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  1. Skybet. The bet was voided though, they had priced it wrong I will be keeping an eye on that market.
  2. Loving his celebrations this season
  3. Cheers. We average 440 accurate passes a game and Palace 286, so I’ve put some on 660+ passes completed at 18/1. Probably won’t come close
  4. Anyone know where to find stats for passes completed in a game? Had a quick look but couldn’t find any. Just seen 580+ passes completed in tomorrows game is 5/1
  5. Go back a page, I had the same problem
  6. Man City to get Liverpool/Arsenal next round
  7. I think it will be a very similar team to the last round, should be able to have a few of the starting 11 on the bench or rested and be able to get through. Always a risk though Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Choudhury Tielemans Praet Gray Perez Albrighton
  8. Yes that’s right I figured it out this morning cheers though!
  9. Anyone played this yet? I can’t find team death match been playing ground war and I’m not keen with 32 players a side, dying more than usual
  10. I’m having the same problem hoping it’s done for when the Leicester game finishes
  11. Why does Keane play? Three better centre backs on the bench
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