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  1. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    And in other news, Kamala Harris officially throws her hat into the ring: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46947839
  2. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Ah yes, that too. What a mess. I know I bang on about identity and its importance a lot, but that's because other people seem to care about it so much and as a result it becomes important and shapes policy (especially in the US), personally I honestly couldn't care less - we're all sodding human. This just seems to be another stupid episode of it all.
  3. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Well, now that does make things messy. So, the "Hebrew Israelites" (whatever the hell that means) started mouthing off at the students who then responded in kind - though it might be the other way round - and the Native American guy tried to calm things down and then they started on him too, including blocking his path (though that's being denied)? And this is all supposed to make any kind of sense whatsoever? Isn't polarisation wonderful.
  4. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    I think I actually had a chat with Prussian about this a while back, and thought that (and I quote) "the current demographics of positions of power in the OECD countries (including the US) versus the actual demographic figures are perhaps a standard deviation or two higher than could be explained by the foibles and normal variances of meritocracy and that explanation might have a certain amount to do with nepotism, but that's me." To this end, I've done a little bit of digging and it seems as far as the current US Congress goes, the Senate numbers 91 white, 9 non-white (75 men, 25 women) and the House numbers 317 white, 118 non-white (333 men, 102 women). In addition, the Fortune 500 companies count among them only 24 women CEO's and less than ten nonwhite CEO's. As the current US census data puts white folks (excluding white Latinos) at 63.1% of the population, it seems that while the House of Reps is a reasonable representation of race across the board, the Senate and Fortune 500 boardrooms certainly are not. However, there are two reasonable counterarguments to this: firstly, pretty much every member of the House, Senate and F500 boardroom is much much richer than the average American so there's perhaps an even bigger dividing line there, and secondly you could make the same argument I'm doing now to suggest other places of influence (leading sport teams for instance) should have similar demographic figures when in fact they often have a much bigger nonwhite representation. Having looked at it all, I'm of the opinion that we've come a long way from massively institutionalised discrimination, lynchings and smallpox blankets, but I would posit that the sentence I quoted above is at least mostly true for a lot of key political positions.
  5. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Would it be more amenable to simply say "popular boys", then? Not really sure the writer was going for the generalisation/smear you describe, though. I think a small but important difference is that those popular white boys tend to *retain* that power and popularity into adulthood at a larger rate than their popular peers of other demographics. Hence the smirk.
  6. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Also, in other vaguely related news: Livestreamer looks to raise $300 for trans rights in the US. Instead, he gets over $250k (and counting) and various celebs and politicians popping in to ask him how to beat Donkey Kong 64. Faith in humanity, if not restored, at least a little bolstered.
  7. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    A pertinent quote regarding the above: "Anyone who knew the popular white boys in high school recognized it: the confident gaze, the eyes twinkling with menace, the smirk. The face of a boy who is not as smart as he thinks he is, but is exactly as powerful. The face that sneers, “What? I’m just standing here,” if you flinch or cry or lash out. The face knows that no matter how you react, it wins."
  8. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    Or possibly, any history at all, considering who exactly they were chanting "build that wall" at.
  9. leicsmac

    President Trump & the USA

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46928035 Seven years for second-degree murder. I wonder how the powers that be got to that decision and that sentence, compared to other similar cases?
  10. leicsmac

    What's in the news?

    Guess it depends on whether or not you think international relations should be confrontational and it's all about "winning".
  11. leicsmac

    Masters Snooker 2019

    Is it just me or is Ronnie pure Kryptonite for Ding? Never seen Ding beat him, when other leading players like Selby can grind him down.
  12. leicsmac


    Batten down the hatches.
  13. leicsmac

    What's in the news?

    AFAIC any arrangement that sees greater collaboration on various important issues is the correct one. Let's say that as of the present time I'm unconvinced that most if not all kinds of Brexit will accomplish that, but I'm open to the idea od being pleasantly surprised rather than rejecting the possibility out of hand.
  14. leicsmac

    What's in the news?

    Ah, right. In that specific field (safety standards), you're spot on, yeah. Just not sure about most of the other stuff.
  15. leicsmac

    What's in the news?

    I might be raising my head above the parapet a little bit here, but is this really true when realpolitik is a thing for everyone? Higher moral and other standards than some, certainly. Than just about anyone else? Unsure.