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  1. Ive just been getting really annoyed at the icon swap objectives not registering, looked on twitter to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Then realised I’d changed formation and swapped a player meaning I only had 7 first owned players
  2. The back 3 are looking class now they’ve had time to work on it in training
  3. Did a club get made for pro clubs?
  4. Finally a full 11 of special cards
  5. You’d need a deeper box for the cooker switch, it won’t fit in a regular one. Also if it’s a brick wall, you’ll need an sds to chop out. Or the old fashioned hammer and chisel
  6. Quality header that led to the Perez goal
  7. I think he will just be in TOTW. He’s already a 74 and that’s as high as silvers go. Looking at this weeks TOTW, there’s an 80 rated and their normal card is 74 so that’s what I’d expect Iheanacho to be.
  8. Arguably two players away from our strongest 11. Probably three with how well Justin had been playing
  9. I’d be up for it. No mic though
  10. A week off rest up boys! Would love to have a few more players back next week. Maddison, Perez & Evans
  11. 20 minutes later I think I’ve got it
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