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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-55751936 "Reckless" is possibly the most polite term one could use for it. There are a great many less savoury ones that would still be 100% accurate.
  2. At least it makes the various Fox News talking heads look a bit daft for calling Biden "hard left" or whatever similar when this is what the *actual* hard left thinks of him.
  3. And a thought, now that the electoral process is done and dusted, perhaps a new thread should be made for general US events going forward?
  4. TBF she called the Parkland school shooting a "false flag" and basically called one of the victims a paid actor, so she's got previous here.
  5. It's a fair argument, but Detroit Blues above has said pretty much what I would have said, more eloquently. Absolutely. However I was referring to: which seemed to refer to the number of protests without considering other factors about them. In any case, my overall point that I'm sticking to is that left-wing protests would not have caused nearly so much threat to the actual political stability of the US if Trump had won, and I think the events at the Capitol that had zero left-wing equivalent in 2016 or at any time since pretty much prove this.
  6. Merely discussing the number of protests without discussing their nature and targets is a mite disingenuous. Abortion is the biggest issue where that comes to mind IMO - Biden, as a Catholic, is on record as being deeply uncomfortable with it but willing to accept it as a womens rights issue. I don't think you could say the same of many centrist UK politicians. Welfare state issues, too.
  7. Nae problemo, thank you for the clarification. Gods knows we've seen MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, Tuskugee and a bunch of other situations where a conspiracy has been actual, so I can understand.
  8. The most important part of that sentence, of course, being the word "some".
  9. If that term isn't accurate in this case (a theory - because it may well be true but has not been proven - about a high-level conspiracy that it is) then I wouldn't mind knowing why.
  10. It was tested vigorously, and the answer is that the question isn't of all that much consequence. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/vaccines-need-not-completely-stop-covid-transmission-to-curb-the-pandemic1/
  11. The landscape has certainly changed, but there is still no evidence that the left would seek to jump from some flashpoints involving destruction of private or police property to storming the Capitol en masse with kill/capture on their mind - or worse - if the result had been the other way round. There might have been a greater number of protests, but that's not exactly potentially harmful to the very fabric of governance of the US in the way that what happened a few weeks ago was, is it? Inauguration day passed peacefully beside the Trump supporters do in fact have some
  12. Using 2016 as the only benchmark for comparison, I don't think that we'd have seen a protest involving storming of the Capitol with intent to kidnap and/or execute elected officials if Trump had won, which for me represents an escalation beyond your garden variety protest...but thankfully we'll never know. Certainly agree that the Capitol police were incompetent in a lot of cases and I'll add flat out aiding the mob in others. Yeah, I know it and I'm not referring to you there - there are others on here who view him much more positively.
  13. Consider it this way: the prevailing argument has always been that introverts should get out more, rather than extroverts stay in more. Now that circumstances have forced the shoe to be on the other foot for a while, perhaps in future there might be more empathy, consideration and meeting in the middle on the topic.
  14. Sorry to bring up (reasonably) ancient history, but having a look back and judging by the events of January 6th I'm not really sure how well this one has aged, Jon.
  15. I might dare say...so too the Trump fans we have on here (and there are some). Pretty much since halfway through election day when it looked like he might win, right through to now, not even when all of the stuff at the Capitol happened two weeks ago...nary a peep. I wonder why?
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