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  1. Better option from the bench than Ghezzal, as long as he isn’t a starter I’d keep him.
  2. Looking forward to seeing how he does in the last 3 games of the season when we counter attack abit more
  3. Hasn’t been injured for over a year now if what I’ve just looked at is correct
  4. 1st touch is terrible, always bounces off him
  5. Doesn’t our game against Arsenal move if they go through?
  6. Sold all my coins recently for £150 and I’ve not been banned which I’m surprised about! Sold my mates as well for £60 and he gave me half for doing so
  7. Is there a clip of the bit of skill he did Saturday?
  8. Didn’t Chilwell get scared playing away at Millwall? Didn’t want to take throw ins
  9. Looking forward to seeing Vydra get in behind Maguire from the bench
  10. Know the best way to do it? I did 200k the other day on open bid and I think I’ve got away with that but 3 million might be abit more difficult.
  11. Reckon I’ve finished with ultimate team on this fifa now, haven’t played for about a month and I’ve not missed it at all. I’ve sold everything in my club and I’ve got over 3 million which I’ve arranged to sell. I’ve got a decent untradeable team if I want to go back.
  12. Vydra should look at what’s in front of him at Burnley before judging other players. Wood, Barnes and Crouch. I do think he has a point though
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