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  1. Interesting. However, unless you're able to tell in real time (and real time rather than after the fact is the important part there) who spreads the virus and who doesn't, then it must be assumed that all people that have Covid spread it until proven otherwise, which is where we're at now.
  2. Ah, now I get it. I think there's been an awful lot of irresponsibility regarding Covid in the UK from a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, and it mostly boils down to self interest, whether that's a student wanting to make what they believe is the most of university life, someone not wearing a mask in shop because of their own belief in personal freedom, or someone else driving halfway across the country and violating lockdown regs for personal reasons. Can only speak for myself here, but I'd rather look at it from an individual perspective rather than group
  3. Not sure if I'm getting your point totally in the second paragraph, but if I am, IMO unfortunately there is a lot of "I get it" towards the climate and autocrats in particular, which is exactly why too little is being done on the former and too many of the latter are in power.
  4. They haven't shut their borders so people can come in, but anyone coming in - Korean or otherwise - has to stay in a quarantine facility (or in case of resident in their own home after taking designated transportation there) for 14 days and get two negative tests before being given the OK. Lockdowns, for me, work when they're well-targetted and you don't have that many cases to deal with anyway. Korea have been superb at dealing with the localised outbreaks as they happen and thus keeping the number down from the start.
  5. Given the stance you showed towards baristas and students, I can see where Carl jumped to that conclusion (as unfounded as it turned out to be), though - unfortunately there is rather a lot of judgement of folks in what are judged as "lesser" jobs by folks who have never really seen that side, but I guess that's always been the case. Bring on enough automation for a UBI and people can work as they choose IMO (as unlikely as the powers that be would be OK with that) - but again, topic for another thread.
  6. Way I see it, pretty much everyone on here who talks about the topic is statistically (that is to say, a little run of bad circumstances, like this pandemic for instance) closer to destitution than they are to the "aspirational" objectives that many seek to reach and a lot of it relies on luck so some humility might not be amiss, but hey. Anyhow, on topic, Korea steadily getting on top of the mini-outbreak that happened a few weeks back - almost back to daily case numbers approaching what it was like before it happened.
  7. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/trumps-chances-are-dwindling-that-could-make-him-dangerous/ Another good analysis from 538, addressing some of the arguments people use for Trump still having as good a chance (or better) than Biden despite the numbers showing otherwise.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-54359993 Turns out a lot people are seeing the dog-whistles for what they are now. Good.
  9. Don't worry, by the time you retire that coffee shop will be zero-G, so that'll be something. Promise!
  10. Don't tell me you've given into misanthropy at the state of the future like I have, Inno!
  11. True enough. However, you need that 3-4% shift (sometimes as much as 6% if we're factoring in people staying home/voting third party rather than switching Biden for Trump) and you need that across five separate battleground states simultaneously. I mean, it's certainly plausible and it is disturbing. However, I honestlydon't think the debate is going to stoke that much fire.
  12. Sorry for not getting back to this earlier! The mass inside a black hole is compressed into spaces so dense that it's difficult to comprehend them. That much mass in such a small place is what generates so much gravity to cause the black hole in the first place.
  13. Fusion really is the Holy Grail of energy generation tech - more efficient, cleaner and an order of magnitude more powerful than anything we have right now. If only we can really break through on it.
  14. What an unbelievable mess. But there was nothing in there that hurt Biden enough to shift poll figures drastically, so it's as you were.
  15. Wallace having trouble with moderation here. Not overly surprising, though.
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