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  1. If Ndidi isn’t fit then I don’t know what to do. Would of liked to see Ndidi and Choudhury together but Rodgers wouldn’t of changed his ways anyway. Can’t see us getting anything from it as we try and go head to head with them.
  2. Compared to some of the decisions given this season from VAR, it wasn’t even close. Didn’t gain much of an advantage but it’s offside so don’t get the argument.
  3. Both teams played like they were happy to take a point, expected them to come at us more when we went down to 10. Thought Chilwell did alright against Traore.
  4. The only reason I’ve put this game one and to have a look at that Birmingham winger Man U were meant to have bid for
  5. With Ashley Williams? Il hold my hands up and say I haven’t been following his career
  6. I didn’t realise he was at Bristol City to be honest I don’t know where he’s been since Swansea Everton actually?
  7. West Ham have a horrible run of fixtures coming up
  8. Lcfc-1992


    It can be frustrating but I think the reason for it is we are trying to get them to press us so we can play through it. Our first goal yesterday is an example of it.
  9. Everton rejected £85 million for Richarlison. Seems like the kind of player that would push for a move.
  10. I thought the same when I was looking at their forum, they are happy with the performance they put in. I know they had a very weakened team out but we were never really troubled. A one goal lead in the FA cup is normally an uncomfortable position to be in but I was never worried. Would like them to get promoted out of all the teams around the play off positions though.
  11. Looking at the line up from their last game only 4 of the starting 11 are not in that squad.
  12. I thought the buy back clause had expired, I’m sure someone said on here it was for only a year.
  13. I also have two seated together (if the ones above have been sold)
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