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  1. Hear hear. Just have two observations: I agree that humanity has taken species survival "out of the equation", but I think most humans fail to realise just how easily nature could stick it very much in our faces again, and we might not like that. And I think I know the girl you are referring to here, and she has more maturity in her little fingernail than most of the "grown-ups" taking shots at her have in their entire bodies.
  2. Yep, and had this hit during the time period where those were big problems, given how much less we knew about sanitation and healthcare, it may well have had a similar one. But in any case, the point is that letting this run its course and letting the development of our natural immunity deal with it would in all likelihood be extraordinarily costly, even though it would in the end most likely be successful. Why pay that price when the very best product of our own evolution is the way we have developed knowledge and technology to defend ourselves against such natural threats, and th
  3. From what I can tell, some vaccines work for immunocompromised people, and some don't. I would assume the people handling your vaccination were competent enough to give you one of the former. It does. The entirety of the existence of life has been an arms race of that type. The problem arises when the development of such immunity comes at a vast cost in terms of material and lives - and some diseases, like smallpox, cholera and the like, we never really developed an immunity to until vaccines were developed for them.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57542812 What is it about two consenting adults being in love with each other that riles religious fundies so much? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57540611 Speaking of religious fundies, Pence getting heckled because he didn't adopt fundie Trumpism in place of his fundie Christianity.
  5. Bit of both for me. I get an equal rush out of seeing either Leicester or England do well. I will say that I think it is a much bigger and more prestigious achievement as a player to inspire your team to a World Cup than any number of Champions Leagues. That's why I would rate the likes of the original Ronaldo, Zidane and Maradona above that of Messi/new Ronaldo (Messi had a golden opportunity in 2014 and completely blew it).
  6. That's fair enough - especially the bit about the FA. I was just hoping that folks who wanted Southgate gone would actually have more of an idea of who would take the job and be better at it, in order to make the discussion here a mite more constructive and varied.
  7. TBH though people find cringe comedy somehow funny, so I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
  8. Still waiting, still interested.
  9. It's a bloody interesting debate and probably belongs in another thread tbh. But to give my two pennyworth on this briefly: that humans haven't gone extinct yet is down to luck and ingenuity in times of crisis as our own evolutionary response, and that includes using what we make to adapt our environment. Technology still means progress for me simply because without it, that timeline to human extinction will be much shorter than it might be with it. I certainly share the worries regarding the way things are playing out expressed here, but I'm reminded of a quote: "I fee
  10. To defend itself against a threat it deems deadly and one that makes the fabric of society itself so disrupted? Further, I think. Pretty much any major war applies as an example there if having to do something some might consider risky and possibly dangerous in order to preserve society counts. Much bigger risk all round, too.
  11. That's fair to say. Cancel culture has nothing to do with age, nor is it a new phenomenon.
  12. The point is not that she's wrong about those "wanky hordes", but wrong about it being somehow a new social phenomenon among people as opposed to technology merely acting as a force multiplier for an issue that has been there for a very long time.
  13. Yeah, agreed there. Plays into the earlier discussion about technology evolving much, much faster than the human psyche has.
  14. So, let's say for the purposes of argument that Southgate does deserve the chop as is being advocated here. With that said, what realistic candidates are out there that can get this team playing in the way that it is perceived they can? Let's talk solutions, not problems.
  15. Not taking the vaccine is entirely your freedom of choice. Society is likewise free to impose consequences upon you for not doing so in order to protect themselves. Freedom works both ways.
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