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  1. Funnily enough @ 33:45 in the Tifo Football Podcast video for Sensible Transfers, Odsonne Édouard was suggested for Leicester.
  2. Iran


    Got a TOTS card today on FIFA due to his outstanding performances this season lol. There is no denying he has been impressive this season. As of now, his stats in the Turkish Süper Lig are 6 goals and 17 assists with 2 more matches remaining... Playing a huge role in carrying Beşiktaş to a potential league title victory. The Revival of Rachid Ghezzal - Breaking The Lines (The article gives a good analysis of Ghezzal's successful season): https://breakingthelines.com/player-analysis/the-revival-of-rachid-ghezzal/
  3. Doesn't PSG get a cut of the money for Édouard as well because of the sell-on clause they inserted when Odsonne Édouard transferred to Celtic? Edit: According to"GIVEMESPORT", PSG have inserted a sell-on clause of around 50% to Odsonne Édouard's deal when he moved to Celtic. Source: https://www.givemesport.com/1674894-celtic-transfer-exclusive-substantial-sellon-fee-owed-to-psg-in-potential-edouard-move
  4. I think he is a class player as demonstrated in numerous games this season, he's just going through a hard time at the moment. Happens to the best of us.
  5. This may be the understatement of the year: Jonny Evans was missed badly tonight. I definitely think our back line is much, much more organized and defensively disciplined with a leader like Evans in the center and that unfortunate injury could not have come at a worser time for him and for all us Leicester City fans. I understand one person doesn't make the whole difference (especially considering the fact football is a team sport), but I would like to think that today's match would have had a much different outcome. I wish Jonny Evans a speedy recovery and hoping he will be available as soo
  6. "Edouard will be available for about £20m and there remains confidence that Leicester can win the race to sign him ahead of Arsenal, AC Milan and Lyon." The Telegraph claims that Odsonne Édouard would be available for around £20m and confidence around Leicester City to win the race against Arsenal, AC Milan, and Lyon for Édouard.
  7. Iran

    Ivan Toney

    I apologize, I should have been more articulate on my end regarding who I preferred as a potential LC player. It's Edouard who I prefer to Toney, not the opposite. (In hindsight I should not have posted that statistical breakdown as it shows the opposite, so once again I'm sorry for that.) Not to say that Toney is a bad player or anything as such, however Brendan Rodgers worked with Edouard in the past and Edouard has shown it on higher levels as @UniFox21 mentions where as Toney's mostly came in League 1/Championship.
  8. Iran

    Ivan Toney

    Anyone else prefer Edouard to Toney?
  9. Great headed finish that from Evans saving us a point today and was again solid defensively. Saved us points last game too against CP with his lovely slide tackle.
  10. Not a win, but not a loss either... A point is still a point.
  11. FWIW, here is a playlist of Leicester City 2007-08 News Clips for the memories: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN6mcXPc8AmWnrI7CGXMKIOt3QqIiZ_NT
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