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  1. Not sure if it’s true
  2. I switched to Bundesliga for a change and enjoying it. Thinking of going for KDB next to link with Man City players and Witsel.
  3. Seeing a video of Vardy sliding into tackles in training makes me think he’s fit
  4. I’d recommend doing the Hwang Hee-Chan sbc for 10k. Great super sub
  5. I have but not really used him yet. Might as well for how cheap he is. Will definitely get more IFs so even if you use him for an SBC.
  6. Rui Patricio and Schmeichel are under 4K (PS4)
  7. Only played a few games with him so can’t really say. Would definitely prefer to have Son though because of the 5* weak foot
  8. An example of the latest listings
  9. I found a good way to make coins is to search by popularity in the premier league on futbin and buy the cheaper players, then add around 2k and keep relisting. I’ve seen other people add a lot more. I had 90 players selling on release day. I didn’t think this would work but my transfer profit is just under 1 million now according to the leaderboards. You’ll find the players that work really well.
  10. Normal, just under 100k
  11. Brought Vardy and he’s got 8 in 2 games Make that 11 in 3
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