem. (Though yeah, it's idiotic and does nothing to help.) Again, when these people actually have political power and what they plan is legal, then perhaps worry. They're not exactly running the show right now as far as lawmaking and enforcing goes over here, are they? (Again, unlike Spencer and his goons who have people in high places who agree with him.)
  7. Net Neutrality

    This is more of an issue in the US than anywhere else but given it's become a bit of a hot potato in recent times over there and the debate has the potential to spread I thought it deserved its own topic. Right now the current US administration and the FCC (the organisation that govern various communication media in the US) are looking to pass a bill that would revoke the idea of net neutrality: the idea that all data sent over the Internet is equal. It means that access to a particular site (as long as there is no illegal activity) cannot be throttled in terms of speed - or indeed blocked - and access to any one site cannot be hidden behind a paywall by the internet service provider themselves. Right now, this is under threat. One the one side, you have the big ISP's who insist that the industry is overregulated, that the smaller ISP's are getting a bad deal with all the red tape and that should net neutrality be rescinded the consumer would actually get a better deal because the market would regulate itself and supply and demand would mean things would balance out. On the other side you have the big websites that have big data demands - Amazon, Netlifx, Hulu and the like - and a lot of interested Average Joes who would very much like things to stay as they are and fear what might happen should the ISP's be able to control access to particular non-illegal sites. So...what is everyones view on the topic? Is the status quo a good or a bad thing? Should net neutrality be repealed, or not?
  8. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    As other people have said, this is totally spot on. I'll have to check them out - thanks.
  9. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    This. We'll change because if we continue to use fossil fuels in the way we do then at some point it will come back to bite us.
  10. What grinds my gears...

    This. When they have legitimate political power and representation in government (like Spencer and his minority of idiots do in certain corners of the US legislature) and can begin to make good on shit like this, then I'll worry. Until then, it's so much hot air.
  11. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Can't disagree there - any action would have to be multilateral as the UK doesn't have enough clout on its own. But that's not to say that it shouldn't happen. Fair enough - the citizens of the UK will happily place the security of their own lives over the welfare of lives in various countries that trade with it - I understand that sentiment. Also agree that the monetary loss would have to be carefully detailed. Thing is though...at what point, what human rights travesty, do you say enough is enough? And is there any real difference between somewhere like Saudi (perceived to be an ally) and somewhere like China or Venezuela (perceived somewhat less so) in such things that can give people a reason to claim the moral high ground by saying dealing with one is somehow better than dealing with the other?
  12. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It's a difficult one, for sure. But the way I see it if someone doesn't choose to make a stand then these countries will continue to oppress, terrorise and generally treat people in their own and other countries like dirt because they know that the bigger nations value money over lives. All the more reason to make a stand and stop being influenced by what is essentially international blackmail, then.
  13. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I think we've discussed this before, but being buddy buddy with the Saudis just because they're rich and in spite of their grotesque human rights record (could easily call them terrorists themselves depending on definition) isn't the most convincing argument to keep being buddy buddy with them.
  14. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It's a conundrum for sure. One solution I might offer is that resource and land gathering technology, all automated, advances to the point where there is so much of both that the effect of people using them for free is mitigated - not exactly a Star Trek economy where everything is replicated so that it's effectively infinite in quantity, but close. At that point, present economic models would likely become obsolete. However this could well be a ways into the future, which means that until then we're likely better off using the competitive models we have and taking the chance that everything doesn't go tits up before we arrive at that plateau.
  15. President Trump & the USA

    I agree. Back when the idea started, the argument used to be that when you only have a few minutes between warning and first strike impact, you don't have time for a town hall debate so it should just be one person who has the authority. Now not only do we live in a different world, the US has a fully survivable and devastating second strike capability that it could deploy at any time or place of its choosing, so the same time pressure simply doesn't exist anymore. It seems much safer to me, in that light, to have this decision made by mutual consent rather than unilaterally in this day and age.