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  1. Sean Spicer resigns: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40687521 It's a damn shame, Melissa McCarthy could have got so much more mileage out of the SNL stuff.
  2. No disagreement there. The antipathy between Trump and areas of the media that aren't Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report etc is pretty clear.
  3. Right...but is any of that not factual? (Someone better check the exact number of tweets.)
  4. In the end, it doesn't even matter.
  5. When a delivery company just leaves a computer monitor on the porch rather than actually knocking on the door, and by the time you check to see it's been 'delivered' and check it's no longer there. Oh, and on a similar theme...the land where if anything bad happens to you it's always your fault, because other people's influences on your life apparently don't matter.
  6. According to the Beeb he's scored 478 at 53.11 this season, though Ballance has over 800 runs this season and look how dreadful he is making the step up. There's loads of examples of that - guess you have to at least try to carefully pick the ones you think will be able to handle the increased pace and swing from international Test bowlers, which is a question of technique, not piling on the runs. Scoring a ton against a full strength Saffer attack is promising though. Guess Stoneman is being kept back in case Jennings doesn't improve and the latest game of musical England opener chairs begins.
  7. This looks solid. Not heard much about Westley but he looks like he's having a good season so far.
  8. Looked at the stats myself - certainly seems to have had a great season so far. We do really need to be looking around for talent because Jimmy and Broad aren't going to be able to carry the reliable quick bowling can forever.
  9. Well, law of averages states he'll do something right eventually , like giving NASA encouragement (though he might want to throw some more money at them too, please?) The media should spend much more time reporting just on his policy decisions rather than what he's Tweeting today, TBF.
  10. When you see Eastenders and the actors getting paid so much, you wonder why you pay the licence fee. Then you watch something like Planet Earth 2 and you remember.
  11. Pretty much all of the UK is antipodal to the Southern Ocean IIRC.
  12. There are, to ward against the dead - that's why mostly-undead Benjen can't cross. Of course, I'm assuming the Night King has a plan regarding this.
  13. I thought about Burns too. Also Denly. Both along with Malan have a shout IMO.
  14. Ballance out with a broken finger for at least the next Test. I do believe they call that a blessing in disguise. Bring in Stoneman for him and Malan for Dawson. Keep Jennings on though IMO.
  15. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40639909 Oh dear.