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  1. Reminds me of James Milner. Nothing flash and gives 100% in every game. Glad he’s getting a run of games.
  2. Schmeichel, Tielemans or Barnes for TOTW been a while since I’ve brought a special card for my Leicester team.
  3. Surely he’s got to smash one in the top corner at some point would love one like the one against Stoke.
  4. I have. Surely he will be getting more upgrades with how Rangers are playing this season.
  5. I think you have to press l1 and x then flick the right analog. That’s what I’ve seen after just finishing a game trying to do it, I’ve completed it so I guess that’s what I did
  6. How do you do a directed pass & go? It’s part of the week 2 gold objectives. I googled it and did what it said about 5 times in one game but still not completed it.
  7. Leicester Man City Tottenham Chelsea Wolves/Arsenal Sheffield United Man U/Liverpool Burnley
  8. I was in division 1 but I was hardly ever playing rivals because every game was like playing Fifa street and it wasn’t enjoyable. Took myself down to 2/3 and I’ve played quite a lot this weekend.
  9. Justin and Castagne have swapped sides, probably trying to get Castagne more involved going forward
  10. Headliner Joao Felix only good card from 25 players 83+ pack
  11. Don’t know if I’ll bother getting all of the icon swaps. Need two more to get the 25 83+ player pack and then it’s either Vidic or a base icon pack which I don’t think is worth it.
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