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  1. Let's see how will he perform in Euro 2021. Shall we?
  2. Mixed feelings about him. The lack of sideline passions is a worry for me. He is not a Kloop, Pep and Tuchel. You don't get any emotions out of him except his chewing movements. He is traditionalist and I don't like it. He preferred below average Perez and inconsistent Madders to Belgium national team player Praet and Seria A Champions League player Under in every game didn't consider rotating the team whatsoever.This was a no no for me. This is not a forward thinking mentality. Man City, Man Utd and other top teams lasted better than us because of healthy team rotations. Supe
  3. Farewell awesome captain,leader and a human being. What a bloody legend🥇
  4. Wouldn't count Evans in that category. He has aged and carrying a chronic injuries.
  5. Don't think they will. At least until for next season but never say never considering what's going on with Harry Keane anything can happen.
  6. Soumare is a good player. I don't think Youri or Ndidi are leaving. We just need an enforcement at the middle. Ndidi were trying to be both defensive midfielder and support player for Tielemans and this is not sustainable anymore. I think greater plan is keeping Ndidi as a defensive midfielder and bring Soumare to pair up with Youri which would be an excellent formula.
  7. Not really. I believe BR plan was providing support Youri and Ndidi at the midfield with Perez. It was a good plan actually filling the gap between Zone 3 and Zone 4 would provide an additional support for the striker as well as acting like a first line of defence for the incoming attacks but there was a problem..... PEREZ wasn't the man to do it. MADDERS defensive contributions was next to zero that why they dropped him from England squad.
  8. What an awesome response. I don't know how to respond to this one. Out of this world stuff.
  9. What is not true mate. Are we both following the same season?
  10. The reality is BR rolled the dices and made some calls earlier in the season. Ayoze and Madders preffered over Under and Praet. It was the decision I don't want make any more speculation as my heritage wouldn't allow me to be neutral on this matter. I believe Cengo is a talented player and can make it into LCFC first XI any day of the week as we saw that when he arrives and made some immediate contributions but I said earlier BR didn't believe in healthy rotation amongst to players like Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City did. He is a traditionalist. I believe Praet was the other
  11. Geez. Our defence under the constant pressure as we are playing with minus 2 players. Perez and Madders needs to be stop acting like a floor mats and make some contributions for change.
  12. If it wasn't Nacho( whom has been insulted by %85 of so called Foxes fans until April) and other favourable results (like the West Ham's one today), forget about CL race, we wouldn't be even for the EL's calculation. Stop wearing the horse glasses and be honest and realise that except WBA games we weren't at our best all. We were just bloody lucky. BTW, this is not a BR lovers page or praising our Coach topic . If we are not able to say what we want to say what is the point having this forum so BACK INTO YOUR BOX.
  13. There is not much to say about my Kiwi heritage because, - All Blacks are ranking number 1 rugby union team in the world - Black Cap are ranking number 1 cricket team in the world. - Kiwi's are also number 1 ranking rugby league team in the world. So you're pommies are boring. Let's keep taking about football.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. What heck you are taking about and what are you on? Stop talking gibberish and stay with the topic.
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