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  1. I've said that in the beginning of this season. The rotation is the key and it is important for these reasons. - Giving the key players a necessary rest. - But the most importantly keep the competition alive amongst the players to make sure they never feel that they are irreplaceable. - I believe that some of late problems originated from the BR is providing excessive comfort/cushion to certain players Evans, Schmeichel, Vardy etc.. This is the significant difference between us and the other big boys like Man UTD, Man City ....
  2. Just beaten by far better team. Too much caution, too much worrying for protection. Losing like this hurts more.
  3. Good on you for your fair and sensible comment mate. Much appreciated.
  4. Bloody good idea. I wouldn't either.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. If he wasn't injured, he would be part of the starting XI but hey I have no problem to accept that he won't be part of Foxes future and this can happen. Some players fits some players don't (eg. Kramaric) Same applies for the coaches as well ( eg. Mourinho) But I see that you are keeping a scoreboard.
  6. Now you are talking gibberish. No sound minded football loving Turks says this kind of nonsense. Yes he is a vital part of the well oiled machine but if you are really understand a tiny bit of football, you would see that both Turkish wins was solely based on team efforts.
  7. Wow mate. As a Turk, I couldn't have explain better myself. Great assessment.
  8. Cags has devalued Haaland by 25 million euros tonight.😂😂😂
  9. Bless the Sharky, he is a workhorse and doing his best on the left wing but still looks awkward time to time. How about pulling him to the right combining him with the Ricardo and reversing actual left footed Under to the left wing, combining with the Castagne? I think those two smashing combination may end Vardy's epic goal draught!!!
  10. Quite frankly I really don't give a damn you believe me or not. If you want to act like an official LCFC historian, I'm afraid you better get a life. There is nothing wrong what I wrote as I still believe giving the limited sources given to him, MON was the greatest manager of this club's history.
  11. Let the great battle for 4th position begins. Man City pretty much secured the title. Man United Chelsea they are look certain for top 3 We are, Everton and WU fighting for the last CL spot. Arsenal is the dark horse Tottenham is a bloody miracle work.
  12. Ok, here is the snapshot, -Martin O'Neill , because he achieved so much with very limited resources . - I liked Puel even he had a dismal record. He always encouraged brave attacking football.
  13. No. I can assure that I'm not a recent convert and have been supporting the Foxes since Muzzy Izzet times. But I have to admit that ( honesty is the best policy) I've joined this forum only 2 years ago because I didn't even know it was existed also didn't think to do that before. Fans forum is a new concept for me. Turkish or not, it is all about LCFC for me and my club comes first but repeating again don't rate BR. Sorry, just can't admit something I don't believe.
  14. Mistakes are mine ... Obviously you are not a believer of different voices and not understanding my different individuals different opinions sentiment. You are more than welcome go through LCFC fans forum records to question my loyalty if it's gonna make you feel happy. Personality I recommend yoga or even stamp collections for better hobbies. Don't like the guy and don't believe the guy. Simple is that ....
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