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  1. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Anyway, some good news: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166354220302011?fbclid=IwAR25yF-YCwPCxiIBTkKF7iAqeGsJM3Lt0KxyqApyTHmrO2Nxh1J_oiX5cKg And some bad and ugly news: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-52161995
  2. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Sadly, you only have to look at climate change policy to realise that yes, that has already happened.
  3. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I think it all should wait until the whole thing has run its course and see where everything has turned out to get a more accurate summation, but that's me.
  4. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Wasn't aware you cared so much about environmental abuse and animal welfare, Matt. But in all seriousness, the point is valid and I wish there was something that could be done, but as you say they are powerful, and sadly if we're looking at nations that do all that is said above then they're just part of a very long list of culpability (despite indeed being a major player on it). Which is rather depressing. That last line is pretty much where I come out. Just want to make the distinction between "large portion" and "all".
  5. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I think that they thought they could operate business as usual while not losing money or face by containing it all in their usual brutally authoritarian manner. They were wrong, both about the way it spreads and its potential virulence, underestimating them both. So yes, I think you're right. And there should indeed be recriminations and repercussions for that. My point, as has been elaborated on this thread a couple of times now, is that when this is all over they shouldn't be the only government in the dock in the courtroom of public opinion - and I'm going to continue to point out arguments that state or imply that they should be as simplistic and erroneous.
  6. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    First point, then that's on them, not the Chinese. Second point, you may well be right and they thought they could cover it up successfully. They were wrong and a great many people are paying the price for their hubris. But, as you say, it was not intentional (glad that was clarified after the use of the word knowingly) and folks either entirely blaming China for this starting or entirely blaming the West for not doing enough are both wrong. The truth is somewhere in between, IMO. A great many governments have to answer for the way this has all panned out, the Chinese just chief amongst them.
  7. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    I'm genuinely curious to know opinions on why not and why would they, in that bolded order.
  8. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Don't let facts of the matter get in the way of a well trodden and easy to posit narrative - where's the fun in that?
  9. Someone really should have seen this coming - economic and social crises breed fascism like excrement breeds flies. Or maybe they did but they know there's nothing they can really do, which is pretty horrible. That may well be true - but then, who steps in? Or do folks let fascism - the genuine article, it seems, this time - get a foothold in Europe again?
  10. Rather than going for the low-hanging fruit wrt that part of Carl's comment, perhaps it might be a decent idea to actually address the more important part where the original Tweet was taken pretty much entirely out of context and was proven to be so? As earlier, all of this makes for a nice distraction from both the case and body count for Covid-19 rising like Trump's toupee in a breeze on his watch though.
  11. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    Bloody hell, Orban deciding that he doesn't even need the mild veneer over the neofascism any more and is taking advantage of the crisis and going right for it.
  12. To be fair though, if I was openly (or secretly) hoping Trump gets re-elected either "for the lulz" or because the policy he encourages actually resonates with me I'd be looking for any opportunity at all to deflect from what's going on right now because pretty soon some extremely pointed questions are going to be asked about how lots of people are being measured for pine on his watch.
  13. Personally, I'm thinking that much anger isn't just about the matter at hand tbh.
  14. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    ...and those mistakes (which IMO are rather beyond mere potential right now) will also cost lives, though likely not so many. Implying all of the blame (as opposed to most of it) lies in one place is irrational, and more importantly, erroneous, IMO.
  15. leicsmac

    Corona Virus

    ...evidently the repeated times I have criticised the Chinese government for being authoritarian arseholes wasn't clear enough. Apologies. For the record, once again - they are, and while they share the majority of the blame for all this, they do not share all of it and those who claim it is so and so overlook the role other countries have played once it got to their own borders clearly have their own agenda in all this. NB. I doubt the Chinese leaders themselves sing the Red Flag any more given the opulence they live in these days, much less me. That they have, I agree. But the buck stops, as it always has, with the man at the very top. Trump clearly didn't have a problem with that before, he shouldn't have a problem with it now. This analogy was touched on earlier - IMO it's more like having your house burn, not calling the fire brigade until it's too late...but then your neighbours don't evacuate their own houses until there's real problems either. Is the responsibility for getting out of their own houses/fighting the fire in their own houses on them or on the person who started it all? As was also said earlier, people keep telling me national sovereignty is a big thing and as such so is having control over and responsibility for events within one's own borders...well, that cuts both ways, not just one.
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